Penelope, Mistress of the Manor
Chapter 22

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 22 - The aged Earl of Haversham was in need of a wife, and an heir. So, he bartered a marriage to young Penelope, and brought her to Farnsworth Manor as the new mistress there. The only problem was that Penelope liked her former life just fine. She didn't want to wander around a dusty old mansion, while her belly swelled up until she waddled like a duck. At least not alone. But there were a number of young, nubile servant girls about the place. So she hatched a plan. She wouldn't BE alone.

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I stayed late that night. They got her up after she was so brutally used, and she finally got her bath, though I don't know how hot the water was by then. She recuperated while the men deposited their seed in their other partners, whereupon she was taught how to use her mouth to make a man ready. By then, she was no longer astonished by anything. I think all her astonishment had been used up.

When given her choice, she took Jack again, but ended up beneath all of them again, as they squirted their dangerous seed inside her.

It was then I left the hole in the wall. My joints ached, and I was stiff from standing so long. I had to stroke my member to soften it, before I could get in bed. It is my shame to admit I was surprised I had waited so long to do so. I'd been stiff for hours. That sweet pain cleared my head, though, and after that I slept well.

As usual, the next morning, all acted as if nothing had happened.

Well, except Marie. Gone was her crippling shyness. She didn't flaunt it ... it was just gone. She served in exactly the same way she always had, except now she smiled and looked people in the eye. That was the only outward difference. I spoke to her, as a test, telling her more toast should be brought, and she said, "Yes, Mr. Wadsworth," before hurrying off to do my bidding.

It was the first time I had heard my name come out of her mouth.

Whether it was because such copious quantities of seed had been dumped in poor Marie's no longer virgin womb, and she was worried about that fecund abdomen swelling, or because it just made sense to find the girl her own man, Her Ladyship moved quickly to explore matrimonial opportunities for Marie.

I don't know where she got the idea - maybe from Jane - but she settled on the Fletcher's son as a candidate. This presented a conundrum. Normally, it should have been His Lordship's duty to explore suggested marriages. Lords discussed alliances like that routinely. But a lord would only make such inquiries on behalf of his own progeny, and not to secure a mate for a mere servant. And, of course, no offer of matrimony to a noble child would ever be offered to the son of a common peasant.

And so, Penny decided to break convention further, and she required that I accompany her while she did so.

I did not ride, which is why Penelope arrived at the fletcher's house in our carriage. Nigel was driving. Thank goodness there were no ... stops ... along the way. He sat, placidly in the driver's seat, while I helped Milady out, and followed her to the door. I had no frame of reference to guide me, so I just stood there, trying to look like a butler while she knocked.

James Wherry was a tall, thin man, which I thought was interesting, seeing as how the girl we were there to discuss looked like she might already be his daughter. Jane must have gotten her mother's looks, because James succeeded not at all in contributing anything to her physique. It would turn out that his attributes had gone to his son, Frank.

Penny probably astonished him, both because she came to his door, and because she launched into her business without any preparation.

"I am Lady Farnsworth," she said.

His eyes were huge, but he nodded. He had dealt with His Lordship before, concerning arrows and such, but had never spoken to the previous lady, to my knowledge.

"I know who you are," he said. His eyes seemed to clear, then. "I am honored to receive you."

He retreated into the house, just as his wife, who had come to the door behind him, realized what was happening.

"You dolt!" she whispered. It was astonishing she could make a whisper shrill, but she did, somehow. "Inviting a lady into this sty?!"

"It is of no consequence," said Penny, making it sound regal, almost a proclamation, such as "You are not allowed to be upset by this." She stepped into the house as both inhabitants scurried backwards to give her room. The cottage was cozy, which is to say it was quite small and cramped. It consisted of three rooms, one of which seemed to be his workshop.

"I apologize for thrusting myself into your home with no forewarning," said Lady Farnsworth. It was clear she meant that. I think her ability to lower herself like that was one reason she was eventually proclaimed as the greatest lady who had ever lived in the manor. I know it endeared her to the people. "But our mission here is somewhat urgent."

