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Bad Writer: Blog

September 22, 2010
Posted at 7:06 pm

Sharp eyes.

Thank you "K", for pointing out a few of my grammar mistakes and probably making Adwin's Story a little more readable for anyone who hasn't read it yet. For those of you who read it already and somehow read this blog also, you don't need to read chapter one again. Nothing substantial changed, just dotted some i's and crossed some t's.

In other thoughts, for just a moment last night Adwin scored a perfect "10" (after 2 votes). Its the first time I have seen one of my tales with that score so it was neat enough to take a screen shot. Pics or it didn't happen as they say.

Next time in my blog, how I talked two girls into a threesome with me and why I will never do that again.


September 20, 2010
Posted at 8:57 pm

Yes, you are.

Well anonymous, that lovable fellow, sent me the above statement. Slow person that I am it took me a moment to figure out he was probably referring to my pen name "Bad Writer". I have to admit to laughing once I got it. Truth in advertising and all that.
Honestly though, other than giving a nice chuckle it did nothing to help me. I would have loved to get some constructive criticism. Something like "You used 'was' way too many times" or " There was too much/little dialogue".
I know that I need improvement, if I didn't I would be getting paid for this. Instead I post for that couple pieces of feedback that I get each chapter and the occasional vote.
Thank you for your time Anonymous. May you find joy in another story, and if you do tell them also.


September 9, 2010
Posted at 10:19 pm

I think my brain is clogged.

It's funny, but all day long I think up new chapters for my story while I work. The job isn't that mentally stimulating so I can do that. Then as soon as I get home and sit down to write,bam the words flow like molasses. Feels like I have a tub full of words and a punctuation clog at the drain slowing everything down. On the other hand least the story is flowing even it slowly. I'd say my next update is 2/3 finished. I wonder if whiskey works like draino for the brain? I may have to find out tonight.

August 29, 2010
Posted at 1:54 am


That's the number of people who've read the first chapter as of this moment. I wonder if that means this story will self destruct or something? I have to admit to being something of a stat whore after I post a new chapter. Seeing how many people have me bookmarked or just read 2 chapters and quit. I average about 3 emails a chapter, all positive so far, but I do wonder about the ones who read 4 chapters and stop. Did my story not work for them? Plot not appeal? Or was it something I could have fixed like grammar or spelling?
OH well, I will probably never know since the ones who stop reading don't write.

August 18, 2010
Posted at 9:47 am

Not on hiatus

The title says it, I am still here and writing. It has been an interesting couple of weeks. My daughter has been staying here on vacation, I managed to lose a flash drive with Chapter 10 on it. Hurt my knee while walking around the National Zoo ( great place even if it is a little smaller than I expected). Bought a neat Panda walking stick to help with said knee pain. I think I might have to become the Great Panda Wizard now to justify the ownership of the staff. So with rewriting the next chapter from memory, I should have something posted by next Wednesday. Unless I discover a spell to have Panda minions write it for me. Then you might get it on Tuesday.