Betrayal of the Succubi
Chapter 1: A Desperate Hour

Copyright© 2014 by Clare de Luna

Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1: A Desperate Hour - Calyndi is a succubus whose years of feasting on humans has left her unsatisfied in that one special way that succubi crave the most. Her only hopes for satisfaction are a vampire named Devin and a fellow succubus named Linki. But Devin wants to enslave her and Linki is in love with her - and Calyndi isn't the type of girl who wants to be tied down...

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Mind Control   Magic   Slavery   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Horror   Paranormal   Vampires   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Rough   Light Bond   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism  

Calyndi reclined atop the gargoyle that graced the side of the tall skyscraper, idly twirling her luscious green hair with her left hand while her right ran up and down her thigh. The black bat-like wings that sprang from her shoulder blades drooped lazily behind her as she leaned against the cold stone of the building. One leg was propped on the gargoyle's head, while the other dangled over the edge of the large statue – her high-heeled boot scraping softly against the gargoyle's cheek as her calf swung in lethargic grace.

Calyndi was bored.

She stared out over the city below her, the glare of cars and streetlights filled the air with a yellow aura, and the dank scent of fumes lifted into the air around her. Those lights did nothing to brighten her mood – all the souls trudging through their lives in that artificial glow, only occasionally feeling enough of anything to make them worth Calyndi's time. She knew that on those brightly lit streets the hum of neon mingling with the screech of car horns wasn't enough to awaken most of the city's inhabitants from the tired dream that was their lives. Despite being a creature of darkness, she could bear the light. But she wasn't sure that she could bear the drudgery of human existence.

But as she stared harder at the city below her, she could also see cracks in the light – places where the perpetual glow was broken by those dark, mysterious alleys where the night was allowed to flow into the urban space. Those alleyways used to be so alluring to Calyndi. The fear that emanated off of a lonely woman, her eyes flicking back and forth as she jumped at the tiniest sound; or the muffled moans of passion as a lustful couple ducked behind a trash bin, unable to hold back their desires; needing to feel each other's naked bodies.

And then there were the illicit deals. The dark streets were often home to drug lords, thieves, or the most predatory specimens of humanity. This is where prostitutes would make their offers, their bodies filling with an intense loathing for the lecherous man who paid for their use. And that man's own loneliness would practically drip from his pores. All of these outsiders, the criminals and the desperate, were always filled with one passion or another, be it fear, rage, or just deep, unyielding despair.

It was in those alleys that Calyndi usually dwelt.

That was where she would find her prey. That was where she would feed.

But though she was feeling herself growing hungry, feeding wasn't the first thing on her mind at the moment. As her hand continued to idly stroke her thigh, she couldn't help but be aware of the needs that had been growing within her for quite some time now. After all, even a succubus, instinctively able to satisfy every passion and desire of others, had her own cravings, and Calyndi's hadn't been satisfied in a while.

Sighing in frustration, she peered into the one large dark area in the midst of the city's artificial glow. It stood out – a deep, fathomless pit of night in the midst of a city teeming with light. It wasn't just devoid of light, but instead seemed to suck light into it, devouring it and leaving inky blackness in its wake. There, she knew, was the cemetery. There ... was Devin.

Just the thought of him sent shivers down her spine. He was tall and muscular – a being who radiated power. His features were dark and handsome, filled with a blend of arrogance and cunning that was alluring, especially to a succubus who so rarely met someone who was her equal, let alone someone that might (only might) be able to outdo her. She remembered their first meeting all too well...

She had been lounging at the 9th Circle – a local bar and lounge that only those of the underworld could enter, or even see. She and her friend Linki had been sharing stories about their latest prey, ignoring the lustful gazes that they each drew from the other patrons. Linki frequented the place quite often, so the various ghouls that were the bar's regulars knew that she wasn't interested in them, but they mistakenly thought that Calyndi, who only occasionally went there, might be open to their advances.

But there was no chance of that. They were demons like Calyndi and Linki – creatures who fed upon the feelings and emotions of others. But they had developed a different approach than the seductive charms that the two alluring succubi favored. Rather than passion, they feasted on fear, and the best way to draw this out of their victims was through appearances that were monstrous and vile. And like all creatures capable of changing their outward form, the more time they spent in one shape, the more that shape came to define what they looked like naturally. While Calyndi had gradually become more and more inherently beautiful with each new man or woman that she seduced, these creatures became more and more intensely hideous with each man, woman, or child that they attacked; delighting in the cornucopia of fear of that they consumed as a result of their decayed, mutilated appearances.

It was too bad, really. As fellow demons, they might have been able to satisfy the urges that Calyndi struggled to cope with. But their appearances were so repulsive that she could feel no desire when she looked upon them. Sure, they could shift their appearance to be more attractive, but their hideousness was so natural to them that such a change would require too much concentration – they would never be able to perform up to her standards while struggling so hard not to revert to their monstrous natural shapes.

