Chapter 2

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 2 - A former space force soldier picks a new and colony to settle on. He finds he must take mates as he begins his new life as a trapper. The winters are both harsh and very long but the girls help him through it.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Science Fiction   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie  

It had snowed several times, once for two days. The trading post was built into the side of a ridge. Since we were close we decide to go during the day. As we came closer I saw a large vehicle with a long trailer a little ways from a medium sized flier. I pulled up beside Sarah who had stopped in front of the door.

Julie stopped beside me and grinned as she turned to look at the large vehicle with the trailer, "a snow home, nice."

Sarah snorted as she climbed off her runner, "maybe."

I got off and stretched as a man walked out of the trading post. He looked middle aged and seemed to look a little desperate. He smiled almost too sweetly as he gestured, "beautiful is it not?"

I glanced at the long vehicle, "it might make traveling easier."

He grinned, "I will make a deal with you."

Sarah stepped up beside me, "what deal?"

The man swallowed, "your furs for the snow home."

I was tempted but Sarah snorted. She looked at Julie, "remember uncle Mason?"

Julie nodded and looked at the man, "throw in the trailer after we check it."

He did not even hesitate, "deal!"

I held up my hand, "after we check it and if I like what I see."

He nodded, "of course."

I did not even know what to look for but Sarah and Julie did and started for the home. They walked around it and looked under it past the stands that held it up. They dug into the reactor housing before going inside the home. They even checked the trailer the same way. Julie was shaking her head when she came back, "the anti grav generators on the home are to narrow. First deep snow bank and we will sink like a rock and belly out."

I shrugged and turned, "no deal."

He opened his mouth and Sarah cleared her throat, "throw in everything you have and we will take it."

I turned as Julie looked at her with her mouth open. The man did not hesitate, "DEAL!"

I looked at Sarah as she walked to him and shook his hand. I kept looking at her but she winked and gestured. I sighed and started to help unload all our furs. Julie was tight lipped as the Trader came out and started checking the furs before giving the man a credit chit. He barely hesitated before grabbing his bags from the home and running for the flier.

Sarah grinned and looked at Julie, "all we have to do is recalibrate the feeds and adjust the anti grav generators to a wider base."

Julie blinked and then grinned, "I never thought of that."

She linked arms with me, "why don't you show trader Murphy the cuts of meat we brought and we will fix the home."

I looked at them, "this better work or I will spank both of you."

I turned to the trader who was grinning. He nodded to the flier as it lifted, "Jacob was looking for an easy way to do things so you got an extremely good deal."

I glanced at the flier thinking of the shuttle port when I met Sarah and Julie, "his wives?"

He looked at me before grinning, "you just traded for them."

Sarah and Julie had been talking and stopped to look at him. I slowly turned to look at Sarah and she blushed. I sighed, "where are they?"

He grinned, "in shopping."

I gestured to Sarah, "you go find them and explain."

She looked at Julie who grinned, "silly witch, your deal."

Sarah grinned before turning to walk into the store. I shook my head before turning to the sleds with the meat packed away. The trader looked at what we had before bring out a larger sled. We made a deal and I helped him load the meat. I barely noticed Sarah and Julie as they led the two girls to the home and started working.

I went to the trailer and started checking it. I had to smile because it had a front section that was set aside for cleaning and tanning hides with dozens of sliding racks. It had four times the bots I already had too. The runner in back was in perfect shape but only had three sleds. There were three times as many traps as I had but no snares.

The trailer had adjustable ceiling and floor racks to put the hides and meat. I went into the trader's store and he turned and smiled as two older women grinned at me. I settled down to do the bargaining. I bought another runner and traded a few of my sleds. I also bought almost every snare he had.

Sarah and Julie came in as I finished and linked arms, "Petal and Ivory need a few things. Their ex husband did not bother to make sure they had everything and..."

I waved my hand, "I will load the runners and seven of the sleds. Watch our credit balance."

I nodded to the trader and he followed me out to bring the other runner and take the extra sleds away. He also brought out all the snares with the few items I had purchased. I packed the tent and most of the other stuff away in the trailer in case we needed them. I moved things around and made five kits with the traps and snares, putting each in one sled.

I arranged each runner with two sleds and finally closed up the trailer. Our personal things were gone so the girls must have come out. I went to the snow home and hesitated before opening the door and stepping up in. Sarah and Julie were both naked and grinned before gesturing to the two girls sitting at the small dining table, they were naked to and smiled.

Sarah slipped her arm into mine, "Petal is the one with the reddish blond hair and Ivory is the..."

