Summer of '89
Chapter 9: Eternal Flame

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 9: Eternal Flame - At fifteen, Brian's family moved to Cleveland. He's trying to save enough money from his lawn care business to buy a car. His (young, married, sexy) next door neighbor offers to pay him with other currency. This is the first of planned trilogy detailing Brian's origin as The Cuckolder. This is a BDSM-light story, but there are scenes which occur later, near the end.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Cuckold   DomSub   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex  

"What?" I said. I wasn't sure I heard her right, but the truth was, there was a lot on my mind. Earlier that day I'd watched as my older lover Janet was beaten by her husband until she was bruised. Then he fucked her while I watched impotent from the closet. When I'd tried to get her out of there, she'd brushed me off and told me to get the fuck out. Right now, though, Cindy was naked and straddling my left leg. Her hands were on either sides of my chest, and her breasts hung down and swayed enticingly. It was all I could do to just focus on looking her in the eyes while she talked to me.

I couldn't be expected to follow her when she dropped her revelation on me.

It certainly didn't help that I'd realized how much I was in love with Janet. Which made me wonder: if you're in love with someone, you don't have sex with other people, right? That's not how that works. A small but very hard portion of myself was telling me that Janet didn't follow that rule But she was with someone who beat her, so maybe that was an exception.

"What do you mean you can tell me what's going on?" I finally said to Cindy.

"I mean, Condom Boy, that I know who your adult lover is. You know the one that I've been trying to figure out for weeks? The one that I promised you my virginity if you'd just tell me or let me figure it out?" See what I mean about having a lot on my mind?

"Right, that," I said. I swallowed. "How did you figure it out?"

"I'll tell you that later," she said. "Right now, I'm going to tell you her name, and if I'm right, I'd like you to take my virginity. A couple of times if you can manage it."

"I'm pretty sure losing your virginity is a one-shot deal," I said. If she guessed, she was offering me everything: her virginity and more sex. I wanted that a lot. Cindy was sort-of my girlfriend, or at least had started off the night as my girlfriend. I'd probably have to break up with her, if I was going to be with Janet. Maybe after the sex. There's only so much confusion a fifteen year old guy can handle.

"You now what I mean. How many condoms do you have?"

"Three, I think."

"That's a good number then. And if you're good I know a good store that sells them."

I laughed, "Only if they have sexy clerks who let me have sex with them."

"Jury's still out on that one," she said. "Let me guess and then fuck away my virginity and I can guarantee it."

I took a deep breath and looked up at Cindy, down at her tits and back up into her brown eyes. My cock twitched, and I nodded. "Okay," I said. "If you can explain why I shouldn't be there with her, I'm willing to listen."

"I can, but you're going to fuck me first," she said.

"You assume you actually know," I said. My cock hoped she did. My heart? My heart didn't know what it wanted.

"I do," she said. She bit her lip, and leaned forward, so that her lips touched my ear, and her thigh touched my cock. "Janet Cooke" she whispered. I felt my whole body shiver when she said it.

"Janet," I whispered back. The image of her in the bed, her ass red and bruised flashed through my eyes. The slurred tone of her voice as she told me to get out filled my ears.

"So I was right?" Cindy asked.

I nodded. "Got it in one," I said.

She kissed me then. "Finally I get rid of my virginity!" She giggled and rolled off of me. "Get the condoms, Condom Boy."

I sat up in bed, and reached down for my pants. I pulled the strip of condoms out of my pants. I turned to look at her. "Are you sure this is the way you want to do this?"

"Look, Brian," she said. "You kept her satisfied, right?" I nodded. "And you kept it quiet?" I nodded again. "And as a plus, you're fun and considerate, and you've made me come already. I'm sloshing down there waiting for you. I have been for a couple of weeks, okay?"

I tore a condom wrapper open, and pulled out the condom. I checked which side was which and rolled it on. I climbed on the bed, and she held her legs open for me. Her scent hit me again, and I Iicked my lips which still had her juices on them from earlier. "I-- I hear this hurts," I said.

"Duh," she said. "No worries. I got rid of that useless thing ages ago. Dildos are awesome that way, but I hear not as good as real cock. So give it to me, CB."

I slid between her legs, and held my cock at her entrance. I ran the tip up and down between her lips, lubricating the condom with her juices, she shivered beneath me. "Ready?" I asked.

"Do it," she said. "Do it, Condom Boy, do it!'

I looked into her eyes and nodded. I slowly slid my cock inside her until I was all the way inside her. She let out a deep breath as I bottomed out inside her. "Oh, my," she said. "And I thought your tongue was nice."

"Just wait until I start moving."

I smiled down at her. I felt a warm feeling in my heart as she smiled back up. It felt good to be joined to her and it wasn't just lust. I liked her. I didn't love her, but I liked her a lot. Something about her felt warm and safe and good.

"So start moving?" she asked.

"Oh, that," I said. She started to quip back, but I slid out of her then and her quip became a hiss between her teeth and a moan when I slid back in. I took it slow, gauging her reaction to different thrusts, and different ways of moving.

I gave myself to the experience, feeling her reaction, feeling the way her pussy clenched against my cock, the way she was wet and warm and wonderful beneath me. I thrust in and out of her, still slowly, and a flush began spreading over her tits. I sped up a bit and she began moaning beneath me. Her moans started as deep earth tones and rose in pitch with each thrust, going up the scale until she let out a screech. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock, and I just stopped, letting her orgasm wash over her.

"Oh, oh, oh, my God," she said. She was breathing heavily under me, and I pushed my cock all the way into her again. "Jesus fucking Mary and Joseph," she said I picked up my pace and fucked her harder and faster. Now that she'd come I let myself go a bit and began thrusting into her at a pace where I might come.

She came again, clamping down on my dick again, and this time I kept thrust, and it felt like she was trying to milk my come out of me. My own orgasm followed quickly, and I grabbed the base of the condom, and slipped out of her. I pulled the condom off, and started to tie it off. "No, gimme," she said, snatching the condom out of my hands.

She turned it upside down and squeezed my come out on her breasts and rubbed it in. "It can't be in my pussy, but it can still be on me," she said.

I laughed. "I think it's hot," I said.

"Hot enough to be hard again?" she asked.

"Give me a minute, but yes," I said.

"Thank you, Brian," she said.

"For what?"

"For making sure I enjoyed it," she said.

"I'm not done yet," I said.

"No you're not," she said. "But I promised you some answers." Her hand held my cock which was at half mast. She turned toward me, keeping her hand on her cock. "You aren't the first boy that Mrs. Cooke has seduced," she said.

"Sure," I said. "I guess that makes sense."

"My brother was one of them. For two years: the summer before his Junior and Senior year. After graduation he went into boot camp, but he told me that it was over by then anyway."

"He told you this then?"

"No, on the phone a couple of days ago. He called, and I had a hunch, based on something she said at your party. About how he used to cut her grass."

"Right," I said.

She took a deep breath. "So, the Cookes are what you call kinky," she said.


She stroked my cock as she talked. "Meaning she likes it when he does stuff to her. When he beats her and takes her and fucks her. At least that's how I understand it."

"She likes it?"

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