Penelope, Mistress of the Manor
Chapter 9

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 9 - The aged Earl of Haversham was in need of a wife, and an heir. So, he bartered a marriage to young Penelope, and brought her to Farnsworth Manor as the new mistress there. The only problem was that Penelope liked her former life just fine. She didn't want to wander around a dusty old mansion, while her belly swelled up until she waddled like a duck. At least not alone. But there were a number of young, nubile servant girls about the place. So she hatched a plan. She wouldn't BE alone.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Pregnancy  

The mistress had him where she wanted him - helpless. Whether it was due to shock or something else, she cared not. She simply wanted him malleable enough to bend to her desires.

"Girls?" She needed say no more. Both girls stepped delicately into the tub, Jenny behind Stephan, facing his back, and Sally in front of him, facing him. They, too, sank down. I imagined Jenny's thighs sliding past Stephan's hips, her soft skin caressing his, and her firm young breasts pressing into his back. Sally left off being the vamp and reached for soap, with which she lathered his shoulders and chest. The poor boy didn't know whether to stare at her breasts, or lean to get another look at his mistress. His upper body swayed, as does a tree trunk in a high wind.

Jack entered the room, also naked.

"My good man, Jack, will demonstrate what will be expected of you, when you become a husband."

And they did. She lay supine on her bed, meek as any good wife, while he climbed up and spread her legs with his hands, pulling her knees up so that her heels supported her legs. Now the boy ignored Sally completely, and leaned hard to his right, his eyes riveted on the scene on the bed.

Jack mounted her in the Christian style, properly face to face, which relieved me. I had experienced, in my younger days, aberrant forms of mating that, while much entertaining and satisfying, were sure to have endangered my soul. I was glad she had not disturbed the boy's sensibilities in such a way.

"It's quite easy," panted her ladyship. "There is some work involved for the husband, as you can see," Jack thrust lustily, over and over again, "but with a bit of practice, you'll develop the muscles required."

"Practice?" Stephan whispered to no one.

Jack groaned and froze, pushing hard.

"Jack!" she scolded, slapping his ass hard. "Bad boy! Now you'll be useless for a spell!"

"I'm sorry, Milady," he groaned, pushing even harder.

"No you're not. You'll pay for that later, knave."

"Yes, Milady," he sighed, collapsing on top of her.

"Get off me, you oaf!" she barked, pushing hard and rolling him to the side. She was thus revealed, still splayed open, her pussy lips weeping huge drips of thick, white spend.

Stephan whined, and his hand disturbed the water as it moved quickly between his legs.

Penny sat up, reached to seal her sex closed with three fingers, and stood, to go stand beside the tub.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"N-n-nothing," he said, instinctively.

"Stand up and let me see you," she said, imperiously.

He struggled up, his hands on either side of the tub. Jenny aided him with her hands on his buttocks, and giggled. Sally stayed on her knees as his youthful penis came even with her face. She was so debased she reached immediately for his stalk. He was uncut, and she skinned the hood back, revealing a firm, pointed head, pale pink in color. He was long enough to give her a complete handful, and still leave the knob protruding from her closed fist. To my dismay she leaned forward to kiss the little eye.

Jenny caught his weight as he leaned back, her hands still on his backside, and strained to keep him upright. His hands came to the edge of the tub again as he bent to catch himself.

"Gently, Sally," corrected the mistress.

"He looks so yummy," sighed the younger of her lady's maids.

"Perhaps you might experience him in another orifice," whispered Penny, conspiratorially.

This got Sally's attention, and she dropped the boy's cock as if it were red hot. "Mistress!" she shrieked.

"Shhhh," said Penelope. "Jack has already ruined your virginity ... remember? Did you not see the blood on his finger when he lost himself and plundered you?"

Sally's hand went to her sex and covered it, protectively.

"Are you still sore?" asked the mistress.

She stood, frozen for a moment, but then moved. "No," she said softly.

"I know you're curious," teased our lady.

"But with him?" At last, Sally's objection became known. I almost groaned. It wasn't that she wanted to protect her virtue. She just wasn't sure if she wanted to squander it on this stripling.

"Shall I call for Louis?" The lady's eyes glittered.

Sally flushed. She shook her head once in either direction, signifying a negative answer.

"Do you want Jack to be your first?"

"His thing would split me apart!" squeaked the girl.

"Louis is even larger, as I recall," the mistress said, relentlessly.

"What?!" Jack finally uttered a word.

The lady looked over at him. "Don't be jealous. Yours has been where his has not. I'm simply aware of his advanced state of maturity, that is all."

You see what I mean by the power of Mistress Penelope's forceful personality. Rather than discussing whether or not Sally should be fucked at all, the question had somehow moved on and was now centered around who should fuck her first! Next she'd be arranging a schedule of promiscuity.

The mistress proved me right. "Why don't you try Stephan on for fit. Then you can decide who to sport with next."

Stephan looked terrified, but his penis wasn't. It stood straight as an arrow, looking skyward, as if aimed at some bird in flight. I noticed Jenny had stood, and had her arms around him now, one hand sliding gently over his stomach and chest. He seemed not to notice, but he was, of course, distracted.

The lady turned to the younger son of her stablemaster. "Would you be willing to help Sally explore the delights she will be due when she marries?"

Bless my heart if the boy didn't respond by saying, "Is she going to marry me?"

The lady laughed, but it wasn't an unkind one. "I think not, Stephan. She is several years your senior. But assisting her will also give you some experience. Surely you have thought to engage in such sport."

His penis bobbed in answer for him.

I needed to move around. My knees were stiff, and my joints ached. I suspected they would dry him off first, so I walked carefully up and down the passageway several times to get my blood flowing. Most of it appeared to be stuck in the organ within my pants. I hadn't been so stiff, with such girth, in ... since I was much younger.

