Doctors Orders

by bamadude 55

Copyright© 2013 by bamadude 55

Fiction Sex Story: A young guy falls through the ceiling and after his aunt who is a doctor examines him it leads to family fun.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Aunt   Nephew   Size   Doctor/Nurse   .

Chris Wilson's mother had been on him forever to climb in the attic and retrieve some boxes out of it for his recently divorced aunt Betty. Feeling enthusiastic one bright Saturday morning, Chris promised his mother he would have them down and situated on the front porch by the afternoon. After climbing up in the hot dirty attic and climbing over numerous boxes Chris finally found the ones his mother described and was carefully carrying one of them back when his foot slipped and the full weight of his body came crashing down on one of the rafters. As soon as he fell he let out a blood curling scream "OOOWWW! Fuck me!"

His mother Carol came running only to see too long legs straddling one of the rafters and poking through the ceiling in her huge utility room. She immediately called out to him. "Are you alright?"

"Hell no I'm not alright, I just busted my fucking nuts!" Chris shouted.

Carol had to stifle a laugh at her son's predicament as he gingerly crawled down the ladder. "Oh my, are you hurt very badly?"

"I'm not sure, at least I'm not coughing up blood anyways. Damn they hurt!" Chris exclaimed.

With his mother's help, Chris walked very gingerly into the house and cautiously sat down on the sofa. Now very concerned, Chris's mother suggested he go to the emergency room and have a doctor check him out. Chris was embarrassed enough without having some stranger running his hands all over his nuts so he suggested his mother fill up an ice pack for him. She returned moments later with 2 quart sized ziploc bags full of ice. "I'm sorry honey but this will have to do."

Carol reiterated her concern to Chris. "We need to go to the hospital son, you may have hurt yourself very badly. It's best we go right away because you know how long it takes to see a doctor at the emergency room."

"It's fine mom, please just let me rest for a minute. I'll be fine." Chris begged his mother.

Chris slowly pulled open the front of his shorts and gently lay the two bags of ice on his swollen nuts when the doorbell rang and rang again. It wasn't until he heard the doorbell ring the third time that Chris noticed his mother staring at his midsection. He finally asked her. "Mom, wake up. Are you standing there staring at me?"

"I'm worried about you honey." Carol answered her son.

"Well then do you think you can answer the door?" Chris asked her.

Carol finally went to the door and was pleasantly surprised to see her sister Betty standing in the doorway. "Oh thank god you're here. Chris fell through the ceiling and won't go to the hospital, will you take a look at him?"

Chris heard his mother and immediately knew she was talking to his aunt Betty. While Betty was a doctor, he didn't want her examining his swollen balls either. He was about to hobble to his room when a sharp pain stabbed his midsection and he let out a low guttural moan. "OOWW, MOOOMMM!"

Chris clutched the two bags of ice tightly against his groin as his mother and lovely aunt entered the room. His aunt Betty walked over to him and said. "Let's see what's ailing my favorite nephew."

"It's, it's, it's his balls sister. He slammed his balls against one of the rafters trying to retrieve those boxes you wanted." Carol explained to her sister.

Chris was still covering his midsection when his aunt Betty told him. "Listen to me Chris, I'm a doctor and I promise you don't have anything down there I haven't seen before. In case you've forgotten, I used to change your diapers."

"Not the same thing at all, it's not the same thing at all. I was a little boy back then and I am a grown man now." Chris groaned.

"Well then, I guess we will just have to take you to the hospital. It's your choice." Betty frankly told him.

Chris finally agreed and while Betty went out to the car to retrieve her bag, his mother reiterated her concern. "I think Betty is right, we need to go to the hospital and have you checked out. Being stubborn is a good way to die and I would like to have some grandchildren running through this house someday."

Chris laid his head back and closed his eyes hoping he was having a bad dream until he heard his aunt Betty say. "Okay Chris, I'm just going to do a quick examination and then it will all be over with. Don't worry about a thing."

With his eyes still closed, Chris told his aunt. "Aunt Betty I really appreciate what you think you are..."

His lovely aunt promptly cut him off in midsentence. "What I am is a damn good doctor and either you are going to let me examine you or we're going to the hospital and that's it!"

