Making the Right Choices
Chapter 1: Limited Chances

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Limited Chances - A woman's happy to choose to allow her long term boyfriend to extend her erotic sexual experiences.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Swinging   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys  

Debbie Bourne was a single mother to young Sally Ann Bourne; who was half her mother's age at 18years; both had the family traits of large bust and angelic face surrounded by long blonde hair. Now for some of you may think the story concerns Sally but the tale I want to relate to you is about Debbie. Debbie although not married did have a steady relationship with Dave Morgan a man three years older than herself. Dave's attitude towards sex was best described as wild and free; he had been coaxing Debbie to let her inhibitions go.

He had already managed to coax Debbie into having sex out in the open air; she had admitted the fear of being seen or caught had made her feel much more dirty and sexy at the same time. This is how it went; one Friday evening, in late summer, Debbie had arranged to meet Dave at The Kings Head public house on the edge of Epping Forest. After a drink the young couple headed deeper into the forest and when they were well clear of the winding country roads; Dave simply ordered Debbie to remove her blouse. The implied tone was one almost daring Debbie to refuse, but knowing they had discussed having sex that night; Debbie was already in the mood for some hot action. Excitedly Debbie cast off her blouse placing it in the rucksack carried by Dave but now it seems her hearing rapidly improved as she became aware of every rustle in the trees and every snap of a twig as they walked.

After another fifty yards; he ordered her to remove her skirt and once more she obliged now with a mixture of trembling and exhilaration; fear and immensely increased sexual excitement, now even her eyes became sharper as her feelings intensified, she could see the light breeze move the leaves and blades of grass. In fact it was at this point she saw a black Labrador come darting out from between two trees; instantly she dived to the floor and waited with baited breath. The dog's owner never really appeared close but she did hear them whistling for their dog to come follow them. As they walked on; Dave kept sliding his hand over Debbie's pear shaped arse; liking the feel of her silky panties over her smooth arse cheeks, then after a little while off came her bra. Now Debbie felt conscious of her large 40DD breast being unfettered but far more overwhelming was her desire now to be seen and possibly watched as she and Dave fucked.

Her passions rose up a further notch when she was told to remove her panties; for now stark naked, her legs trembled and her cunt began to demand attention from some ones fingers; by now her cunt was dripping with juices. Now almost for physical support she clung on to Dave's arm as he whispered that she was naked for the world and it's wife to see. Eventually he told her to stop and taking a blanket from his rucksack he spread it on the ground and finally invited Debbie to lay on it. Standing above her he demanded she open her legs and spread her cunt lips. Eager to please him she did just that; and even followed his instruction to the point she was ramming three fingers in and out of her own cunt.

Slowly Dave undressed as he watched Debbie getting more and more turned on; she was almost grunting now as she twisted her own fingers in her cunt. Debbie had never felt so alive and every nerve seemed to tingle as she surely neared her first outdoor climax. Dave now knelt between her legs and taking hold of her hands he guided then to his now stiff six and a half inch cock. Instantly Debbie's hands touched his cock she yelled out as if her hands were scorched by a red hot poker. Dave merely moved slowly forward till his rock hard stick touched her flooded cunt; Debbie's slowly widened as the cock now pushed its way into her steaming cunt, all the way until his balls pressed against her cunt entrance.

Locking their lips together in a passionate kiss, Dave could feel the heat of her breath invading his mouth; it was the first time that Dave had seen Debbie so intensely turned on; burnt into his mind was the image of this thirty something blonde haired lynx tossing her head back and showing off her long blond mane of hair, gasping for air as her hips bucked as if lightning itself was erupting within her. Try as hard as he could Dave could not prevent the inevitable and all too soon he felt the tell tale tingle in his balls announcing the rapid approach of his own intense orgasm; Shot after shot of hot sticky sperm pumped into her cervix but her frantic thrusting pelvis never missed a beat and the action she was generating with her tight cunt managed to keep his hard cock from shrinking back and wilting. She milked a second orgasm out of his captured cock before it finally slipped free from her gripping cunt, Dave could not remember a time when he had experienced that feeling of cock being milked to the third degree.

As the afterglow of passion finally set in; Debbie suddenly began to fear for her surroundings; she realised how vulnerable and exposed she was right now. Suddenly off behind the trees to her right she heard a man's voice and then the response from a woman; god she thought they are coming this way and I don't have enough time to get dressed. In blind panic she managed to grip the edge of the blanket and rolled over covering both Dave and herself, just as the couple broke cover and glanced in their direction. The woman seemed to blush deeply and Debbie seemed to sense that she knew what they had just done; but the couple just hastened on their way and was gone.

While they had the chance; both Debbie and Dave got dressed and gathered up their blanket and rucksack and slowly walked back the way they had come. Debbie could feel the spunk inside her cunt begin to dribble into her silky panties and it served only to remind her of her recent erotic thrill that nearly was discovered. Dave did not help matters as he kept asking her what would she have done if still in the middle of her orgasm when the couple arrived; she excitedly said that once she reached that point of no return then even if her own daughter had suddenly appeared then she still would not have been able to stop or hide it.

Thankfully for Debbie the rest of the journey home was uneventful. Although by the time she had arrived home she was aware of this cold clammy feeling of drying spunk in her panties and as she stepped into the bathroom to clean herself up she had a suddenly sharp tingle in her cunt which told her she would willingly take the same risks again if asked.

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