Black Family's Nasty Adventures
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Exhibitionist teen slut Ayesha comes home to a family fuckfest. Her stacked mother Carol and she get fucked, fisted, and generally used hard by her two older brothers and each other. Carol tells a bit about her morning of raunchy play with a younger woman and her animal friends.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Coercion   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Zoophilia   Incest   Mother   Son   Sister   Daughter   DomSub   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Black Couple   Black Female   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Sex Toys   Bestiality   Scatology   Exhibitionism   Size   Big Breasts   Caution  

Once there was a 14 year old black fuck-slut named Ayesha. Ayesha was a wanton whore who loved the big black cocks sported by the men in her family. Her addiction to incestuous black fuck-stick had started about a year back, and she'd been fucked by her three older brothers and her father almost nonstop since then.

One day, she came home from school to find her mother kneeling naked in the kitchen, sucking noisily on her

18 year old brother Bob's shiny foot-long cock. Her mother, whose name was Carol, was ramming two of her long black fingers in and out of her soaked cunt, which she kept completely shaved.

Carol was sucking her son's huge cock with long strokes, deep-throating the fat black meat over and over, cramming its thickness deep into her throat. Bob had hold of her nipples and was pulling and twisting them as Carol's energetic cock-sucking made her huge

42DD tits shake furiously.

Ayesha was turned on by this hot sight, and reached under her short tight skirt to finger her dampening pussy. She never wore underwear to school, loving to give boys beaver shots during class and watch the bulges in their jeans grow. She kept her cunt shaved, and "absentmindedly" spreading her legs so that a large group of boys could see every detail of her wet open slit made her incredibly horny, and had often gotten her into situations where she could satisfy her cock- lust.

Now, her naked pussy meant that she could hike up her skirt and ram three fingers into her soaking box, ramming them in and then twisting them to stretch her tight cunt. Her hard nipples were clearly visible through her tight thin blouse; she went braless to show off her firm 38Ds and her usually-stiff nipples to the guys at school.

As she finger-fucked herself and watched her mother and brother absorbed in a hot cock-sucking session, her 17- year-old brother Dan came into the room. He was naked, and his cock, the same size as his brother's, quickly got hard at the sights in the kitchen. He walked behind

Ayesha and cupped her big jugs, announcing his presence to her.

She removed the fingers with which she was reaming her cunt and ground her hot snatch against the fat plum- sized cock-head which was now pushing against her cunt- lips. She bent over, and let out a moan as her brother guided his enormous prick past the entrance to her drenched tight fuck-hole and, with one long thrust, impaled her on a full foot of cock.

When she let out a groan as she was stuffed with meat, her mother Carol and oldest brother Bob looked over.

Carol pulled her mouth off of her son's prong to greet her daughter, moving to give her a deep and sexy kiss while Dan was providing her with the hard fucking she craved. She got on her hands and knees in front of

Ayesha and used one hand to pull on her big swaying tits while continuing to tongue-fuck her daughter's mouth.

Bob moved behind his mother and proceeded to cram his rock-hard fuck-tube up her tight dripping cunt. Both mother and daughter were soon coming from the hard fucking they were receiving from their close family members. Bob had been brought close to orgasm by his mother's hot blowjob, and the spasms of her cunt as she came brought him to the edge, and he was soon shooting a huge load of creamy incestuous cum deep into her mother's cunt.

As Bob stepped back to watch and wait for his softening cock to revive, Carol slid under her brother-fucking daughter in a 69 position, presenting her shaved and cum-soaked cunt to her daughter's mouth. Ayesha eagerly started to tongue-fuck her mother's well-fucked twat, sucking Bob's sperm out and swabbing up Carol's pussy juice eagerly. At the same time, Carol was licking the conjoined sex organs of her young daughter and her well-hung son.

After a few minutes of this, Dan removed his massive tube-steak from his sister's stretched vagina and positioned his bulbous cock-head against her puckered anus. Dan pushed against Ayesha's resisting sphincter while Carol sucked on her clit. As Dan pushed every inch of his massive man-meat into Ayesha's tight teen rectum, she moaned into her mother's spread slice.

