Penelope, Mistress of the Manor
Chapter 20

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 20 - The aged Earl of Haversham was in need of a wife, and an heir. So, he bartered a marriage to young Penelope, and brought her to Farnsworth Manor as the new mistress there. The only problem was that Penelope liked her former life just fine. She didn't want to wander around a dusty old mansion, while her belly swelled up until she waddled like a duck. At least not alone. But there were a number of young, nubile servant girls about the place. So she hatched a plan. She wouldn't BE alone.

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It was a climactic point in poor Suzette's miserable life. The privation of her diffident youth was suddenly assuaged by the overwhelming appreciation Stephan heaped upon her. It was not love ... not then ... but each offered the other a measure of sequacious adoration that left both of them in a torpor, until they could catch their breath, and roll toward each other, beginning anew. Suzette had always held something back from the world, hoarding that little bit that was hers and hers only ... that smidgen of herself that was the only thing the world couldn't take away from her. Now she wanted Stephan to share in that secret part of her.

What she experienced that day, and the fact that Stephan's mind also realized how perfectly matched they were in spirit and circumstance, would be the key that unlocked the cask of true happiness for them one day. By comparison to most others whose lives were ordained to serve the noble, they would have a wonderful life together.

But that was still in the future. Now they simply wallowed in young lust, and Stephan soaked her virgin womb with his spend. The mistress' nefarious plans were beginning to come to fruition. It would take only a few months for Suzette's gracile form to begin to be marred by the bulge of her shame.

Except by then, of course, she wouldn't be shamed by her pregnancy at all.

For now, she simply lay there happily, as her very first fuck resulted in receiving the sperm that would sire her very first child.

How, you ask me, could I possibly know this? That is simplicity itself. Suzette did not have the opportunity to lie with Stephan or any other man again for more than two months.

That is because, after all the girls were well and thoroughly bred, that day, and all the boys had exhausted the supply of sperm in their sacks, on the way back to the manor Suzette was so elated by everything that had happened to her that she mounted a stone wall, skipping along the top of it as she had in years past. Of course back then she had been trying to elude capture after stealing a loaf of bread or such. And back then she had done it daily. She was out of practice, and her foot slipped, resulting in a fall which firmly broke the lower bone in her right leg.

She was abed after that day until the doctor pronounced her fit to rise.

And by that time, it was noticed by Mrs. Hennesey that she had failed to bleed, or require the assistance of anyone to deal with that monthly problem.

The mistress was informed, of course. Mrs. Hennesey rarely spoke directly to Her Ladyship unless Penny initiated the conversation. This was different, though. By some arcane knowledge that women have, the housekeeper knew that she should report this tidbit of information to her mistress, rather than to me.

Of course I was the next one to know. The mistress sent Jenny for me, and as soon as I entered her chambers, I was grasped in her lovely arms and given an entirely inappropriate squeeze, during which her bounteous breasts crushed themselves against my chest. She smelled delicious.

"She's pregnant, Wadsworth! She's pregnant!" Her smile was dazzling.

"Who might that be, My Lady?" I asked, stiffly. Coincidentally, a part of me was actually stiff.

"Suzette! And apparently from her very first tryst!"

It is difficult for me to report events concurrently. By that, I suggest that when I think of one of the girls, I am captured by her particular circumstances, requiring all my energy to think. As an example I set before you the paragraphs above, in which I detailed Suzette's circumstances. I told her story as if it was all that happened, from her defloration, to Mrs. Hennesey's discovery of her unfortunate condition.

Of course the other girls lived on during that time as well. It is simply confusing to me to try to intermingle the various streams of existence.

For instance Suzette wasn't the first girl to turn up in the family way. Sally was. Whether it was because she was more fertile than the others, or had started staining her reputation before Suzette did, is for others to decide. She was a lusty wench, once untethered from solid, sober, moral discipline, and she enjoyed being pinned to a bed. I know she entertained Stephan, Hugh, and Jack whenever possible. I know of one time, when the mistress was out riding, (and no doubt being mounted by Jack, ) that she and Jenny shared Nigel between them in Her Ladyship's chamber.

So when her morning meals became more challenging for her to approach, I wasn't surprised.

