Truth or Dare or Pure Bullshit

by bamadude 55

Copyright© 2013 by bamadude 55

Fiction Sex Story: A young man comes home late from work to find his mother and her girlfriend stoned on the couch. She was hosting a sex toy party for her girlfriends and having lost track of time, forgot her son would be home soon. After walking in on his mother and her girlfriend half dressed, they begin a game of truth or dare that leads to much more. Was he set up or not?

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   Size   .

After coming home late from work, Chris was pulling in the driveway when he suddenly noticed his mother's best friend's car. Suddenly it dawned on him that tonight was the night his mother was hosting a Tupperware party. While Chris knew his mother wasn't really selling Tupperware, he was surprised his usually conservative mother was even involved in such a thing.

As Chris entered through the kitchen door the first thing he noticed was the place was a total wreck. There were empty glasses and beer bottles strewn about the place so he immediately guessed everyone had a good time. After reaching under the counter and pulling out his bottle of Crown Royal, he took a couple of swallows out of it before reaching in the refrigerator and opening a can of beer. He' only taken a swallow of his beer when he heard a bunch of giggling and laughing out loud.

When Chris turned the corner towards the living room he couldn't believe his eyes, sitting on the couch and laughing their asses off were his mother and her gorgeous friend Arlene dressed in nothing but their lacy bra and panties and practically see-through robes. Chris looked over at the two lovely creatures in front of him and joked. "Wow, Tupperware parties sure have changed since the 70s. I think I like the new ones much better than the old ones."

Chris's mother panicked and after throwing a large pillow over the sex toys laying on the coffee table, screeched. "Chris, what are you doing home so early?!!"

Chris watched intently while his mother pulled her robe tightly against her voluptuous body trying her best to cover up. "Actually, I'm late. Look at the clock mom."

"Well then, I guess we're caught. Oh, what the hell?" Arlene joked while looking at her best friend Carol.

Chris noticed a soaking wet condom laying on the coffee table and after picking it up, he asked them. "What all in the hell went on before I got here?"

"Calm down mister dirty mind, it's a drinking game. You fill an empty condom up with beer and when the person is ready, you cut a hole in the tip and suck the beer down as fast as you can. Do you think you can handle it big boy? Arlene asked.

"Hell, as long as it's only beer inside the damn thing, it doesn't seem that hard. I'm game." Chris chuckled.

Chris's mother started opening the package on a condom and exclaimed. "Really, do you think you are a big enough boy to handle it? Alright then, let's see if mommy's little boy is as big as he thinks he is!!"

"If that's a dare then let's get on with it but the two of you have to play to or I'm out." Chris dared the women.

Arlene reached in a cooler and pulled out three cold beers before chirping. "I'm in, what about you Carol? Don't back out now, you are the one who dared him."

A little reluctantly, Chris's mother meekly agreed. "I'm not sure we should be doing this but okay, count me in too."

"If we are going to do this then Chris needs to strip down to his shorts. Fairs only fair, here we are dressed in nothing but our underwear, it's only fair he do the same." Arlene upped the ante.

Chris looked over at his mother who reluctantly bowed her head and motioned to him it was okay with her. "Fine, I don't care anyway." Chris exclaimed while jerking his T-shirt over his head and throwing it across the room. After he kicked his work boots off, he unzipped his jeans and jerked them down his legs until he playfully kicked them towards Arlene. Arlene ducked out of the way just in time to see Chris do a complete 360 while throwing his arms high into the air before exclaiming. "TA DA, what do you think?"

Arlene immediately reached across the coffee table, and in one swift motion, snatched Chris's boxers down to his ankles. Neither Arlene nor Chris's mother were prepared for what they were about to see. Chris was sporting one of the largest cocks they'd ever seen in their entire life. His cock wasn't even hard and it already hung down between his legs just above his knees. "Holy Shit!! You Are Fucking Huge!! Dammit Carol, Your Son Is A Fucking Stud!!"

Chris looked over at his mother who took a large gulp of her wine before looking directly into his eyes. Chris scanned her voluptuous body until her eyes slowly drifted downward to his manhood. Chris slowly pulled his boxers up and after sitting down between them, he exclaimed. "That's not fair so to make things even, you two have to drop the robes! Remember what you said earlier, fair is fair."