Dan started pounding his sister's shit-chute at a blistering pace, pulling his cock out so that only the tip remained, clutched in the grip of her taut sphincter muscle, then ramming it back in to the hilt so that eleven inches of fat black cock repeatedly emptied and crammed the teen slut's rear hole. The fit was made even tighter when Carol started fingering her daughter's slippery cunt, pounding Ayesha's fuck-hole with three long fingers.

Ayesha was close to coming from her brotherly butt- fucking and her mother's ministrations on her slut-hole when her brother pulled his fuck-shaft out of her ass.

It was gleaming with a thick coating of Ayesha's slimy butt juices. Without hesitating, Dan plunged his cock into his mother's mouth. In the position she was in, it was easy for him to force his cock into her throat. He rammed his enormous shit-stained member all the way into his mother's throat, not pausing until his balls were hanging in her eyes.

He fucked in and out of her throat, occasionally pulling out enough so she could get a breath, then slamming the entire foot-long cock back into her throat. Carol's lips and tongue did a good job of giving her son's cock an involuntary but thorough oral cleaning.

Ayesha had been left with nothing to do, so Bob helped out by presenting her with his half-hard staff. Ayesha kept busy swabbing her brother's growing erection with her tongue and fingering her throat-fucked mother's cunt. She was furiously fucking four fingers in and out of Carol's snatch, and the noises her mother made while submitting to Dan's rape of her throat with his dirty cock turned her on so much that she tucked her thumb into her palm and forced her entire hand into Carol.

She roughly fisted her mother's cunt, pulling her balled fist all the way out and then ramming it back in again until her fist and eight inches of her forearm packed her mother's pussy. She did this over and over, abusing Carol's cunt with her pistoning strokes. This gave Dan ideas, and without missing a beat in his mother's brutal throat-fucking, he pushed three, then four fingers into his sister's shaven snatch. He then withdrew his fingers made a fist, which he ground against Ayesha's cunt-opening.

Bob had turned around and presented his asshole to his sister for a rim-job, and the way her tight young cunt was forced to stretch to admit Bob's big fist caused her to moan while licking and tonguing Dan's anus. Dan told her that she needed a cock in her mouth to shut her up, calling an end to the anal tongue bath. He turned around and shoved his rock-hard cock into her mouth, taking hold of her ears and using them as handles while he fucked Ayesha's mouth hard and fast.

Bob finally succeeded in getting his fist into his sister's resisting cunt, and when it popped in so that her cunt-lips were hugging his wrist, he immediately forced it deeper, stretching her young cunt to accommodate the width of his forearm. He started fist- fucking his sister with short hard strokes, planting his fist a bit deeper in her cunt each time.

Every time Ayesha, with an arm filling her cunt and a fat black cock stuffing her mouth, pulled her fist from her mother's pussy, making it spread obscenely, and plunged it back in, she was rasping against Carol's swollen clit. This action soon had Carol convulsing in orgasm.

Her twitching throat-muscles squeezed Bob's cock, making him fire his big load straight down his mother's throat, filling her belly with his seed. At same time,

Dan started filling his sister's mouth, giving her a big mouthful of sperm to swallow before pulling his cock out and jacking it into her face, covering her with an enormous load of cum. Bob had his arm nearly elbow-deep in Ayesha's cunt, and the pressure of his fat bicep against her g-spot had the young girl coming as well.

Soon the family foursome disengaged, their lust temporarily sated. As they sat around recovering, Carol told them a story about the fun she had had that morning, entitled "Carol's Animal Adventures".

Carol had left while the kids were still getting ready for school, and gone to visit her friend Emily. Emily was a petite blond white girl, a freshman at a local college. They had bonded over their mutual love of nasty sex. Emily was on her spring break, and Carol was visiting her at her family's nearby farm, while her family was conveniently away.

When Carol arrived, she found Emily sitting at the kitchen table in a flimsy bathrobe The robe was nearly transparent, and it clung to Emily's hot body, showing every detail of her round firm tits topped by big red nipples. The robe was short, and Emily's legs spread, giving Carol a look at her sparsely haired cunt. It was swollen and red, and looked recently fucked.