"Fine! Mom has to leave though, it's humiliating enough having you examine my junk."

"I'm your mother for cripes sake!" Carol exclaimed.

Betty turned to her sister and said. "It will be fine Carol, just leave and I will call you back in here as soon as I've finished examining him."

"Okay but I'll be right out on the porch if you need me. Just holler and I'll be here in a flash." Carol told her sister as she walked out the back door.

As soon as Carol left the room, Betty took her lab coat off and Chris immediately noticed the tight white blouse she was wearing. While Betty's breasts weren't the largest, they looked even bigger and the blouse she was wearing and really set off the knee-high black skirt and black stockings she was wearing. When Betty put on her glasses and began kneeling between his legs, she looked hotter than any woman Chris had ever seen before. Flashing her nephew a quick smile, she opened up her bag and after pulling out a red scrunchy, she put her long black hair in a ponytail and began to slide Chris's shorts down his legs.

Chris immediately screeched. "What are you doing?"

"Well I can't exactly examine your problem with your shorts on, now raise up while I pull them off." Betty instructed him.

Wincing from the pain, Chris lifted his ass up and stared at the ceiling as his naked cock and balls came in his aunt's view. After a short pause he heard her say. "Chris would you look at me?"

When Chris continued to stare at the ceiling, she asked him again. "Chris, I'm serious. Would you look at me?"

Chris looked down at his attractive aunt kneeling between his legs and she gave him a comforting smile while gently rubbing her hand up and down his right thigh. "Listen to me Chris, I'm a doctor and I've seen hundreds of these. While I must say yours is quite impressive, I'm still your aunt so what can I do to make you feel more comfortable."

Chris could feel his cock hardening and stammered. "I, I, I, I don't know. It's, it's just, just weird I guess."

Betty reached over in her bag and pulled out a pair of rubber gloves which she promptly put on. When she lifted Chris's penis up, she felt him wince in pain. After examining him thoroughly, she took his swollen balls in her hand while pressing and gently squeezing them. Lifting his penis up one more time, she took her index finger and pressed on one of the protruding veins. "Does that hurt?"

"Yes, why?" Chris asked her.

She poked the vein on his penis a little harder and asked him again. "How about that? Does that hurt?"

Again Chris answered her. "Yes, quite a bit."

Betty repeated the same procedure in different places and kept receiving the same answer. Finally she sat back and exhaled with a worried look on her face. Chris immediately asked her. "What's wrong? Is it something serious? Am I going to be alright?"

"Well, there's quite a bit if swelling on your feeder vein. We're going to need to keep an eye on it." Betty answered her worried nephew.

"CAROL, CAN YOU COME IN HERE, PLEASE?!" Betty called out to her sister.

Chris immediately exclaimed. "WHAT? AWW, AUNT BETTY!!"

Betty gave Chris a caring look before telling him. "I'm sorry honey but it's important and I need to show her this."

"You're finished already, that was quick. Oh my!" Chris heard his mother gasp when she saw his half hard cock.

"Chris, relax while I show this to your mother." Betty told her nephew while pointing to different parts of his penis.

"So what do we need to do sis?" Carol asked Betty.

"I'm going to need a sperm sample. I can take one today but he is going to need to drop one by my office every day for a couple of weeks. This way I can track it." Betty explained.

Chris immediately blurted out. "It, what in the hell do you mean by it?!!"

Giving Chris a reassuring smile, Betty explained. "I need to check for blood and keep an eye on your sperm count to make sure there is no lasting damage. Look at it this way, at least you will be getting lucky once a day."

"Shit." Chris gasped as he lay his head on the back of the couch.

Betty reached in her bag and after pulling out a specimen bottle she handed it to Chris and told him. "I'm going to need for you to give me a sample in this and I want you to try to catch as much of your semen as possible."

Chris immediately sat back up on the couch and emphatically said. "What? I can't do that in front of you and mom!"

"Well, I need to see how it comes out so Carol would you please leave again? I'll call you when he's through." Betty told her sister.

