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I write sex stories. There's a reason that they're categorized as "Erotica", not "Romantic". That's not to say that I won't write romantic stories, but don't be surprised when they earn their "Much Sex" classification. Also, expect some of my early work to be a little raw technically and simpler in plot development.

FYI: I write in a world without STDs... that's why they call it fiction.

An Ordinary Sex Life17 Stories

An ordinary boy learning about love and sex with his cute classmates, gorgeous cheerleaders, friends at summer camp, a beautiful neighbor, and even his own sisters.

John Billionaire4 Stories

An unexpected inheritance completely changes the life of a young man, and leaves him with a plethora of romantic complications.

The Book of David2 Stories

10 years in my life, from first love and first pain to finding happiness and someone to settle down with. Along the way, I have girlfriends and lose girlfriends. I face the highs of hot orgies and the lows of deep loss. I'm far from ordinary, but this is MY life.
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