Disabled, but Still Able

by Raider53

Copyright© 2014 by Raider53

Erotica Sex Story: At 19, Brian became paralyzed when he broke his neck. He still had motion in his arms, but his fine motor skills and his fingers were affected. The nerve damage to his legs was complete and he would be using a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He wondered at the time if he would ever have sex again. It was only the following summer that his questions were happily answered by the personal care attendant he and his mother had hired.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   True Story   .

"So then, we hire her?" Brian's mom asked.

"I like her. I say yes," Brian replied.

Brian saw a weight immediately lift off his mom's shoulders. It had been seven months since he broke his neck in that gymnastics accident. He was a strong, chiseled, 19-year-old athlete until that Tuesday morning in November. During a gymnastics class he simply slipped on the mat during takeoff. Before he knew it, he was disoriented until suddenly he heard a huge explosion within his head and saw the brightest flashes he had ever seen. He went to get up off the mat, and couldn't. He immediately knew what was wrong. His teacher and mentor in high school was paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Brian always had a sixth sense he would face similar trauma.

"It finally happened," he muttered to himself.

After three long months of inpatient stay at the rehab facility, he was able to go home. Unfortunately, it was not his college dormitory that he had become used to in his new independence. In February, he had to return to his parents' house. His father had converted the first floor study into Brian's new bedroom. The laundry room that had been on the first floor was now a wheelchair accessible bathroom with shower.

He had now been at home for three months. During that time, his mom was caring for him completely. Of course his 15-year-old sister and 10-year-old brother could help out with daily activities within the home. When it came to his personal care however, his mom was all he had at this point.

It was hard for both of them. He had been completely independent while he was at college. In fact, he was a 19-year-old stud. Prior to the gymnastics accident, the sport that he clowned around with kept him in great physical shape. He was lifting weights every day, and was extremely proud of his six pack abs. Now however, the muscles had atrophied. He still looked good. He was slender, but looked healthy. His face had always been attractive. His dark blonde hair and his hazel eyes added to the smile that he routinely had for the people he met. This smile continued even throughout the tragedy.

Of course, he was depressed for quite some time after the initial accident. But it did not take him long to once again find his positive outlook. He decided to look at rehab just the way he always tackled his sports goals and objectives. This worked well for him throughout inpatient rehab, and so far it was okay here at home. He functioned well using his electric wheelchair. He tried to push a manual chair; but his arms were weakened and the dexterity in his fingers was limited. For the sake of independence, he realized the electric chair was the best way to go. This decision was solidified once he found this was the best way for him to drive his newly equipped van. He simply stayed in his power chair and pulled in directly behind the steering wheel. It had become very easy and he now could drive anywhere he wanted. Brian was beginning to gain more and more independence. He was ready to return to the University of Illinois in August.

Despite these huge "steps" forward, there were still many things he needed assistance with. Primarily, he needed help getting in and out of his wheelchair in the morning and evening. Furthermore, dressing and undressing, along with showering required help as well. Until now, this help was coming solely from his mother.

He was relieved that now his mom, Pam, would have some relief. The last three months had been stressful for both of them. He also was happy that someone else other than his mother would be helping with his personal care. One of the first things you lose when you break your neck is your modesty. You simply realize that you have to submit and let other people around you care for you with things like dressing and bathing. Unfortunately, that also applies for your mother. Brian obviously learned to adjust. However, he knew it would be a lot easier with another woman helping him. The fact that he and his mother were going to be hiring a very attractive woman made it even better.

Marlene showed up on a Monday in May. She would be there to help Mondays through Thursdays. The main help he needed was to get dressed and out of bed each morning. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays he also took a shower in the roll in shower that his father had contractors complete. His mother would still help him on Friday mornings.

Marlene turned out to be wonderful from the start. She was cheery, vibrant, and fun to be with. Both Brian and Pam were extremely glad they hired her. It did not take long for Brian and Marlene to work out a routine. She quickly learned what needed to be done, and more importantly she learned how to do it pretty much the way Brian liked. Unfortunately, he tended to be pretty particular in his ways. Nevertheless, Marlene knew how to put him in his place when need be.