"How could we assist you, My Lady," asked Mrs. Wherry.

"This is Wadsworth, our butler," said Penny, sweeping her hand toward me as if it were some privilege for them to meet me. "He supervises the servants in the manor." Everyone knew that, and I wondered why she said it. It was explained by a bald-faced lie. "Wadsworth has brought to my attention a problem that I am hoping you might be able to assist us with."

"Is Jane in some trouble, then?" asked Mrs. Wherry, worriedly. Her husband swatted at her.

"How can we help?" he asked.

"Jane does a wonderful job for us," said Penny. "Though we should probably discuss her situation as well. Let me ask you this first. You have a son that Jane has spoken of. I believe his name is Frank?"

They nodded, looking perplexed. To their knowledge Frank had never had anything to do with the manor.

"He is unmarried? Unbetrothed?" Penny leaned forward.

"He is both," replied James.

"May we sit?" asked Penelope.

Mrs. Wherry burst into movement. "Of course!" she said. "Where are my manners. I'll brew some tea."

"Thank you," said Penny, who floated onto a chair that was so ratty and worn it should have been thrown in the street. She made it look like a throne, somehow. She went on immediately, getting right to the point.

"We have a girl, our kitchen maid, who has ripened, and is in need of a husband. There is no match for her within the male staff at the manor. I fear she may miss her opportunity to become a wife and mother. She is a good girl, clean and strong. I thought, perhaps, she might be introduced to your son, Frank. If they are well matched, he could be brought onto the estate in some capacity that would support her. I would hate to lose her abilities, should she be wooed away from us by someone else."

There it was. She had simply said it. There was no precedence for such a thing in my memory. For a noblewoman to approach a peasant, procuring a husband for her kitchen maid was clearly unheard of. If anyone found out about it, Penny would be the laughing stock of her peers.

But, as you may have noticed by now, Penny cared little for convention. She may have cared little for her peers too, for all I know. And His Lordship was besotted with her. She could do no wrong in his eyes. I think that might have been because, as miserable a man as he was, in his old age and drunken ways, Penny tried to find something about him to love. She was stuck with him, and she always tried to put the best blush on any situation. Her relationship with Lord Malcolm was the one thing I never got to observe. She blocked all peek holes into his chamber. And she never spoke with me about their relationship. Yet, she was fiercely protective of him. She could have let him drink himself to death, but she limited him only to enough drink that he didn't shake. At least she did so within the manor. She couldn't control what he imbibed when he was away.

In any case, as completely unprecedented as her behavior with the Wherrys was, she managed to make it seem normal, just like she did with everything else. Had she been queen, she would have ruled the world, I am sure.

She wasn't the queen. But she was a Lady. And that was all that was important to the Wherrys. And, after all, what better boon was there than the offer of a place in the manor?

"He wouldn't fletch for His Lordship, would he?" asked James, showing that his common sense hadn't been overcome. If his son went to work for the estate, that would make serious inroads on his own livelihood.

"I was thinking more along the lines of shepherding," said Lady Farnsworth. "I'd like to expand our flock. The price of wool is rising, and I would take advantage of that."

This was news to me. I hadn't been aware Penelope paid any attention to things like that.

"Indeed, it is rising," agreed Mrs. Wherry. "I can scarcely afford cloth these days, with which to make a good winter smock."

"Perhaps next year there will be a source of cloth more readily available," said Penny. "I am hoping we can produce that, as well."

"What a lovely idea," sighed Mrs. Wherry.

"I think we can come to an accommodation," said James Wherry, solidly.

Just like that, with no consultation with either the boy or girl involved, their fates were decreed. It was just the way things worked when the noble class got involved.

Of course Lady Penelope left nothing to chance concerning the pairing of Marie and Frank, the boy she'd never even seen before. Jane was, in fact, delighted by the thought of her brother marrying Marie, who had blossomed so fully in recent days, and who now, one could practically have a normal conversation with.

Frank was invited to visit. Of course he was excited by the thought of being in the manor. I know not if anyone had told him what his ultimate fate might be, wandering around on hillsides with a bunch of smelly, dirty sheep, fighting off wolves and such. At least that's what I suspected herding sheep to be like.