While she secretly wanted to see just how large her sons cock would get when it was fully hard, Carol finally left the room while looking over her shoulder the entire time. As soon as his mother was out of sight, Chris scooted up on the couch and tried to reach down and touch himself but couldn't. Upon seeing her nephew's dilemma, Betty asked him. "Do you think you could use a helping hand?"

Chris's eyes lit up immediately when he blurted out. "What? I mean, are you serious?!!"

Betty emphatically told him. "Of course I'm serious. I don't want to cause you pain but I need you to ejaculate into this cup. I'm going to help you but this must stay between the two of us, do you understand me?"

Chris immediately agreed as Betty laid her glasses on the coffee table and began to quickly, but nervously, unbutton the buttons on her blouse. As each button came undone, her firm, full breasts threatened to come into view. As soon as the last button came undone, she pulled her blouse free from her black skirt and let it fall open. She was wearing a sheer white lacy bra that were so sheer Chris could see her bright red nipples poking against the fabric. Betty looked down at Chris's hardening cock and laughingly said. "Well it looks like my idea is working quite well. We need to hurry up before your mother walks back in."

Leaning over his cock, Betty let a huge gob of spit drip out of her mouth and onto its mushroom shaped head. Chris could feel her breasts sliding up and down the insides of his legs when she opened her mouth and sucked hard on his swollen prick. Chris couldn't help himself and let out a loud whisper. "Oh my god that feels good."

Betty took her mouth off her nephew's cock long enough to whisper. "Let me know if it hurts at any time while I'm doing this."

Betty took his erection into her hot wet mouth and began to vigorously bob her head up and down on his cock until she had about half of him down her throat. Chris was delirious with pleasure when both of them suddenly heard a creak in the floor. Chris's beautiful aunt immediately sat back, breathing hard as her breasts heaved back and forth. After wiping the sweat from her forehead, she quickly began buttoning up her blouse and tucking it inside her skirt. Chris was beside himself when he asked her. "What are you doing? You can't leave me hanging like this!"

"We can't, at least not here. Take the cup and bring me a sample by my office after 5:30 PM." Betty told him as she put on her lab coat and left the room.

Chris could hear his lovely aunt and beautiful mother talking in the other room and was wondering what they could be talking about when his mother suddenly walked in on him. Chris jerked his pants up as fast as he could but it was clear she got a good look at his fully hard cock before she told him. "I'll drive you to Betty's office tomorrow, if that's alright with you?"

Chris shrugged his shoulders as he told his mother. "Whatever you want, it sure as hell doesn't matter to me."

Chris found sleep hard to come by that night as different visions of him having sex with his beautiful aunt filled his mind. He tried to think of anything all day long the next day but his mind betrayed him and he had to walk around with a permanent hard-on. He'd just finished taking a nap and his cock was tenting the front of the loose fitting sweats he was wearing when his mother called out to him. "CHRIS, IT'S TIME TO LEAVE FOR BETTY'S, ARE YOU READY?"

Chris rearranged his hard-on in his sweatpants and trudged out to meet his mother in her car. After they arrived at his aunt's office and went inside, it was quite obvious everyone had left for the day so Chris called out to his aunt. "HELLO AUNT BETTY, IT'S ME, CHRIS! ARE YOU HERE?!"

His beautiful aunt came walking around the corner with a huge smile on her face when she suddenly noticed her sister standing next to Chris. "I didn't know if he should be driving so I decided to bring them over here myself." Chris's mother explained to her sister.

"That's fine, just take a seat Carol and I'll take him back to one of the rooms. This shouldn't take long, we will be back shortly." Betty told her younger sister.

As soon as they were in the examining room, Betty handed Chris a gown and told him to undress. "Put this on, I'll be right back. Wait a minute, did you bring me a sample?"

"I wasn't able to, is that okay?" Chris asked his aunt.

"That's okay, let's see what we have here." Betty told him as she sat down on a silver stool and slid up between his legs.

As soon as Chris pulled his gown up, his long, thick, hard cock flew into view and Betty grasped it with both of her tiny, gloved hands. After inspecting his penis thoroughly, she told him. "Well most of the swelling is gone so that's good. What about the pain, are you still having pain?"

"A little, I guess." Chris lied.

"Okay then, let's get that sample we needed." Betty told him as she rolled her stool over to a metal cabinet before retrieving a clear bottle from it.