I snorted, "the other one."

I turned to the front and the pilot seat, "did you finish shopping?"

Julie nodded as I stopped behind her and looked at the fancy navigational consol. She grinned, "that ass was just running with a satellite overview."

I glanced out the front window, "does it have remotes?"

Julie nodded, "three."

I sat in the pilot seat and checked the controls, "did you adjust the anti gravs so we will not end up stuck in a snow bank?"

Sarah put her hands on my shoulder, "yes. We should have a eight meter wide footprint."

I nodded and glanced at Julie, "do you remember my course?"

She grinned, "yes."

I glanced back at the two other girls, "make sure everyone knows how to use the Nav station. Send out the remotes and lets get going."

I started the primary hydrogen reactor and brought the anti gravs online. Once everything settled I checked the trailer readouts and brought its anti gravs alive. I smiled before glancing at the map screen and started driving. Sarah, Petal and Ivory took turns running the nav station using the remotes to pick our course, I stopped as it began to get dark.

I dropped the legs and adjusted them to level the vehicle. I leveled the trailer and set the GSR (Ground surveillance radar) alarm. I brought the two secondary reactors up and shut the primary reactor down. I turned and slid out of the seat and walked back to the dining table. I sighed as I sat across from Petal and Ivory, "okay tell me about yourself."

Julie was cooking and Sarah started helping her. Petal looked at Ivory and smiled before looking at me, "I am fifteen, from down south and wanted ... to leave home. Jacob was a friend of a friend of an uncle. When uncle said he was coming I jumped to accept without ... checking him out."

Ivory was nodding and I looked at her. She grinned, "Petal and I were neighbors and when she told me what she was doing I wanted to go with her."

I sighed and looked at Sarah and Julie, "since we have the home now, you need to start doing your schooling."

I looked at Ivory and Petal, "did you and Jacob have sex much?"

They snorted and Petal shook her head, "Jacob was only good for one shot a day, if he could get it hard."

Sarah and Julie snickered and the two girls looked at them. I smiled and looked at Julie, "have you done a med check on them?"

Sarah grinned back at me, "they have their inhibitors and are clean."

Julie stopped to kiss me, "I even made sure they douched."

I grinned and glanced at the stove, "how long before dinner?"

She pulled me up, "take one to bed and it will be ready when you finish."

Ivory was sitting on the outside and I pulled her up and after me as I walked towards the back and the large bed. She was nervous as I turned at the bed and pulled her around. I sat her down and pushed her back before kneeling and leaning forward between her legs. Petal sat beside Ivory on the bed, "Sarah said you did this."

I smiled as I opened Ivory's pussy and licked through it before nibbling on her inner lips as she moaned and dropped back to the bed. I pushed my tongue into the strawberry favored pussy before covering her clit. I began to lick and tease it with my tongue. Every now and then I would capture her clit and suck on it.

It was not long before she jerked and started shuddering. She stiffened and then spasmed and twisted away, "ooohhhh!"

Petal laughed as Ivory panted and I stood before undressing. They both stared at my hard cock and Ivory whispered, "damn! You are twice as big as Jacob."

I slipped my boots and pants completely off before taking my shirt off. I moved Ivory back on the bed before moving over her and settling between her legs. I kissed her before lifting up and positioning my cock. I pushed and wiggled and forced my cock into her tight pussy. She groaned as I finally pushed in and sighed.

I kissed her before starting to fuck her with short thrusts that gradually pushed my cock deeper. She was grunting and shuddering as I fucked her. Slowly she became slipperier and started lifting and thrusting her hips up. She tossed her head as her pussy grasped and kept squeezing my cock. She stiffened before bucking and jerking around, "FUCK!"

She clung to me as her warm, slippery pussy tried to grab my cock. I fucked her harder, using deep thrusts and grinding against her. I was forcing her womb open and she wailed and kept shuddering almost violently. I thrust into her and held on as I peed and spewed a huge stream of cum. Ivory lifted and spread her legs as she tilted her hips, "YES!"

I pumped and spurted and flooded her womb before stopping. I sighed and kissed her before slowly pulling out, "thanks Ivory, I needed that."

She laughed as Petal giggled and followed me off the bed. Ivory wiped leaking cum from her pussy, "Jacob did not cum that much either."

I shook my head before heading back to the dining area. Sarah and Julie grinned when I came in followed a minute later by the two girls. Dinner was nice as we ate and watched the falling snow outside. Sarah leaned against her sister and whispered, "we get a night off."

I laughed, "I am so going to fuck you awake in the morning."

