School Daze
Chapter 2: Miss Simpson - Gym Couch

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2: Miss Simpson - Gym Couch - I don't know if Karen Wagner was inspired by this story, but it appeared shortly before she stated the genre. The author is unknown. Rather than naked kids, the teachers are naked with the (successful) intention of inspiring learning.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Gang Bang   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Teacher/Student   School  

I am a teacher at the local high school. A few weeks ago, the basketball coach had to leave right after school, and the team had a game that night. Since I was normally the teacher who handled his gym class when he was gone, the Principal asked me to take the team to the game. Even though I had never been a coach for a team, I agreed to do it. I wasn't looking forward to it though. Right after my last class, I went down to the boy's locker room to find the players. Pausing at the door, I decided it wouldn't be the best of ideas to go in. A young boy, seeing my predicament, volunteered to go in and make sure the boys were dressed so I could go talk to the basketball team. Moments after he went into the locker room, I heard him and a couple of other boys yell "it's okay". Upon entering the room and walking past the coaches office, I saw the very sight I was trying to avoid! There were about ten or twelve boys walking around without clothes on! Some reached for towels the instant they saw me, but most were in on the joke that was being played on me. They just stood there naked, watching to see my reaction. That reaction was exactly what they expected, my jaw hit the floor as a look of surprise came over my face. I shrieked and ran to the door. As the door swung closed, I heard their laughter erupting behind me. I ran out of the school to the team bus. As I took some time to calm down and stop blushing, the basketball team came out with their gearbags and got on the bus, all smirking at their little joke. The team captain slid behind the wheel and got the bus on the road.

During the trip, I answered their questions about why the regular coach wasn't there and talked with most of them. Mostly I told them I was new at this and hoped for their cooperation. They informed me that it really didn't matter, they were having a losing season anyway, so a change of coaches wouldn't hurt. I told them that I really hoped they would start winning and wished them the best of luck tonight. One of the boys said that if I dressed the same as I did for his gym class, they would be motivated enough to win.

I thought back to the last time I substituted for the regular teacher's gym class and smiled. That was the time our Assistant Principal put a plan into action to keep students from skipping my classes. I remembered how I showed up for the class in gym clothes, but had "forgotten" to wear any panties. I led them through the usual gym class routine (stretching, jumping jacks, etc) making sure that my gym shorts were loose enough to show off my cunt every time I stretched or moved. They never took their eyes off me for the entire workout. I let them play basketball for the rest of the class. Toward the end of the period, I called out to all of them to gather around me and sit on the floor. They moved quickly, throwing me the ball as the last one sat. I didn't know what to do with the ball while I talked to them (I remember thinking at the time that the regular coach used it in some coach-like manner when he talked to them). I simply set it on the floor in front of me and put my foot on it to keep it from rolling away, and also to expose my pussy so the boys would pay attention to me when I talked to them. I told them that I enjoyed filling in for the regular coach and hoped to do it again soon. They said they hoped so to, but they were all looking at my twat instead of my face as they said it.

My thoughts came back to reality as the bus pulled into the parking lot of the opposing school. I thanked the boy for the compliment, and joked with them that I would go them one better. I jokingly said that if they won tonight's game, I would shower with the team as soon as we got back to our own school. They whooped and yelled that they would definitely win the game with inspiration like that. They ran off the bus joking that the regular coach had never given them pep talks like that.

The game was a slaughter. Every time one of my boys scored, he would look over at me and get an ear-to-ear grin on his face. After the game the other team's coach came over to me and said he had never seen our school play this well. During the trip back almost no one spoke. They all just leered at me as I tried to give them a coach-type good-game speech.

As we got off the bus, I walked with the boys to the locker room and even went into the coaches office to leave him a note. I could hear showers in the background as I wrote about our victory and how I had enjoyed coaching. Right in the middle of my note, two boys came in the office and gently grabbed my hands. Leading me out of the office, they walked me over to the entrance to the showers. The boys already showering turned towards me and watched as the two boys started undressing me.

I managed to mumble out a feeble protest. But the truth was, the sight of a dozen athletic naked teenagers all leering at me was getting me hot!

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