Chapter 1: Survival

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Survival - Returning home turns out to be harder than expected. When the shuttle crashes far from the colony Firehawk must make his way with two teenage girls.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Science Fiction   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie  

I was just returning to Addison's World after serving my time in the Marine Recon. Addison was home to me and one of the deadliest planets around. If you were on the ground the big predators considered you food. The exception was the huge clearings in the northern and southern continents where a majority of the colonists lived.

My family did not and were considered tree huggers, they called us that because we lived in the upper part of the trees and hunted in the lower. My name is Firehawk Michaels and I am twenty two. I had taken a couple of extra days to visit friends before taking a ship to the Addison system.

The huge asteroid station was almost crowded with miners and prospectors for the two asteroid belts. I had missed the prior shuttle down to the planet and spent a couple of weeks doing make shift work in a custom shop. I set up items brought up from the planet and sold them to miners eager for something different.

I found several large pieces of rainbow wood and got a deal from the shop owner. When I was off I worked a long piece of the wood into the shape of a longbow. The rest of the pieces I split several times before making two dozen arrows. I even used feathers from a Blue Falcon, which was one of the smaller avian hunters in the upper branches of the trees.

I used a standard hard container to add them to my things. The shuttle down had several new families for the northern colony site as well as the usually tourists coming to see the planet. I always make checks of conditions before taking a shuttle to any world. This time there was a serious meteor shower warning for all shuttles going to or leaving the planet.

The shuttle entered cleanly and awhile later turned for the northern hemisphere. That was when the meteor struck, one ripped off the whole front of the shuttle as others passed us. After that it was just screaming as the shuttle flipped and spun. I used the arm comp on my seat as we fell and ignored everything.

It took a lifetime for me to access what was left of the ship's data net and enter a ship emergency command. The entire shuttle shuddered as anti gravs on the body and wings began to spin up and crash foam exploded in the cabin. It was almost enough, the shuttle crashed through the huge trees, ripping limbs and branches away.

Large rips shattered the hull and tore people apart as the shuttle spun and bounced off larger branches and tree trunks. When the world settled and the foam dissolved into powder I struggled out of my seat. I had been seated over a wing strut and the wing had been ripped off and the strut bent up and almost over me.

I started moving through the shuttle checking people, most of the time it just took a look. On the floor near the front were two girls crying. One had short red hair and the other had short reddish blonde hair. They both wore bright green blouses with long light green embroidered skirts. I pulled them up and turned them as I checked them.

I pulled them after me to a maintenance hatch down into the cargo hold below the passenger deck. I looked down carefully before turning to move to a stewards area. I grabbed the large trauma bag out of its locker and a half dozen liter bags of water. I turned one of the girls after dropping the bag down and held her hands before helping her over the edge of the hatch.

I knelt and slowly lowered her and let go, I did the same thing to her sister before holding the edge and dropping down beside them. There was a single rip down the left side of the cargo area about a meter wide and ten long. There was enough light in the hold to see and I began searching for my belongings.

Besides the bow I had made there was my pack and I would need it if we were to survive. I pulled the girls with me as they finally stopped crying. I glanced at the reddish blonde, "what is your name?"

She bit her lip, "Jade Kristine SinClare."

I nodded, "well Jade, start looking for emergency rations against the front bulkhead."

She nodded and turned as I looked at her sister, "your name?"

She straightened, "Alexandra Patricia SinClare."

I nodded to the back, "you start looking against the rear bulkhead."

She nodded and began climbing over the crates and bags. It was another few minutes before I found my things and opened the crate. I pulled out my pack and emptied it before I started repacking it and adjusting the tiny anti gravs on the bottom. I lifted the coiled belt with the fourteen millimeter grav pulse pistol and put it on.

I settled the pistol on my right thigh and the long tristeel bush knife on my left. I slipped the other small knives into place before adding the six spare magazines for the pistol. I secured the bow and quiver to the side of the pack and coiled the long fiber rope I was taking home and added it to the top before straightening.

I knew the crash would have scared any predators away for a little while but some of the forest sounds had returned, now they had gone silent. I silently moved towards the rip in the side of the hold as I pulled my pistol. I stopped a few feet away and waited as I listened, the camo tiger struck suddenly with force.

The whole shuttle seemed to shudder as its head and right shoulder and paw lashed out through the rip. I fired as I dropped to my knee and the huge slug from my pistol cracked as it exploded out the back of the tiger's head. Camo tigers were only found in the lower branches and on the ground.

Their bodies were a light green with dark green stripes and they were as large as old earth draft horses. I looked at the girls as the tiger convulsed and moved to the smaller cargo hatch down the side of the shuttle. I cracked it and pushed and slid it back into the hull before looking out and around.

I went to bring my pack and gestured to the girls. They had several large plastic bags of water and a few rations that I added to my pack, "stay here."

I was careful as I climbed out and dropped down onto a lower limb. I moved back and climbed broken limbs until I was beside the body of the tiger. I pulled and managed to get the head and paw out before quickly skinning it. The pelt would be useful after I cleaned and treated it. I was out of practice but it did not take long to finish.

I folded and rolled up the heavy pelt before making my way down and back to below the hatch, "hand down my pack."

I tied the pelt to the top, thankful that I had military grade anti gravs in the pack. I helped the girls down onto the huge branch I stood on. I used loose smaller vines as cords and put seats and a climbing harness around the girls. I led off towards the distant tree trunk to one side and when we reached it I glanced around before climbing.

