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Chapter 6

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Flashback – Masha – At the hospital

Tatiana was totally immersed in her love for Ben and made an extremely large tactical error. Her ill-thought and ill-timed kiss of Ben had done the one thing as intelligence operatives we needed to avoid – it focused attention on her.

One of the reporter's questioned her directly, "Nurse, how long have you known Sgt. Blaine?"

She blushed and Ben unfortunately answered, "Tatiana was my flight nurse and was assigned by President Putin to be my personal nurse."

The stupid reporter from CCCN sarcastically asked, "Just how personal are you two?"

Unfortunately, Tatiana did not control her emotions and she blushed in such an obvious manner it was evident to everyone they were extremely personal.

Then Ben performed a most startling action...

Flashback – Glen

I ignored Evelyn's fucking order to me because it was bullshit and I needed to figure out what the hell was going on in Russia. Sgt. Blaine got a hell of a kiss from a nurse that looked like a supermodel and then the press began grilling the hell out of her.

I couldn't believe it when the fucking CCCN reporter asked how 'personal' they had gotten, and from the way the nurse blushed I knew that Sgt. Blaine had nailed her - that lucky as hell devil-dog!

Then Sgt. Blaine went crazy! Damn, where was the Colonel? She was supposed to be keeping him in line...

Flashback – Jens

I had cried myself to sleep after seeing MY BEN kiss that female dog Russian spy! How could he do that after sending me the wonderful roses and the card which said he loved ME?

Later, mother threw open the door to my room (which scared the heck out of me) and announced, "Jennifer, I thought you should know that the same Sgt. Blaine that sent you roses and said he loved you has been having sex with some beautiful Russian nurse!"

I pretended to still be asleep but mother continued, "Jennifer, I know you're awake because you jumped when I opened the door. Now answer my question. What about your precious Sgt. Blaine now?"

I was tired, hurt and more than a little sick. I sat up in bed looked at my mother and unwisely swore, "Mother, go fuck yourself!"

Flashback – Ben – At the hospital

I couldn't fucking believe the CCCN reporter asked what she did. And from the way Tatiana blushed everyone knew the answer! This was the final fucking straw that broke this camel's back!

I reached down, released the brakes on my wheelchair and pushed it with all my might! I ran into the fucking CCCN reporter bitch, knocked her on her ass, fell on top of her and whispered in her ear, "If you keep this up, the only way you're leaving Russia is in a casket." Then I punched the hell out of her just for good measure!

My Spetsnaz team helped me back into the wheelchair as the CCCN bitch loudly complained, "He threatened to kill me."

I gave the cameras my best innocent look and replied, "I don't know what she's talking about - she must be totally crazy." Then I asked (actually commanded?), "Yuri, do you think you could escort the crazy as a moon bat CCCN news crew out of the building? They are Chechen sympathizers and represent a terrorist threat."

I grinned as Yuri and my Spetsnaz team once again removed the CCCN news crew...

Flashback – Colonel Maggie – At the hospital

My phone rang again, it was again Glen and he complained, "Where the hell are you? Sgt. Blaine just attacked the CCCN reporter."

I thought, that didn't surprise me, then I explained, "Sorry Sir, I was detained with the Major."

Glen questioned, "So did the Major admit to sending my daughter the flowers?"

I answered, "Not yet Sir, but I'm working on it."

He delivered an ultimatum, "If he hasn't confessed by tomorrow morning my time, you two are headed to Thule."

I hung up the phone, the Major laughed and said, "So, we're going to Thule together."

I was tired of him so I punched his lights out again. Damn, sometimes I wish he had not escaped from the terrorists...

Flashback – Glen

I called the Colonel to light a fire under her ass and found out she was with the damn Major. Hell, the only one who was doing what he was supposed to do in Russia was Sgt. Reynolds! And that surprised the hell out of me since usually, he was a pain in the ass.

The Spetsnaz team escorted the CCCN crew out of the room and then the rest of the interview continued in Russian. It looked like Sgt. Blaine had calmed down so I decided to head home, even though I dreaded the expected turmoil.

I parked the car in the garage, noticed Evelyn's car hadn't been moved today and braced myself as I entered the house. If she had stayed home all day, that meant she would be hammered. I didn't even get inside when Evelyn shrieked at me, "Glen, you will not believe what your daughter said to me today."

I knew better than to say anything so I let Evelyn continue, "Glen, your daughter told me, her loving and only mother, to 'go fuck herself'. I don't know where she learned that sort of language."

I made sure not to frown on the 'loving part' and not to laugh on the 'fuck herself' part and promised, "Okay, I will deal with this. Where is Jennifer now?"

Evelyn proudly stated, "She locked herself in the basement."

I thought, fuck no - not this again.

I walked over to the locked basement door, tried to open it and realized that Jennifer had locked it from inside (which was different this time). I rapped on the door and announced, "Jennifer, Daddy's home."

I heard her run up the stairs and then I heard her ask, "Where is mother?"

Evelyn shrieked, "I'm right here you ungrateful little bitch! To think I went through twelve hours of labor during your birth and this is how you treat me. Come out here and get the spanking you deserve."

Then Jennifer did the most amazing thing...

Flashback – Jens

After I swore at my 'mother' with my ill-chosen words, she started to become violent. I high tailed it out of my room before she could reach me, ran into the basement and locked the door from the inside. My Daddy didn't raise any fools: There was no way that drunk woman was going to beat me again.

After I talked to Daddy, I threw open the door and declared, "My sensei says that no one should be allowed to touch me in a way with which I am not comfortable. If either of you try to physically harm me again, I will be forced to injure you!"