When I returned to my spy hole, I saw him laid out on a duvet that had been folded and spread on the floor. Apparently the lady was not willing to let sport other than her own take place on her bed. He lay stiffly, watching Sally like I am told a mongoose watches the cobra. I suspect, though, that those roles were reversed. Stephan might have the fang, but I imagined that Sally would prevail in the end. She was on all fours.

I must admit she was, in fact, gentle with him. Perhaps that was because of some reserve within herself. She began by kissing him, of all things. Their first truly sexual touch was shared, and it was only a kiss. Then, again perhaps because of some residual hesitance within her, she trailed little kisses down over his hairless chest, to his heaving belly, and let her nose plow into that soft brown nest of hair. Her hand again found his member, and grasped it gently. Her face moved over it as she revealed that pointed head again. I think we all expected her to kiss it again, but her hesitance was gone. Still, she reverted to something she was already familiar with. She slid her lips over just the head and her cheeks caved in.

Stephan gasped, and then a sound tore from his throat as if he were being tortured.

"Careful," warned the mistress. "If you overexcite him, you'll have to wait. Not long, I imagine, but it might be frustrating."

The girl looked up. "What do I do? Shall I lie down, as you did?"

"This first time, I think not," said Penny. "There is a way for you to determine how deeply he strikes, and for how long he stays embedded. It may seem strange, but I think it best for your first foray into this exercise."

My earlier worries about her completely corrupting the children came to fruition, as she taught the girl how to sit on Stephan's abdomen, leaning forward, while The Mistress herself grasped his adolescent prick and directed that pointed tip between Sally's sexual lips.

"Now slide back, towards his feet," said Penny.

Sally was entirely too energetic, and took the boy's prod in one fell swoop. He was buried to his barely-haired balls.

Twin groans filled the room.

"Oh my," moaned Sally.

"Urg," croaked Stephan.

"Lean forward, silly," scolded Penelope gently. "Pull off him a bit."

Sally did so, and I saw perhaps half of Stephan's cock appear again. But then Sally pushed back, and his spike disappeared up in her again.

"I like it better this way," she panted. Her hips twitched.

She sat up, looking down at her first lover. His eyes were round as saucers. He whined, and coughed.

"What's that?" asked Sally, curiously. "He is suddenly warmer. It feels wet up inside me."

Her Ladyship snorted. "He has released himself prematurely. Do not be surprised. Most men do. He will have to be taught now not to do that." She looked at Jack, who stood, stolidly. His prick was stolid too, curved as usual, but faithfully firm.

"I can't feel him anymore," complained Sally.

"He is young. His tool will become useful to you again in a few minutes. Why don't you satisfy your urge to taste him, now?"

I goggled as the girl calmly got off the boy and enveloped his messy, sperm-covered penis in her mouth. She sucked him clean and sat up on her calves, swallowing and licking her lips.

"He tastes different. Not bad. Just different."

"Most men do," said Penny. "As each has a different looking penis, each also tastes different as well. Of course some of what you are tasting is yourself. If there is a sweet, or tart component, that's probably your own juices."

Sally looked up at Stephan, whose face was bright red.

"We taste good," she said.

The poor lad fainted dead away.

I confess I was weak, that night. I stayed, pacing quietly up and down the passageway when my aged bones complained too much, but keeping my eye pressed to the spy hole as much as possible.

Stephan revived, and once he realized it was all true, his reticence vanished. Jenny brought him back to full mast with her mouth, and he pulled at her, trying to pull her on top of him. Jack barked out a sharp "No! Not her!" and the lad turned his attention to Sally again.

As for her, she avidly assumed the normal position, opening herself in complete surrender as the boy climbed aboard and rutted in her lustily. Again he reached his climax too soon. But by the time he was on his fourth happy trip to the land of ecstasy, either he had gained some measure of control, or perhaps was simply numb from his previous ventures, and Sally finally shuddered in happy release as he pounded her.

Meanwhile, of course, Her Ladyship rutted with Jack, sometimes below, and sometimes above.

It did my heart good when Jack prevented Jenny's despoilment. I thought he had finally called upon what virtue was left in his own heart, to keep her pure. But she was obviously in distress, having frigged herself until she was practically raw.

And then Her Ladyship raised the level of debauchery even higher.

She laid Jenny out on her bed, legs spread, sex glistening in the candle light. I caught my breath, because as she shoved Jack toward his sister, his prick was engorged and dripping. Stephan and Sally were catching their breath from their endeavors, and simply watched, expecting, no doubt, what I was expecting. Had Jack merely saved his sister for himself?

"Taste her, as she has tasted you," purred my wicked mistress. "Give her release with your tongue, and lips."

She made it sound simple ... normal ... simply another way to enjoy one's self and serve your lover.

It wasn't that easy, though. I had never done this thing she was urging him to do, but I could imagine the intricacies. My fingers had fumbled often enough, in years past, between slippery lips like those. I knew of the protrusion that, when touched in just the right way, drove women almost to madness. But it was buried deep between her pouting vulva, and while it was easy to tickle with a finger, his tongue was soft, without callus, and would merely slide right over that bump. What good would that do?

She instructed him, and within minutes Jenny's back was arched, and her cries threatened to arouse the house. Thankfully Penny snatched at a pillow and thrust it over the girl's wailing face. She willingly grabbed it and appeared to try to smother herself. A foot lifted, hovered over Jack's back for two heartbeats, and then thumped firmly between his shoulder blades. The other foot came up and joined the first. His head moved incessantly, both up and down, and back and forth, obeying Her Ladyship's commands.

Then she said, "Bite it - gently! - but bite it."

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