I stopped on the next huge branch and braced myself before pulling the girls up one at a time. I removed the bow and quiver from the pack and secured the quiver to my left hip before bending the bow and attaching the string. I moved a little more around the tree and led off out onto another branch.

It was late morning so I knew most predators would be resting but the only animals that lived in the lower branches were predators. I stopped when I reached a vine with a branch from another tree above us. I slung the bow and looked around before climbing. I had to get us into the upper branches.

The trees here on Addison grew to several hundred meters so we had a ways to go. I pulled the girls up before starting towards the tree trunk. It was past noon before Alex cleared her throat, "I need to pee and we need to rest."

I looked at her and then around us, we were almost to the upper branches, "at the next tree trunk."

The branches here were three meters across so we still had room to walk freely. I slowed before we reached the tree trunk and slowly began looking around. I turned to pull Alex to me, she was the closest and had told me she was a year older than her sister at fifteen, "take your panties off and lift the skirt before you squat so you will not get it wet."

She looked at me but I kept looking around, "there is no bathroom or fresher here."

It was a minute before she was ready and squatted. After she had gone and stood up it was Jade's turn. When they were done I led them around to the next branch, "rest here."

I moved to one side around the tree and took my pack off. I glanced up the tree as I removed the pelt and began unrolling it on the branch. I draped it and spread it out before making a high pitched whistle. It was a minute before several large beatle ants appeared. As soon as they crawled onto the pelt they were making more high pitched sounds.

I moved away and back to the girls as they rested and handed them water, "drink."

It was almost an hour before I saw the beatle ants had cleaned as much as I wanted them to. I had the girls stand and walked around and grabbing one edge of the pelt. I started shaking it and slipped it off to one side to beat it against the branch. I moved around the trunk with it and checked to make sure all the beatle ants were off before rolling it up again.

I pulled the girls after me as I started walking out onto the branch I had put them on. I glanced back and smiled at a curious Alex, "beatle ants live in the tops of trees. They are flesh scavengers so they eat dead or decaying flesh."

It was a couple of hours before I reached the height I wanted. I had been collecting tanning moss as we walked and made a large leaf pouch to put it in. I glanced around after climbing onto a new tree and smiling at the tired girls, "not long before we stop for the night."

When we reached the trunk I had the girls wait as I slowly moved around. I went back to bring them around a minute later. I had them sit a little distance from the trunk and nodded to the hole a meter above the branch, "this is a cave tree. Pockets like this form above sets of upper branches sometimes. The trunk here is about twelve or fourteen meter across. Most caves only go in about three or four meters, to far and the trunk breaks."

I moved to it and looked in before using an ever light. The floor burst into flames and the fire spread quickly as I moved back, "the inside gets eaten by insect and they excrete a substance that is flammable."

I grinned at the girls, "it smells good to us but anything inside will leave quickly because it is poisonous to them."

Bugs swarmed out and down the tree to escape and after awhile I looked in. I started wiping the floor and sides with thick sponge like leaves until it was clean. I tossed the leaves away and set the pack inside, "climb in."

I pulled out the tiger pelt as they climbed in and then the tanning moss. I unrolled the pelt and checked it carefully before smiling at the girls and showing them how to use the moss on the pelt. I left them to it and went to cut sturdy smaller branches and made a lattice to fit over the cave opening like a grate.

I used a few thicker ones to secure it on the inside. I climbed up carefully and used the bow to kill a Flying Lemur, it was like old earth flying squirrels but much larger and a type of common pack animal that weigh around five or six kilos. I pulled it back to me after it fell with the thick thread cord tied to the arrow.

I cleaned and skinned it as I watched the cave below me. I set out the soft pelt and repeated what I had done with the tiger pelt. It did not take long before I was pulling the pelt away and dropping some of the Lemur remains for the beatle ants. I moved away and climbed down onto the branch in front of the cave.

This time I pulled several leaves I had collected while walking. I wrapped them around the small chucks of meat I had cut up. After a few layers of fire and spice leaves I grinned at the girls. I set the meat down together and used the ever light again. The leaves flared and burned slowly but very hot.

While it was burning I opened the cave and had the girls come out and pee. I used a different type of leaf as plates after closing the cave grate and added fresh spice leaves to the meat. I checked the tiger pelt and grinned at the girls as they ate the lemur hungrily. As it began to darken I spread the tiger pelt and had the girls strip and lay down.

I tanned the lemur skin as I watched and listened to familiar cries and screams. I stripped and lay back between the girls and the grate and closed my eyes. I woke to the crash of a normal morning shower and the shaking body of Jade. She clung to me and Alex looked over her shoulder, "storms frighten her, if it lasts to long she screams."

I glanced outside, "screaming would not be good."

Alex giggled and pushed on Jade, "fuck him."

I looked at her, "what?"

Jade was shivering and slowly straddled me. I kept looking at Alex and she snuggled against me, "it is okay she thinks you are sexy and hot."

I shook my head and reached between Jade's legs to push her hands away. I pulled her against me before shifting around until she was under me. I looked into her frightened eyes as the lattice of lightning crashed above the forest. I pushed and slowly forced my cock into her extremely tight pussy.

She hugged me and moaned as she shuddered. I smiled and kissed her as I began to fuck her slowly. I kept kissing her as slowly my cock went deeper until I was all the way inside her. She shuddered and clutched me as I continued to fuck her. Her tight pussy became slipperier and kept grasping my cock.