Carol asked her who she was fucking around here, and

Emily told her that she had just been double-fucked by a pair of strapping farm-hands. Emily scooted her ass forward and raised her legs to show that her ass had just been fucked as well. The anal ring was swollen and red, and fresh sperm oozed from it.

Carol had dressed in a loosely tied blouse and a very short, loose skirt. When she was on the highway, she had opened her blouse, exposing her huge black tits, and hiked up her skirt. She frigged and fingered her pussy the whole time she drove on the freeway in her convertible, giving a great show to all the truckers she passed. They had especially enjoyed whenever she sucked the fingers with which she had just been deeply probing her cunt or asshole. As a result, she was now incredibly horny, and the sight of Emily's exposed and freshly-fucked holes was to much for her.

Hurriedly stripping off her skimpy outfit, Carol dove to her knees and fastened her lips onto Emily's open asshole, tonguing and licking the stretched opening.

When she had sucked as much sperm as she could from her friend's pink pucker, she jammed two fingers into

Emily's shit-hole and wiped her rectal wall with them, producing a blob of brown-stained cum which she quickly sucked from her fingers.

She repeated this operation repeatedly, eating a stranger's cum and the residue from the young white girl's bowels. She occasionally offered a few fingerfulls to Emily, who eagerly licked the tainted cum-sludge from her older friend's black fingers. When

Carol had eaten every trace of cum in the girl's ass, she repeated the thorough cleaning procedure on her cunt. This ended in an orgasm for Emily as Carol licked and fingered a stranger's cum from her pretty young cunt.

Emily suggested that they take a walk out in the sun, telling Carol that she knew where the cum-guzzling black mother could get some hot sperm. Carol thought

That Emily meant she would get fucked by the strapping farmhands. Emily stripped off her flimsy robe, and the two horny sluts walked naked out of the house in search of a good fucking. As they were walking across the yard, a big Great Dane that lived at the farm ran up to them and poked his nose in Emily's sparsely haired crotch. Emily gasped and giggled, and Carol was surprised to see her spread her legs so that the dog could lick her open cunt with his rough tongue.

Emily got down on her hands and knees, and Carol joined her so she could get a better view. She watched as the farm girl reached under the dog and took hold of it's cock. It was huge for a dog, about ten inches long with a red, veiny shaft. Emily pumped it for a few moments with her hand, then lowered her head to it, swiping her tongue over the pointed tip. Emily sucked on the tip for a moment, then licked up and down the hot, slimy shaft before offering the dog's prick to Carol, who was avidly watching.

Carol had never fucked around with animals before, but she was incredibly turned on by watching the hot blond minister to the dogcock that she didn't hesitate before taking the tip of the fat fuckstick into her mouth. She was delighted by the salty precum that oozed over her taste buds, and nursed on the head for several moments before she started pumping several inches of hot throbbing dogmeat in and out of her mouth, giving the animal a wet, sloppy blowjob.

Meanwhile, Emily had moved around behind the big-titted black slut and was rimming her asshole with her quick pink tongue, laving the tender flesh of Carol's anus, and simultaneously pumping two, then three, of her long slender fingers in and out of Carol's hot box. Thus stimulated, Carol was soon working the entire length the dog's cock in and out of her mouth, repeatedly embedding the full ten inches of bestial meat deep in her tight throat.

The dog was making little whining noises and humping at

Carol's mouth, and suddenly she could feel its cock throbbing as it started to shoot its scalding load deep into her throat. Carol pulled the cock nearly out so that she could take the dog's salty semen in her mouth and taste it's nasty sperm. As the dog was filling her mouth with its seed, Emily switched the oral attentions from Carol's anus to her clit, replacing her tongue with two fingers which she inserted deep into the older woman's ass.

The fingers and tongue working her cunt, her packed asshole, and the dogcock spraying her tonsils with hot dogcum had Carol twitching in her own orgasm. When her fuckholes had stopped spasming around Emily's probing fingers, she let the still-twitching dogcock fall from her mouth, turned around, and kissed Emily deeply, pushing dogcum into the girl's mouth with her tongue and sharing the dog's salty load.

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