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Chronos Chronicles
Chronos Chronicles: (1)
So what happens to the United State of America 100 years after a nuclear war? Chronos is what happens. A likely hero, Chronos finds herself in middle America. Follow her adventures as she makes her way across the landscape of the strange, the familiar. Creating chaos to save the day.
Tags: Romantic, Rape, Mind Control, Gay, BiSexual, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, Violent
Sex Contents: No Sex
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Chronos Chronicles 2: Without a Map
Chronos Chronicles: (2)
Chronos, after helping to save the Kindred women, finds herself on a very different journey. She is among the first human beings that she has seen in over 15 years. This time she must relearn what it means to be human, she finds herself a without a map to guide her only universal sense of what is going on.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Reluctant, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, Group Sex, Slow
Sex Contents: Some Sex
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Chronos Chronicles 3: Journey Around
Chronos Chronicles: (3)
Chronos, in keeping with her promise to her dead friend Annie, is now on a journey of exploration. She and 2 other Kindred are to escort 3 young women home. Only they have no idea how far home is or where. She needs to find their people before winter sets in or before her traveling companion stab her in the back. Or before the ghosts from her past drive her crazy. But everything is just fine, she has the universe to guide her.
Tags: Post Apocalypse
Sex Contents: No Sex
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