That was one of the things he liked about her. She was strong, she was tough. She had to be. One of the things she had mentioned to them during her interview was that she was pregnant. She was four months along when they interviewed her in May. The fact that they accepted her was much more than the father of her unborn child did. Apparently, he was gone within minutes after she told him about the baby.

Both Pam and Brian listened to her story and were very impressed. They did not feel pity. They saw her strength and her determination to move on and make the best of her situation. She was 26 years old and she always wanted a child. Marlene was excited to be a mother, with or without that jerk around. This made the decision to hire her that much easier. Overall, physically it would not be a problem because Brian planned to return to campus in late August. It was about then that she would be seven months pregnant and would not be able to assist him as he transferred in and out of his wheelchair.

The other thing he appreciated about Marlene he was unable to tell his mother about. She was damn good looking. She had strawberry blond hair that was about shoulder length. Her eyes were brown and mysterious looking. Her skin was golden. During later conversations he would learn that she went to the tanning salon in the winter. That is why her skin looked wonderful so early in the spring.

Her tits were average size. But they were firm. They were round. Brian never did like "pointy" breasts. He always appreciated them to be as round as possible. They didn't have to necessarily be large, but he liked the round shape. The shape of her breasts was wonderful. He was able to appreciate them more since she usually wore shorts and a T-shirt as she helped him. Her T-shirts were predominantly tight fitting. In fact, they were perhaps a little too tight given the fact that she was now starting to show. But it was those shirts that in later weeks gave him a better understanding of the shape of her chest. It's amazing what he could see because of the many accidental wet T-shirts that came about when she assisted with his showers.

His favorite feature however had to be her tan legs that led up to her tight ass. Like her T-shirts, her shorts were always rather tight fitting as well. You could easily bounce a quarter off those cheeks. Just below them were unbelievably tan and muscular legs. Even her feet were sexy. She usually came in flip-flops but took them off at the door. She always had her nails painted and they looked great. From head to toe this woman was fetching. He wondered how her body would change throughout the pregnancy. Would she still be as attractive as she was right now? Ultimately, he would not be disappointed.

Over the next several weeks, Marlene and Brian became close friends. Despite the seven year age difference, the two of them really got along. Although the relationship started professionally, it grew to become much more casual. In fact, Marlene was always quick to lighten any situation with a joke or something that may be deemed "inappropriate" in a professional setting. Brian loved that. In fact, many times he could've sworn that it was almost flirting on her part. Certainly she was not flirting with him, was she? And if she was, could something seriously happen?

Brian fantasized quite frequently about that. What would it be like to date her? What would it be like to be the father to her child? The fact that he was now paralyzed he wondered if he would ever be a father. This could be a great way. He wondered what sex with her would be like at this point. As the weeks progressed she started to show quite a bit. She was still thin and fit, but her belly started to expand. The T-shirts she wore were now larger. But the shorts were still tight and her ass was still perfect.

This did not deter him at all. In fact it turned him on more. He wanted to fuck her more than ever now. But she was 26 years old and he was still 19. Wasn't that too big of a gap? All these were questions he asked himself. If something was going to happen, it would have to happen before he went back to school in August.

The other question he wondered was what would sex be like? Contrary to popular belief, paralyzed people can have sex. Actually, one of the early things taught in rehab was sex education. When Brian first got hurt, he was nervous that he would never be able to get an erection or have sex. In 1986 at the time of his accident, Viagra did not exist.

Since he broke his neck, he was a quadriplegic. That is, all four of his limbs were affected by the paralysis. Yet the one good thing was the majority of quadriplegics still get an erection after the injury. It's a shame that the stigma is otherwise. Because ultimately many spinal cord injured men have erections and can have a very active sex life. Brian would soon find this out.

Brian confirmed this very early on during one of his first showers. The nerve connection between his brain and his penis was cut off. Therefore, he could watch the most erotic and arousing thing on earth and his dick would still remain flaccid. It could spontaneously become erect for no reason at all; but it would have nothing to do with his mind or thoughts. The good news however, was that direct stimulation of his cock could bring it to full attention just as easily as it did before his accident.

