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When will be leave Marianne alone?

September 16, 2008
Posted at 6:42 am

Marianne Ferguson deleted the text message she'd been dreading and put her phone on silent mode. He'd found her. He wanted to see her immediately.

Four months had passed since she'd seen or spoken to Joe. Her gaze roamed over the small rented room, furnished simply with warmth and style. A familiar thrill spread quietly through her, tickling as it moved, slowly overriding the fear. Her gaze settled back toward the mirror with confidence. This apartment belonged to Marianne, and to her, it meant freedom.

I don't wan to see him.

After all the cheating, the lying, the games, and all that it took to walk away, she dreaded the moment that loomed inevitably, the minute he would insist she present herself to him. At the same time, she had no choice. If she didn't go, his requests would simply get more convincing. Better to face the music now.