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Chapter 13: The Little Drummer Girl

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 13: The Little Drummer Girl - Sheila and Sean have become engaged and spent a night practicing for the honeymoon. This story begins in the morning light. Bondage and D/s play is an important elements. Be warned. The couple has come together. Now they need to make things work. This is about meeting, planning and doing, with some food and fun mixed in.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Petting   Food   Exhibitionism  

Interlude: 25th Anniversary


There was a lot of bonding that night. Mom, Aunt Frannie and Aunt Jo all say so. Nanny CC does not say anything, but she smiles and looks shy. Mom and my Aunts are all impressive women. CC was my nanny. Yet she was the center of the affair. Whatever she did must have been something else.

Author's Note: This chapter contains a graphic scene involving actions and devices that could cause serious injury. This is an experienced professional using great care. Do not attempt them yourself. If you wish to skip the chapter, there is a plot summary in italics at the the end of the section.


I knew that dining with Sheila and Siobhan would not be dull, but ye Gods I never expected a pepper sauce showdown. I would swear that Schwartz' sub had never tried serious hot sauce before, but she went straight through the usual stuff without stopping. I sent for the prime stock. Some of these things cost like perfume, but I wanted them if I needed them. Even the heavy stuff did not stop CC.

I had to make a production of the last option. It is basically riot control spray in a bottle. Siobhan obviously knew exactly what she was holding, but that only added to the drama. CC took it, rolled it around and swallowed it. Blessed Mary, Mother of God. The applause was deafening. CC looked like the cat with yellow feathers in its mouth. That girl is a damned stage hog. I made an announcement. It served to drop the curtain, so we had a chance to eat our meal in peace. Sheila told Siobhan not to play with her food, meaning CC. Damn that girl was good.

Once dinner was over, I had to maneuver them to the Lair. I had named the club after Sheila years before. The private part had always been the Panther's Lair. Sean had given me the better name for my dungeon, so I had changed it last week. The best part was that Sheila was modest enough not to make the association. Unfortunately, it was Tuesday night. Most of my serious players have day jobs, so the clientele gets pretty thin during the week. I hoped for the best and led to to the changing room.

The Lair was everything I feared it might be: sparse and mismatched. There was one naked girl on the wall and she did not want to be there. Forget putting CC/CC up there; I had to fix the problem first. Fortunately a German tourist provided an opportunity. I put Sheila in the spotlight and watched her instincts take over. In less than a minute, Sheila had the hooker off the wall and people putting her john up in her place. Damn that girl was good.

Then someone recognized her. Shit. Sean's catalog had gone out in the Monday mail. I had not expected it to be delivered Tuesday, but there it was—Mistress Cynthia, in panties, bra and heels and a bound and gagged man hanging on the wall. The page even identified her by name. Shit a broomstick. Sheila bailed me out by playing to the crowd.

I have been told that, as a mistress, I lack patience. Schwartz proved everyone right. Where I would have gone straight to physicality, Sheila milked it for time. She fussed with the bonds. She requested a larger gag. She acknowledged her photo and, by relation, the session with Jason. All the time, mister wannabe master was stewing in his juice.

Then someone brought a riding crop. It made sense, since that is what Mistress Cynthia had used in the photo shoot, but it was not what she wanted. Cynthia had blindfolded her victim, but one of the denizens was giving him a running commentary. When the denizen mentioned the crop, the effect on the prisoner was dramatic. He obviously understood the kind of damage a crop could do.

Naturally, Cynthia played it for more time. She went through the whole box of whips, lashes and floggers. At one point she took out the single strand bullwhip, which requires disclosure documents and medical standby. Her gagged prisoner broke into a cold sweat. After several minutes she settled on a short, lightweight flogger. Basically, it was the same as the pompon Sheila had used on me. I felt the ends of my mouth force their way upward.

Before she began, Sheila had to position the hooker. Rather than tie her up, Sheila had Siobhan sit behind her and spread her out. The heels of Siobhan's pumps were set to a notch in the floor, while her ankles held the hooker's thighs open. Each of the hooker's wrists was held in one of Siobhan's hands. The hooker tried to move, but she was not going anywhere. Satisfied, Sheila snapped her fingers, pointed at the floor and said, "Second Position." CC was in place almost before Sheila had finished speaking. A murmur of comments ran through her audience.

