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Chapter 34

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Flashback – Jack – Dodging

Banzai certainly got the attention of whoever was commanding the BTR 80. The bastard wound up the damn tank and came flying forward like a bat out of hell. There was one big problem - the fucker was headed right at me!!!

I did a quick tactical retreat (ran my ass off) at a 90 degree angle to the path of the BTR 80. I couldn't resist firing at the fucker as it passed but then I was reminded of the gun ports on the side as the fuckers inside returned my fire.

I dove to the ground and couldn't believe what happened next...

Flashback – Ben – Dodged a???

Elena half dragged me to the back of the church as the fucking BTR 80 crashed through the window (destroying the window sill and lower portion of the church wall) right where we had been standing.

I yelled to her, "Don't you say a fucking word or I will fire your ass. Quick, move us behind that piece of wall before they..."

I was too fucking late...

Flashback – Jack – Pissed off!

Well the fucker's ran the BTR 80 through the church window and then opened fired on Banzai and his nurse. This bullshit needed to stop! I ran toward the church and the ensconced BTR 80, with the goal of beating the hell out of the hatch until they let me in.

I made it to the church then got blown backwards by a hell of an explosion!!!

Flashback – Ben – Dodged a???

The fucking BTR 80 started firing the 14.5 inside the church - it was deafening! Elena got me behind the wall before they got lucky and hit me and then all hell broke loose! There was a big assed explosion!

I rose up and the BTR 80 didn't look too good: The front half was blown to hell and the two front tires were bent at strange angles! I wasn't sure what happened but I knew what we needed to do.

I ordered, "Elena, help me to the BTR 80; we need to rescue the survivors."

She complained (typical female), "Are you crazy? They were trying to kill us."

I countered, "That's because I attacked it and you'd better not say another fucking word."

For once she listened to me (unlike Tatiana) and helped me toward the remains of the BTR 80.

We got to it, I banged on the door and yelled, "It's Sgt. Blaine, do you need help?"

Just then...

Flashback – Jack – Rescue

I ran into the church after the explosion blew me back about thirty yards. After picking myself up the first thing I saw was the fucked up BTR 80 - it was a mess.

Then I saw Banzai as he banged on the door and yelled, "It's Sgt. Blaine, do you need any help?"

I ran up and yelled, "What the fuck did you do to the damn BTR 80?"

He shook his head and answered, "Nothing. They started to fire at me and the next thing I knew there was a big assed explosion."

The door finally opened and I immediately decided the last place I ever wanted to be was in a tank when it exploded. The men were royally fucked!

Banzai took over and ordered...

Flashback – Ben – Rescue

I ordered, "Elena, move me to the side, then you and Jack start getting the men out of the tank. Bring them to me and I will triage them."

Elena of course complained, "Ben, I'm the nurse. Shouldn't I perform triage?"

I answered, "Yes, normally you would. However, I can't move by myself let alone haul asses out of the BTR 80. So I will do my best to triage them and start treating the most serious cases until help arrives."

She answered, "This makes sense, then she moved me to the side as I had requested."

The first man Jack brought out was the butter bar and he was royally fucked.

I put him in the hope to survive pile.

Yuri came out, saw me and said, "Мой товарищ (My Comrade – A common Russian joke calling someone a comrade after the fall of socialism), it is good to see you. I tried to tell the lieutenant not to fire on you but he would not listen. You know officers, they are not worth a damn and never listen to their sergeants."

I shushed him, "Save your strength." Then I began to treat his wounds.

Jack brought out another casualty and I asked, "Did someone call the Captain?"

He replied, "Shit, I didn't think about it and son of a fucking bitch, I don't speak enough Russian to explain this."

I ordered, "If the radio is still functional make sure Elena makes the call to the Captain since we need real medical help here like yesterday."

Elena brought out a casualty who was already dead and stated, "I believe the radio works and I will call the Captain."

I didn't like the fucking looks of things! Someone's head was going to roll and I had a bad feeling it might be mine.

Jack brought out some poor fucker who was all but blown in two and declared, "Banzai, I don't know how to tell you this, but this one is on you. When they were outside the church, you dropped a grenade right in the turret as he opened it up to start firing the 14.5."

Now I knew I was thoroughly fucked! I'd never killed a friendly before and I sure as hell didn't like it. I kept working on the wounded who looked like they would survive when some fuckers started firing at me from behind the church! What the fuck was going on now???

Flashback – Masha – At the hospital

The Captain came back and sadly informed me, "The BTR 80 has been damaged and there are casualties. I expressed my concern with a short question, "The Americans?"

He answered, "I do not have any details, however I should have listened to you and called off the BTR 80. I am leaving now to access the site."

I suggested, "You might want to bring a full field staff from the hospital and if you can wait one minute I will accompany you."

He stated, "You have one minute while I have my aide assemble the field staff."

I ordered the nursing staff, "Tatiana is to be placed on continual sedation and restraints until I return."

One of the nurses questioned, "You are not a doctor. Who are you give medical orders?"

I flashed the FSB badge and threatened, "This gives me the right to give you these orders - violate them and suffer the consequences."

We left together for the site of the old Orthodox Church.

Flashback – Jens – At the military hospital

Rats! Double Rats!! And Triple Rats!!! I really wish I had Daddy bring me my laptop since I wanted to research how dancing en pointe injures ballerinas because I was worried it might permanently damage my feet. And I had dreams of dancing with my Ben and didn't want to be a cripple.

I was beginning to get sleepy so I turned on the TV, found the terrible CCCN news channel and began watching a report about some singer. They were soooo terrible at reporting the news that I sworn that one day I would be part of a news network that told only the truth. I changed the channel and found the Russian news channel and quadruple Rats!!!!

Ben was being interviewed by that cute young Russian reporter I had seen earlier and I already decided I hated her even worse than the supposed nurse (who was really a spy), female dog Tatiana. What the heck was wrong? All the Russian women looked like beauty queens!

The report was from earlier and told how the news reporter had pilfered my Ben out of the hospital and taken him to her secret lair (okay a hidden place) so the Chechens would look for Ben instead of blowing up the hospital. I was getting sleepy and then the station switched to a live news feed at some old church. A different reporter (a man this time, thank God) was making the report. It showed how this Russian tank was firing at the church. Ben and the new female dog news reporter were in the church.

Were those Russians totally crazy? Firing at my Ben? Then there was a huge explosion and the station went off the air. I searched for other channels and even went back to CCCN but they were still interviewing the same stupid singer.

I rolled over in my bed, started to pray for Ben and cried myself to sleep...

Flashback – Glen

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