Penelope, Mistress of the Manor
Chapter 25

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 25 - The aged Earl of Haversham was in need of a wife, and an heir. So, he bartered a marriage to young Penelope, and brought her to Farnsworth Manor as the new mistress there. The only problem was that Penelope liked her former life just fine. She didn't want to wander around a dusty old mansion, while her belly swelled up until she waddled like a duck. At least not alone. But there were a number of young, nubile servant girls about the place. So she hatched a plan. She wouldn't BE alone.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Pregnancy  

Geoffrey's protestations that he had no part in the rape Aldo and Horace intended now had no ability to protect him. He could not testify that he had sought only to "teach the bitch a lesson." In these more modern days, women have attained higher status in the world, but back then, it was commonly held that sometimes, women had to be taught their proper place. Had Geoffrey been dragged in front of a tribunal, that argument might have struck a chord with some.

But if ever Geoffrey Flagman came to trial now, there would be testimony that he would rather die than hear in public.

Penelope knew this. She was much more intelligent than any man gave her credit for. And should she make public this assault on her person, and through her, the estate, it would draw the kind of attention in which secrets might not be able to be held close. Of course I wasn't thinking along those lines. All I was thinking about was seeing three brigands swinging in the wind for putting their hands on my mistress. It took a few moments aside, with her whispering in my ear (something that sent more than one shiver down my aged spine, for some reason) before I grasped the wisdom of her stance.

In the end, she demanded ... and got ... the three men's sworn pledge that they would serve the interests of His Lordship, herself, and the estate in general in perpetuity, in exchange for our silence about the crimes they had committed.

Aldo and Horace agreed instantly. As I said, I think they knew they were in over their heads, and eagerly reached toward the minor miracle that would literally save their lives. Geoffrey wanted to resist. I won't say he tried, rather that he wished he could have tried. But he was a broken man. Never would he be able to forget what his daughter's hand had released from deep within him, into the view of the public. I wondered if he would ever be able to find some kind of peace for himself, but I was quite sure his oath was as solid as oak. He might take his own life to silence the howling demons in his skull, but he would never break his word.

Marie fetched water and bandages to bind up her father's wound. It turned out that his gruesome looking hands weren't as badly injured as they appeared. Blood seemed to have been smeared around as he tried to protect his head from the sting of the epee. The hand first struck looked awful, swollen and bloody, but when she got it cleaned off, one could see that, while the skin was split, the wound wasn't deep. He was able to flex his fingers somewhat, already.

Since she had the materials (and since Sally would no longer approach her father), Marie also tended Geoffrey's leg. It had bled freely, but not with the force that suggested an artery had been severed. The blade had been clean when it caused the injury. We hoped the wound would not sour, but hoping was all we could do at that point. It was left to him to explain the injury to others, whether it soured or not.Oddly enough, there was more compassion in the room for Aldo and Horace, who had been intent on rape, than there was for Geoffrey, whose offense seemed even more poisonous, somehow.

It was during this lessened state of tension that Her Ladyship displayed that she never stopped thinking. While their defenses were down, and their wounds were being treated, she casually asked them how they gained entry into the Manor. Horace betrayed Curtis before it even registered on his face what he had just done.

"You won't tell him I told you," he said, a pleading look on his face.

"You have much more important things to be worried about than what Curtis Flannery thinks of your honor," Penny reminded him. He flushed, and nodded his head.

The lady's first requirement of Aldo was that he straighten the epee she had bent on his own body. He actually bowed when he accepted the blade from her. Nigel and Jack were instructed to usher the men off the estate, but I firmly believe that was more to ensure they got back to their homes without drawing any notice, than for fear they would break their oaths and cause more mischief.

The others filed out, their visages sober. It had been an unhappy night, and I suspect they were particularly glad to be able to return to their warm cots, and ease each other's apprehensions about the evening.

I did not return to the passageway. I no longer expected Penelope to entertain any visitors. Instead I returned to my own chamber, where I lay awake for hours.

I had seen and sensed many things that evening that confused me. The world I had thought so tidy was not. Things had happened I didn't understand, and I worried that I might never see the truth of matters clearly. I wasn't so surprised by the actions of the men, in coming to punish Penelope. That part I understood, though of course I could not approve.