Sheila told Siobhan to coach CC, whose duty was to force an orgasm on the hooker. Unspoken, but clearly understood, was that CC would be rewarded based on her service. Only then did Sheila pick up the lightweight flogger and turn her attention to her own victim. Mister john had been watching the preparations with interest. When Mistress Cynthia turned to him, the blood drained from his face. Sheila walked slowly to the correct position, trailing the strands of the lash through her fingers as she went. The john's color returned, and his soldier saluted. Damn, that girl was good.

Once she was in place, swishing the flogger back and forth, Sheila looked to our German friend: Lars Gunter. He had also been watching in fascination, but quickly shook it off. "Reaady, Setzen, Beginnen. Und eins, und zwei, und drei ... Gott en Himmel. Wir haben einen Gewinner. Hurra Fräulein. Es ist unglaublich." God that was fast.

Sheila had swatted him once on each nipple. Then Sheila—or should I say Cynthia—gave him a minor flick on the prick and the john shot his wad into his jockeys. With that done, Sheila flowed over to where CC was buried in hooker muff. She stood over them, looking down as the hooker stared up. A slow smile came to Mistress Cynthia's lips. "Let me help you with that." With a negligent seeming flick of her wrist, the flogger stung the hooker's tit. She was rewarded with a screaming orgasm.

Everyone applauded. Cynthia took a bow. Then she reached out and helped the hooker to her feet. The hooker grabbed her in a fierce hug, which Sheila freely returned, then sent her to change. I had to admit, the girl had potential. I decided to offer her a way off the street and sent a message to stop her from leaving. Meanwhile, Cynthia was running the ends of the flogger across CC's shoulders. Act Two was about to start. Gradually, quiet returned as everyone else realized it.

Cynthia said to CC, "That was acceptable priming. I will give you a reward. You may choose your flogger, but choose well. I do not want you incapacitated." CC nodded her head vigorously. Someone brought her the box of floggers, but CC did not move to take it. This caused a moment of confusion, then people started whispering that she had not been given permission to break position. It was a telling point. Eventually, someone started going through them, one at a time, beginning with another short lash. CC chose a cat o' nine tails.

In a venue named for a cat, there were options even in this category, pardon the pun. To her credit, CC chose the lightest one. It was still a dangerous device, requiring expert use—unless blood was the intent. I saw Sheila's jaw clench. CC had crossed a line. Cynthia raised an arm, pointed toward a road barricade and said, "Naked."

Her audience practically fell over themselves. They picked CC up, stripping her down and carried her to the oversized orange and white saw horse with the flashing yellow light. Cynthia had CC bend double over the the middle of the horizontal bar. At Cynthia's direction, CC's hands and feet were bound to opposite riser pieces. CC's position was almost inverted. She hung so far down that her hair touched the floor. The rope work was artistically done. Whatever else my clients were, they had knot skills.

The beauty of the position was that CC's weight was almost fully supported by the narrow cross piece of the barricade, placed under her midriff. The barricade was a popular restraint piece, but I doubt anyone had ever been completely off the floor before. I made a mental note that it would not happen again, unless there was prior approval. Just the sight made me wince.

Cynthia was not finished. Out came the clamps, which went on each nipple, both labia and the perineum. Weights were added. Then came the #4 ass spreader. Cynthia put this in dry, but took her time and worked it in slowly. It was becoming clear to me that pace was critical to Cynthia's work. Pace and misdirection. While Cynthia worked the ass plug in, she also repeatedly brushed against the weights on CC's cunt.

Once CC was arranged to Cynthia's satisfaction, Sheila dropped to her knee and spoke quietly to her. Both Cynthia and CC had stepped out of the scene. I do not know how I could tell, but I could. I was startled when CC replied. Having her speak was startling enough, but what CC said shook Sheila. She froze for a moment, then said something to CC. When she rose, she was playing Cynthia again. God, I love to work with professionals.