First, for a few mornings, she simply said she wasn't hungry. Then she asked my advice for a tincture that might settle her stomach. Since the condition mediated as the day went on, I suspected morning sickness, an affliction my departed wife had suffered, and notified Her Ladyship of that suspicion. I confess I did so somewhat gleefully. To be able to alert Penelope to the fact that she had ruined the poor girl's life held a delicious, if impertinent joy for me.

But she noticed my implied rebuke not at all, laughing delightedly and calling her maids to her immediately to explore the truth of my warning. This is one time my interjection into women's affairs served me poorly. I had not been dismissed, so could not depart Penny's chambers. The Mistress professed to have knowledge of some arcane origin, that could decide the issue, and she told Sally to disrobe completely.

"Madam," I interjected softly, to remind her a man was in the room (and that she should tell me to go!)

She glanced at me but briefly, muttered "A moment, Wadsworth," and turned her attention back to Sally. The girl had become adept at loosening her clothing (imagine that!) and was soon as naked as the day she was born. That I was standing not ten feet from her did not discomfit her at all. Perhaps when a girl enjoys the eyes of multiple men raking over her nudity, followed by being mounted and ridden like a race horse on every possible occasion, she becomes less modest.

"Lie down and spread your legs," instructed Mistress Penelope.

"Madam!" I complained.

She turned her head to look at me. "Surely you jest, Wadsworth," she said. "Now is not the time. And aren't you a bit long in the tooth for sporting with one so young and tender?"

I realized that, in her mind, my intrusion simply displayed sexual interest in the naked girl now on the bed. I was horrified, of course, and my face must have shown it, because her eyes widened and I saw some clarity of thought enter her gaze.

"Of course not," she muttered. "What was I thinking?"

She moved to stand between me and the vision of loveliness on the bed who had so easily adopted the open, welcoming position of a woman in heat. "Wadsworth, you have my apologies," she said. "Sometimes my mind runs away with itself and I behave in silly ways. You are a good man, Wadsworth."

She put her hand on my shoulder. It was a remarkably intimate thing for a noble lady to do, not taking into consideration the fact that it was done in her own chambers, and in the presence of her servants. I was instantly frozen to the spot in astonishment that she could feel so casual about it!

"I must examine her, and then I may have instructions for you, Wadsworth," she said, suddenly all business now. "You may wait over there if you like."

She gestured carelessly toward the other side of the room, where the second spy hole was, and in which the current proceedings could be barred from my view. I came unfrozen and stepped that way. For some reason I didn't go quite far enough, though, because when I turned, I was presented with the view of Her Ladyship leaning close between Sally's spread thighs, peering intently at the girl's sex, her nose only inches away. The slim forefinger of her right hand came forward to touch Sally's skin.

"See?" she asked the room at large. I realized she must be addressing Sally, Jenny, or both of them. Sally's head came up as she also peered down between her legs.

"See the engorgement of the lips? See their bluish color? Have you frigged yourself recently, Sally?"

"No mistress," said Sally. I felt despair stab through me as I realized the girl was not in any way embarrassed by the question. She was completely depraved!

Penny's finger moved in a way that could only result in the tip sliding along Sally's sexual lips.

"And see this oily residue. Smell it."

The depravity continued as each girl sniffed at the fingertip.

"It smells different than usual," commented Jenny. I was reminded that her nose had been much too often, much too near her friend's sexual portal.

"That is because her body is changing, in preparation for delivering the baby that now resides here."

Penny reached and gently patted Sally's still flat abdomen.

"I'm ... with child?" Sally's voice was a squeak.

"I believe you are, dear," said Penelope, who was obviously delighted. "This is wonderful!"

"Milady! Rather this is awful!" gasped Sally. "What will people think?"

"People will think you have lain with your husband and conceived a child," said Penny, calmly.

"But I have no husband!" said Sally, pointing out the obvious.

"I have seen you with Hugh," said Penny. "You are obviously smitten with him."

"True," admitted Sally, "But he is not my husband."

"He could be," said Penelope.

"He has shown no desire to assume that role," said Sally. It sounded as if pout had entered her voice.

"Have you asked him about any interest?"