She moaned and I started kissing her to keep her quiet. It was a few minutes before she began to spasm and thrash around. I buried my cock to hump and grind as I pressed into her. Alex rubbed her bare body against me as I went back to fucking her sister and kissing her. It was a few minutes before I thrust into Jade and pressed deeper as I grunted and began gushing cum.

She wailed into my mouth as I kissed her and pumped sperm deep into her belly. When I stopped Jade looked into my eyes pleadingly, "again?"

Alex giggled and I laughed softly before kissing her and starting all over again. I fucked her twice more and she was slimy with cum when I kissed her and pulled out. She was a lot calmer even if it was still raining. Alex pulled on me, "do me now?"

I looked at her as Jade laughed and turned to hug me, "she is always horny."

I smiled and glanced outside before moving Jade around us and against the back wall. I moved between Alex's legs and kissed her before pushing into her. She groaned as her hips lifted and I sank into her deeper before beginning to fuck her. I fucked her slowly like I had with her sister. It was not long before I was thrusting into her with deep strokes.

She kissed me and moaned as she shook and her pussy squeezed. Her hips met mine as she began to spasm and her pussy tightened. She wailed and clutched me when I fucked her harder. Her body was convulsing as I finally buried my cock to spurt strong gushes of cum. She stiffened and jerked as I kept spurting and pumping cum into her.

When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed. I grinned and began to fuck her again as Jade giggled. We only did it once more before I stopped and just lay beside her and held her. I finally moved away, "leave your panties off and get dressed."

I dressed and put everything back in my pack. I had the girl move so I could fold and then roll up the tiger pelt before I moved the grate at the opening. I moved out slowly with my pistol ready and did a careful check. I finally turned and grabbed my bow before helping the girls out and watched as they peed and then went myself.

As we walked and climbed up or down I started teaching the girls what leaves, moss and vines to look for. An hour after we started I stopped by a thick looking vine, "this is a water vine. It has a small tube inside with clean, pure water."

I looked around before pulling out one of the empty water bags. From under a side flap on my pack I pulled out what looked like an old earth medical needle. I pulled the vine to the center of the branch we were on and gestured to Alex and Jade. I knelt and set the plastic bag down and worked the needle into the vine.

A second later water was pouring out of the vine and into the bag. I had Alex hold the needle and stood to keep watch. As each bag filled I gave them another until all the water bags were full. I grinned as I pulled the needle out and rubbed my thumb back and forth over the hole to seal it.

The girls had drank their fill and washed their pussy before we finished and I started them walking again. As we walked I cut a few large fibrous leaves into narrow strips and started weaving. When I was finished I helped Alex put the light pack on and added the leaves we collected to the pack.

I grinned when I saw the apple berries, I was making another pack for Jade and stopped to check around us. I filled Alex's pack with the large reddish green berries and let the girls eat a few as we walked. It was almost noon when the forest awoke with screams. I looked around before turning to pull the girls around and in front of me, "run!"

I trotted after them and kept looking back. It was not long before animals were running after, above and below us. I moved up to help the girls around a tree trunk and pushed them against the trunk as I pushed my bow into Jade's hands, "do not move or speak."

I pulled my pistol and looked back as the animals vanished and the forest around us went silent. I almost cursed when I saw the Branch Lion. I looked around to try and spot its mate, they were way out of their territory since like the tiger they hunted the lower branches. They were a solid dark brown and a little smaller than the tiger but almost always hunted in pairs.

The lion leaped to the side branch before stalking towards us. That was when I saw the second lion moving down the branch we were on from the other end. I aimed at the first and waited as it moved closer before firing. The large slug exploded through the left eye and out the back of its head. I was moving as soon as I fired.

I went to the downed lion and grabbed a vine to make a loop and slipped another through it. I slipped the loop around the lion's front paw as it convulsed and spun to fire into the chest of the other charging lion. It dropped to the branch and I moved forward slowly. I used another vine and flipped it out to catch one of the paws to keep it on the branch.

I waited until it stilled and glanced around, "we have a little time, just keep your eyes open."

I started skinning the two lions and looked around before cutting off the shoulder of one. The girls watched as I spread out the pelts and called the beatle ants. The girls moved back and forth as if they had to pee and I smiled, "not now, our urine is extremely poisonous to the beatle ants."

Alex bumped her sister, "especially yours since you are still leaking his cum."

Jade blushed as I smiled and ignored them. As soon as one pelt was done I pulled it away and knocked the beatle ants off, after the second I dropped the shoulder onto the branch and knocked the beatle ants off next to it. Jade took the two pelts and put them on her shoulder, "we need to pee and then I will carry these."

I shook my head and pulled the tiger pelt off my pack and replaced it with the two lion pelts. I shouldered my pack, "that one is lighter."

I turned to lead them away and a little later pulled them up onto a branch from another tree. I looked around and smiled, "okay, we are far enough away."

They actually took turns peeing and then we were moving again. I killed another flying lemur a few hours before sunset and we cut it up and cleaned the pelt. The home tree cave was larger than normal but flash burned just as quickly. While the girls cleaned it out I made the grate and then they spread the tiger pelt and started using the tanning moss on the other three pelts.

I cut the lemur into smaller pieces and wrapped them before setting them on fire. I made pouches instead of plates and started cutting spice leaves and putting it in with cut up berries. When the leaves finished burning I added the meat and the rest I put in a separate pouch. I put the grate in place after we peed and we sat in the growing darkness eating.

After we were done the girls laid out the two lion pelts with the tiger. We undressed and I laid down between them and the entrance. Alex straddled me, "can I fuck you again?"