She grinned as Julie snickered. I sighed and nodded to Petal and Ivory, "tomorrow Petal follows Sarah and Ivory follows Julie. Show them how to set the traps and snares. I saw the three new rifles in the rack by the door. Make sure they are sighted in and can shot them."

Julie grinned, "take your new fuck bunnies to bed and we will clean up."

Ivory and Petal stood quickly, I followed them and stopped beside the bed to reach out and pull Petal back to the edge. Ivory laughed as Petal grinned and spread her legs. I knelt and opened her pussy before leaning in and licking through it. She shivered and I smiled as I pushed my tongue into her and then began to nibble and tease her clit.

When I sucked on her clit, she arched her back and screamed as she squirted. I stood and turned her on the bed before moving between her legs. She was panting as she struggled to fit my cock to her pussy. I pushed and wiggled as I forced my cock into her. Petal shuddered and spread her legs more as she lifted them and I started to fuck her nice and slow.

She was both warm and slippery as her hips lifted to meet mine. It was moments before she was shuddering hard as her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock. She squirted me again as I hit and pushed against her womb, "aaaahhhh!"

She kept jerking and shuddering as I fucked her. She hugged me tight, rubbing her lovely bare breasts against me. It was a couple of minutes before she started to writhe around and buck, "ooohhhh!"

Ivory laughed as I started planting my cock deep in Petal. I pressed and humped and jabbed as I rubbed against her. I fucked her hard and she started kicking as she wailed and convulsed. I buried my throbbing cock hurriedly before gushing into her. Sarah and Julie slipped onto the bed as I continued to pump spurts of warm cum into Petal.

When I stopped cumming she sighed and dropped to the bed panting. Ivory was grinning when I looked at her. I kissed Petal and pulled out before reaching for Ivory and rolling her onto her stomach. Sarah and Julie laughed as they pulled Petal over. Ivory looked back as I lifted her hips and pushed into her cummy pussy.

She shuddered and pushed back as her pussy tightened. I fucked the two girls four time each before I was done and relaxed. They had huge grins on their faces when they went to sleep. I woke to my alarm and had to struggle out of bed and look around to find it. The girls were all stretching on the bed as I grinned and reached for Sarah.

She laughed as I pulled her to the edge of the bed and spread her legs. Julie grinned and kissed her sister before slipping off the bed. Ivory and Petal followed her quickly as I rubbed Sarah's clit before pushing into her. When I finished Sarah ran to the bathroom to pee. I walked around the home and trailer in the thick morning snow to check everything.

I pulled out the five runners and hooked a sled behind each, the sled held traps and snares. When I came in I nodded to the girls in the dining area, "okay, Sarah up the low valley to the west, Julie you go east and I will go north. Petal and Ivory have traps and snares in their sleds too. You girls be careful and keep your trackers on with your radios."

I took my rifle down before going back out to my runner. It took me a few hours to set all my traps and snares. I killed a six Nexal Pigs before I got back to the home. I put the cuts of meat in the cold boxes in the trailer before sliding both sides at the front of the trailer out. It was just the front twelve feet that slid out five feet on each side.

It made the tanning room inside almost twenty feet wide and twelve feet long. I adjusted the work tables before starting. When the girls came back they were red faced and laughing. Sarah and Ivory slipped away as Julie, Petal and I finished tanning the hides. I sent Julie and Petal in when we finished and pulled out the other five sleds.

I opened the door to the smell of fresh bread and wonderful cooking. Sarah and Ivory came to pull me to the bathroom as they stripped me. The shower was big enough for all three of us if barely. After the shower I was pulled into the small living room. Ivory grinned as she straddled me and slowly impaled her tight pussy.

She shuddered as she started rocking and I began caressing her hips. Before long her pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock. She jerked and spasmed erratically as she wailed. The other girls were laughing as Ivory fucked my cock hard. It was only ten minutes before I grunted and shuddered before pulling her hips in and down.

She jerked in surprise as her pussy clenched and squeezed my cock. I started gushing a fountain into her and she gasped, "ooohhhh!"

I pumped and spewed and squirted until I was done and Ivory sighed and leaned against me as she relaxed. I hugged her as her warm pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. She kissed me a minute later and then lifted up and stood to walk toward the bathroom. Petal took her place on my lap but spread her legs as she sat on my cock slowly.

I wrapped my arms around her and cupped her breasts, "are we taking turns tonight?"

Julie and Sarah grinned and Petal turned to kiss me, "Ivory and I wanted to fuck you once more before Julie and Sarah take over."

I laughed and hugged her as her pussy squeezed my cock, "so they get me the rest of the night?"