I could see the shock on Sally's face. "It isn't the girl's place to invite marriage!" she said.

"It is if the boy is too daft to bring it up himself." Penny's opinions were often more practical than traditional.

"I wouldn't know how to conduct such a discussion," sighed Sally.

"Would you marry him if he asked you?" Penny's voice was calm.

"This is all happening too quickly for my mind to think on," complained the girl.

My smile was grim. She should have thought about that before she succumbed to Our Lady's wiles.

"Can you see yourself married to him ... living with him ... raising your baby with him?" Penny's voice was still calm.

Sally actually closed her eyes. "Yes," she finally whispered.

"Then don't worry. Things will take care of themselves."

Sally didn't know it then, but the way things "took care of themselves" involved Lady Penelope sending word to the blacksmith that some of his son's work had come undone, and requiring the boy to come repair it. When he did, he found not a crack in a weld, but an unsmiling noblewoman who informed him that he had ruined one of her ladies in waiting. She had me with her, and had told me to stand to one side and stare at the boy. She even suggested I have a disapproving look on my face while I did so.

That was no problem. I did disprove of the situation.

But it was Lady Penelope's fault ... not his.

Hugh found himself in a difficult position. He was apprenticed to his own father, which no doubt meant his wages were theoretical, rather than physical. He lived with his father as well. He had nothing to offer a woman, at least from his own vantage point.

But there were aspects of his situation he did not appreciate.

First, his work ethic was faultless. He paid attention to his tasks, and did them as well as he could. He did not settle for second best. If an escutcheon he made, or a hinge he fitted didn't look the way he thought it should, he either reworked it, or started over. He could do that because of the economy with which he used his time. He didn't lag, or rest more often than required. In short, he was a hard worker, and that is the primary attribute of a good husband.

Second, the lady of the manor wanted husbands for her servants, no matter how gruff she sounded when she accused him of soiling her lady's maid. That was all for show. Do not ask me why she did some things for show, and yet conducted herself in other ways that plainly exhibited the sad nature of her lustful addictions.

I was not privy to her conversations with His Lordship. To be honest, I didn't even know she had them. She went to lie with him on the rare occasion, and several times they dined together, but otherwise she had little to do with the man, while he seemed content to sit in a stupor in his chair, reeking of rum, or off playing cards with his peers, talking about horses. He went to inspect his stables less and less, trusting Curtis and Jack to run things appropriately. He did still take an active interest in buying and selling his stock, but that (and drink) seemed the only things he was really interested in.

She did speak with him, though, because it was his consent that was needed for what she planned to come to fruition. She simply offered Hugh a permanent position as blacksmith for the estate, with the right to build himself and his bride a small cottage on the grounds.

That would become, in fact, her means of procuring both husbands and willing servants for the estate. Of course the wages she offered were less than modest, at least at first. In some cases, men were predisposed to agree because she had been such a pleasant influence in their lives. Stephan and Charley were in that category. Others, like Nigel and Hugh, she captured through giving them unfettered access to women they could not resist. And of course she was not above engendering shame in a man for having "gotten the girl in trouble." Her tactics were abhorrent, but having said that, I could not but admit that the pairings she eventually made all ended well. In fact, I must confess, though strongly against my will, that she was brilliant in choosing mates for her girls.

I get ahead of myself, however. For now, I should restrict my report to her dealings with Hugh and Sally.

Within a fortnight, Hugh had proposed to Sally, and she had accepted. He moved back into his smithy on the estate, and started work on their cottage immediately.

His father was not happy. Master Hinkman lost his apprentice, whom he refused to certify. But there was nothing he could do about it. The boy was already beyond his physical control, and it would have been unwise for him to gainsay the approval of His Lordship for the union. Further, no one required anything of him for things to progress. He was, basically helpless to prevent it.

I have thought long and hard, since then, and have arrived at the conclusion that the others - Jack, Nigel, Charley, and Stephan, were intelligent enough to recognize the way the wind was blowing. That is because, with no pressure I could detect, they all agreed to help Hugh construct the cot he and his intended would live in. In later days, other cottages would be built, and the same men would band together to make that happen.