Daddy smiled, winked at me and then mother whined, "Glen, do something about this!"

I dropped back into a defensive position, brought my arms up and motioned to my crazy mother to come and get me! Daddy looked at me, winked again, looked at mother and stated, "Evelyn, it appears to me like you've created this situation so you should resolve this problem. Jennifer please don't hurt Evelyn so badly I have to take her to the hospital."

I grinned and sarcastically said, "Daddy I will try not to! Well muuuu-ther, it's just you and me."

My mother whined in appeal, "Glen, are you going to let her do this?"

Daddy started to walk away and said, "Evelyn, Jennifer's right! No one has the right to touch her in a way she's uncomfortable with, not even her parents. She's a grown girl and cannot be physically punished again. Now, I've had a hell of a day. I'm getting a couple shots of bourbon then I'm sleeping in the den."

Evelyn whined again, "Glen, aren't you going to help me and are you sure you're not sleeping with me?"

Daddy stated, "Not no but hell no! You two women work this out. But I would warn you Evelyn, she can and will kick your ass if you decide to do anything physical."

I glared at mother and taunted, "Well Ev-e-lyn (this was the first time I ever used her first name) you feel like getting your rear kicked?"

She surprised me when she slammed the door, locked it (from the outside) and ordered, "Sleep in the basement forever for all I care."

I thought, fine with me! I can sleep just dandy in the basement since I setup my internet connection down here! At least I won part of the battle! I headed back downstairs, started my hidden laptop and found some of Daddy's survival rations (MRE's) for dinner - they weren't half good...

Flashback – Masha – At the hospital

I questioned, "Jack, do you think Ben will get in trouble for attacking the CCCN reporter?"

Jack shook his head, "Yeah, it's not going to be good for him especially if the Old Man saw it."

I decided I needed to do something to keep Ben (and by association Jack) out of trouble. I smiled at my fiancé and said, "I need to go respond to a couple of pressing issues and will be right back."

The Spetsnaz had deposited the CCCN news crew outside of the hospital and refused them entrance. I walked by and remarked, "It is too bad you don't have someone to interview that has all the information on the nurse and her so called boyfriend."

Of course the reporter heard me and swallowed the bait, along with the weight, hook and line. She questioned, "Do you know about the nurse and her boyfriend?"

I laughed and began my web of lies, "Yes, I intimately know Tatiana."

The reporter gasped - don't tell me...

Flashback – Jens

I was watching the news on my computer and finishing Daddy's nasty survival ration when I heard, "Stand by for a special report from CCCN."

I wondered what was going to happen now...

Flashback – Glen

Hells Bells, why couldn't I have had a boy? This shit wouldn't have happened if I had had a boy. I settled into the den, nestled in my favorite chair (after having half a bottle of bourbon - it took that much to get the nasty taste of Evelyn's fight with Jennifer out of my mouth) and I heard, "Stand by for a special report from CCCN."

I thought great, now what happened? Did Sgt. Reynolds kick the reporter's ass?

They showed the reporter bitch from Russia and she reported, "I have just learned that our assumptions about Sgt. Blaine and the nurse are incorrect."

There was much too long a dramatic pause and she continued, "We have just interviewed the homosexual life-partner of the nurse and she assured us that the nurse, Tatiana, does not like men. She said the kiss was only part of a wager they had."

My mouth dropped open and I heard indistinct yelling from the basement...

Flashback – Jens

I danced around and yelled, "I knew something was wrong with that female dog Russian spy! My Ben does love me!"

I jumped into the cot, felt much better and quickly fell fast asleep...

Flashback – Glen

Evelyn staggered into the den and asked, "Did I hear a bunch of yelling?"

I replied with a habitual lie, "It was the television. I guess the nurse that kissed Sgt. Blaine is a lesbian."

Evelyn sniffed and wrongly assumed, "Well that's no surprise. Those Russian women are either lesbians or whores. By the way Glen, when are you coming to bed?"

I realized how drunk she was and added to my stack of lies, "Go back to bed, I will be up later."

She staggered up the stairs. Once she was gone I went to the kitchen, unlocked the basement door and called, "Jennifer, are you awake?"

I didn't receive a reply so I figured she was asleep. I went back to the den and fell asleep in my favorite chair. There was no way I was sleeping in the same bed as that drunk bitch. When she was really drunk she sometimes pissed the bed and then blamed it on me...

Flashback – Ben and Tatiana – At the hospital

After Yuri escorted the CCCN bitch and her news crew out, the interview went more smoothly. That was until one of the reporters received a mobile phone call. I noticed shock on her face as she hung up the phone and interrupted, "Excuse me nurse Tatiana, CCCN has just reported they talked to your female life-partner and claim you only kissed Sgt. Blaine as a dare."

Tatiana complained, "I do not know what they were talking about, I have never been a homosexual."

I swore, "Those sons of a bitch! Now they've gone too far. I'm going to kill them!"

Tatiana laughed and said, "Ben my love, don't be silly." Then she gave me another smoldering hot kiss looked at the camera and stated, "Does that look like a kiss from a homosexual woman???"

I realized what happened: Masha was upset about me calling attention to myself by kissing Ben and attempted to cloud the situation by using the old ruse that I was a homosexual. I was sure she told them she was my lover. But I was proud of my love for Ben so I kissed him even more and held his hand.

Then Ben stated, "Look, I'm tired and after a kiss like that I think I would like to spend some quality time with my girlfriend."

I added, "Yes, we could use some privacy."

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