A Weekend With My Sisters

by Baron Rod

Copyright© 2013 by Baron Rod

Fiction Sex Story: The parents go away for the weekend. After the chores are done three sibling find their parent's X-rated DVD stash. Then the fun begins.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Masturbation   .

It was going to be a lousy weekend in mid July. My folks had left right after work on Friday to see our Great Aunt Barbara who lived in the next state and was in the hospital. They left my older sister in charge. She can be a real nice person, but she has a control streak. The orders were no visitors, no leaving the house or backyard and they wanted a bunch of house chores done by the time they got back Sunday evening. If we did the chores by the time they got home they would take us all out to dinner.

My name is David, usually Dave, and I've been fifteen for three months, five foot seven, a hundred thirty pounds. I'm in good shape as I swim a lot and am on the track team at school. I have two sisters. Cathy, usually Cat, is sixteen months older at sixteen and a half years old. She is five foot six and a thin hundred twenty pounds. Eleanor, Elle, is fourteen months younger than me having just turned fourteen. She is five foot three and a hundred ten pounds. Our family runs to green eyed, auburn haired people. I wear mine in what Dad calls 'business length', Cat goes for shoulder length and Elle has hair down to her mid-back and is usually in one long braid.

From the time the parents left until supper Cat had us working. She used the ploy that if we got it all done early then we could relax the rest of the weekend. After supper we did some more chores, but eight o'clock came along and we all wanted to watch TV. We had only a couple more chores to do which could easily be done in under two hours tomorrow. The girls wanted some inane reality show and I wanted a movie. I lost. Of course. Two to one vote.

Mom and Dad like living in the dark ages. There is only one TV, not even hooked to cable, just the five local broadcast stations. The three major networks, an independent and PBS. There's a DVD player my Uncle Stu bought for Dad. There is a small collection of 'G' rated DVDs and some old stuff that our folks like. A couple radios are the only other electronics in the house. They say it brings us closer as a family and prevents a lot of temptation. Since I couldn't watch my movie my options were very limited. I had worked very hard at the chores and decided to take a shower and then read a science fiction book.

I'd finished the shower, had put my PJ's on and was reading when Cat came up and told me the show was over and did I want to watch a DVD ... my pick. I picked one of Dad's favorites, "McClintok", a John Wayne movie. It has the most hilarious fight scene I've ever seen.

When the movie was over Cat said, "While I was tidying up Mom and Dad's room and I found a box of DVDs in their closet. From the cover pictures I think that they are 'X' rated movies. Pornography. Should I bring them down?"

I knew what my vote would be, but I kept quiet until after Elle said "You mean that they show sex?"

Cat replied, "Yup! At least that's what the covers and promo stuff imply."

Elle giggled and said "Wow! We could see what that's all about. Sure bring them down."

I just happily nodded my head.

Cat left and was back moments later. She had a small box that had about a half dozen jewel cases in it. She said "I found it and I'm the oldest so I'm going to pick the first one. Dave, you can pick the next and then Elle and back through the circle again. OK?"

Elle and I agreed and Cat picked one and fired it up. I don't know if all porn is like that, but this one had only the sketchiest of plots and people were fucking from thirty seconds into the movie. I, of course, was stiff instantly.

Cat noticed and asked "Does this stuff on screen turn you on? From that tent in the front of your pants I guess it does."

I decided not to be embarrassed and gave a hearty laugh. I told her "Of course it does! It's designed to do that."

Elle asked "Is your thing as big as those guys? Can we see it?"

I glanced at Cat and she gave me an interested look. Maybe if I did this right I could get them naked, too. I stood up and dropped my PJ pants and as I did I commented "I'm nowhere near as big as those guys. I'm only fourteen and they're full adults and porn stars, too."

My prong was a bit over a hand width and was pretty thick. From what I'd seen in gym class showers I had nothing to be ashamed of and maybe something to be proud of when I finish growing up.

Cat asked "Do you squirt that white stuff like they do? What is that?"