After rolling on the stool and back between his legs, Betty squirted some clear gel out of the bottle and began to slide her gloved hands up and down the full length of his shaft. His cock had become as hard as a piece of steel when she asked him. "Does that hurt at all?"

"No, not at all. Actually it feels very good." Chris answered her.

Suddenly their eyes locked and Chris noticed his lovely aunt had a glazed look in her eyes as she furiously jacked her hands up and down his cock faster and faster. He once again was delirious with pleasure when she blurted out. "Tell me what you want, tell me you want to fuck me!"

Unsure of what he just heard, Chris asked her in a hushed tone. "What? What did you say?"

Betty leaned in real close and whispered hotly in his ear. "Tell me you want to fuck me!"

"Oh yeah, I want to fuck you so bad!" Chris emphatically told her.

"Again, I want to hear you say it again!" Betty whispered hotly again.

"Oh yes, please let me fuck you, please, I've never wanted anything more!" Chris blurted out again.

"Again Chris, Again!" Betty practically yelled in his ear.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh god yes, please let me fuck you aunt Betty! Chris bellowed as his cock began to explode.

The first spurt shot straight up into the air and landed in her long jet black hair. While Betty quickly grabbed the specimen bottle and tried to angle it over his cock but she was too late and the next spurt landed on her nose. Continuing to still stroke his cock, Betty finally caught the next seven or eight huge spurts of his semen into the bottle. Chris's heart was racing when he finally finished and collapsed backwards onto the examination table.

When he finally caught his breath and sat up, his lovely aunt was taking off her gloves. He watched her until she scooped his cum off her nose and placed it in her mouth. Chris was beginning to scoot off the examination table when he heard his aunt say. "That was harmless enough, go ahead and get dressed and meet me out front where your mother is sitting."

By the time Chris reached the waiting room his mother and aunt were talking among themselves. He suddenly noticed the long strand of his cum still in his aunt's hair and wanted to warn her but his mother seemed to notice it too. Chris watched intently as his mother's eyes continuously seemed to look at his semen in her sister's hair and then glare back at him. He could only hope he was imagining things as they left Betty's office to leave for home.

The rest of the evening was uneventful until he was about to go to bed and he heard his cell phone ring. By the time he answered it, someone had already left him a message and he was pleasantly surprised to see that someone was his aunt Betty. He couldn't believe his ears when he heard what she said. "Hey stud, don't stop by my office tomorrow. Meet me at my house and we will finish what we started in my office. Don't forget to bring a sample with you but I only need one. Save the rest of your tasty seed for me when we meet."

Upon hearing her words, Chris's cock began to harden so he immediately began to masturbate. He lay back on his bed with visions of his naked aunt running through his mind while he feverishly stroked his immense cock. In his haste to jerk off, Chris had forgot to shut and lock his bedroom door. Unbeknownst to him, he now had an audience of one watching him while he stroked his erection, his mother.

Carol heard his phone ringing and being the nosey mother she was, she went to find out who would be calling him this late in the evening. She was hovering just outside his room and when she couldn't make out the voice on the other end of the line, she peeked inside to see what Chris was doing. She couldn't believe her eyes when she looked in his room and saw his hand flying up and down the full length of the biggest cock she'd ever seen in her life. Before she realized it, she let out a loud gasp. "OH MY LORD!"

When Chris looked up and saw his mother standing in the doorway he rolled over on his bed and screamed out. "NOOOOOOOOOO! C'MON MA, GIVE ME SOME PRIVACY!!"

Carol was taken aback at his tone of voice and instead of walking away, walked directly over to his bed and asked him. "Just who were you talking to on the phone to get so excited? I just stopped by to see if you needed anything before I went to bed and what do I see, you laying in here jerking off like a common pervert! You should at least have the common decency to shut and lock your door if you are going to do that in my house!"

Chris immediately realized his mother was trying to listen in on his conversation and decided to turn the tide on her. Deciding to take a chance, Chris rolled over to face his mother with his half hard cock laying out in full view. "I'm sorry I forgot to shut and lock my door but if you must know who was on the phone, it was aunt Betty reminding me she was going to need another sample tomorrow! After I hung up the phone with her, I decided to go ahead and get it over with and I was doing a pretty good job of it when you walked in! Now, I'm not sure I will be able to finish because you ruined the mood! Thanks a lot mother dear!"