She nodded and I tugged on her nipples, "you girls better be careful or I will tie one of you up and just use you."

They laughed and Petal wiggled on my lap before thrusting back and forth. Her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. She shuddered hard as I rubbed and tugged on her nipples before starting to finger her pussy. She thrust back and forth as she wailed and twisted. I kept kissing her bare shoulder and neck as she jerked and spasmed.

She even wet me a couple of times before she lay back against me panting. I hugged her and she sighed before turning to kiss me and slipping off my lap. Sarah straddled me and slowly pushed my cock into her. She rubbed her breasts against my chest as she began to thrust back and forth. I caressed and felt her hips and butt as she kept fucking me.

Her warm, silky pussy started grasping and squeezing my cock. It was not long before she was jerking and shaking as she moaned. I turned her head and kissed her slowly and passionately. She spasmed hard as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock as she squirted, "YES!"

I shuddered at the feel of her tight pussy sliding on and off my cock as she rubbed her pussy on me. She was shuddering hard and clutching me against her as she moaned. I held her hips and thrust her back and forth before pulling her down onto my throbbing cock. She was jerking erratically as I held her with my cock jerking against her womb.

I grunted and groaned as I started pumping thick spurts of cum. Sarah stiffened and then jerked as another huge spurt pumped into her, aaaahhhh!"

I spurted again and again until I was done and her womb was full. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and kissed me, "I really love feeling that."

The other girls laughed and she grinned as I hugged her. She slipped off my lap and sat beside me as Julie and Petal started baking bread. Dinner was nice since we had a real stove to cook on and bake in. After dinner I cleaned up as the girls snuggled together on the couch and started watching a new vid they had downloaded from the trader.

When I slipped into bed a little later Julie was the first to join me. She laid beside me and caressed my body, "the home is a lot better than the tent."

I turned to cup a breast and then suck on a nipple. She moaned and shivered as she held me against her. I slowly kissed down her body and between her legs. I started licking her and teasing her clit as her hips lifted off the bed. She was breathing harder and moaning as her body kept shuddering. I finally moved up and slowly pushed into her warm, velvety pussy.

Julie put her feet over my thighs as I began to fuck her. By the time I was slipping in and out easily she was grunting and thrusting up harder. Her tight pussy was rippling and spasming around my cock. She was wetter and slipperier as I buried my cock and started kissing her. I used short, grinding jabs and humps.

A couple of minutes and she was convulsing with her feet in the air. I kept kissing her as I pulled back and began to fuck her nice and deep. She was wailing and thrashing around as I fucked her a little harder. It was a few minutes before I thrust into her and held her bucking body as I gushed thick spurts of cum.

Julie stiffened as she tilted her hips and her pussy clamped down, "YES!"

I spewed and pumped and squirted before relaxing as she shuddered and moaned. I kissed her before rolling over and caressing her hips. Her pussy squeezed my cock as she shifted and relaxed on me. A minute later she giggled and moved up to pull my cock out of her and slipped half off me, "thanks Daniel."

I smiled and hugged her against me. Sarah, Petal and Ivory slipped into bed a little later and Sarah snuggled up on my other side. I woke up to the beep of our morning alarm and climbed out of bed. I went to the bathroom and showered quickly. I started breakfast as the girls struggled out of bed.

I was the first to head out to check traps. Almost every trap had something but it was not until I was almost to the end of my trap line that I got a surprise. I had set up two snares on a wide snow mice trail. In one was a fat mouse but caught in the other was the struggling body of an Ice Snake.

They were not really snakes in the tradition sense. They were poisonous but they took large bites out of their prey instead of swallowing them whole. They were also completely covered in an extremely soft rainbow colored fur. This one was a little over two and a half meters long and looked very pissed.

I killed the snake first and then the mouse. After I reached the end of my trap line I heard something over a small rise and went to look. A hundred meters away was a small herd of Beaver deer. Beaver deer were considered a pest. They average around five hundred pounds each with thick fur. They traveled in herds of up to twenty, this herd only had eight adults.

The tree they were eating was freshly fallen. I took my time and planned my shots before shooting them. I just finished skinning them when the cry of a Dawson Bear had me looking around. The meat on a deer was not really eatable so I moved away quickly. The smell of blood would attract the bear and they were both very large and extremely dangerous.

I called the girls as I started back towards camp and warned them of the bear. I was only a quarter done when Julie and Ivory got back. Sarah and Petal showed up less then ten minutes after them. We spent the rest of the day preparing and tanning hides. The girls were excited when they saw the snake pelt.

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