On that night, though, Calyndi had briefly considered another solution to her problem. She had looked across the small table at her beautiful friend and thought about what a night with Linki would be like. Linki often took human form, eschewing the exotic beauty and bat-like wings of the succubus; qualities that Calyndi refused to hide. But beneath that human form was the will and strength – and staying power – of a succubus, and that was exactly what Calyndi needed. She had imagined Linki's long copper hair sliding through her fingers and the strong, athletic, yet feminine body pressing against her own. It wouldn't have taken much effort for Calyndi to make this happen. She knew that her friend, like everyone else in the bar, wanted her rather desperately. And Calyndi hadn't doubted that a night with Linki would give her all of the release that she wanted. After all, she was nearly as beautiful as Calyndi, herself, and there was something rather intriguing in Linki's odd humanity.

Linki clung to this unusual appearance – unusual for the underworld, anyway – because, unlike Calyndi, she usually spent her nights in the bright, populated areas of the city's night. Rather than dwelling in dark alleyways, she preferred to frequent night clubs and bars – taking on the appearance of full-fledged humans so that she could blend in with the mortals that dwelled within the city. Using her beauty as bait, she had no trouble luring men and women to her. She also found it rather easy to convince these men and women to slip away for a moment; to find some secluded spot where they could get to know each other. And that is when Linki would feed.

But her fascination with moving amongst the humans so openly also seemed grounded in something else – something rather unusual in the underworld: Linki seemed to crave intimacy. She didn't only use her beauty to draw prey to her – she used it to draw companions, however temporary they might be. Linki wanted a sense of belonging – the lonely existence of a succubus didn't suit her, and she spent her nights in search of emotional fulfillment with the same sense of frustration that Calyndi felt on a physical level.

For that reason, Calyndi had known that it would be best to keep her relationship with Linki strictly platonic. She didn't want Linki clinging to her in the hopes of something happening between them that Calyndi simply couldn't offer. Still, the temptation had certainly been there, and Calyndi's own need for release had been slowly building for so long that she had – almost – decided to give in to her lust and take the beautiful woman who sat across from her at the small table in that mysterious bar.

But then, all thoughts of Linki's unusual nature vanished when the door had opened and the most handsome man that either had ever seen entered, striding to the bar while everyone watched. Most watched in fear but, for the two succubi watching from the corner, their attraction to the man was purely born of desire. Calyndi stared at the man, spellbound by the power that radiated off of him. This, she thought, would be the solution to her problem – this man could give her the physical pleasure that she craved and, if his haughty look was any indication, he would not develop any emotional attachments.

A quick glance at Linki had revealed that she, too, had become enraptured with this man who had entered the bar – but hers was a look that went beyond lust: Calyndi had seen Linki's emotions beginning to swirl with fantasies that would most likely never come to fruition. Telling herself that she was only trying to save her friend from inevitable heartbreak, Calyndi had decided to approach the strange man – certain that, despite Linki's considerable beauty, she would be able to draw his attention away from her friend and begin to work her own charms.

She had been correct. Devin never so much as glanced at Linki – his eyes were locked onto the otherworldly beauty of Calyndi, and immediately his face broke into an enticing grin.

"Hello there. I am Devin." He simply stared at her, his gaze unwavering.

"My name is Calyndi. I'm pleased to meet you." Calyndi let her lips curl into the playful, alluring grin that had seduced so many men before.

"Would you care to join me?" His voice had seemed to emanate from the walls of the bar, so deep and penetrating it was.

"Perhaps," Calyndi knew that she had a sultry voice to match his. "What would be in it for me?"

"Well, we could begin with a drink – though I have much more to offer."

Her heart fell. The glass in front of him was filled with a thick, red liquid: he had ordered a glass of blood. Only one type of creature would order such a drink: a vampire. Immediately, Calyndi had known that her plans had been foiled. No matter how sex-starved she might be, she would never risk being with a creature so dangerous. While her own powers were more than sufficient to protect herself from an attack, to share her passion with him would leave her vulnerable. And being vulnerable to a vampire was not a good idea since Calyndi was flesh and blood, and thus could be enslaved with a single bite of his powerful fangs.

She had turned to go when he spoke.

"I see that you noticed my drink. Would you care for one yourself?"

"No, thank you." She politely responded. "I should leave you to enjoy your blood. I'm sorry to have disturbed you."

"Then why did you? You wanted something when you approached me." Devin was clearly not accustomed to rejection.

"Yes, I did. But now I'm thinking better of it."

"You fear me now that you know I am a vampire?"

"No, I don't fear you. But I am sensible enough to know that what I wanted is not something I should seek from a vampire."

"Oh? And what is that?"

"I'm quite certain you know." With that, Calyndi walked away, being sure to do so in as alluring a way as she could, letting him know what he was missing.

"And why would you deny yourself the pleasure that you sought?"

"Because I know that as soon as I let my guard down you would bite me, and make me your slave."

"What if I gave you my word that I will be on my best behavior."

Calyndi laughed at this statement, though she did turn to face him once again. "I know that the word of a vampire is about as valuable as the willpower of a human."

"Fair enough. But there is another way. What if I told you that there is an artifact that can protect you from my charms, allowing you to enjoy my company without fear of my powers?"

Calyndi knew that such charms did, in fact, exist. Her curiosity piqued, she had grinned at him as she replied, "How would I even be able to trust that the charm was genuine? Am I to take your word for it?"