Carol couldn't take her eyes off her son's thick elongated cock as she listened to him. He was right and while she knew it was wrong, she found herself reaching out to grasp his massive tool as she told him. "I'm so sorry honey, I don't know what to say. Here, let me help you."

As Carol ran her hand over the massive head of her sons cock gathering as much of his pre-cum in her hand as possible, she began to slowly slide her hand up and down his thick pole. Chris immediately moaned out loud. "Oh yes, that feels so good. Are you sure you want to do this mom?"

"It's my fault you couldn't finish earlier so just lie back sweetie and let mommy take care of her baby." Carol whispered to her son.

Chris did exactly as his mother said and laid back in his bed while she slowly and sensuously stroked his cock back to full hardness. When she leaned over and let a copious amount of spit drip from her mouth onto his shaft, Chris's cock lurched and twitched in her hand. Chris couldn't believe his eyes when his beautiful mother suddenly leaned down and after swirling her tongue around the blood engorged head of his cock took it in her mouth and began to eagerly suck his manhood. She barely began sucking his cock in earnest when, without any warning, he erupted into her hot, wet mouth.

Instead of reaching for the specimen bottle on his bedside table, Carol sucked and swallowed as much of the huge load as she could but there was too much and some of it dripped out of her mouth and down her chin. Tiny beads of sweat were dripping off her forehead onto her large pendulous breasts and she looked sexier than Chris could've ever imagined. Her breathing was ragged and she had a way off look in her eyes when Chris told her. "Holy shit mom, that was fucking fantastic! You are the best mom in the whole world, uh oh, what about the sample I need for aunt Betty, you swallowed it all."

All at once it dawned on Carol what she'd just done. She had just sucked her only son off and worse he thoroughly enjoyed it, realizing what she'd done was wrong she jumped up off his bed. Tears began to form in her eyes as she stumbled out of his room mumbling to him. "I, I, don't know what came over me. I'm so sorry, please forgive..."

Chris immediately jumped out of bed and after stopping her in the hallway, told her. "There's nothing to forgive mom. What you did was beautiful and it was the most erotic experience of my life. I've been dreaming for a moment like this for years and you made my wildest fantasy come true."

Carol tried to pull away from his tight grip on her shoulders but Chris held his mother firmly in place as he eyed her sexy body up and down. Carol could see the lust in his eyes as she tried to explain how wrong it was for her to do what she did. "It's wrong Chris, it's just wrong. Mothers are not supposed to do those kind of things with their sons. It's not only a sin, it's against the law. Ooooohhhhh mmmmm, mmm,..."

Carol began to moan as Chris lightly tugged at one of her large extended nipples through the sheer nightgown she was wearing. Her body was beginning to feel like it was on fire as he planted gentle kisses to the nape of her neck. Nobody had made her feel like this in years and she yearned for more as their lips lightly brushed against one another's. When Chris forced his tongue inside her mouth, she resisted at first but soon acquiesced to his wishes and began to heartily kiss him back. She was about to give in to his desires when he cupped her trembling pussy in his big strong hand.

While she wanted nothing more than to have him ravish her, she used all of her self control and found the strength to break free from his grip and run to her bedroom and lock the door. Chris followed his mother and called out to her from outside the door. "Don't run from me mom, I love you and you know you want this as much as I do. We are both consenting adults and what difference should it make if we are family? As long as we both care for each other, shouldn't we be able to show it?"

Carol's body was on fire and he was making some good points but she needed to think about it when her head was clear. She finally told him through the door. "I need to think about it sweetheart. I need to think about it when I have a clear head, can you understand that? If we cross that line, there will be no going back so I need to be sure. Go back to bed baby and we will talk about this tomorrow."