I cupped her breasts, "no loud noises."

She nodded as Jade gigged and lifted to fit my cock to her tight pussy. She slowly pushed down and my cock sank into her. I rubbed and tugged on her nipples and Alex started to rock and thrust as her pussy squeezed. It was a couple of minutes before she spasmed and became incoherent as she covered her mouth to stifle a scream.

Her warm pussy felt amazing as my cock slipped in and out. It kept grasping and squeezing and I finally pulled her down and rolled before thrusting into her hard as I began to gush cum. Alex spasmed and clutched me as I spurted into her, "aaaahhhh!"

When I stopped cumming I pulled out and laid back, "how was that?"

She turned to snuggle against me as her sister moved to hold her, "good."

I woke at the first hint of the morning storm. I glanced outside at the first grumble and looked over Alex at Jade. I shifted out from under Alex and moved around and over Jade as I pushed her onto her back and spread her legs. I slowly forced my cock into her and she groaned as her hips lifted.

I fucked her nice and slow and enjoyed her tight pussy as it rippled and squeezed the length of my cock. Alex lifted her head as Jade moaned and shivered. I started to kiss her as the grumbles grew louder. Alex sat up and whispered, "she will love waking up this way."

I buried my cock and humped and pressed and a moment later Jade stiffened. I covered her mouth just before she began spasming and screamed. Her eyes opened and she clutched me as her pussy rippled and contracted. When she shuddered and relaxed I began to fuck her again. She smiled and kissed me softly, "morning."

She was not even paying attention as lightning exploded across the sky above the forest. Her hips were meeting mine as I continued to fuck her and a couple of minutes later she stiffened. She spasmed and wailed into my mouth as her pussy clenched around my cock. I kept fucking her as she shuddered and shook and a minute later she was jerking and convulsing again.

When I buried my cock I began to gush and spurt cum through her cervix she exploded and screamed into my mouth. I spewed and spurted and when I was done I held her until she relaxed. I grinned as I pulled out and she frowned. I turned to pull Alex close and helped her straddle her sister.

I positioned her so her pussy was on Jade's before I moved up and pushed into her. She groaned and shuddered and Jade hugged her as she humped up. It was not long before Alex was kissing her sister as she moaned. When she shuddered hard a few minutes later I slowly pulled out and moved before pushing into Jade's cummy pussy.

I started fucking her with long thrusts and she was thrusting up onto my cock and into Alex's pussy. Her pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock as I kept fucking her. A couple of minutes later she was wailing into her sister's mouth as she spasmed. I waited and then pulled out before shifting and pushing into Alex.

Her pussy tightened as I began to fuck her and she shuddered. I went back and forth several times before shoving into Alex to spew and gush cum. When I was done I went back to fucking both of them until a long time later when I began cumming in Jade again. The storm was over so I sat beside the girls to chew cold meat.

We had only been walking an hour before I stopped, "the way ahead is starting to thin out."

They looked at me as I thought. I looked around at everything, "two places are very dangerous in the forest here. The ground or lower branches and the tree tops. The ground and lower branches has larger predators and the tree tops have larger avian predators."

I gestured around us, "you see the other birds? They are average size but stay away from the large branches to be safe. You have seen the few smaller hawks and falcon types, well up above they are a lot larger. I am named for a Firehawk which is colored like fire with a wingspan of three or more meters. There are Rocks which are another type of falcon and as big as the firehawk. Then there is the Dragoneagle and it is huge with a wingspan of four to five meters."

I sighed, "stay close and keep your eyes open."

By the next tree I could see open sky ahead. When I went around the trunk of the last tree between us and the open sky I saw why. We were at one of the many lakes and I stayed by the tree as I looked down and out. I nodded to the girls and whispered, "a lake."

I looked at them, "the water is twice as dangerous here."

I nodded to the east, "we will go around that way."

I turned and took another branch and stopped a few trees away to cut two slim branches from a rainbow tree. I took a few minutes to crudely make points and cut the other end off. I gave the spears to the girls as well as two small knives, "if you need to use them, brace one end on the branch and kneel as you point at whatever is attacking."

They nodded and I started moving again. It was noon when I turned back towards the north. I was pulling Jade up when the Rock screamed and dove. I wrapped the vine around my hand to hold Jade before I drew my pistol. The huge falcon was not going for me or Jade, it dove for Alex.

She crouched and pointed the spear but I followed the falcon until I had a clear shot and fired. It crashed into the branch Alex was on and I was surprised when she went to stab it repeatedly. I holstered my pistol and quickly pulled Jade up and dropped the vine down, "Alex!"

She was plucking a lot of feathers and stuffing them into her pack. She turned and ran to the vine and stepped into the loop and grabbed it. I pulled her up and let Jade and her hug each other. I grinned and caressed her cheek, "okay?"

She took a breath and nodded before kissing me quick. I grinned and turned her to check the feathers before tossing a few short ones away, "the long ones bring the most."

I sighed and looked around, "time to go."

Two hours later we harvested a huge pack of fire and spice leaves. The branch we were on was merged into the branch of a Cave tree. I glanced around and went to the cave and lit the inside on fire. I set my pack down as the girls pulled out the sponge leaves we had collected. I made a grate for the cave and after it was clean locked the girls in.

I moved around to cut and weave a lot of smaller branches and leaves into a wide, thick smoke hut. I set it out on the branch in front of the cave and let the girls help me collect a lot more fire leaves. I had them come with me this time as I went hunting. My first kill was a Wolfape, it was as large as a big old earth dog.

