Hey Mom, I'm Home!
Chapter 4

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“Hey Mom, I’m Home!”

“Getting excited about going on your first big date?” she responded.

“Sure am, Nancy is so excited it makes me excited as well.”

“Back when you had your drama lesson, I thought you might have those kinds of feelings about me. I did put your hands on my breasts.”

“Maybe you and I could go out on a date sometime?” I wondered aloud.

“Wouldn’t that make your sister mad?”

“We have never talked about exclusivity, besides, she’s only 18, you’re a woman.”

“It’s nice to know that you noticed that. Your father seems to be coming home too tired to ... Do anything in bed,” she said blushing.

I got up behind her and put my hands on her tummy kissing her on the back of the neck. She enjoyed that, I could tell. I moved my hands up cupping her nice breasts. She stopped what she was doing and said, “Some more, do that some more please? Oh, Jim, squeeze them ... Squeeze them hard. Get inside my bra and play with my nipples please?”

I moved my hands off and went up under her blouse and her bra. Her breasts felt so good to my hands. I reached her nipples and tweaked them both, as a feeling of relaxation seemed to pour over my mother. I removed my hands as I heard the garage door opening.

“Get out of here, right now,” she said. I stayed within earshot of their usual conversation. I saw her fixing her bra and blouse as she took a deep breath just as dad came into the room saying, “Hi Honey, I’m home.”

“Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes, yell at the kids to wash up, please?” she said. He gave her exactly the same kiss on the neck as I and then scooted out of there.

“KIDS, DINNER IN 10, WASH UP!” he yelled as he walked out of the kitchen.

“I could have done that myself,” I heard mom say to herself.

We all came down to the earlier than usual dinner, so Nancy and I could leave to the concert on the other side of town. We arrived holding hands with Dad following us into the kitchen.

“Are you wearing a bra?” he asked Nancy.

“Do I need one? Mom, do I need a bra? Can you see anything?”

“Only your nipples, if you care at all?” mom said.

“Nothing is wrong with what our daughter is wearing. You look beautiful, darling. Need any money, Jim?” Dad asked getting out his wallet.

“Sure. I’ll never turn down money. We can get some Blake T-shirts. Do you want us to get one of each for you folks?”

“No,” dad said handing me $80. “I’d never wear one of those. Get one for your mother to wear. She’d look good in one, don’t you think?”

“That is one hot woman you have there, dad. While we’re gone, maybe you two could get busy. I’ve always wanted a little brother.”

“James!” mom blushed.

“I’m just saying,” I said.

After dinner was over, I went to mom and quietly said, “You would look hot in a size too small T-shirt. Especially without a bra on.” I gave her a kiss on the cheek. We left.

Ten minutes later, I get a text, ‘Get me the smallest T-shirt you can find.’

Another five minutes later, ‘I’ll wear it for you first, to make sure it fits right.”’

The concert had all of his recent hits, including his newest hit, ‘Boys ‘Round Here,’ and we got home later than expected. We quietly unlocked the door and as I tried to close it just as quietly, a voice said, “Have Fun?”

“Mom, it was a blast,” Nancy said to her mother.

“Did you get my shirt for me James?”

“Yup. Here, it is—a junior size should do the trick,” I said.

She got up and turned away from us and dropped her robe, showing us only her blue panties. She took the shirt I gave her and put it on. It was pretty tight. She turned around and showed us the result.

“Wow,” was all I could say. I walked up to her and said, “Looks like someone has tried to shrink-wrap some grapefruit.”

“Thank you honey. I’ll take that as a compliment. What do you think your father is going to do to me when he sees how this fits?”

“The same thing I would do, which is grab hold of them from behind while I was fucking you in your ass.”

“Is that an offer?” she said.

“Not tonight, it isn’t!” Nancy said. “He will be all worn out after I’m done with home.”

“Be quiet if you can kids. I’m glad you got to go. I may have to wake up your father for some playtime of our own.”

We couldn’t get our clothes off fast enough. My sister beat me to the bed. She spread her legs apart and barely whispered, “Fuck me!”

Without any foreplay, I put my dick at her entrance and pushed, getting balls deep in a single thrust.

“OOooohohhh, Jimmy,” she said. “That feels fabulous.”

I started a furious pace kissing her while I was fucking her. This is what a good fuck is all about, filling a hole with a dick. She was really enjoying it as I heard a rap on the door.

In walked Mom, still wearing her new T-shirt and panties.

I got back to concentrate on my sister, and without a word between us, I came ... And I came some more. I had my hand on her throat, and she was clearly orgasming as well.

We both stopped to feel the afterglow, and I was breathing quite hard.

We both watched mom take off her shirt and panties and crawl up in bed with us.

“Is there something you would like?” I asked still inside of Nancy.

“Yes,” she said, “I want your cum from her pussy!”

I turned to my sister and said, “Your call, sis.”

She giggled at having such a scintillating decision.

“Only if you lick Jimmy off first,” was her decision.

“Gladly,” she said.

She put her hand on my dick, causing it to twitch in the process, then slowly pulled it out we all saw some of my cum drip out of Nan.

Mom took a quick lick to the pussy to coat her tongue and then gave me her total attention, licking and sucking on my dick. I typically lose my erection for a while after I fuck, but she was getting it back as she cleaned me off. I saw Nancy looking at her mother enjoying my dick in her mouth.

“What I wouldn’t give to have Daddy’s dick in my mouth right now!” Nan said.


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