What confused me most was what had transpired between Sally and her father. He had incestuous interest in her, but tried to deny it. She did not welcome that interest, and in fact appeared to be honestly (and properly) disgusted by it. And yet, she had let her brother breed her happily, and with joy. The father's moral code was normal, if a bit flawed. Hers was that of a slut.

And yet, between the two of them, there was no doubt which I preferred.

I preferred the slut.

And I say vehemently that this was not simply because she was comely and roused my own sexual interest. I was quite sure she would never tilt with me on the sheets of a bed.

Rather, my preference for the girl's company was because she was full of love and laughter and joy, while her father was wracked with guilt, condemnation and hate.

It gave me much to think about until the wee hours of the morning.

If I had thought being attacked would alter the lady's behavior, I would have been wrong. The secret was so well kept that not only did Lord Malcom never hear of it, but neither did Cook or Mrs. Hennesey. His Lordship should have learned of it, if only when Curtis was called to the manor and dismissed. He was given an hour to pack what he could carry on his back and be off the property. He was livid, of course, and blustered, but he had no idea what had transpired between Her Ladyship and the men he had escorted to the manor door. It was obvious they had not succeeded, because she was hale and hearty, where he expected to see her bruised and broken.

He did approach each of the co-conspirators, all of whom had decided to tell him they'd changed their minds, and left quietly by another entrance. He didn't believe them, but he had no evidence to lay against them. He did try to rake the muck in nearby villages, but all he did was pique notorious interest in Penelope, rather than raise abhorrence and judgment.

That he could not find work was simply because, when His Lordship asked where Curtis was, Penelope said "He abused a horse, and I sent him away."

"I wish you would consult with me before doing such things," he complained. "If he abused one of my horses he should also have been flogged."

"I promise to do so in the future," she said, casting her eyes to the floor.

Whenever His Lordship was asked to provide a reference for Curtis after that, his recommendation was not to let the man near a horse.

I think the whole incident was hardest on Charley and Stephan, when all was said and done. It could be argued that Sally suffered as well. But in a sense, she had already lost her parents, when they sent her away. Charley and Stephan were not prepared for their father to be sacked, and disappear from their lives.

When His Lordship went to inspect his horses, to see what condition they were in, he found that Jack had taken charge when Curtis left. Since Jack and the boys had already done most of the work in caring for the animals when Curtis was the stablemaster, His Lordship's inspection went well.

"I shall leave you in charge, then, until a suitable stablemaster appears" he huffed, then pulled a flask from his back pocket and tippled a bit. The nobility expected things like that to happen, you know. I'm quite sure His Lordship expected the word to go out that Farnsworth Manor was in need of a stablemaster with experience in breeding horses, and that applicants for the job would begin streaming in. Had he been less in love with the bottle, he might have noticed no such applicants appeared.

But in the end, Curtis' suspicion that he could be replaced ... came true.

One other person found out about the truth of the incident that night. And that person was Cynthia, the parlor maid.

When Jenny came to me, and told me the lady wished to speak with Cynthia, I found Mrs. Hennesey and had her send the girl to Her Ladyship straight away.

Meanwhile, I attended my peep hole, so I could continue documenting events. I had started a journal of sorts, to make sure my aging memory did not fail in recalling the truth of things. At times I thought it more of a philosophical treatise, what with all the epiphanies and conclusions I drew as I began to better understand our mistress and how she thought.

In any case, I was there when Cynthia reported. Sally was being given more time off, because of swelling in her ankles. The doctor had suggested she take frequent naps. So only Jenny was there, her own bulge growing ever larger. The mistress suggested she go find Nigel and have lunch with him, and that she needn't return to her service for an hour or two. As a matter of note, Her Ladyship probably could have done without any maids. Except for dressing her, their efforts were more a luxury than a requirement. But some protocols not even Penny abandoned.

When they were alone, Her Ladyship bade Cynthia be seated, and began to speak.

"I have given much thought to your dilemma," she said. "I have conceived of an idea, but there are risks."

Cynthia sat, mute.

"I have already told you of my own, shall we say, unusual relationship with my uncle. The oddity of my sexual tastes goes much beyond that. I am what the men in the village would call a slut."

Cynthia's eyes widened, but she remained silent. I'm quite sure she had never even dreamed that the lady of a manor - any manor - would speak thusly. Then again, she was already fully aware that Penelope was different than any woman she'd ever met.