It had brown and grey ... almost white hair with four inch canine teeth and long sharp claws. I cleaned it while the girls watched and Alex and Jade carried it as I moved out onto another branch. This time I killed three flying lemur. I cleaned them by another tree and then set all the pelts out and summoned beatle ants.

When they were done I took the pelts and fed the beatles the innards from the three flying lemurs. The girls were grinning as we climbed back to the cave tree. The sight of something trapped in the grate made them stop. I shoved the bow and the wolfape at Alex before running towards the cave. I was careful and snatched several leaves as I went by.

I slowed and carefully reached out to work the furry, baby bird bat out of the grate. The girls had followed me and I knelt when the baby was free. I fished out the ever light, "use a couple of fire leaves to burn the other leaves I dropped."

The baby was struggling and squirming as I held it and tried not to let it bite me. Its small unformed claws would not hurt me but the small teeth might by accident. Alex got the fire going and smoke started drifting up immediately. I turned to let the smoke drift around the baby's head.

It quieted quickly and I waited for a minute before moving away and gesturing to Alex, "open the grate and get one of the apple berries."

The baby started crying and Alex froze and looked at it, "you are not going to hurt it are you?"

I shook my head before hesitating and pushing it into her arms, "just hold it and try to reassure it."

I moved to the grate and pulled it out before reaching in to bring Alex's pack out. I dug into it and pulled out a large berry. I went to Alex and knelt beside her since she was on her knees. I started cutting tiny slices from the berry and handed the first to her, "feed it."

She slowly coxed it into taking a bite and it chirped before pushing its head against her. I let her keep feeding it by cutting tiny pieces and stood, "now to start our work."

I moved to the meat and my bow and shouldered the bow before wiping the meat and starting to cut strips. Jade knelt beside me and watched before copying me. I wrapping each strip in a spice leaf before hanging it in the smoke hut. Jade started cutting the meat up and I looked around before walking to the end of a side branch.

Within reach was a thicker spice branch and I started cutting thin branches off and grabbing more leaves. When I got back Alex was helping her sister with the baby clinging to her. I smiled and began rolling fire leaves around a spice branch and setting it inside the smoke hut. When we finished all the thin branch rods I had put in the hut were crowded and full.

I ignites the fire leaves and closed the front before turning to the girls, "now for dinner."

They looked at me and I started cutting the rest of the meat into smaller chunks and wrapping them, finally we were out of meat. I lined the chunks up together and lit them before gesturing to the cave, "lay out the tiger and lion pelts."

I smiled as Alex stood with the baby clinging to her, "use your spear to prop one of the lemur pelts against the wall and let the baby hang inside where it is dark."

She hesitated and pet the baby before nodding. As we were eating I told the girls how to train bird bats to bring back berries. I smiled as I kept looking around, "first you have to shelter it as you walk, climb or move. When you see berries they are normally away from the branch. You wake the bird bat or point out the berries and they fly out and bring one back."

I grinned, "you need to keep it on a thin thread when you are teaching it, just to remind it to return."

They nodded and I looked around, "we used to hunt for their nests and train them."

Jade sighed and I smiled, "do not worry. We will find a nest before we reach the colony."

I glanced around and gestured to the meat, "pack it in and move into the cave."

I waited and handed the cleaned pelts in before replacing the grate, "start tanning these while I go replace the spice branches."

It was almost dark before I started pulling the meat out and packing it away in a new pack I had made. I climbed into the cave and replaced the grate before turning to see Jade feeding the baby, "I hope you have leaves or something under it when you put it to sleep."

Jade grinned, "we thought of that."

I checked the tanned pelts and tugged on Alex's skirt, "let me see this."

She blushed and then grinned and stripped. I pulled out a packet of large leaves and carefully split them and scrapped the meat from the leaf skins. I cut the leaf skins into squares and pulled a large spool of spider silk thread and a needle out of my pack. I smiled at Alex, "this was for my mother."

I started sewing the squares into the pattern of her skirt and wove several into a belt to hold it up. When I was finished I handed it to Alex and she tried it on in the semi dark. She grinned and pulled it back off, "thanks."

I stripped after putting everything away and laid down as Jade carefully hung the bird bat up. I closed my eyes as Jade snuggled against me and Alex held her. I woke to the morning rain and looked at Jade as she shifted and stirred. Alex reached over her and rubbed my chest, "maybe you cured her."

I grinned, "and I loved giving the morning injections."

She giggled and Jade opened her eyes and turned her head. I rubbed her hip, "morning."

She stretched and almost glared at the storm outside, "does it do that every morning?"

I turned slightly to feel her breast, "actually it does ... well, almost."

Jade grinned and straddled me before lifting up. As she slowly impaled her pussy the bird bat chirped and dropped off the lemur pelt. I held Jade as Alex moved to the baby and cuddled it. I reached up to cup Jade's firm breasts, "time for a feeding."

Jade giggled and Alex turned to grin. Jade began rocking and twisted as her tight pussy grasped my cock. It was not long before she was shaking and shuddering as she moaned softly. I kept feeling her body and caressing her as she fucked me. Every few minutes she spasmed and jerked as her pussy tightened and wet me.

She finally dropped to my chest and I shifted and rolled before starting to fuck her with deep thrusts. She wrapped her legs around me as her pussy squeezed and tried to milk my cock. I was not trying to hold back and a minute later shoved into her and began to pump a torrent of cum. She jerked and clung to me as warm sperm erupted inside her.