I answered in reverse, "It's cum ... and yes I can do that. I do that every time I masturbate." I decided to give it a try. "Hey, since you guys are looking at me I want to see you too. Fair is fair." and I removed my PJ top also.

They looked at each other and then in a flurry of clothes they were naked. Cat's breasts were (I later learned) a B-cup and had little finger tip sized nipples on fifty cent sized areolas and she had a well defined bush. Elle had bad bee stings raising her areolas and nipples that were a standard pencil eraser size, her bush was very fine and almost not there. Both of my sisters' bushes were the same shade as their head hair and mostly at the tops of their slits.

Cat asked, "Will you masturbate for us? We want to see that stuff squirt out like on the DVD."

I replied, "Sure, I'll do that, but it would be neater for me if you two would take turns playing with me and maybe do some of the stuff we watched those women do. You'd get a closer look that way." Wow. If they fell for that I'd get my first blowjob ... or at least a handjob.

My sisters looked at me, then at each other, then at the TV ... and then repeated the cycle. A final look at each other and they sat down on either side of me. Then they both reached out and touched me.

Oh! My! God! I'd been masturbating for over a year. I'd gotten to know the feeling of my hand around my shaft and the pleasure it brought. I suddenly found out that someone else's hand ... or hands in this case ... felt a whole lot better.

As she was jacking me Elle said, "It's weird. It feels so soft, yet so firm. From school and these movies I know that this ... penis ... is supposed to go in me, but it looks too big to fit me."

Cat, who was rubbing the palm of her hand on the top of my prick, chuckled, "You're designed to let babies come out of there. A guy's penis ... cock ... should fit just fine. Although, from girls at school I've heard the first time can hurt." She traded hand holds with Elle and said, "And you're right, the difference of the really solid shaft and the feel of softness is way cool."

While they were talking to each other they hadn't stopped pumping and rubbing my shaft and it felt great. I took a chance and reached out to them and touched each of the bare breasts nearest me. They gasped and sped up their ministrations. I rubbed their nipples while they rubbed me.

That did it. I blew off. Elle was rubbing the glans and blocked most of the first shot of cum. She jerked her hand away and the follow on shots sprayed in whatever direction Cat happened to point my cock. There were five gouts of splooge and it was all over me. Elle and Cat also had beads of white decorating their skin.

Elle looked at her hand and then licked it. She got an odd expression on her face.

"What's it taste like, Elle?", Cat asked.

"Sorta salty, sour." answered Elle. "Lick some off of Dave. There's enough of it. Wow! You guys sure are messy!"

Cat licked me and said, "Yeah, salty, sour about defines it."

"Well," I replied, "from what I understand most of the mess should be in you. Oh, God girls, that was the most awesome thing to ever happen to me. You made me feel better than I ever have doing it myself."

They grinned at the praise.

I panted a bit trying to get my breathing straight and then a asked, "OK, I've showed you how I masturbate. Will you show me how girls do it?"

They again looked at each other and then sat down on the couch at opposite ends, spread their legs and began massaging their tits with one hand while massaging their pussies with the other. I noticed Elle was a bit slower in doing something than Cat and that she kept looking at her like she was getting pointers. Maybe she hadn't started doing herself as yet and was getting on the job training.

After watching for a bit, long enough for the girls to start panting, I asked "Since you guys touched me, can I touch you?"

They looked at each other again and Cat said, "You already have while we did you. Yeah, go ahead."

I got between them and had them both get closer to me. Then I reached out to touch a boob on each of them. I rubbed their tits as I had seen them doing it. Their nipples were hard little points and both felt really good. Cat was a nice handful and Elle's tit was just a bump in my palm. I got a neat thought and leaned in toward Elle. I took her whole tit into my mouth and sucked while tickling the nipple with my tongue.

Elle started to protest and then groaned in pleasure.

"Oh, yeah, Dave" she moaned, "Oh, yeah ... that feels really nice. Keep doing that."