A more than eager Arlene jumped up from her perch on the couch and immediately dropped her robe to the floor. Chris couldn't believe his eyes when he saw she was wearing only a dark maroon teddy that set off her dark olive skin perfectly. Arlene sat back down and she and Chris turned their attention towards his mother. Carol suddenly became extremely nervous and stammered. "I, I, I, I don't know about this, I, I, I mean, I mean Chris, what I mean to say is honey, I'm your mother."

Both Chris and Arlene blurted out at the same time. "Fair is fair!" Arlene then continued to press Carol even more. "Come on Carol, I've seen what you are wearing and it's nothing less than a bikini. Don't be such a prude, fair is fair."

"Okay, here goes." Chris's mother said before standing up and nervously untying her robe. She let it slowly drift down her voluptuous body until it fell harmlessly to the floor.

Chris couldn't believe his eyes as he scanned every single inch of his mother's dark tanned skin that was now accentuated by a dark yellow lacy bra and a matching pair of high cut french panties. He could clearly see her dark nipples through her bra as they poked out aching for release. As his eyes scanned downward he noticed tiny tufts of hair poking out from the edges of her panties and his cock immediately began to harden. He couldn't believe the woman who had given him so many wet dreams throughout his young life was standing directly in front of him half naked. Finally Arlene playfully punched Chris in the arm and said. "Stop staring kiddo, that's not some model standing in front of you, it's your mother. Carol you fill up the condom and let's see if big boy here can back up all of his brash talk."

Carol filled the condom full of beer and after placing it over Chris's mouth, she giggled. "He can't do it, I bet you he can't do it."

"Oh I think he can." Arlene laughed while seductively running her hand up and down Chris's bare thigh.

Holding the condom above his mouth, Carol asked her son. "Get ready because here it comes."

Chris couldn't help but stare at his mother's wondrous 42DD tits while she hovered above him holding the condom. Chris had barely finished saying, 'bring it on, ' when Carol cut the tiny tip on the condom and began squeezing it at its base, forcing the beer down his throat. Chris greedily sucked the beer down and when he finished he let out a big yelp. "There you are ladies, who's next?"

Arlene started laughing as she pulled a joint out of her purse and said. "I'll give you that one big boy. So you think your hot shit, lets up the game."

Carol was beside herself and shouted. "Arlene what on earth are you doing?"

"What the fuck does it look like I'm doing? I'm lighting up a joint. Don't act like you are some kind of saint? We're all adults and I'm sure your son doesn't care if his mother smokes a little pot at these parties, do you big boy?" Arlene asked while she lit the joint.

Arlene took several long tokes on the joint before handing it off to Carol. Reluctantly, Carol put the joint to her mouth and sucked hard. When she finally let the smoke out of her lungs, she looked over at Chris and asked. "Are you ready?"

Chris gave his mother a quizzical look before asking. "Ready for what?"

"No coughing or you lose." Carol told Chris before taking another long toke off the joint. Before Chris realized what was happening, his mother grabbed him by the face and while kissing him passionately, blew the smoke into his mouth and down his lungs. Chris opened his mouth to her and let the smoke drifting downward into his lungs while his mother explored his mouth with her tongue. As soon as they broke from their embrace, Chris let a little of the smoke drift from between his lips while his mother laughed. "Oh my god, that was fun."

"It's your turn big boy." Arlene told Chris as she handed him the joint.

Chris started looking at his mother daring her to say something as he took three good long tokes of the joint. He could tell right away he was smoking some good weed when he took one more long toke and turned towards Arlene. Arlene threw both of her arms up into the air and squealed. "Not me slugger, her! Do her!"

Chris didn't give his mother a chance to protest. He immediately grabbed her by the face and began to kiss her passionately while letting the smoke drift from his mouth into hers. Carol protested at first by pushing hard against his chest with both of her hands but it didn't take long for her resistance to weaken. As the pressure of her hands on his chest weakened, Chris felt her kissing him back. As their tongues dueled with each other, Carol shoved Chris onto his back and lay on top of him.