When I stopped cumming I pulled out and laid beside her and looked at Alex. She grinned and stuck her tongue out, "do me during the day."

Jade giggled and turned to rub my chest, "are there any other animals like Peaches?"

I looked at her and she gestured, "that is what we named her."

I grinned, "you are lucky it is a girl."

I glanced at the rain outside, "there are a few smaller animals we have caught and tamed. Most animals here are not really mammals. They are like reptiles and avians, they lay eggs and hatch their young outside their body. The biggest we train is about the size of an old earth hound, maybe sixty pounds."

I looked at Alex and smiled as I remembered, "it is strange and wonderful and dangerous."

I looked at Jade, "have you seen the old earth pictures of European dragons?"

She frowned but nodded and I looked at Alex, she nodded and I sighed, "Dwarf Dragons look like that but the skin or pelt is like soft leather. The wings are like the bird bat with just skin between the bones but a lot bigger. It has sharp teeth and long, sharp claws on all four feet."

I grinned, "taming them is easy. Find the mother's nest when they are still eggs and keep them warm. When they hatch use the smoke trick like I used on the bird bat and then feed them small chunks of raw meat. They will follow you around like a duckling."

Jade grinned and Alex put the bird bat back on the pelt before crawling to me and laying on me, "how long before we reach the colony?"

I held her and caressed her bare hips, "maybe two months or as much as three."

She sighed and put her head on my shoulder. I hugged her and reached out to take Jade's hand, "it will take time but if we do not rush and just keep moving we will be fine."

Alex nodded and Jade sighed, "at least we have Peaches."

I smiled and hugged Alex, "okay, if I am not going to fuck you we might as well get up."

They moved away and I got up, "I will look for a water barrel while we walk."

They grinned and we got dressed. I helped Alex with her pack and folded a lemur pelt over her left shoulder and moved the bird bat to the inside fold. I also tucked a berry between her breasts, "keep one with you."

She grinned and slipped the berry inside her blouse. I spilt the meat I had smoked and we started off. Alex kept feeling her skirt and grinned at me, "its lighter and cooler."

Jade bumped her when I stopped and glanced around before climbing a vine. As we walked I started collecting more of the large clothe maker leaves as my mom calls them. The baby kept shifting and looking around when Alex opened the pelt so it could look see. I pointed out some of the new animals when I saw them.

Including a small flock of bird bats eating on a cluster of bright red hanging fruit that almost looked like giant red bananas. I searched around us before moving to a thick vine after having Jade hold the bow and quiver. I took a running start and leaped out to swing as I reached out with my other hand.

I caught a cluster of the red bananas and held on as I jerked and pulled it back to the branch and I finish my swing. I kept my hold but stood on the branch as I looked around at the quiet forest. I finally used my bush knife to cut the cluster from the vine. I separated one as I walked back to the girls and handed it to Alex, "Peaches will love these."

I had Jade add the fruit to my pack before we started moving again. For lunch we stopped to watch a hundred brightly colored birds in a aerial dance that dazzled the eye. I finally bumped Jade and pointed to the side of a branch above us. It almost looked like a huge stick ball, "that is a bird bat nest."

She sat up as her eyes brightened, "do you think there are babies?"

I pointed again, "look at the opening in the bottom."

She nodded and looked around, "but how do you catch them?"

I sighed, "first you need fruit."

She pulled a red banana off my pack and I smiled, "you need a fire leaf."

She twisted and pulled it from her pack. I nodded, "I normally use a spice leaf for the smoke."

She pulled one of those out of her pack and grinned. I looked up, "the next is the hard part. I need a close vine to climb down to the level of the bottom of the nest."

Jade looked around and Alex pointed out a vine. I glanced around and stood, "the really hard part is after you reach in and pull out one of the babies. Depending on the size of the flock they will either attack or crowd you off the branch."

I pulled out a large leaf pouch I had made and handed her the ever light, "roll the fire leaf around the spice leaf and wait."

I climbed a vine and looked around carefully before going to the vine Alex had pointed out. I tucked the pouch into my shirt before grabbing the vine and checking it. I started down the side of the branch before moving to the side until I was looking up into the nest. I held on with one hand and reached into the nest to grab at a small baby.

It struggled and bit me as I pulled it out and found I had two. I shoved both into the pouch before using the vine to drop. I slid down past the branch Alex and Jade were on as the bird bat flock chased me. I landed on the next branch and struck out to brush a couple of bird bats away. I turned to run.

I caught another vine and started climbed as the flock screamed and turned away. When I walked back to Jade her eyes were wide. I held the pouch closed as the two babies struggled. I knelt, "light the leaves."

I waited until there was smoke before opening the pouch and moving so that the smoke entered the pouch and the bird bats quieted. I waited a minute before gesturing and sweeping the leaves off the branch. I pulled one of the babies out and handed it to Jade after looking at it, "a female."

She took it and cradled it as she cut the red banana open and started feeding the baby. I held the other out to Alex after looking at it, "a boy."

She turned to pick a red banana off my pack and reached for the baby. I sat watching as they fed and held the babies and finally stood, "we need to move."

I fixed a pelt for Jade and then we started and before long our luck began to get a lot better. Not only did we find a lot more of the large clothe maker leaves, we found a lot of the spice leaves and tanning moss and water vines. It was mid to late afternoon when I saw the phoenix nest and the water barrel above them.