Cat decided that she wanted to go to the next level too. She took my hand off of her tit and moved it down to her muff. I almost fought her, but I quickly figured out where she was moving me. I started feeling around and found her cleft. I traced my finger along it, at one point getting a gasp. I noted that point as someplace to explore at length, but continues feeling downward. I found a really wet spot and wiggled my finger there getting it very slick.

So there I was sucking on Elle's tit and fingering Cat's box. I realized that I had a free hand and moved that down to Elle's pussy, pushing her hand out of the way and taking over feeling her. Both girls were panting and moaning like nothing I'd ever seen or heard. Making another decision I left Elle's little boob and knelt back so that I could see what my hands were doing.

Their pussies had gone from a tight slit to gaping open with the outer lips all puffy. The really wet area was near the bottom of the slit and must be the vagina. As I moved my finger up each fissure I hit a little nodule a little bit from the top of the slit that looked to be covered by a sheathe that filled that top part of the slit. When I hit this both of my sisters jerked and gasped. That must be the clit. I looked at them and saw that Cat's clit was about the size of a small eraser on those mechanical pencils, way smaller than Elle's nipples. Elle's clit was just a bit smaller. I started to pay a lot of attention there. Whenever I felt that the area was getting a little dry I dipped down to gather the dew from their vaginas. Both of my sisters were panting with their backs slightly arched. Cat was moaning and Elle was making a high pitched whine.

Their orgasms hit at just about the same time. A stereo cry of pleasure, Cat a little quieter than Elle, was ripped from them and their bodies went stiff. When their eyes uncrossed they started babbling mostly a reprise of what I had said about being the best ever and totally awesome.

My stomach took that moment to growl. Both of my sisters laughed and agreed that a snack was in order since they both felt a little peckish too. We were up hours later than our folks allowed. We didn't bother to dress. In the kitchen we whipped up some loaded microwave baked potatoes ... another quirk of my folks, they don't buy normal teenage snacks ... and devoured them.

Cat asked "Did we ever see the end of that porno?"

Elle and I looked puzzled and then we both said, "No."

Elle said, "I was having too much fun to look at the TV. Do you really want to watch porn or do you want to play with Dave some more. Look. He's hard again."

Cat said, "Well, we could use the pornos as 'training films'. From what I caught out of the corner of my eye while Dave was fingering us looked like it might be fun."

I chimed in with, "Yeah, we could play the DVD until we see something we might want to do and then pause it. Or rewind for more instruction. Whatever."

So we put in the next DVD and started watching. We didn't get too far in when Cat paused the flick.

"She's swallowing him." she said.

"Yeah, Cat," I said. "I'll bet the those girls you mentioned earlier probably talked about blow jobs. That's what she's doing. You don't get your teeth involved and when the guy shoots off most guys like you to swallow, but the girl really has the choice of swallowing, spitting it out or actually pulling off early and finishing with a hand job like you guys did earlier."

"Yeah, I've heard that," Cat said, "but I didn't believe it. Putting that thing in your mouth ... ewwwww."

"Well it works in reverse, too." I said. "Guys lick girls' pussies, too. It's called eating pussy. Start up the porno and let's see if they do both."

Of course they did! Showed both sides loving it.

I had nothing to lose at this point. My sisters couldn't tell our parents anything without getting themselves in as much hot water as I would be dunked in. We were all sitting on the couch with me in the center. I slid off the couch and rolled to between Cat's knees. I pulled her butt to the edge of the couch and dived in spreading her legs as I got to my target.

"Dave!!!!" What are you..." she started to say. As my tongue ran up her slit and hit her clit she ended with "Oh! My! God! Oh, don't you dare stop. Keep doing that. Oh, God!"

Cat tasted ... interesting. I guess I could learn to like that taste. For now ... interesting. The aroma though. From talk with other guys and the jokes I'd heard I expected a fishy component. I didn't smell fish. I don't know what to compare that odor to, but in my mind it was now tagged 'aroused female'. An aroma I was quickly addicted to. I want that smell, I need that smell, I'll do almost anything to get my head between a female's legs.

