Chapter 3

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 3 - A former space force soldier picks a new and colony to settle on. He finds he must take mates as he begins his new life as a trapper. The winters are both harsh and very long but the girls help him through it.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Science Fiction   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie  

I woke to the soft morning alarm and reached up to shut it off. I looked at Sarah as she shifted on me but did not wake. I carefully reached between us to my growing cock. I lifted it and positioned it before holding her and slowly humping and pressing into her. It was not long before my cock pushed into her and she moaned in her sleep.

I began to fuck her slowly and kept pushing my cock deeper. When I was all the way inside her, she was moaning and shuddering as her pussy kept squeezing my cock. Petal and Ivory both lifted their heads to look and then Julie. They grinned as Sarah kept shuddering and moaning as she humped onto my cock.

It was a couple of minutes before I was ready. Her pussy was spasming and tightening as I held her and slowly pushed into her harder. She stiffened and her eyes snapped open just as my cock began to pee a huge stream of cum. She jerked and the wailed as she started convulsing, "YES!"

I spewed and then pumped and spurted and then just held her as she continued to shudder and twitch. She finally lifted her head and looked at me before grinning, "nice alarm clock."

I grinned and shook her before dumping her onto the bed and climbed out, "dress warm."

I went to wash before dressing and went out and pulled out the runners and sleds before coming back in. I sipped coffee as the girls ate breakfast, "it is clear out and after that storm the animals will be out, watch for predators. Sarah and Ivory go out together, go north. Julie and Petal go south and I will go west."

It was noon before I finished setting traps and snares and turned to head back. I had already killed eight Nexal Pigs and Roo Bunnies. I stopped when I saw the large Snow Mouse. I was aiming when the huge Ice Snake struck. It took the whole head off and left the body writhing in the snow. I shifted my aim as the snake swallowed and coiled again.

I shot it through the side of the head before moving closer. It was wrapping coils around itself as I approached. I almost did not see the second snake as it coiled in a thick snow covered bush, the military had taught hard lessons though. The bush shifted slightly and I froze as I brought the riffle up. The snake tried to slid closer and stay coiled but that exposed it.

I fired straight through the head and checked around me before calling the girls to warn them. When I got back to the camp, Julie and Petal were already back. They were cleaning the pelts from the animals they had shot and putting the choice cuts of meat away. I pushed Julie towards the door, "go start something to warm us up."

She grinned as she pulled Petal after her and I finished unloading her sled. I started unloading mine and a little later Sarah and Ivory came in. I sent them in as I worked on the skins alone, it was almost dark when I came in. Sarah and Julie pulled me straight to the shower and stripped me.

They grinned as they washed me by rubbing their soapy breasts on and against me. I finally laughed and turned Julie before lifting her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist as Sarah shut the water off. I lowered Julie to impale her and she hugged me tight. Sarah rubbed against us, "the snakes worried you?"

I put Julie against the wall as I started to fuck her, "yeah. The second one was in a bush and I almost missed it."

I felt Julie's tight pussy squeezing and grasping my cock. I sighed and slowly lifted Julie and set her down. She pulled me out and they both dried me before letting me do them. I pulled Julie to bed and moved up between her legs before pushing back into her.

I started fucking her with deep thrusts and Sarah sat beside us and rubbed my back, "we just change what we are doing. We trap and hunt in pairs, one uses the thermal scanner and the other takes care of business."

I groaned as I fucked Julie hard and deep and buried my throbbing cock to push into her harder and deeper. She wrapped her legs around my hips as I pumped spurts of cum. When I stopped cumming I kissed her softly, "sorry."

Julie grinned and shook me, "I did not mind. You know I love feeling you cum in me."

I sighed and slowly pulled out before rolling onto my back, "maybe you are right but we will be wasting a lot of time with just two pairs out."

Sarah straddled me and then stopped as she started to lift up. I looked at her and finally reached up to tug on a nipple, "well?"

She jerked and shuddered before grinning as she fitted my cock to her pussy and looked at Julie, "remember cousin Bell?"

Julie turned, "yeah. She was studying to ... oh."

I looked back and forth and then shook Sarah, "fuck me and talk witch."

She grinned and started rocking, "our cousin Bell is a little ... advanced. She finished primary school when she was thirteen. She has spent two years on an advanced degree in birthing procedures as a mid wife."

I looked at them and Sarah shrugged as she wiggled and rolled her hips, "the women did not want a fifteen year old as their midwife."

I pulled Sarah down and rolled over before starting to fuck her with deep thrusts, "so?"

Julie laughed and she moved over and rubbed my back, "so besides being a midwife she is a certified trauma nurse and an avid hunter."

I pushed into Sarah as I buried my cock and started to hump, press and grind, "and?"

Sarah lifted her legs as she began to shudder and jerk. Her pussy spasmed and grasped my cock like it was a milking machine. She wailed as she hugged me tight and I started fucking her again. She was bucking and twisting around as I kept planting my cock deep inside her. It was several minutes before she stiffened and screamed as I thrust into her while pumping gushes of cum.

She jerked and clung to me as I spurted and spewed. When I stopped cumming I kissed her before slowly pulling out and moving off the bed. I turned to help them out and rubbed both their butts, "finish."

They grinned as they led me towards the dining area. Julie sat before Sarah and pulled me down beside her, "her dad and mom have been beating their heads trying to find her a place."

I looked at them before looking at Petal and Ivory. They started putting dinner on the table as I thought. I finally looked at Sarah, "only if Petal and Ivory agree and then only if Bell agrees."

She grinned and nodded before taking a bite as Julie started telling Petal and Ivory what had happened and what I wanted. Then they told them about Bell. Petal and Ivory looked at each other before grinning and looking at me, "only if we take turns partnering him."

