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Anton's Troubles
Coming of Age
Eleven year-old Anton and his sister, nine year-old Sophia are Romanian orphans sold into sexual slavery in the U.S. This story picks up when Anton is fifteen and a psychological basket case grieving the death of his sister. His recovery is difficult but interesting and stimulating. The story begins very dark, but it grows brighter as Anton finds people who love him. Or they find him.
Tags: Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual
Sex Contents: Some Sex
340 KB 4167 80 7.61

Bowman Wood
Coming of Age
This is a short, just for fun fantasy about a boy wandering in the forest where he meets someone who shouldn't even exist. Lucky boy, because he winds up being initiated into the joys of sex by the very best.
Tags: mt/Fa, Coercion, Fairy Tale
Sex Contents: Some Sex
68 KB 4628 281 7.54

Christmas Spirit? Really?
Coming of Age
The Hatter family, dirt-poor and struggling to make ends meet, have a death in the family. Older brother Aaron takes charge. He does his best to shepherd his sister and brother through the Christmas holidays, even though he'd prefer to forget that Christmas even exists.
Tags: mt/ft, Consensual, Brother, Sister
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
113 KB 4097 241 7.28

Jasper's Science Project
Coming of Age
Jasper is a fourteen year-old genius who hooks up with a classmate to work on a high school biology project. He falls in love with her, but she's four years older and he's frustrated that she'll never appreciate the depth of his feelings. Elmer, the man who raised him and his brother gets involved with his biology teacher and sets a lot of interesting adventures into motion.
Tags: Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, First
Sex Contents: Some Sex
146 KB 14031 579 7.39

Smoke and Mirrors
Merlin Jacobs was a man who was successful in his career, not so successful in his love life. His hobby, collecting antiques, occasioned an encounter with a being that had a profound impact on both.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Paranormal
Sex Contents: Some Sex
122 KB 6336 232 7.11

That Time We Moved to Tulsa
Coming of Age
An Appalachian family has to pull up stakes and move after the coal mine shuts down. On the trip to Oklahoma, cousins Marvin and Jodie find an opportunity to express their love for each other and begin a new chapter in their lives.
Tags: mt/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cousins, First
Sex Contents: Some Sex
61 KB 5971 373 7.33

Universal Remote
Coming of Age
A sixteen year-old high school junior comes across a box of old electronic gear at a yard sale. In it, he finds a piece of equipment that seems to have some very unusual properties. That item leads him on a journey into forbidden territory.
Tags: Ma/Fa, mt/ft, mt/Fa, Ma/mt, Mind Control, Mother, Brother, Sister
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Posted: Concluded:
259 KB 45357 921 7.10
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