I did what Cat commanded. I didn't stop. I'm glad I had her hips in my hands because she started bucking those hips. I held on and controlled the worst of the bucking somewhat. She kept exhorting me onward, but shortly switched languages to pure Upper Middle Urdu babble that kept going up in pitch. After concentrating on Cat's clit for a while I remembered what I had been doing while fingering the girls. I licked my way down the short distance to her vagina. With my nose on her clit I stuck my tongue into her love canal to gather more nectar. She exploded with a scream. I'd seen her orgasm before when I had fingered her. This was orders of magnitude more. Her hips came up off the couch as the only parts of her touching anything were her head on the couch back and her feet on the floor. Yeah, she wasn't touching me either. That violent hip bounce smashed me backward onto the rug.

Elle, who had her hand firmly in her crotch, yelled at me, "Do me! Do me now!"

Cat wasn't back from wherever her orgasm had transported her. Elle had already gotten her butt on the couch edge and had her legs spread as far as she could get them. I knew my target. Here was another female who wanted me to inhale her wonderful aroma. I rolled to her, knelt before her and lowered my head to her altar of feminity while grabbing her hips.

Both the taste and the aroma were slightly different. Not too far off. A difference in age I guess. A bad simile might be aged cheddar to younger cheddar or how my Dad talks about the difference in the same brand of Scotch at twelve and sixteen years old. Same family, different ages. Both delightful.

Elle's command of the babble language was as advanced as Cat's and her pitch was higher. I'll bet dogs all over the neighborhood were wincing.

All of a sudden I felt something warm and wet on my cock. Startled I lifted up off of Elle to see what was happening. Elle was not pleased and tried to push my head back down. I had just enough time to see that Cat had shinnied on her back along side the couch to under Elle and had gotten her mouth on my shaft. While the amateur blow job was a distraction ... to say the least ... I got back to lapping at Elle's clit.

The girls that Cat had heard talking must have mentioned tongue action because that must have been what I was feeling. I was panting while trying to lick and Elle was beyond incoherent. I felt I was going to boil over real soon so I tried the trick that had worked on Cat. Yup, that worked. Elle had her scream while she orgasmed, bucking real hard into my face. I had a better positioned grip and I didn't get knocked ass over teakettle this time. With Cat on my prick that would have really hurt.

However, having another girl orgasm under my tongue and all the previous stimulation Cat's blowjob had it's effect and I roared out my completion. I bucked into Cat's face driving my shaft right down her throat. So her first blowjob ended in a deep throat. She gagged and quickly pulled back from me so that the follow on splooges were in her mouth. I fell backward and watched her swallow.

I looked at Cat and she said, "It's better right from the tap."

I lightly kissed her, sort of tasting an after taste of me, and asked, "That was even better than the hand job! Your tongue was really driving me crazy. Did I actually feel your nose in my hair down there?"

"Yeah," she replied, "You surprised me with that hip thrust. I backed off quick 'cause I was really gagging. I think you shot the first bunch of stuff right down my throat."

Elle reintegrated about then and bubbled, "Oh God that was the greatest ever. I can't imagine anything that would top that."

"You can say that again, sister mine." Cat chortled. "When Dave did me I thought I would die from the pleasure. I would have died really happy."

Elle yawned and both Cat and I were suddenly yawning too.

Cat looked at the clock and said, "No wonder we're yawning. It's after one. All that exercise and we're up more than two hours later than usual. Let's go to bed."

Elle asked plaintively, "Do I have to sleep alone?"

Cat is forever practical. "Well, all of our beds are singles and we'd be pretty tight there. Mom and Dad have a king sized bed, but if they found out that we all slept there we'd be grounded for life."

I tossed an idea out, "We could strip their blankets and sheets off and put them back on Sunday before they get home."