Sarah grinned, "well actually Bell is bi and..."

The girls laughed and Sarah looked at them. Petal grinned, "setting the traps?"

Julie laughed as Sarah grinned, "now you know where my mind was."

Petal reached out to touch her hand, "after dinner you can practice on me."

I grinned as Sarah blushed and then grinned, "deal."

I shook my head before finishing dinner. I nodded to the living area, "do not forget your schooling."

I cleaned up after dinner as they went to start school courses. Sarah slipped in a sat call and sent Bell and her parents my bio. I went to make checks of the reactors and the trailer before flushing and filling the snow melt tank. When I came in the girls were finished setting up their courses and were watching another vid.

Ivory stood and helped me strip before pulling me back to bed. She crawled on and wiggled her butt at me as she looked back with a grin. I smiled as I moved onto the bed behind her and pushed her down flat. I laid on top of her and kissed her bare shoulder and then the back of her neck before lifting up and positioning my cock.

I pushed into her as she tilted her hips and slowly worked my cock into her. She shuddered and moaned as I kissed her naked shoulder again before starting to fuck her. I used long thrusts that pushed her cervix open and made her gasp. I continued fucking her as Petal crawled onto the bed and laid back.

Sarah and Julie followed her and Sarah lay between Petal's legs to kiss her before sliding down. Ivory was jerking and shuddering as she kicked the bed and tried to thrust back. I grinned and fucked her with deep strokes and tried to push deeper. It was a couple of minutes before my cock started throbbing.

I thrust into her and held her writhing body as I spurted and pumped cum into her. Ivory yelled and jerked as warm cum flooded her and then quieted and tilted her hips. I pulled out of her and laid beside her to look at Petal holding Sarah. I smiled and put my head on Ivory's shoulder when she rolled over.

I caressed her pelvis as I relaxed and then I was waking to the morning alarm. I turned to shut it off before fingering Ivory's clit, "wake up."

She shivered and turned her head to look at me, "you play with that and I will fuck you to death."

I grinned and rubbed her clit hard, "like this?"

She shuddered and jerked before grinning and rolling onto me. She spread her legs and sat up, "just for that you are getting so fucked."

Petal, Sarah and Julie laughed as they climbed around us and off the bed. Petal slowly impaled her tight, slimy pussy and began to fuck me with long thrusts. Her pussy was almost hot as it started grasping and clenching around my cock. It was a few moments before she was shuddering and grunting as she fucked me hard.

She stiffened and wailed before jerking and spasming. I pulled her down and rolled over before starting to fuck her with deep thrusts. I was pushing against her cervix with each thrusts and her hips were meeting mine as I kept fucking her. Petal wrapped her legs around me as she continued to cry out and convulse.

It was several minutes before I buried my cock and held her bucking body. She tilted her pelvis and clutched me tight as I began to pump sperm into her. She jerked hard with each gushing spurt as it flooded her belly. When I stopped cumming she sighed and hugged me before relaxing. I grinned and kissed her before pulling out, "time to get up."

She grinned, "you are up."

I laughed as I moved off the bed. I washed before dressing and heading out to pull out the second sled for each runner. I came back in to eat and rubbed Julie's butt as she walked by me, "we need to change the bed linen."

She grinned and wiggled her butt before sitting down. I sighed, "same teams as yesterday. Use the thermal scans whenever you stop."

They nodded and we dressed warm and went to check traps. With the calm after the storm I was not surprised to see many of the traps with more than one animal. I even shot a herd of fifteen Beaver Deer before returning. I was the first back and started putting the meat away before unloading the hides.

Julie and Petal were the next ones back and Julie was almost bouncing in excitement, "we got three snakes!"

I looked at a grinning Petal and she nodded, "one was huge."

We started unloading and putting meat away when Sarah and Ivory came back. They were grinning too and I was thinking of snakes but Ivory laughed, "we found an orphan Catdog. She does not even have her eyes open."

I frowned but Petal and Julie were going to see and cooing over it. I finally sighed, "go inside and do your school work. One of you better look up how to care for it and find out if it will even survive."

They left and I smiled before starting to unload and then work on the hides. When I got breaks I cleaned the sleds and runners before putting them away. Sarah slipped into the trailer a couple of hours later, "Bell's parents do not want to wait for us to reach the Flint Cliff trading post. They rented a small flyer and should be here in a couple of hours."

I straightened and thought, "the only place they can land a flyer is up on the ridge behind us."

She nodded and I sighed, "take one of the others and a thermal scanner. Check it out before they get here."

Sarah grinned and kissed me quick before running out. I went back to work and thought about how my life had changed. Two hours later I stopped and took my rifle as I went up to the ridge. Sarah and Julie were already there and grinned as we heard the flyer pass over us. A minute later it was back and circled before dropping down and flaring as it landed.

The back ramp dropped and a man and woman ran out pulling sleds. They dropped them and started back in as a runner came out and turned before stopping. The ramp was already going up as we started forward. The flyer lifted hot and banked before accelerating. The girl that turned to look at me looked younger than fifteen.

She had slim wire framed glasses and her smile was bright, "Sarah! Julie!"

She looked at me as if weighing me before grinning, "hello Daniel."

I smiled, "you must be Bell."

She nodded and turned to pull a sled to the back of the runner. I shook my head, "take her to the home and I will put these way."

Sarah grinned as Bell opened her mouth like she was going to object and Julie grabbed her hand, "come on sis."

Bell looked startled as she was pulled along behind the two girls. I shook my head and looked around before hooking the two sleds together and hooked them to the runner. I rode down to the trailer and started putting everything away. I was a little surprised to find a full set of traps and snares. She also had two high quality rifles, a small bore and a large bore.

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