And so it was that Hugh and Sally were to be wed, and by the time it would be plain for anyone to see that she was with child, her husband would be able to carry her across the threshold of their modest, cozy home.

As I said, while such was happening to one girl, other things were happening to other girls. Here, then is the next chapter of the tale.

By this time, the only young woman in the manor who was uninitiated was Marie. Her paralyzing shyness had abated somewhat. I think that was because Mistress Penelope was so easy with the staff. Mrs. Hennesey had always cracked the whip, as was only appropriate. The former countess had been a whip-cracker as well. And, in truth, Penelope never stopped Mrs. Hennesey from performing her duties in that fashion. She simply relaxed the rules, allowing the staff to do things that would previously have resulted in stern reprimand. I spoke already of that time she actually shared wine with Cook and Marie. There were other examples as well. I saw her stop her promenade through the garden one day to help Marie pick ripe tomatoes off the vine. Unthinkable! And another time she curried her own horse! Incomprehensible! There were three occasions she gave Mrs. Hennesey the day off (when it wasn't her day off) and actually performed the housekeeper's duties herself, directly supervising Jane and Nigel. I thought she was actually investigating some complaint, but instead, she and Jane sat and polished silver together. It was astounding. She obtained an ointment that came, allegedly, all the way from London, and then gave it to Suzette for her to use in remediating what the water and lye soap did to the girl's hands.

All the servants were aware of these departures from her proper station. Gossip is like that. It pervades a manor.

But, more importantly ... Marie was aware of all this.

And when Penelope finally decided it was time for Marie to join the ranks of the eligible, both in terms of marriage and pregnancy, it wasn't nearly as terrifying to the girl as it would have been, the previous year.

I said the easement of her paralyzing shyness was more important, but information I obtained later might have been just as critical. I'll inform you of it here, because it is here that it will render the most illumination.

I told you that gossip pervaded the manor. That is quite true. And Cook, having been employed on the estate since she was a girl in pigtails, was quite adept at interpreting signs and whisperings and such. To that end, she knew a lot more of what was going on than anyone realized. And, since she supervised Marie most of every day, and chatted endlessly as to her suspicions, and deductions and on and on ... Marie knew a lot about what was going on as well.

In fact, she had the best sexual education of any of the girls, because Cook enjoyed talking about it. Her natterings were full of reminiscences of when her husband, who had died in a hunting accident, had sought her eagerly in bed. She had never remarried, having become corpulent, as many cooks are, and there being no pensioner on the estate who needed his bed warmed. So all she had was her memory of sweet times, and she talked about them a lot. The assiduity of her discussions and descriptions of copulation would have rendered me speechless and red-faced. I am quite sure, after hearing Marie describe it, that her stories would have been right at home among the drunken patrons of a tavern.

The point is that Marie knew what to expect, if it ever came time for her to sport with a man. Or at least what Cook would have expected, I suppose.

And Penelope was good at the dulcification of the girl, coaxing her into eventually having an actual conversation about something. As I recall, she got Marie to tell her the steps Mrs. Tinsdale had taken to make the stew that was being served that evening.

As to how Penelope seduced the girl, it was with her normal, insouciant skill at understanding what motivated people. She started by making good on her suggestion that, some day, she would have to show Cook that she could make a pie. One evening, she did just that. I checked in on them from time to time. Wine was also involved that night, and soon Mrs. Tinsdale was a tittering, flushed woman, acting much younger than her years. Marie was smiling, though she still said little. Penny gave orders to both, which I found astonishing. Most cooks would not abide anyone coming into their kitchens and bandying orders about, even if it was the lord or lady. Well, to be more nearly accurate, nobody outside our estate could even conceive of the Lord or Lady entering the kitchens at all, except perhaps on an inspection tour.

In any case, before the night was done, and the last pot washed and properly put in its place, some half dozen pies had been made, and two bottles of wine had been consumed.

I didn't have to wonder where Jenny and Sally were. Had I not seen them, I would have assumed they were down in the stables, with Hugh and Charley. Or maybe Jack. As astonishing as it might seem to a sober and well mannered reader, they sometimes flitted from one man to another, drinking multiple doses of human nectar into their bodies, as a bee flits from flower to flower, loading down its legs with pollen.

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