"Good idea." Elle said. "We could get the oldest sheets Mom has and maybe those sheets that Mom used when we were babies. I'm leaking like crazy and Dave here pumps out a lot of that cum."

Cat said, "That's a really good idea, Elle. I feel pretty sticky down there too. Messing up sheets is one thing. If we mess up their mattress grounding for life is merely the start. Actually if they found out what we've done Dave would be sent to a military boarding school and we'd get sent to a convent school for girls. What we've been doing is incest and just about everybody says that's really wrong."

"I don't care," Elle snapped. "Dave makes me feel real good and that can't be bad."

"Oh, I agree, Elle." Cat said. "Dave makes me feel wonderful and I think he'll agree that we make him feel good too. I'm just saying that we can never tell anyone about this. And I mean no one! Nobody will understand."

"You got that right." I said. "Incest is really frowned on. The worst thing you can call somebody at school is motherfucker. I've never heard anyone use sister fucker, but I'll bet that would get fights going if the guy has a sister ... you hear jokes about sisters ... a virgin in West Virginia is a girl that can outrun her brothers. Like that. I want us to remain friends and I don't want us to get in trouble. If you guys want I'll sleep in my bed and you can sleep with each other. Our beds are big enough for that."

There was a chorus of "No way!" and Cat continued, "We have a plan and we'll all sleep in Mom and Dad's bed. We love you, both as a brother and as a lover. We're probably not going to be virgins by the end of this weekend, but that's the way I want this weekend to go. Let's get busy with the bed."

We didn't talk much while we striped our parent's bed. We figured that in July we wouldn't need a top sheet or covers. We put down our baby rubber sheets and covered those with the oldest, rattiest king sized fitted sheet we could find in the linen closet. I had a thought and mentioned that we'd better do the same thing with the pillows. By the time we finished it was almost 1:45 and we were all ready to crash. Too ready for bed to shower. We got onto the bed, snuggled and were asleep in minutes.


I've always been an early riser. However, this morning it was about 8:40 when I awoke in the middle of a naked pile of bodies. I had the usual morning boner and unlike other mornings this morning had lots of temptation to use it. However, I really wanted to stay friends with my sisters so using my boner on one of them without their active cooperation was right out. I managed to get out of the pile without waking anyone. I peed, showered, brushed my teeth and then went downstairs. The girls were always happy when Dad made pancakes. Mom never made them. Dad had taught me how to do this manly meal. I started getting things together and setting up the table. I wasn't going to start cooking until there were people ready to eat the flapjacks.

About a little over half hour later I heard movement upstairs and a few minutes later Cat called down "Dave, are you downstairs?"

"Yeah," I called out. "Flapjacks in ten minutes."

I heard Elle squeal, "Flapjacks!! Yay! We'll be right down."

I turned the burners on and set Dad's griddle on them. I waited for the griddle to get ... as Dad says ... NASA hot. I put a rasher of bacon on one end of the griddle and then I started pouring six inch flapjacks. The griddle holds six if I'm not doing bacon, then it's four. I suddenly discovered that I needed an apron. Frying bacon and nudity really don't mix.

By the time the girls thundered down and flopped into their chairs they had a plate with two flapjacks and a bunch of bacon. They slathered butter on the pancakes and poured on generous amounts of maple syrup. My three pancakes and bacon were soon done and I sat with the girls as we ate.

It's odd. There we were, eating together in the nude after spending a couple hours pleasuring each other last night and we couldn't bring up the subject. No one wanted to bring up 'Topic A' first. When breakfast was almost finished and nothing had been said about sex I decided it had to be me.

"Did we see the end of either of those two pornos last night?" I asked.

Reminded of the same question from last night they broke up laughing.

Cat giggled "I'm going to just put those DVD's away. We're never going to see a full show and it will be one less thing to remember tomorrow when we clean up."

Cat paused, sighed and continued, "I was thinking about this morning. I figure that by the time we have to clean up tomorrow none of us will be virgins.

Elle and I looked at her with wide eyes.

