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Chapter 2

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Flashback – Tatiana – Fighting

It was fortunate Ben fell to the ground just as the BTR-80 fired, otherwise he could have been shot. But after falling he didn't move so I wasn't sure that my first assumption was correct. My greatest desire was to run to him and make sure he wasn't wounded again or perish the thought, dead. Masha cautioned, "Tatiana, you can not follow your heart here. We must depart this area before the Spetsnaz capture us."

I swore, "Tвойу мат1!" However, I knew she was right!

1 Tvoyu mat – Russian mat for 'fuck your mother'.

Masha stated, "Tatiana, swearing won't help! Now discard your weapon and follow me."

Masha was correct since the Spetsnaz were already exiting the BTR-80. We left our weapons, jumped up and dashed away before we were abducted. Once our distance from the park was sufficient we both slipped back into character, then I stated...

Flashback – Major M – At the hospital

Son of a bitch! The doctors in the ER were too interested in the news to take care of the abrasions on my face. Yeah, the news showed that Sgt. Blaine, the Spetsnaz and even a couple of old Russian women had a hell of a firefight with what I assumed was the truck load of the Chechen bastards who captured me. I was shocked when Sgt. Blaine jumped up (I didn't think he could walk yet!) and ran toward the truck firing an AK with each arm. I understood enough of the reports to determine that Sgt. Blaine was being called the 'New Rambo' when fuck; it was really the BTR-80 that blew the hell out of the Chechens.

He was on the ground, not moving and they speculated he had been injured again. I watched, then something which reminded me of my plan happened. I returned to Sgt. Blaine's room, found a couple bottles of vodka, took the cap off one, had a long slug and pulled out my wallet (which the stupid Chechens didn't take). I liberated something I had borrowed, made a few phone calls to implement my plan, leaned back in a chair and realized this whole damn room smelled like foul shit and determined there was no way I was staying here.

I grabbed the bottle of damn good vodka and looked for a place to rest that didn't stink...

Flashback – Jack and Colonel Maggie – After the battle

The machine guns on the BTR-80 made short damn work of the Chechen's but Banzai was down. Once the lieutenant opened the doors, Maggie ordered, "Jack we've got to see what's wrong with Sgt. Blaine. If he's been injured again the Old Man is going to send all of us to Thule."

I thought it might not be me but realized it would probably be the Colonel and the pain in the ass Major. This wouldn't necessarily be bad news for me! We began to run toward Banzai when we were surprised to see...

Flashback – Glen

Damn it to hell! It looked like Sgt. Blaine was down again. I was concerned with the news but then my aide interrupted, "Sir it's the SECNAV for you on line one."

With all that had happened in Russia, I wasn't sure if he was going to have my ass for breakfast or congratulate me. I answered, "Yes Sir!"

He laughed and I realized things were okay, "Glen, that was a hell of a plan you had for your Sgts. in Russia. We love that they are calling Sgt. Blaine a new Rambo. By the way how is he?"

I answered, "Sir, I'm not sure right now."

Then he dropped the anvil when he stated, "However, that damn Major was embarrassing as hell. First he got his ass kicked on international television, then he somehow got taken hostage. The only redeeming fact in his favor was that he escaped. You really need to take care of him."

I replied, "Yes Sir, I agree the Major has been a huge disappointment. I plan on recalling him and the Colonel as soon as we determine Sgt. Blaine's status."

The SECNAV had to be watching the same report I was because he questioned, "Who's that with Sgt. Blaine?"

I looked and I sure as hell didn't know...

Flashback – Jens

I sat on the edge of my seat - My Ben was still lying on the ground and not moving. If he died, well I didn't know what I would do.

Then she ran up to My Ben! Rats, that female dog Russian nurse spy! I was soooo angry and needed to do something more severe to her so she would get the hint that Ben was M-I-N-E. Then something good and shocking finally happened and I almost laughed my rear off...

Flashback – Tatiana and Masha – Escaping from the battlefield

I grabbed Masha's arm and stated, "Masha, I can not leave Ben without help. I am changing back into my nurse's uniform and will render aid.

Masha started to complain, then wisely said, "Tatiana if that is what you must do then you must do it. I will fabricate a cover story to explain why you were close to the battle..."

Tatiana was not thinking logically, I replied, "Любо́вь зла́, полю́бишь и козла́."

Lyoobóv' zlá, polyoóbish' i kozlá – Love is blind. Literally: love is evil, you will love even a goat!

She ran into a doorway, shed her old grandmother's disguise and already had her nurse's uniform underneath. As she ran back to the battlefield I said a silent prayer that the Spetsnaz did not over react and 'accidentally' shoot her...

I ran as fast as I could back to the battlefield. I was concerned the Spetsnaz would either accidentally shoot me or they would provide inferior care to Ben. Thank God they realized I was a nurse from my uniform and didn't shoot me. I kneeled beside Ben, quickly checked his vital signs and thanked God he was still breathing and didn't appear to be wounded. But why was he unconscious?

I gave him a big hug and then...

Flashback – Ben – After his mission

I was disoriented as I slowly woke up. The last thing I remembered was he ... Took on the whole damn truck full of Chechens ... What the hell? Someone was restraining me ... The damn bastards must have captured me!

I decided I would fix their little red wagon and pretended to still be unconscious as I readied myself. I swung my right arm, it connected with a resounding smack and I heard, "Ben what the hell did you do that for? Then crying?"

