The Visitor - 2 (alternate)
Chapter 3

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Sex Story: Chapter 3 - The story of Beth and her Uncle Bruce continues.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Romantic   Incest   Mother   Uncle   Niece   Interracial  

Over the next two weeks, Beth got her garden plowed and planted. They had quite the crew. Bill and Bob plus Kate and her two boys, Jacob and Jason who were both five and eight back then. It was obvious that Kate liked Bill in his cutoff jeans. He was built. Bob, at fifteen wasn't too bad himself, considering his age. By day three, Beth had Kate talked into wearing their bathing suits. At first, Kate would only wear a one-piece with gym trunks, but once she started feeling good about the weight she had been losing, Beth got her a tube top that really showcased her big tits, which was not lost on the older two boys.

I could see now that Beth had been right about Kate in that she would have been quite a catch. Her husband should have been more appreciative of her womanly charms.

I have a full basement which somehow became a place to throw anything I didn't want to deal with. Beth talked me into going through it all so we could either trash it or give it to charity. She wanted to move the exercise room to the basement, which would give us more room and free up a bedroom upstairs, which was her main goal. When she asked if we could set up some hidden cameras, I had to smile, "What are you up to?"

"It's going to be a surprise. But you're going to like it when it all comes together", she assured me. So, with the full crew working on it, we managed to get everything moved around in just a couple of days. With a little research online, I managed to get a full range of cameras plus a nanny cam for the new bedroom. Beth and Kate took care of all the interior design and with the boys help again got things set in no time. I had the cameras ready to be installed shortly after the room was completed which I personally installed. Unless you knew they were there, you would not notice them. Everything was wireless and fed back to my computer network so could be pulled up on any TV. Beth just smiled when I showed her how well the sound and video worked. It started to record as soon as someone walked into the room and remained recording ten minutes after the room was empty.

A couple days after the room was set up, Beth let me know that she had something I might like. I sat in the recliner in our bedroom and Beth snuggled as usual on my lap. She clicked the remote and a video started. It was our first video captured on our new voyeur system.

Beth had told me a few days earlier that she had been working on ways to get Kate drunk on command. She got the idea from a dog training video. If Beth hadn't pointed it out to me, I might not have noticed. Now that she had, it was obvious and funny. Beth would take the bottle of wine from Kate then hand it right back to her which Kate would then take a big gulp. Beth smiled as we watched her handiwork on the screen, "It's all based on sharing the bottle. At first, I would take a drink then tell her to take a drink, which she would. I would give her shit if she didn't take a big drink. It got to where I didn't have to say anything and eventually I didn't even have to take a drink myself. Now, whenever I hand her a glass or bottle, she immediately takes a big drink, no matter how many times I do it. Pretty cool, huh?"

I had to laugh, "Yes. Very."

As Beth on my lap tells me "Ok here's where it gets interesting", Beth on the screen says "I just have to ask. How are things going between you and Steve?" Steve was Kate's workaholic husband. Kate looked down, and mutters something about him being a prick. The wine seems to be kicking in. Beth continued her talk with Kate, "These last few weeks, I think we have become good friends and I just don't think you are happy."

There was a lot of chat over the next hour which could be summarized in: Kate was feeling neglected and horny.

Beth leaned in and gave Kate a big hug, then asked her point blank, "Have you ever cheated on Steve?" This sent Kate into a giggle fit. "So you have? Spill it dirt, girl."

Kate attempted to get serious, "Are we talking since we were married or while we were dating?"

Beth smiled, handing the bottle to Kate, who took a big drink, "Let's start at the beginning."

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