In any case, Marie was given leave to take him for a secluded tour of the grounds. A picnic basket and blanket were provided. No doubt, advice was given her by the girls, as to where a nice "picnic" could be had. Further, I suspect she was encouraged to ... sample the goods, so to speak, before she made any decisions. I confess I don't know whether my suspicions are correct or not.

What I do know, is that when they finally returned, hours later than was expected, the bond had been secured as if by some of Hugh's iron shackles. Not that he made shackles, but he could have, if you get my meaning. The point is that they were already besotted with each other. He, being tall and slim like his father, and she, being willowy and thin, made a handsome couple. As I was to learn later, he did have experience with things sexual, having once been interested in a girl in the village, who was also interested in him. It turned out she was more interested in another boy, however, and married that one, instead of Frank.

Suffice it to say Frank was eager to enjoy that state again. I am told he mounted poor Marie four times that day, and that they couldn't keep their hands off each other. The food in the basket was uneaten, but the blanket had to be sent to Suzette for the removal of "unidentified stains."

They were engaged within a week. It was the only thing I saw that strained Penny's plans. She hadn't discussed this sheep business with her husband yet, and didn't actually need a shepherd, yet, when she suddenly had one.

Nigel was next to propose marriage, to Jenny, of course. She accepted instantly, which emplaced three women in one manor, all of whom were planning marriages. I expect being struck by lightning would be more pleasant. It was Penny who brought order to the chaos by suggesting that all three be married in one ceremony. After that, they secreted themselves behind closed doors to do their planning together.

Sally and Hugh's cottage was nearing completion. Nigel, by virtue of age and seniority, said his cottage should be built next. There was no argument, and suddenly, Frank had much reason to be at the manor every day. It was clear that as soon as Nigel and Jenny's house was done, Frank's would be the next to be erected.

Though I would not have believed it at that point, I would have to eventually come to terms with the fact that this early cooperation between the men would extend to strange and unimaginable cooperation in other things, in the years to come. I honestly don't know if Frank was initiated into the orgiastic group or not. It would have been to the others' advantage, since their fidelity was seriously flawed. Nigel, for example, was always welcome in Penelope's chambers, and when Sally and Jenny went visiting the stables, they might end up in Jack's, Hugh's, or Charley's bed. Only Stephan appeared to have narrowed his pursuits, choosing only to attend Suzette. Personally, I think that's because it became clear she was with child, and it was also clear it had to be his. With the other girls, it was anyone's guess who sired the child within them.

Only a month went by before Jane succumbed to the problems Penelope had brought with her. When it was her time to bleed ... she didn't.

She was aware of this, of course, and didn't let on. Mrs. Hennesey didn't find out about it, like she had with Suzette. Rather, Jane went right to the source of her problems, her mistress. She had been sneaking off to see Charley since the picnic. Her interest in Nigel had not survived being fucked by his huge log, which caused her pain. That had happened after the picnic, during which she and Charley had fit like hand in glove. So she went back to Charley, and that had resulted in a comfortable attraction that had led to her going to the stables to visit him, and him coming to her room at night to spend his sleeping hours there. They didn't sleep, of course, but I had no peep hole into her room to confirm it.

Charley was summoned, and it turned out that helping build cottages had made him think hard about his own future. The idea that Jane might have his child in her, and that she was more than willing to raise that child with him, resulted in him joining the crowd of engaged men on the estate.

The first person he shared his eye opening transition into adult life with was his brother, Stephan. Believe it or not, that was the first time Stephan thought about the fact that his obvious impregnation of Suzette presented the opportunity for him to define his future as well.

The next day he asked Suzette to marry him. Still abed with a broken leg, she grinned and said, "Why not?"

Yet a week later, Jenny also fell prey to her sinful ways. To be correct, she had fallen prey two months prior, but simply hadn't told anyone, not even Sally. But when her second monthly curse failed to appear on schedule, she finally admitted it.

Her Ladyship's plans were proceeding apace. I had to admit it.

I didn't have to like it ... but I had to admit it.

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