During Brian's showers, he was always sure to spend lots of extra time washing his cock. He never had personal time with his dick to fully masturbate. But when he was in the shower, it was all his. He would use the soapy water to allow his hand to move quickly up and down his 8 inch shaft. He knew how long it was because he measured before the accident. He also knew that it was unusually thick. Previous girls had told him that.

And so it had become a usual routine to stimulate his cock to erection during each of his showers. Unfortunately, the sensation was never the same as before the accident. He could not feel the touch directly. However, he did feel a warm overcoming sensation throughout his body. It would heighten the faster and more rapid he would stroke. He had tried many times to stroke hard and fast enough to bring himself to climax. Yet through many months in the shower, he had not succeeded. Nevertheless, the sensation during the entire time was still wonderful. He wondered to himself if he would ever be able to climax. If not, how long would he be able to go? He would find out soon enough.

By June both Marlene and Brian had been working together for over a month. Their conversations had ranged from everything such as politics to religion. However, it seemed that more often than not their conversation led to some type of discussion about sex. He explained to Marlene the details about his injury and how it impacted him physically. She was intrigued and it was easy to talk because he did so in a completely medical way. But eventually, the discussions grew to be more intimate and detailed.

She told him all about her ex. Brian told Marlene about his ex-girlfriend. They both shared with each other the stories about how they lost their virginity. Brian talked about sex on his girlfriend's family room floor on New Year's Eve. He joked about how he brought in the new year with a "bang". Unfortunately, her parents walked in 10 min. later. Thank God they had an automatic garage door to give him time to run into the bathroom with his pants in hand.

It turned out Marlene lost hers at the age of 16 on her parents' couch while her parents were asleep in the room right next to the family room. She told him how much she wanted to scream and moan but was forced to keep quiet so that her dad did not wake up and end up killing her teenage boyfriend. She elaborated how she always moaned during sex. These were the details that were not necessary. Nevertheless, it was obvious she was including them to excite him

Brian took note of her final comment. "Boy, what I wouldn't give for a good lay nowadays!"

"Pregnant women can have sex," Brian reassured her while hoping he could perhaps be the one to oblige.

"I know," she quickly replied, "I just need to find the right time."

Brian noticed her wording. She had said the right "time", not "person". He was hoping she already had the right person in mind – him.

These candid talks with Marlene made Brian feel that much closer to her. She also obviously felt close to him. The flirting continued. One of the more blatant things she began to do was simply to comment ever so briefly on his erection when she came into the shower. Brian always began his own bathing process and then of course he would take extra time to fully "wash" his cock. All this was done behind the curtain. It was never enough; but he obviously would have to stop after a reasonable amount of time. At that point, Marlene would pull back the curtain with a washcloth in her hand. She would then wash his back and his lower legs.

It was about early July when she opened the curtain and instead of simply starting on his back, she looked down at his erect cock.

"Hello!" She shouted, all the while keeping her eyes on his shaft.

That was it. She then went on to do the usual. The comment at first made him embarrassed. But then it excited Brian because it subtly brought attention to what he was doing without embarrassing him, or worse, asking him to stop.

During future weeks and showers she would make comments such as:

"You've been busy!"

"We've got to find you some waterproof magazines!"

Then came the one that really excited him, "You know, pregnancy can sometimes make you very horny!"

It was unfortunate that she helped him with the shower only two times a week. He was also able to masturbate on Fridays when his mother helped him; but obviously she was not making any comments. In fact, he usually stopped in plenty of time to let the erection subside before she opened the curtain. But with Marlene, he worked hard to make sure his cock was at full attention when she joined him.

Around the third week of July, another thing changed slightly to lead him to believe he needed to do something soon. She pulled back the curtain and he purposely continued masturbating for two or three more strokes. He stopped and pretended like he didn't mean to get caught.

"I caught you this time," Marlene smiled. Her smile was reassuring but not quite inviting.

"Guilty," he admitted, as planned.

"I thought you couldn't feel anything..." Her statement led to the question she had been wanting to ask for a while, " ... can you?"

He explained to her how different it was than before. He detailed how the sensation overtook his entire body creating a warm flush. It wasn't the same as before, but it was still a wonderful feeling.

