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March 21, 2005
Posted at 2:45 pm


I am returning to the world of writing. Sorry I have been gone so long. I have had a lot of soul searching to do after writing Anniversary and dealing with the backlash of comments from that story.

In any case, I will be resuming posting of Rising Wind and other stories real soon.

Thank you all for your patience and for those who wrote to me asking for updates on the story, I appreciate it greatly. Knowing that you enjoyed my story enough to want to find out when the next chapter will come, meant more to me than you all will know.

Thank you.

August 9, 2004
Posted at 5:40 am


As for my absence, I must apologize to everyone. It's been a rough couple of months. The last that you all heard from me was when my editor went in for a little bit of dental work that put him out of commission for a little while. During that time I was furiously writing the next few chapters. I wanted to keep the next four chapters together because those next few chapters were personally difficult for me to write. So I wanted to get it all over with. Well I finished with chapter 13 and was waiting for my editor to come back from his surgery. Low and behold, I get called away for business and had to leave for 3 weeks. And because it was all of a sudden, I forgot to post on the message boards about my leaving for a little while. Then, when I get back from the trip from hell, I find that my downstairs sink sprang a leak when I was gone. Well, being gone 3 weeks, the water ran and damaged my whole first floor. And unfortunately, my office is downstairs. Well, not only was my desktop computer based on the floor (for earthquake safety). But I also left my personal laptop on the floor as well. I had my work laptop with me (thank God).

So, after cleaning up the mess and smell from waterlogged carpet, I sought professional help in data recovery. Yes, I am stupid. I hadn't backed up my work in almost 8 months. So at this point I lost EVERYTHING from 8 months prior. I sought the services of OnTrack. Well they said this was going to take a little while. So I was nervously waiting for about a week before they contacted me with a list of recoverable items. They were able to recover about 85% of my data. So I issued for them to go ahead and do this. Not more than a day after I did, I got called by my company to go out again. So I finally got back about a week and a half ago. And finished my business with Ontrack, which they sent me the discs containing my information.

I have barely purchased another laptop now. I no longer have use of a desktop. And unfortunately, one of the files that they were unable to recover happened to be my WORKS file which contains ALL my writing. This included a few short stories I was working on. So all this to say, the next chapters will be given to my editor shortly as I have to rewrite the chapters ALL over again.

I'm sorry this e-mail was so long. But I have just been through hell and I wanted to explain it all to you guys.

Thanks for listening. I will be resuming shortly.

Thank you all again.