I grinned and led the girls down the branch and grabbed the vine below the hugely swollen part. I pulled and lifted and backed up as I pulled the barrel onto the center of the branch. I nodded to Jade after slicing open the top, "strip and climb in."

She looked in and grinned as Alex giggled. I held the baby and steadied the barrel as she quickly stripped and did as I told her. She sighed and the started washing as Alex looked in, "how does it feel?"

Jade grinned, "warm and silky."

I smiled as I looked around, "and you will smell like flowers for days."

I kept watch and explained that the water vine had a blockage that caused the barrel to form until it bursts. Alex took her bath after Jade and had a big smile on her face the whole time. I stripped and was careful as I squeezed in, I washed quickly and got out before dressing. I led the girls away and went looking for a cave tree.

After the girls had cleaned the cave and laid down the pelts I began to make a grate. We ate fruit and spice leaves and the smoked meat as we sat looking out at the evening. I made a skirt for Jade and blouses for both of them as well as pants and another shirt for me. It would be cooler and help us blend in.

The babies had been fed and were sleeping when Alex turned and grinned as she reached out to start undressing me. I stripped and set my pistol aside and bent to suck on a nipple before letting her push me onto my back. She straddled me and laid down to give me a kiss, "thanks for catching the babies."

I hugged her and let her go as she sat up and lifted to position my cock. She pushed and wiggled until my cock slid into her and then she sighed. Jade laid beside me and reached between her sister's legs, "we have not seen dragons yet."

I shivered as Alex's warm pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered and moaned, "dwarf dragons are not rare, we just have not seen any yet."

Alex began to spasm and jerk as I tugged on and rubbed her nipples. Jade giggled, "roll over and sperm her."

Her sister laid on me and I rolled before beginning to fuck her with deep thrusts. Alex kissed me and wailed in my mouth as she shuddered hard and her pussy tightened. I kept fucking her as she clutched me and continued to spasm while she came. It was awhile before I shoved into her and began to pump cum.

She jerked and shook with each one and sighed when I was done. I pulled out and laid beside her and Jade took her turn on me. The attack came as I was spewing cum up into her. I twisted and dumped her away from the grate before rolling back and grabbing the pistol and flashlight.

Wolfapes crowded and fought the grate, trying to break in. I was only a couple of feet away and started shooting. I killed three at the grate and two turning to run and another two a dozen feet away before the rest of the pack escaped. I moved to the grate as the forest went still. I opened it before reaching for my pants and pulling them on.

It took me almost an hour to skin the seven animals before I replaced the grate. I dumped all but one off the branch and carried everything around the tree. I stretched out the pelts and summoned beatle ants before moving back. After each pelt was clean I knocked off the beatle ants onto another pelt.

After the last one I dropped the body of the wolfape. After handing the cleaned pelts to the girls I washed and grinned as I peed around the bottom of the cave. The girls crowded around and on me when they went to sleep later.

A month later we were moving northeast around one of the great northern lakes. The girls were actually climbing vines now and the three bird bats had learned to fly and gather fruit ... sort of. I was pulling a type of sled with our packs and bundles of pelts and packs of leaves and feathers. I stopped and let the vine for the sled drop.

Both Alex and Jade had long spears now as well as a spear thrower for several thin short ones. I pointed and Jade moved up, "a dragon."

We had seen several but this time I pointed away from the branch and into a cluster of vines. Alex almost whispered, "a nest?"

I nodded and began looking around, "if it has nested there are not any larger predators. We just need to go high to look down at it and see if it has eggs."

The girls almost held their breath before Alex touched my shoulder, "go see, we will stay and guard ourselves."

I looked at her and then at Jade before shaking my head, "not out on a branch."

I bent and grabbed the vine before pulling the sled after me and towards the tree trunk we had been heading for. I left a space for the girls before handing my bow and quiver to Alex. I had to climb higher than I wanted and move out onto a narrow upper branch before I could see the nest. The mother dragon was still away feeding so I saw the dozen eggs clearly.

I looked around before grabbing a vine and starting to drop before swinging. I had gotten into the habit of carrying several pouches on my chest and around my waist. I caught another vine and hesitated before swinging away. It took several before I was on one that dropped to the nest. I slid down after finding the dragon eating.

I touched the nest and quickly bent to scoop up three of the large eggs before shoving them into my chest pouch. I swung out and away from the nest before dropping again. I went down past several large branches before swinging and catching another vine. When I reached a branch I checked the eggs and looked around before moving to the tree trunk.

The climb up was easy but I almost expected momma dragon to attack. She was back on her nest but had only roared and postured. I finally reached the girls and sat down to rest and show them the large eggs as I felt them carefully, "feel how hard and almost brittle they are?"

They nodded and I smiled, "we got here just in time, they should hatch anytime now."

I was not thinking about it as we climbed up and started out another branch. We each had tucked an egg inside our shirts where they would stay warm. It was a few hours later that I felt the egg move and froze. I felt it move again and dropped the sled vine as Alex and Jade gasped at almost the same time.

I looked around quickly as I nocked an arrow and found a target. We had a lot of cooked and smoked meat but the baby dragons needed fresh. I killed a lemur and started reeling it in as it fell, "get fire and spice leaves ready."

I knelt as I pulled the lemur to me and quickly skinned it. I did not bother trying to clean it, the baby dragons would eat everything. I pulled my egg out and gestured to the girls, the bird bats were on the sled hanging off a pack so they would be safe. I spread the bloody lemur pelt out and put all the eggs together on it.