"It sounds like a woman's orgasm," she told him.

"Obviously, I can't compare. But it seems more like that now than it did before," Brian certainly had never thought about that until now.

"Can you ejaculate?" Marlene asked. The fact that she used the word "ejaculate" slightly disappointed him because it seemed rather clinical.

"They say it's possible. I have not gotten there yet," Brian replied.

"Perhaps it won't be long before you find out," she reassured him. She smiled when she said it, but there was no coy wink to go along with it.

She grabbed the showerhead in her hand and moved to the shower chair slightly as she stepped behind him. As usual, she washed his back as he leaned slightly forward. He could feel her breasts against the back of his head. She then moved around to the front and started to wash his feet.

Once complete, she moved up his legs and began washing below his knees and now to his thighs. However, while she washed his inner thighs she moved her hand to his groin and ever so slightly started to run the washcloth over his cock. She moved it down and then with more force she moved it back up making sure that the cloth rubbed on the underside of the shaft. His semi-flaccid cock stood at attention almost immediately. He was lucky, many times it took more than that.

She looked up at him. "You cannot feel that?" She asked.

Brian shook his head no. "Not directly."

"Amazing," she said quietly as she stood up and rung out the washcloth.

She handed him a towel and he dried off his arms, his body, and his crotch. Again, as he dried himself he did his best to keep his cock at least semi-flaccid. He never liked it when it was all shriveled up. She used her towel to dry off his lower legs and then moved behind him to dry his back. She tossed her towel on his lap and then pushed him into the bedroom stopping next to the bed.

At this point, Brian was able to use his hands to scoot his naked body over onto the bed. She would have to help him lift his legs up as he fell back onto the mattress. He raised his arm so she could grab his wrist and pulled him up to a sitting position. It was difficult for him to keep his balance, so many times he leaned to the left on his elbow. He was able to push his legs apart enough so that he had access to his penis. She left him with his towel while taking hers and she pushed the shower chair back into the bathroom.

It was then that the unspoken ritual began. Another issue with the paralysis was that Brian could end up urinating at any time. Many quadriplegics use an indwelling catheter. But Brian never wanted a rubber tube sticking out of his penis. So instead, he chose to wear an external "condom" catheter. It simply was a condom with a little bit of adhesive on the inside to help it stay on throughout the day. The only difference was there was an opening at the tip so that a tube could be connected, which then led to a bag strapped to his leg. He obviously still hated it, but at least it was not there all the time and he had the ability to have uninhibited sex if the opportunity should ever arise. He was hoping that opportunity may come soon.

The ritual came about because in order to put the condom catheter on, his penis needed to be erect if at all possible. Over time, he found a way to manage this unobtrusively. He would ask for the towel so that he could finish "drying off" while his mother or Marlene would go to the bathroom to tidy up. When they would return, he miraculously would have a rock hard cock ready and waiting. Unfortunately, it was ready and waiting for a medical appliance to be applied. Again however, it was during this time that Brian would fantasize while stroking his cock.

Many times Pam or Marlene would return to the bedroom and Brian would not yet be hard. He would tell them he's not quite dry enough while he continued to rub the towel up and down his penis hoping it would not take much longer. Sometimes they would return to the bathroom or even the kitchen for a brief second. But many times, they would wait a few seconds until he was ready.

When it was his mother, at first he was slightly embarrassed. But he had learned that modesty and the whole dynamic with his mother changed with the injury. He simply did what he had to do and it wasn't a big deal. He had grown to be comfortable with his body matter who he was with. With Marlene however, sexual thoughts were always running through his head as he did it.

It now was early August. A week ago Marlene had rubbed Brian's cock with the washcloth and asked what it felt like. The two of them had gone through two shower routines since then and unfortunately they were as professional as can be. She didn't even make any comments at his erection.

Things were still wonderful between them and the conversation was still great. But he was beginning to wonder if he would ever have an opportunity for anything more with her before he left in a few weeks. Today's shower was no different. He made sure his cock was hard when she opened the shower curtain. She merely washed his back and his legs while they talked. She then threw him the towel while he dried off and she pushed him towards the bed as always.

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