"So," said Penny, going on, "I want you to understand that the solutions I might think of, given a problem, might be less than conventional."

"You mean about the way I feel about my father," she said.

"Indeed," said Penny, smiling.

"Since my interest, as you so gently say it, is quite unconventional, it seems natural that solving the problem would be that way too," said Cynthia.

"Good! But let us start by being quite conventional. You must marry a boy from the village. I think I have discovered one who will suit our purposes."

"And this will somehow help with ... my dilemma?" Cynthia sounded skeptical.

"It will if you marry this boy," said Penny. "His name is Louis. He is the miller's son, and Sally's brother."

"I know him," said Cynthia. "He comes on the wagon to deliver flour and grain for the horses."

"Yes," said Penny.

"He is somewhat younger than I," pointed out Cynthia. "And shorter than I," she added, frowning.

"He has other attributes you are as yet unaware of," said Penny.

"Is it permitted that I ask what those attributes are?"

"It is encouraged," said Penny, smiling. "Young Louis is very fond of Jenny, and Marie, and Jane ... and his sister, Sally." She stopped, to let Cynthia perceive her meaning. Then, to make sure that meaning was fully perceived, she went on. "He has expressed his lusty fondness for them all ... a number of times. He has shown me how fond he is of me as well. The bulk of this expression took place in my bedchamber."

This finally elicited a shocked look from Cynthia. Penny didn't let her express that shock verbally.

"Louis is a healthy young man, with a healthy sexual appetite. What appeals about him most, though, is that he is not jealous. As the women he sported with were married, and began to save their lusting play for only their husbands, he did not complain. He even helped them build the cottages they now live in. Such a cottage could be built for you, or the one your father still lives in could be expanded. I am quite sure that Louis would understand the desire of his wife to have an extra room, for her father to live in, so that she could care for him in his golden years."

I frowned at the lie that the girls, once married, were cleaving only to their husbands. I knew that was not the case, and that the women actually shared their husbands with each other on occasion. But, perhaps, with as much tumult as Penny had already introduced into the poor girl's life in the last few moments, she thought it wise to withhold at least one of the depraved habits the unfortunate young woman might later be expected to engage in. In any case, the startled look on Cynthia's face, followed by comprehension of what all this could mean, resulted in total paralysis. The girl sat as if she were a marble statue, dressed as a Farnsworth Manor parlor maid.

Penny waited.

Then Cynthia slumped.

"He would never agree to it," she said.

"Louis ... or your father?" asked Penny.

"My father. He is ashamed. He feels about our desires like everyone else does."

"Everyone else but me ... and Sally ... and Jenny ... and Jack ... and Louis ... shall I go on and on?" Penny leaned forward again. "You and he are not as unusual as you believe yourselves to be, Cynthia."

Her wide eyes and further shock as other ... relationships ... were exposed to her, documented that she understood her lady's words quite well. But still she was unconvinced.

"He doesn't know that," she said, sadly.

"I thought I told you to leave him to me," said Penny, tartly.

"You did, Milady" admitted Cynthia, reminded of who she was speaking with.

"What is needed now is a decision from you," said Penny. "I shall then deal with any rocks on the road that threaten to upset the carriage."

Penny waited much past the time I would have allowed, were I having this conversation.

"So ... what say you?" she finally pushed.

Cynthia's limpid eyes came to meet her lady's

"I say my father must be the one to breach my virginity."

There it was, plain and simple.

"That idea is ill conceived," said Penny.

"It may be, but it is my requirement. I will enter an arranged marriage, and I will bear my husband's children. I will even try to learn to love him. But my father must be the man to make me a woman. I could bear it no other way."

Penny frowned, but seemed to think about things.

"All right," she said, finally. "I'll see what can be arranged."

"Really?" Cynthia jumped to her feet. She bounced, as a small child bounces, trying to see the sweet meats on the top shelf in the market.

"I'll try," said Penny. "You are making it more difficult than I think it needs to be ... but I will try."

"Oh thank you, Mistress," squealed the girl, lunging forward to hug Penelope.

A few months ago I would have been aghast that a servant would lurch and grapple with her betters, or that a noble lady would have endured such behavior.

Now, for some incomprehensible reason, I simply smiled.

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