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No More Promises

May 10, 2018
Posted at 1:30 pm

I suppose I should just repeat the entry title and tell you I'm not going to make any more promises, but I'll make one more. I won't make any more promises - I promise. I know my last entry said it would be a week, but it wasn't. In fact, I had to make an emergency trip out of town that very next weekend. When I got back I had a note from my editor/proofreader. He and his wife are taking their boat north for at least two months. In fact, even as we speak they're cruising And enjoying the good life.

Unless something actually happens. I'm not going to guess when anymore postings are going to take place. Be assured, that there's more to come, but it will be a while. For those of you who have remained patient, for all these years, thank you.


Another Month

April 25, 2018
Posted at 2:55 pm

It's been a month since the last chapter was posted, and a big thanks to those that not only read but voted. The next chapter is almost complete. The only thing holding it up is that I'm out of town at the moment and unable to put anything on the screen. Still, I'm hoping to send it off to my editor/proofreader sometime this weekend. So hang in there.

It's A Joke People!

April 17, 2018
Posted at 6:38 pm

It seems we've lost our sense of humor. It was forwarded as a joke. The good news? At least I know 17 people read my blog. Have a good night.

April 17th

April 17, 2018
Posted at 3:08 pm

When NASA started sending astronauts into space they quickly discover that ball-point pens would not work in zero gravity.

To fix this problem, Congress approved a program and NASA scientists spent a decade and over $165 million developing a pen that writes in zero gravity, upside down, on almost any surface and at temperatures ranging from below freezing to over 300 C.

The Russians used a pencil...

Your tax dollars at work.

Chapter 88 - A Week Later

April 4, 2018
Posted at 1:21 pm
Updated: April 4, 2018 - 1:22 pm

It has been a week (more or less) since chapter 88 went up. For everyone who downloaded the new chapter, thank you. I did notice that the mail/comments were fewer than usual. I'm not sure why that is, but I guess it has to do with the sudden change in direction, with Ruth being temporarily added to the mix.

For those of you who read the "small print" you'll notice that I added the harem tag to the story.

Chapter 89 is coming along slowly. Not for lack of ideas, though. Stay tuned for more.