"Look at what we did last night." Cat continued. "Do either of you honestly think we won't do what we did last night and then do more?"

"Are we going to do it today?" asked Elle. "Are there other things to do before we go all the way? We've felt each other up with our hands. Dave has eaten both of us to world rocking orgasms. Even though I still think it's gross I guess that means us girls should give you a blow job, Dave."

"I already blew Dave," Cat said. "It wasn't too bad. His cum tastes better fresh."

"When did that happen?" demanded Elle.

I answered, "I was eating you out and you were oblivious to everything but my tongue. Cat recovered from her orgasm and got under you while I was eating you and gave me a blow job. I came right after you did."

"So I'm behind by one blow job." Elle sighed.

Cat said, "Again using what some of the girls at school have said a girl has a better time if the guy cums first. What we can do is you can give Dave a blow job while Dave licks me, the reverse of last night. Then when Dave is almost ready again he eats me out again. You just watch or maybe play with my tits, Elle. While I'm cumming Dave should be really hard again and can cancel our virginities. That should take us to near lunch and after we eat he can do you, Elle."

"Ohhhh!" breathed Elle. "That sounds like a plan. What do you think, Dave."

I was hard again. "As y'all can tell, I'm a teenaged guy." I said. "The likelihood of me turning down the chance to have sex with not one but two really pretty girls is slim and none ... and Slim left for Texas with the Nun."

They laughed and Cat told us all to follow her up to our parents' bedroom. She detoured to the DVD player and got the pornos. As we went up the stairs I went last so I could watch their cute butts and catch glimpses of their pussies as we climbed the stairs.

When we got to the bedroom Cat put the pornos back in their hiding place and we turned to the bed.

I told Elle how Cat had gotten into position for the blow job by scooting along the couch. I got Cat at the foot of the bed and I folded and spread her legs back out of the way. I knelt and leaned into the waiting and open pussy splayed open before me. I dived in to the already wet twat and got to business. I licked and teased my way up her slot from asshole to clit.

It wasn't long before Elle had me in her hot little mouth and started giving me her first blowjob. She was working hard, but I was really into eating our older sister. I nuzzled and sucked and taunted her clit with my tongue. Soon Elle had me panting, which seemed to excite Cat even more. I was glad I had hold of her legs because she started bucking and hollering just about the time I grunted and let loose a huge load of jism into Elle's mouth.

I fell away from the two girls and watched as Elle swallowed my load. She had dribbles running down her chin. I hugged her, softly kissed her, and thanked her and told her I was going to do Cat again as I thought the heady aroma of her pussy would have me real hard again in no time. I hadn't actually softened anyway. I told her to play with Cat's tits while I ate her out again.

I moved an unresisting Cathy so that she was all the way up on the bed. I knelt between her legs and started to lick once again. I stopped and grabbed the pillows and put them under her butt. I dived in again. Great! The perfect angle. I licked and nuzzled her slit. I had an idea from the first go and blew at her clit. Cat responded with a groan of pleasure. I saw Elle having fun with Cat's tits and that was a real turn on. I became real hard real fast. I got her tiny clit in my lips and sucked it. That did it. Cat screamed her release again and darn near broke my nose when she bucked.

I gathered her legs and moved to position my cock at her entrance. I got the head seated in her swollen nether lips and then snapped my hips forward. Cat's eyes flew open and wide while she gave out a squeak. I stopped, buried to the hilt into her, and asked if she was OK. Oh, how I wanted her to be OK. The feel of my cock in her warm and tight sheathe was the best thing I had ever felt. If she wasn't OK then I'd have to leave this little bit of heaven.

"Oh, yeah.", she breathed. "It didn't hurt as bad as some of the girls at school made out. More like a hefty pinch. Just stay where you are for a moment before you start moving again. Let me get used to you. I feel so full."

I was happy at that answer. Elle was being quiet still playing with Cat's boobs, but was staring with wide eyes at where our bodies were joined.

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