Chris couldn't believe his luck, his ultimate fantasy was coming to life right before his eyes. Carol's bodacious breasts were pressing hard against his muscular chest as she continued kissing him with a passion he'd never known. Chris thought to himself. 'Oh my god, what's gotten into her. She's the hottest woman I've ever known.'

As Chris and his mother made out like two long-lost lovers, he suddenly felt someone rubbing up and down the full length of his hardening cock. At first he didn't know who it was until he realized it had to be Arlene because his mother had both of her hands on his face. "Oh lord that feels good." Chris moaned into his mother's mouth as Arlene squeezed and released Chris's hardened manhood.

When mother and son finally broke from their incestuous embrace, Carol sat back on her son's taut stomach and while looking down at him laughed. "I'll bet you didn't think your old mother had it in her, did you?"

"First off, you are only 38 and that's definitely not old. Secondly, you are a damn good kisser, that's the hottest thing I've ever experienced. What's next?" Chris asked his mother just as Arlene released his cock and gave him a big wink.

Carol turned towards Arlene and ordered her. "Take your top off you wicked wench!"

When Arlene started to unfasten her teddy, Chris reached around her and said. "Here, let me give you a hand." As soon as Chris unfastened Arlene's teddy, she pulled it over her head and her bountiful breasts fell out into plain view. While Arlene's breasts were not nearly as big as Chris's mother's, they were a perfectly shaped 36CC and her nipples were poking out a good inch and a half. Chris couldn't help himself and took both of her breasts in his hands and began to gently squeeze and massage them.

Chris's mother yelled. "Chris! Chris, do you realize what you're doing and who you're doing it in front of?!!"

Chris ignored his mother as he leaned in and began to kiss Arlene. While continuing to squeeze Arlene's breasts she reached inside his boxers and began to squeeze and rub his cock all over. Chris broke their kiss just long enough to whisper hotly in her ear. "Oh shit that feels good, don't stop."

Arlene pressed her chest into his face and asked him. "Oh, so you like that big boy. I'll bet you would like to cum wouldn't you?"

"Yessssssss! Chris hissed but Arlene quickly told him. "Not yet big boy, not yet."

Arlene pulled her hand out of Chris's boxers and they both looked over at his mother just as she took the last toke of the joint and smashed it out in an ashtray. "Are you okay?" Chris laughingly asked his mother who quickly replied. "I've never felt better in my whole life."

Carol stretched her arms on the back of the couch with a huge smile on her face when Arlene blurted out. "I'm glad because it's my dare!"

Carol gave Arlene a stern look before emphatically telling her. "I'm not getting naked in front of my son! Get that thought out of your head!"

Arlene quickly quipped. "That's fine, you don't have to. Chris, I dare you to eat your mother's pussy."

Both Chris and his mother shouted in unison. "WHAT?"

"I mean through her panties, no nudity. That is unless, unless you are scared to Chris." Arlene barked at Chris.

Chris immediately jumped from the couch and exclaimed. "I'm not scared, let's fuckin do this!"

As Chris positioned himself between his mother's legs, Chris's mother became reluctant. "I'm not so sure about this, we're crossing a line that should never be crossed."

Chris looked up from between his mother's legs at her angelic face and said. "Hey, you agreed to play. Fair is only fair." Carol quickly looked down at her son and then over to Arlene before asking. "Just through the panties right?"

Chris and Arlene both answered in unison. "That's right, just through the panties."

"Okay I guess, but if things get too out of hand, I'm stopping this little party right away." Carol told the both of them.

Chris couldn't believe his eyes when his mother started spreading her legs to give him access to the place from whence he came. It was a dream come true for him when he heard Arlene shout. "Do it Chris, eat your mommy's pussy, do it!"

Chris pulled his mother's panties tight and immediately saw a small wet spot over her slit. 'My god, she's already wet.' Chris thought as he began tracing her lips with his fingers. At different times he would give a gentle push allowing his fingers to barely slide inside her treasure box. Finally Chris dove headfirst and buried is his face into her panty clad pussy and began moving his tongue all about.

"Oh shit that feels good." Carol moaned.