While he wanted to kick his mother's bedroom door down, he decided it would be best if he did as she asked so he reluctantly returned to his room and tried to sleep. Try as he might, Chris tossed and turned but sleep eluded him. When he finally came out of his room the next morning he found a note from his mother on the kitchen table. It read. "Dear sweetheart, I have thought long and hard about what happened last night and it cannot ever happen again. We need some time away from each other so I will be gone all day shopping unless you really need me. Maybe you will realize the truth in what I'm saying by the time I come home tonight. At least we will be able to sit down and talk things through with clear heads, have a nice day and I love you, Mom."

Chris's mind was a jumbled mess with emotions for the rest of the day as he waited impatiently to meet his aunt Betty. He wanted to jerk off in the worst way as the day passed slowly by but he also wanted to abide by his aunt's wishes. Needing to release some energy, he started raking leaves in his backyard. He had worked up a pretty good sweat and was almost finished when his lovely neighbor Norma Winston (44 years old) walked out of her backdoor wearing nothing but a bright yellow thong bikini.

He watched her intently as she proceeded to stretch out a long beach towel on one of the huge plush lounge chairs beside her olympic sized swimming pool. Norma had been in many of his masturbatory fantasies as he grew up and he couldn't help but admire her well tanned firm body as she prepared to lay out by the pool. Her long strawberry blonde hair shimmered in the sunlight as Chris watched her from afar. He wondered what it would be like to put his mouth on her huge 44FF breasts and suck and lick on them like a newborn babe. His cock was hardening just from watching the blonde goddess moving about so he decided it would be best if he went inside.

Chris had barely turned the knob on the back door when he heard Norma call out to him. "Oh hey, Chris honey, I didn't see you out here. Would you be a dear and do your old neighbor lady a favor?"

"Uh, uh, sure thing Ms. Norma. I'll be right there." Chris answered his sexy neighbor.

He quickly adjusted his hardening cock inside of his cutoff jeans before slowly walking over to where his neighbor was standing by her swimming pool. As soon as he approached her, she reached out and hugged him tight, crushing her large breasts against his sweaty muscular chest. Chris pushed his ass backwards doing his best to keep her from feeling his hard cock between their bodies. As soon as she released him from her firm hug, she asked him. "Chris honey, would you be a dear and rub some tanning oil on me? Allison and I usually do each other but as you know that sweet daughter of mine is out of town looking at colleges this week so I could really use your help."

Chris was staring at Norma's huge melons that were barely covered by the tiny yellow fabric of her swimsuit when he stammered. "I, I, I don't know Ms. Norma. What would Mr. Winston think if, if, he saw me rubbing, my, my, my hands all over you."

"I doubt he would care at all! He doesn't notice me anymore since I've gotten older. I'm not one of his young beautiful secretaries he's banging every day!" Norma ranted.

Chris immediately blurted out. "You're not old Ms. Norma and he's a fool if he doesn't recognize how beautiful you are!"

Norma batted her big brown eyes at Chris before placing her hand on his shoulder and moving towards him until their bodies were almost touching. Chris could feel the heat emanating from her body when she asked him. "Do you really think I'm beautiful or are you just saying that to cheer me up?"

"Oh no Ms. Norma, I mean it. It's not just me either, almost all of my friends think you are a fox. I'll bet Allie's friends think you are beautiful too. Do you remember the pool party Allie threw last year? A couple of my friends thought you were Allie's older sister." Chris continued cheering her up.

Norma took her left leg and seductively placed it between Chris's legs while leaning in even closer to his body. With her lips only a mere inches from his ear, she whispered hotly. "Thank you so much for you compliments but do me a favor, from now on please call me Norma. Ms. Norma makes me feel old, can you do that for me stud?"

Chris felt her hot breath blowing on his ear and her hand beginning to rub up and down the inside of his bare thigh when he nervously tried to answer her. "Uhm, uh, okay, I guess. Do, do you still want me to rub tanning oil on, on you?"

Norma could see the huge bulge in Chris's shorts and wanted much more than for him to rub tanning oil on her body but decided to toy with him for awhile. "Wha, uh, oh yes I almost forgot. Please be a dear and oil me up."

Norma lay face down on the huge plush lounge chair and Chris began to rub the tanning oil on her back and shoulders. When it came time to do her legs and ass, she could tell how nervous he was and twitched and wiggled about teasing him unmercifully. By the time he finished with her backside, his cock was as hard as a piece of steel and had his shorts bursting at their seams. He knew when she flipped over for him to oil the front of her body his hard cock would be clearly visible to her. He had his hand in his shorts and was trying to readjust his cock when Norma untied her top and rolled over on her back.