I continued to watch around us but most of my attention was on the eggs. I wrapped the fire leaves around the spice leaves and waited. The eggs were rocking and cracks spread around each one. Jade's was the first to break and the small dragon fell out crying. I lit one set of leaves, "let the smoke drift around its head for about a minute."

I cut several smaller chunks from the lemur and tossed them in front of her. My egg broke open and I caught the baby before turning to light another set of leaves. I let the smoke drift around the baby's head as it cried and a moment later it quieted. That was when I pulled it back and cut a piece of meat off and pushed it into its mouth, "eat Hunter."

I glanced at Alex when her egg broke and turned to light the last set of leaves and cut a few pieces of meat for her. After that we were just cutting small chucks and feeding the babies. Hunter finally looked around and I stood and carried her to the sled and pulled out a tanned pelt. She curled up in the small nest I made.

Several minutes later Alex and Jade had theirs in the nest too. I grinned, "time to go and find a cave."

Alex walked with me, "how often will they eat?"

I glanced back at the sled, "two or three times a day until they are larger."

I smiled as the dragons shifted to snuggle together, "as they grow older they only eat once a day."

We climbed up and went around a trunk and out onto another branch. The bird bats brought back berries and fruit as we moved and finally a few hours before sunset I stopped by a cave tree. Alex went to light the inside as Jade moved back and started cutting smaller branches for the grate.

I watched as they worked, we had learned from a pair of leaf leopards that this was a time when we were vulnerable. Once the cave was ready and the girls went inside with the grate in place I moved around the trunk to clean the lemur pelt. When I was done I came back and we left the bird bats inside and brought out the dwarf dragons.

We kept watch but pet and played with the babies until they tried to crawl into laps to lay down. Alex settled them against the back wall before coming out to sit and eat with us and tan the lemur pelt. With the fruits and spice leaf we got more than enough minerals and vitamins and the meat provided protein and helped fill us.

Jade pulled me up, "time for bed and tonight is my turn to be first."

Alex laughed as she crawled into the cave, "you were first last night and then last this morning."

Jade giggled, "and he still fucked you three times in the middle."

I shook my head as I followed them and secured the grate. I wet the glow moss we had found and attached its bark to the grate before repeating it until all six pieces of bark were up. Predators stayed away from anything glowing at night since it was usually a trap. I stripped and folded my clothes and placed the pistol and light where I could reach them.

Jade waited until I was done and pulled on me to get me between her legs. I smiled, "not even going to let me feel you tonight?"

She shook her head, "I really need you in me."

I pushed into her tight pussy and began to fuck her hard and deep. She wrapped her legs around me as she lifted and thrust up to meet each stroke. Her pussy started to grasp and squeeze as she shivered and shuddered. After a couple of minutes I buried my cock and humped and jabbed.

Jade spasmed as her pussy clenched around my cock and kissed me and screamed into my mouth. I started fucking her again but slowly and she sighed as she relaxed. It was a few minutes before I was doing her hard and deep again and she was clutching me as she jerked around. She came six times before I kissed her as my cock swelled and erupted.

Warm cum gushed into her as she lifted her hips and hugged me tight. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and dropped to the furs. Alex giggled and pulled me off her sister and onto my back before straddling me. She slowly impaled her pussy as Jade turned to watch the grate like Alex had.

Alex took her time and rocked and thrust back and forth slowly, she always liked it slow. It was several minutes before she shuddered and moaned softly. A minute later I tugged on both nipples and she jerked and spasmed hard as her pussy squeezed.

It took a half hour before I was ready to cum and pulled her down and rolled. She lifted her legs and spread them as I fucked her hard and deep. I shoving into her and kissing her as I spewed and pumped cum. She held me tight as I spurted and spewed and then relaxed when I was done. I pulled out and glanced outside before laying back.

I woke to the soft body of Hunter and lifted my head before tucking her in against me and rubbing her cheek. Jade's Gloria and Alex's Drake must have gone looking for momma and left Hunter so she came to me. The morning storm woke me because Hunter was shaking. I reached out to wake Jade and Alex for their little dragons before curling around the small animal.

Her croon was soft as she pressed against me and I kept petting and reassuring her. Once the storm was over we crawled out and began packing everything onto the sled. Six weeks later I stopped to look around, we had been in a familiar territory for the past several days.

I glanced down at Hunter as she shifted by my feet and then back at Alex and Jade, "look up and to the right on the next branch up."

Alex gasped, "a house!"

I turned to nudge Hunter, "in the nest."

She looked up at me before turning to climb onto the sled. She knew what that meant, we were going to climb. She could fly a little and had already had her morning exercises. I reached for a vine and started up as the girls watched. When I was up Jade climbed after me and then we pulled the sled up while Alex joined us.

I set Hunter down before turning to pull the sled after me. I grinned and stopped as several dwarf dragons leaped off the porch and flew towards us. I caught the first as it flared its wings and reached out with all four feet, "hello Griffin."

I hugged the old dragon as the others landed and sniffed me. I knelt and set Griffin down, "take me to mom."

He turned and started moving down the branch as I grabbed the vine and pulled the sled after me. We went to the tree trunk and then around and up onto the porch. I heard mom as she scolded Griffin and grinned as I stopped and turned to Alex and Jade. I took their hands and pulled them after me and through the door, "MOM, I AM HOME!"


She came out of the kitchen and stood frozen, "you are home..."

I let the girls go as I walked to her and hugged her. She pushed me back and searched my face before looking at the girls. She sniffed and pushed me away, "you girls look like you need a nice bath."

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