Chris's mother slid down the couch to give him better access to her pussy when suddenly her musk filled his nose and he immediately knew his mother was horny beyond belief. Even though he was only 19 years old, Chris was plenty experienced in the ways of a woman and he knew exactly when a woman wanted to be fucked and right now his mother wanted to be fucked. As her panties become more soaked, Chris could taste her love juices in his mouth and continued to manipulate her pussy as best he could. When he suddenly pushed his tongue as far inside of her as he could through her panties, she clamped her legs around him and screamed out loud. "Oh, oh, oh, ooooohhhhh godddddddddd Chris!"

When Chris took his finger and slid her panty to the side just a little bit, he could see his mother hadn't shaved in a few days which was perfectly alright with him. Sensing the time was right, he decided to take a chance and inserted two fingers inside of her hot molten snatch and began to furiously slide them in and out. When his mother began to buck back and forth against his pressure, he knew he had her right where he wanted and placed his mouth over her clit. While continuing to furiously fuck her with his fingers, he began nibbling and sucking on her clit like it was a piece of peppermint candy.

Carol locked her legs around her son's head while also grabbing two handfuls of his hair and trying to force him deeper inside of her. Arlene was masturbating and watching intently when out of nowhere Carol screamed out loud again. "OH ... OH ... OH ... OOOOOOH GODDDDDDDD CHRIS, UNG, OH, UNG, OH NOOOOOOOOO!"

When Carol began to orgasm a small amount of her love juices squirted from her pussy onto Chris's face. He immediately sat back and wiped his face while proclaiming. "HOLY SHIT. I'VE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE!!!"

Chris's mother was breathing hard and panting out loud as she slowly slid back up on the couch. Chris was watching intently as her panties slowly slid back in place. Arlene handed Chris a towel to wipe his face while whispering to him. "That was unbelievable, she just orgasmed on your face."

A tipsy and out of breath Carol asked. "That was just outside the panties right? Chris dear, that was just outside the panties wasn't it?"

Sitting back up, Chris meekly answered his mother. "Sure mom, whatever you say."

Carol then turned her attention toward Arlene and ordered her. "Now it's my turn for a dare, get on your knees wench and give Chris a blowjob!"

While looking directly at Carol, Arlene told Chris. "Take off your boxers." While acting as if things were personal now, Arlene continued staring at Carol while emphatically ordering Chris again. "I told you to take your boxers off and I mean do it right now!!"

Chris immediately stood up and after letting his boxers fall to the floor, he quickly sat back down and waited to see what was going to happen next. Arlene quickly moved over between his legs and kneeled down in front of him. When she was finally situated, she spit on his cock two or three times before roughly running her hand up and down his cock's full-length. As her hands increased in speed and intensity, her spit began to dry and she had to spit on its swollen purple head to her three more times to slicken it up. Chris's mother finally exclaimed. "I don't know who taught you what a blowjob is but that's not it, do it right!"

Arlene immediately let go of Chris's hard stiff rod before raising her mouth up and quickly dropping it over its swollen purple head. Up and down, up and down, over and over, over and over, Arlene's head bobbed up and down and around Chris's cock like a well oiled machine. "OOOCK ... OOOCK ... OOOCK..." she starts chocking as she continues thrusting his enormous cock into her mouth and down her throat.

With her hands on his legs and her head bobbing up and down, saliva starts dripping out the side of her mouth as she works with incredible speed. Chris takes her head in his hands and began running his fingers through her hair as he sits back and closes his eyes waiting on his impending orgasm. Chris couldn't believe how wonderful it felt as Arlene ran her tongue around his shaft while expertly sucking his enormous cock at the same time. The feeling was like something he'd never felt before and just as he is about to cum, he suddenly felt his hands ripped from Arlene's head.

When Chris opened his eyes he suddenly saw his mother's hands on top of Arlene's head forcing her deeper down his cock. "MMPHG ... MMPHG ... MMPHG..." Arlene gagged while Chris's mom kept impaling her throat down Chris's long thick shaft. Up and down, up and down, Chris's mother continued forcing Arlene's head up and down the full-length of his monstrosity. Suddenly and without warning, Chris yelled out at the top of his lungs. "OHH GODDD, HERE IT CUMS, OH NOOOOO, I'M CUMMING!!"

