A New Old Watch. 9th in the STOPWATCH Series

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June asked, "Well, what are you going to do with it?"

"I haven't a clue," said her brother. "What do you think?"

"If we didn't have so much money ... I'd be happy panning for gold somewhere in time."

"You and your gold fever!" They both laughed.

"Just the thought ... excites me so, my panties get wet."

"Remember the first time your panties got wet?" asked Jimmy.

"Yes," she blushed. "It was right here on this rock. I was so scared."

"I gathered as much."

"Besides, that's not the kind of wet I mean."

Jimmy and June, twins, were 13 when Jimmy found a watch in the water of Lake Michigan just north of the channel pier at Pentwater. Jimmy spotted the watch a few feet offshore and waded in after it. Although Jimmy was fifteen minutes older than June, at 13 she was MUCH more mature. So mature that she was heading to the SnackShack on the sand just above the beach to practice her 'girlship' on the 16 year old boy who worked there.

Wading in was a mistake. New shoes, bought for the eighth grade, were reasonably ruined. Jimmy put the watch on but it was loose. In the process of trying to adjust the band of the watch, June decided to help. Accidentally the wrestling match between them wound the watch ... they were transported back in time.

It scared June so much ... she peed her panties. The rock ... so fondly remembered ... was a huge glacial erratic left thousands of years before when the Wisconsinan Ice Cap retreated. It was on this rock that Jimmy first saw a pair of pussy lips through a yellow stained pair of transparent panties.

When they finally figured out how the watch worked they had several adventures. Now they were rich ... to the tune of a billion dollars. As hard as they had tried, over the years, they could not spend the interest

"Let's go for a walk." It was a pretty good idea Jimmy had.

"Where to?"

"Let's walk to the Antler and have a burger and fries and then hit the beach. I'm all for putting the watch back in the Lake."

"You mean ... just toss it back in the water?"

"Yeah ... only off the end of the pier."

"I wonder what would happen if we wound a string around the stem winder and tossed it like a TP roll?"

Frank and Ernie at the Antler did their usual excellent job. The burgers were juicy, the sesame seed buns were homemade. The toppings were perfect ... hand shredded lettuce, chilled kosher dill slices and fresh mayo. The fries were hand cut ... thick, long and hot from the peanut oil and sprinkled with watered white vinegar ... Windsor style. Perfection!

They sat at the railing of the cedar deck and watched the Lightning Class race. To watch them ... if you didn't know ... you would expect they were old lovers met again by design or accident. If you were to ask, the answer would be, "No ... twins ... and townies," as if that were all the answer needed.

The gun fired from the Yacht Club dock, the winning helmsman tossed in the lake. The faint music from the club dance drifted up to the noisy bar. Folks drifting up and down ... Saturday at Pentwater in the late summer.

Jimmy and June ... it was time ... time to walk the shore, past the boulder and out to the pier head.

It was a beautiful evening ... in the low 70's ... jacket weather on the Lake shore. The slosh ... slosh ... slosh ... of the never ceasing, never still water of Lake Michigan washing the sands of the beach. The sun had slipped behind the gathering clouds to the west turning the rippled water silver, red, orange and gold. It was peaceful now ... by midnight there would be a violent storm.

Feeding Coho chased a school of smelt and a few alewives by the end of the pier.

"Look at that monster, June."

"That is one big fish."

Jim was carrying a willow switch. He took the watch from his wrist and lightly tightened the wrist band to the tip of the willow. With a mighty heave he swung the switch and stopped it just past 50 degrees. The watch sailed out over the water ... there was no splash.

"Well, that's that."

"Yes it is."

"Regular lives?"


"Wanna go somewhere?"

"Plane, boat or car?"

"It's your turn."


"Ok ... where?"

"Vegas ... we haven't been there since 1964."

"Pretty good for someone born in 1970."

Regular lives?

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