"I think I will just go au natural, what do you think, oh my jesus! What are you doing Chris? Were you rubbing yourself while I had my back turned?" Norma teased him.

Chris immediately began apologizing. "Uh no ma'am, it's not like that! I, I was, I was just trying to readjust myself! I'm sorry, please don't tell my mother. I think I should probably go home."

Norma reached out and quickly grabbed the front of his cutoff jeans and emphatically told him. "Not so fast mister, not until I see what you were playing with! Take those shorts off right now and let's see what you are trying to hide!"

Chris didn't know whether to run or do what she told him as he stood completely still with her holding a tight grip on the front of his shorts. When she suddenly unzipped them and his huge cock jumped out at her into full view she gasped out loud. "Oh my, you were hiding something from me! Did little ole me do that to you?"

"I'm so sorry Ms. I mean Norma. It's just your so beautiful and what with me rubbing my hands all over your sexy body I, I, I couldn't control myself. Please don't tell my mom." Chris pleaded with his sexy neighbor.

Norma chuckled under her breath before standing up beside him and grasping his cock firmly in her hand. She was stroking him up and down when she whispered hotly in his ear. "I'll tell you what stud, you rock my world with this wonderful cock of yours and I promise it will be just our little secret."

When the hot sexpot started nibbling on his ear it was more than Chris could take and he pulled her face around to his and began kissing her passionately. She was feverishly jerking and pulling on his cock while their tongues danced in each other's mouth until she finally broke their embrace and playfully pushed him in the swimming pool. As soon as he came up for air, she jumped in beside him and said. "I've always wanted to be fucked in this pool but Harry wouldn't do it because he was afraid someone might see us. Do you think you can make my fantasy come true?"

Chris was so lost in the moment he'd even forgot about meeting with his aunt Betty later in the evening. He swam over to Norma and forcefully spun her around while aiming the huge head of his cock at the entrance of her hot shaven cunt. He was so worked up he pushed forward and plunged a good third of his cock inside of her molten hot pussy. She yelped out loud as his cock seared her insides and he began to saw himself in and out of her. With each searing thrust he found himself sliding deeper and deeper inside of her hot love crevice. Her pussy was hot and tight as he continued to stroke his cock in and out of her while she moaned incoherently.

Finally she broke free from his grip and after turning to face him, slowly began sliding up and down the full length of his magnificent weapon. She couldn't believe the feeling, he was touching her in places she didn't even know existed yet she yearned for more. "More, more, give me more you wonderful fucking stud! If I had known you were hung like this, I would have fucked you years ago!" She spurred him on.

As Chris began to pick up his pace, she began to moan into his mouth in order to stifle her cries of pleasure. The last thing she needed at this moment was for the neighbors to come running to see what was wrong. With his long thick cock slamming in and out of her at an ungodly rate of speed, she could feel her orgasm building from deep inside her loins. She did her best in the buoyant water to meet his thrusts with those of her own but was finding it difficult. She needed more friction and ordered him out of the water.

As soon as they were out of the pool, she got on all fours on the large plush lounge chair. She wiggled her ass in his direction and Chris immediately came up from behind her and reinserted his cock in her tight, almost venomous cunt. When he resumed fucking her like a madman, she began meeting his vicious thrusts with those of her own and it took all the both of them could do to keep her balanced on the chair. Once again she begged for more and Chris quickly obliged by increasing his tempo, fucking her harder and faster into her hot dripping pussy.

Chris was fucking her so hard he had to reach underneath her and grab hold of her monstrous melons to keep them from slapping against her face so hard. With his big hands mauling her huge tits and his big thick cock working its magic on her frothing cunt, she once again could feel an orgasm building up inside of her. She was biting down on her lip to keep from crying out when it happened. Her dam burst and she let out an ungodly scream when a huge orgasm soared throughout her body. "AIEEEEEEEE, I'M CUMMING!!"