Arlene began slapping both of her hands on Chris's legs trying her best to stand up but Carol had other ideas and forced her head to stay in place. Chris's mother was milking his nuts down Arlene's throat as she swallowed as much of it as she could. She did her best but Chris was so worked up his cum began dripping out the sides of her mouth and all over him. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH, AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH, MOM, LET HER GO!!" Chris screamed as he squirted one last time.

As soon as Carol let loose of Arlene's head, Arlene pulled away just in time as a huge blast of Chris's semen flew high into the air and landed right between his mother's breasts. Carol fell back on the couch laughing while a dizzy and disoriented Arlene wobbled in front of Chris. With Chris's cum dripping out of her mouth and onto her bare chest Arlene started to fall but Chris caught her and helped her onto the sofa. Chris immediately asked her. "That was fucking amazing but are you okay?"

As soon as she caught her breath, Arlene told him. "I, I, I'm fine. It's your turn for a dare so dare me pick out two toys to use on her. I'll teach her a lesson."

Chris looked over at his mother who was sitting back on the couch and sipping from a glass of wine. A wry smile came across Chris's face when he said. "Well I guess it's my dare."

"Yes, I guess it is. What's you're dare going to be sweetheart?" Chris's mother asked him while refilling her glass of wine.

Chris shrugged his shoulders before grinning wide and laughing out loud. "Oh I don't know, I think I want Arlene to pick out two toys for her to use on you my sweet mother."

Arlene immediately began walking around the coffee table inspecting each one of the toys before saying. "Why thank you Chris, that's awful nice of you. Hmmm, what should I pick?" Chris heard his mother mumble something but couldn't make it out when he saw Arlene pick up a red ball gag and say. "Let's try this and I'll definitely need a set of these."

Arlene had picked up a pair of fuzzy handcuffs and was walking over to where Carol was seated on the couch. Once Arlene was in place, she instructed Chris's mother. "Raise your hair up or there will be consequences."

Carol had enough wine in her she really didn't care what was going on and immediately lifted her smooth long blonde hair up as Arlene instructed. Arlene immediately inserted the red ball into her mouth and as soon as she strapped it in the back, Carol let her hair fall back down over her shoulders.

Chris immediately joked. "Wow is all I can say. Mom you sure do look sexy with that red ball in your mouth."

Arlene quickly ordered Carol. "Lean forward and put your arms behind your back."

Chris is watching intently as Arlene pulled his mother's arms behind her back and began to lock the fuzzy handcuffs on her. He suddenly sees his mother's expression change as Arlene fumbles with the cuffs until he notices Arlene drop the fuzzy handcuffs to the floor. She had swapped the fuzzy handcuffs with real ones and was sporting a wicked smile as she began to gently rub Carol's shoulders.

A look of fear was painted all over Carol's face when Arlene said to Chris. "You know Chris, it's my dare now and I dare you to fuck your mother."

At almost the same instant, Arlene pulled Carol's bra over her breasts and began to massage and pinch her thimble sized nipples. Carol's eyes were half closed now and Chris began to wonder if she even realized what was going on. He watched on as his mother's enormous breasts flopped around in Arlene's grip before he asked Arlene. "Are you fucking serious?"

"Don't tell me you don't want to because your cock is expanding as we speak. Now get over here and fuck this wench!" Arlene ordered him.

Carol looked up at Arlene still not realizing what was about to happen when Chris slid up on the sofa and began sliding his mother's panties down her long smooth legs. Chris's mother suddenly realized what was going on and began to panic but Arlene held her firmly in place until her panties were laying on the floor. Chris was staring down at his now naked mother when Arlene exclaimed. "That's it Chris, look at her hairy fucking snatch! You know you want to fuck her, so quit stalling and do it!"

Now kneeling between his mother's legs, Chris reached under her knees and pulled her even closer to him. As he admired his mother's dark hairy cunt, he knew Arlene was right, he wanted to fuck his mother more than anything he ever wanted in his life. Taking the large purple head of his swollen cock, he began running it up and down his mothers moist slit while Arlene leaned down and whispered in his mother's ear. "Just think about it, your baby boy is about to give you the fucking of your life!"

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