I opened my eyes and fuck no! I'd just clocked the hell out of Tatiana.

I began to apologize...

Flashback – Jack and Colonel Maggie – After the battle

We were running up to Banzai and Tatiana when Banzai woke up and smacked the hell out of Tatiana. Maggie demanded, "What the hell did he do that for?"

I answered, "Well, what she didn't know but just found out is when Banzai is unconscious, you have to be careful when he wakes up. If he feels threatened or restrained at all he will lash out."

Then Colonel Maggie asked and I wondered if it really had been that smart to mention the fact to her.

I asked Jack, "You make it sound like Ben does this all the time. Is this true?"

We approached Ben and we heard, "Sorry Tatiana, I thought you were the Chechen bastards."

She cried, "Ben, I will not tolerate being hit by a man."

Jack explained, "Tatiana, Banzai has a strange way of waking up sometimes."

I looked at Jack and ordered, "Sgt. Reynolds you never answered my question. Get to it!"

He tried to play innocent, "What question was that?"

I yelled, "Don't pull that bullshit on me! I know better than that! Tell me, how often does Sgt. Blaine lose consciousness like he just did?"

Sgt. Blaine interrupted, "Jack, what the hell did you say?"

Tatiana added to the confusion, "He was unconscious for a time in the hospital."

Flashback – Ben – After his mission

I sure as hell didn't like where this conversation headed since the last thing I wanted to try to explain was 'him' or my dreams - at least not to a fucking bird Colonel. For once it was great to see a bunch of reporters as they interrupted!

One asked, "Sgt. Blaine how does it feel to be a hero again and to be compared to Rambo?"

I teased them with my reply, "I didn't think I looked like Stallone, he's one ugly grunt."

They all laughed and the reporter countered, "Sgt. Blaine you don't look like him. We were referring to your actions in defeating the Chechen separatists."

I was shocked the reporter called them separatists but then I realized the reporter was from CCCN.1 So I answered, "First get your terminology right - they are terrorists. If you don't believe me look at what they did to this town. I'm done answering questions from you!"

[1] CCCN from book 1 Escaped, a play on CCCR - SSSR in Russian. Sojus Sowjetskich Sozialistitscheskich Respublik, the old name of the Soviet Union. The letter C in English is the Letter S in Russian and the P is R.

Another reporter asked, "Sgt. Blaine, can you stand up for us?"

I looked at him and apologized, "Sorry, but my legs are not working right now."

He added, "But we saw you running toward the Chechen terrorists earlier."

Tatiana interrupted, "Ben's surgery was a success and he will walk again. However he has spinal shock right now and can not feel his legs. Sometimes a patient's adrenaline surge allows them to perform things they normally couldn't do."

The reporter questioned Tatiana, "Nurse, how did you get that big bruise on your face?"

I turned, looked at her and she had a hell of a black eye that was my fault! I felt like shit...

Flashback – Jens

I danced around the room and yelled, "Whoooo Hoooo! My Ben punched the female dog Russian nurse spy!"

Mom walked into the room and demanded, "Jennifer why are you making so much noise, you woke me up!"

I stopped dancing and apologized, "Sorry mother, I promise to be quieter, now I'm going back to my room."

She stopped me and asked, "Why aren't you in school today?"

Rats and double Rats! I was busted...

Flashback – Tatiana – After his mission

The reporter asked how I got the bruise on my face and I stated, "Sometimes when patients injured in a violent action regain consciousness they regain awareness while in a combative mode."

The reporter which Ben didn't like demanded, "Sgt. Blaine do you make a habit out of hitting women?"

Ben became upset and stated, "You're lucky I can't get up or I would kick your sorry ass out of this country. This interview is over!"

Flashback – Colonel Maggie and Jack – After the battle

My phone rang, I looked and it was Glen. I answered, "Yes Sir!"

He ordered, "What the hell are you doing over there? I can't believe that you let Sgt. Blaine end the interview. If you don't want to spend all winter locked up in Thule sharing the same room with the Major you'd better do something constructive."

I called Jack over and said, "Look we need to get the interview going again, do you have any ideas?"

Jack said...

I looked at Maggie and said, "We need to get the fucking CCCN reporters out of here since they always screw the pooch and get Banzai upset."

Maggie asked, "Do you have any ideas?"

I looked around and said, "Yeah I have one, but you might not like it."

Maggie ordered, "Look, I don't know what the fuck the idea is but it's better than what will happen to me if we don't restart the interview."

I walked over to my Spetsnaz team, whispered a few things and ... I love it when a plan comes together...

Flashback – Glen

What the hell! It's a fucking three ring circus over there! Four FSB agents walk up and begin arresting the damn news team from CCCN. They yelled about being Americans and having rights, but it didn't matter.

The SECNAV was still on the phone with me and complained, "Glen what the hell is going on?"

I started to reply when Sgt. Reynolds walked up to Banzai and stated, "Now that the fake reporters are gone, I'm sure Banzai would be happy to continue with the questions."

The nurse stated, "And for the record, it was my fault that Ben struck me."

Sgt. Blaine complained, "Like hell it was! I should have known it was you hugging me when I woke up. It's all my fault."

This was beginning to sound like a damn fucking soap opera when thank God Sgt. Reynolds said, "Now what was the last question? Oh yeah, it was about Banzai being able to walk; Tatiana could you explain that again?"

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