Norma's taut body stiffened up completely and her back arched high into the air while Chris continued to furiously pump his cock in and out of her. Her whole body was trembling violently and he could feel her pussy muscles shuddering and involuntarily gripping and releasing his hard manhood. Chris soon found out he couldn't hold the pressure in his balls any longer and plunged forward one last time; ramming his cock as deep into her quivering cunt as possible while letting loose spurt after spurt after spurt of his boiling hot seed into her receptive pussy.

Finally, his balls were empty and he was exhausted as he collapsed onto Norma's sweaty back. He had never come so much in his entire life and as his deflating cock slowly slid from her hot messy confines, leaving evidence of their transgression all over the plush lounger. He leaned down and was sharing a loving kiss with his hot lover when both of them suddenly heard Norma's daughter Allison exclaim. "Mom I'm home, what the fuck?!!"

Chris jumped off of Norma and was looking around for his shorts while Norma tried to calm the situation. "It's not what you think honey, I mean..."

Allison cut her mother off in midsentence. "It's not what I think, are you out of your fucking mind?! It's exactly what I think, you were fucking Chris and to make matters worse you were doing it out here by the pool!"

Chris had finally found his shorts and after putting them on was starting to sneak back to his house when Allison stopped him abruptly and asked. "Well how was she?!"

Chris gave Allison a quizzical look before playing dumb. "What, what are you talking about?"

"Don't act coy with me, you know damn well what I'm talking about! How was she? Was she a good fuck? Tell me, was my slut of a mother a good fuck?" Allison hissed at him.

Norma once again tried to calm the situation. "Leave him alone Allison, it wasn't his fault. Come in the house and let's talk about this."

"Hell no! I'm not going anywhere until I get an answer from him! Tell me lover boy, I want to know if my mother is a good fuck! What happened, did she invite you over for a glass of tea and let me guess, you tripped and fell and your dick just accidentally slid inside of her! Is that what happened?! Here, let me check and see how loose this zipper is!" Allison screamed while jerking the zipper up and down on Chris's cut off shorts.

Chris immediately screamed and fell back on the ground in intense pain while grabbing his midsection. Allison had accidentally caught the zipper of his shorts on his cock. He was writhing around in pain and as soon as Allison realized what she'd done, she bent down to him and tried to apologize. "Oh jesus what have I done? I'm so sorry Chris, here let me help."

As soon as Allison reached her hand out to help him, Chris screamed as loud as he could. "NOOOOOOOOOOO, YOU'VE DONE ENOUGH!!"

Chris was still writhing around in pain when Norma kneeled down beside him and calmly said. "I'm so sorry sweetie but you know what has to be done. Grit your teeth because this is going to hurt."

Without giving him a chance to protest, Norma gripped the zipper on his shorts and yanked it upwards. Chris immediately jerked away from her and was rolling across the yard in pain while whimpering like a whipped puppy. Norma looked over at her daughter and said. "Come over here Allie and help me get him up and into the house. I need to see how badly he's hurt."

Allie did exactly as she was told and the two women helped Chris off the ground and quietly into the house. When they were finally inside the women led him over to the couch and gently helped him sit down. Norma could tell he was still in quite a bit of pain when she told her daughter. "Go to the guest bathroom and retrieve the medicine kit from under the vanity. I'm probably going to have to put some ointment on his wound."

Allie jolted down the hallway to get the medicine kit while Norma tried convincing Chris to let her unzip his shorts. Chris had never felt any pain quite like this and wasn't going to take a chance of it happening again under any circumstances. After much anguish and contemplation, Chris agreed to slide his shorts off and down his hips without unzipping them. Chris immediately felt some relief when his shorts slid down his legs and the cool air from the air conditioner blew across his injured cock. Norma took his deflated cock in her hands and was tenderly inspecting it when there was a loud crash and Allie exclaimed. "Holy shit!"

Allie couldn't believe the size of Chris's cock, it looked huge in her mom's tiny hands. She was still standing there motionless and admiring the large piece of man meat in her mother's hands when Norma told her. "It's not nice to stare young lady, bring me the medicine kit please."

Allie bent down, picked up the medicine kit and after handing it to her mother, asked her. "Is it, I mean is he going to be alright?"

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