A cat 'o nine tails is a true whip. The damn things are dangerous, but I needed to have them. There are disclosure documents and release forms. The fact that none of that was in evidence would cause some hard questions later. In the mean time, we all had an artist to watch. The air reeked of arousal. It was a major challenge to keep my hand away from my pussy. Several of my clients were not even trying.

Everyone associates whips with cracking. That is actually the tip of the whip going supersonic. With skill and a single strand, that is possible. The sound of leather meeting flesh is different and very distinctive. It was a sound that would stay in my head for many weeks.

Cynthia took her position opposite the audience, facing CC's back. That meant that the strand ends would wrap over CC's ass and legs, leaving the greatest impact on the tenderest parts. Internally, I winced at what was coming. Cynthia started at one ankle and worked inward. Four strikes had CC's calf and lower thigh vivid red. Some of the ladies were whimpering. Yet, this was just the warmup. With two strokes in quick succession, Cynthia marked the inside of the knees. CC had not been gagged. At the first stoke she gave a small mewling sound. On the second she was silent, but tears streamed down her forehead.

There was a pause. Once again, Cynthia was using pace and anticipation. The pause lasted long enough that the crowd started to murmur. Cynthia said one word, "Come." The cat 'o nine tails slashed again—this time much sharper than before. Angry red welts appeared on CC's ass, but those were secondary. At least two strands of the whip ran up the crack between the glutes and between the open labia major, impacting wetly on the exposed clit and the labia minora. CC gave a single shriek and convulsed in a massive orgasm.

The room was stunned silent for a moment, then murmurs of appreciation, followed by outright applause. There were only about thirty people in the club, but all of them were packed into a tiny space. It was loud. Sheila raise the whip in acknowledgment, then she gestured at CC, who was still upended on the barricade. Several of the watchers ran forward to release her. Sheila dropped the whip and turned toward the wall, stumbling a bit on the way.

Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners. Sheila stumbled.


Francine was a stage diva and it showed. I do not think the pepper sauce showdown was her idea, but she orchestrated it with an experienced hand. Once we had finished our meal, stuffed to the limits of our corsets, Francine suggested we walk. So we walked—across the parking lot to a club, then down some stairs to a bondage club. I had seen Martel use finesse, but none was showing.

The bondage club was a disappointment. Not even half full. Mostly it consisted of people, dressed for a part, standing around bragging. Christine was hanging on my side. Several of the patrons decided I was her Mistress and approached me. Please. I would not cheapen Christine's loyalty with the likes of this bunch. They were like undergrads wanting special treatment. I brushed them off like the flies they were. A couple of them tracked me, as if they wanted Pet's place, not her services. I did not choose to acknowledge them.

There was one unfortunate scene going on. At the college, I was barely aware of the bondage scene. Still, I knew this was all wrong. The girl was a hooker, who was not into the scene. Her supposed Dom was scared of his responsibilities. Odd that I would think of a Dom having responsibilities, but that was the first thing in my mind.

Francine waded in and Sheila was not far behind. For the first time in a while, I had a really good look at my future sister-in-law. As soon as I did, I realized that I was not looking at Sheila, but at Mistress Cynthia. That made me look at Christine and my heart almost stopped. I have known a lot of obsessive compulsive people. Christine had that look. Sheila had stepped into a different world and Christine had followed her.

I felt myself turning into Doctor Richards as I watched. It made me smile. I consciously corrected my posture and took an almost military stance. I knew this part of myself. It had come out on a occasion, but for the first time I explored it as a persona, using Sheila/Cynthia as a model. Suddenly, the viselike grip of the corset and the pain of the four inch heels had a place. Doctor Richards worked through pain and remained focused. My Pet noticed immediately and snuggled closer. I could get used to this.

The German was different. In those heels, I easily topped six feet, but he was taller still. I mentioned that a wimp had hired a prostitute to play submissive, but had no idea what to do with her. The German surveyed the scene. With a showing of distaste, he asked where the problem was. I know a pop quiz when I meet one. Francine, bless her manipulative heart, challenged Sheila to fix it. Enter Mistress Cynthia. Even I felt her pull and I am one of the least biddable people I know. Contrast Pet, who quivered like a hunting dog.

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