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Chapter 32

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Flashback – Ben – Dodged a bullet?

Elena got on the phone with her station and swore like crazy about how the idiots in the BTR 80 were firing on us in the church. She finished, looked at me and said, "My station is sending a crew to document everything."

I complained, "A hell of a lot of good that will be if they only have corpses to take pictures of."

She tried to make the best of the situation, "Don't worry they should be here soon."

The BTR 80 stopped firing the gas rounds but I was worried because they kept firing the thirty caliber rounds. I ordered, "Elena, get me back to the church window so I can see what the hell they are firing at."

She helped me hobble back into the church. I peered over the edge of the window and son of a bitch!!!!

I needed to take care of this bullshit!!!

Flashback – Jack – At the old Orthodox Church

I kept crawling toward the BTR 80 as they kept firing the damn thirty caliber machine gun at me and then the most amazing thing happened...

Flashback – Ben – Dodged a bullet?

The fucking crew on the BTR 80 kept firing at Jack with the thirty. I bet the old SOB did something to piss them off, so I decided I needed to do something to get the attention of the fucking butter bar (Second Lieutenant – because the one bar is gold) who commanded the BTR 80.

I ordered, "Elena, help me into a chair, bring me my stick and then start pitching some of the grenades to me again."

She of course complained (like a typical female), "Ben, I don't think this is such a wise idea. Won't the commander of the tank become upset at us?"

I sighed but explained, "Hell yes! That's exactly what it's supposed to do. The fuckers are firing at Jack and we need to get their attention so they quit shooting at Jack."

She eased me into a chair, brought me the stick, and once again questioned, "Are you sure about this?"

I yelled, "I'm sure as a fucking heart attack! Now do what the fuck I told you to do before I take this stick to your ass and give you a fucking spanking you will never forget!"

That put the fear of god (or at least the fear of a serious spanking into her). She pitched the first grenade, I smacked the hell out of it and scored a home-fucking-run! I yelled, "More, I need more!"

Flashback – Jack – At the old Orthodox Church

Damn-fucking-straight! Banzai started to frag the hell out of the fucking BTR 80. Of course the grenades didn't do shit to the tank, but it did distract them from firing at me (they were getting too damn close for my comfort!).

They stopped firing the thirty, I saw the top hatch open and someone start to man the 14.5 when ... fuck no!!!

Banzai got lucky (or unlucky) and dropped a grenade right on top of the fucker who was going to fire the 14.5. Unfortunately, it blew him to hell in a hand basket.

Then the BTR commander did something stupid as hell...

Flashback – Ben – Into the fire

I heard the BTR 80's engine wind up so I commanded, "Elena, that's enough fucking grenades, help me stand and see what the hell is going on."

She helped me stand up and ... Fuck me!!! The damn BTR 80 was charging the church.

I ordered, "Elena, we need to get the fuck out of here, like yesterday."

She chided, "I told you so."

I complained, "Shut the hell up and help to get me out of the church before it's too damn late..."

Flashback – Masha – At the hospital

I hated to leave Jack. Tatiana started to vociferously complain about leaving Ben so I took out a syringe, injected her with a sedative and she became very compliant. She needed more medical treatments than I could supply with the meager supplies in my purse. Then I assisted her to become erect and we ran away from the church. We were fortunate and in a short distance we acquired a taxi. We boarded the rear seat and I commanded, "To the hospital with the utmost urgency; this woman is wounded."

I was somewhat impressed at his driving skills as we reached the hospital in record time. Then we were detained by the Spetsnaz as it appeared they were finally performing their duties. I commanded the subordinate who detained us, "I need to speak to your Captain post haste! The BTR 80 is firing on the Americans."

He stirred as if his derriere was aflame while the taxi continued to the emergency room. I assisted the drugged and complacent Tatiana and upon our entry I stated, "This woman has some shrapnel wounds which need immediate attention."

A typically recalcitrant receptionist approached us and demanded, "We need more information before we can provide any treatment."

I deftly rendered her unconscious and threatened, "I have requested a conference with the Captain of the Spetsnaz and this woman who is a registered nurse at this hospital needs immediate attention. Should anyone attempt to impede our progress they will receive an unbelievably harsh penalty." I produced my false FSB badge to reinforce my verbalizations.

Tatiana was immediately taken for treatment, the Captain of the Spetsnaz approached and I vented my ire on him...

"Captain, whomever you have commanding the BTR 80 is worse than a moron! Their actions have injured nurse Tatiana and they continue, as we speak, to fire upon the two Americans who are here for cross-training with the Spetsnaz. I would strongly advise that you contact the BTR 80 and order them to cease and desist."

The Captain foolishly questioned, "How do I know what you say is true?"

I flashed my false FSB badge at him and provided the requested confirmations, "I was just at the old Orthodox Church and observed it with my own eyes. Now unless you want you and your entire family to be stationed in Siberia I would suggest you contact whoever is commanding the BTR 80."

He left after I felt he had been properly motived so I attended to Tatiana...

Flashback – Jens – At the military hospital

After my friend the nurse left, I thought about what she had told me, what she had been through and I made a very important decision ... Yes, she was right! Even though I hated ballet, I had been given a gift. So I needed to stop being a selfish little girl and be a woman, a woman of whom Ben would eventually be proud. Yes, I decided not only to dance the part of Odette in Swan Lake but to be the absolute best Odette there had ever been.

My friend the nurse came back into the room later to give me my Percocet and I boldly asked, "I'm sorry but I don't know your name. However, after your talk with me I have decided to be the best Odette that I can be. Would you please work with Olga to help me perform even better?"

She replied, "My name is Katie and I would be honored to help you. I hope you don't mind but I already talked with Olga because I knew what you would decide."

I asked her, "Will I be able to perform as Odette with the pain medications I am taking?"

Katie answered, "As long as they do not affect your balance you should dance even better than normal." Then she asked, "How are you en pointe?"

I honestly replied, "Sometimes it really hurts my toes."

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