"Of course. Can you truly not trust me?"


"I think you are being too harsh in your judgment of me."

That was one thing that Calyndi knew not to be true. Her judgment of him – and of all vampires – was perfectly justified.

"I know what you vampires are like."

"Oh? Tell me. What are we like?"

"Well, to begin with, I know what you do to your victims – what you curse them to."

"Are you really that different?" he had replied. "I drain their physical blood, you drain their emotions. It seems to me that we are similar in more ways than our desire for each other."

Calyndi had felt a quiver in her sex at his brazen confidence. "True, I do drain my victims, but eventually their emotions return. I leave them alive – usually with a sensual memory that they will think of often."

"And is it right to leave them emotionless, even for a short time?"

"I will admit," Calyndi didn't like the direction of the conversation, but wasn't willing to back down, "that sometimes their temporary lack of emotion can be harmful. But sometimes a sudden lack of lustful distraction does wonders for the lives of my victims. Some of the women that I've seduced found that a respite from feelings of longing and desire enabled them to escape bad relationships and improved their lives in innumerable ways. And some men find that focusing on something other than satisfying their lust actually makes other, more important things possible."

"Yes," Devin had responded, "you're quite the saint."

"I don't claim any such thing. But I certainly don't drain my victims until they die, as your kind does."

"Yes, but then I give them life! A life filled with the passion that is apparently missing from yours."

Calyndi had become intensely aware of her own arousal at that moment, as his words reminded her of how sexually frustrated she had been. "But it is also a life of slavery. Your victims must live forever under your control – death might actually be more merciful."

Devin responded. "I grow weary of this discussion. It is irrelevant to our current dilemma."

"We don't have a dilemma."

"Yes, we do. I desire you. You desire me. But you don't trust me. How are we to solve this?"

"By leaving you to your drink."

"Is that truly what you want?"

"No, but that's all that's going to happen. If you can find a way for me to be confident that I'm immune to the power of your fangs, I'd be happy to show you just how lucky my victims can be. Until then, I will leave you to your slavery and murder."

"Can you really walk away from me now, knowing the pleasure that I could offer you?" Again, Calyndi's sex had quivered at his words.

"Yes, I really can."

"Look me in the eye and tell me that."

Calyndi had raised her eyes to his defiantly, only to immediately realize her mistake. Where once his eyes had been of deepest black, they were now a fiery red. Her gaze locked onto his, and the chatter of the surrounding bar slowly faded from her consciousness. He entered her mind and, as he did so, her whole body responded. Though his lips didn't move, she still heard his voice, ringing through her thoughts.

"You can trust me, Calyndi."

"N-no..." she whispered, trying to fight off his power.

"You know that I will bring you pleasure ... such intense ... pleasure." He seemed to drag out the word, letting it seep further and further into her thoughts.

"But ... no ... you will ... enslave..."

"Are you not already a slave ... a slave to your desires ... I will release you from them ... you will be free..."


"Yes, just one taste of your blood ... one little taste ... and you will feel such pleasure ... and be free..."

"Yes ... pleasure ... free..."

Deep within her, Calyndi knew this was wrong – that she should resist. But she had been so frustrated, and he could satisfy her longing. Part of her wanted this so badly, and his voice, as it pulsed through her mind, was so attractive; so enticing.

But Calyndi was strong, and, focusing her will, she had pulled herself together and pushed Devin from her mind. She tore her eyes from his and successfully resisted his charms. The experience left her breathless as her body continued to protest her denial of its needs, but she had, nevertheless, turned and walked away without another word, hoping that he wouldn't notice the flush spreading over her pale skin. There was a part of her that was still tempted to give in to him, but the rational part of her mind won out. His gaze had proven rather powerful, and she knew that his bite would be far more so. Even her steely resolve would be no match for the power of his fangs if she allowed him to sink them into her, and there was no way to be with him without leaving herself vulnerable to just that.

The only safe decision was to stay as far away from Devin, and the temptation that he represented, as possible...

Still, Calyndi had been thinking of this first exchange with Devin quite a bit lately. Unfortunately, doing so only revived the arousal.

With her back growing sore from having leaned against the stone gargoyle for so long, she rose from her reclining pose as she continued to stare down at the city. She had been staring down at those lights for so long that now she felt the rumbling within her – letting her know that it was time. With her feet perched on the nose of the gargoyle, she lifted her arms above her head, letting her body stretch as she surveyed the world below her. She knew that finding a good meal would be little challenge, but as she looked out over the city below her, teaming with so many lives, she wondered if tonight she might finally find a victim who could satisfy more than her hunger. It had been quite some time since any of her prey had been able to last long enough under her charms to give her even half the pleasure that she afforded them. Hopefully, tonight would be different.

With these thoughts churning in her mind, Calyndi sighed before stepping nonchalantly off of the stone creature below her feet and plunging into the open darkness. Only after she had fallen far enough to feel the wind beating against her face did she bother to stretch out her wings and begin to weave between the city's many tall buildings, looking for the perfect place to land; the perfect place to wait.

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