Helping Daddy

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2013 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I'm a single father of a college-age daughter and she has my best interests in mind.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

Two things happened to me about seven months ago: my daughter, Jennifer, went off to college and my wife, Suzanne, filed divorce papers.

Well, I was happy that Jenn was going to college, she'd worked awfully hard to get a scholarship and I knew she would do well. The school was just a hundred and fifty or so miles away so it was easy for her to come home weekends if she wanted.

Less happy was the divorce. I knew things were wrong for quite a while but it was when Jennifer was ready to go off to school that Suzanne told me that she was leaving me for her lover, Lucy Kilton, a former roommate from her college years. Ah, well.

But, life goes on, of course, and while I wasn't getting much in the way of sex before the divorce, there also wasn't much after, either.

Jennifer would ask me every once in a while if I'd met anyone, meaning anyone ... a woman, and I'd report that I hadn't. But she kept asking and I kept telling her that I hadn't met anyone.

Her first college break was Labor Day and she had told me she was coming home that Friday afternoon and would be going back early on Tuesday morning.

So, on that Friday, when I came home from work, there was Jenn's 2009 Honda Civic in the driveway. I went in, eager to see my daughter and came upon Jennifer and another young woman in the kitchen sitting at the table, each having a Diet Coke.

Jenn jumped up and gave me a big hug, telling me, "Dad, this is Frances Jemison, she lives on the West Coast so I had her come home with me, okay?"

"Sure," I told Jenn and turned to shake the girl's hand but she also embraced me and kissed me softly on the lips.

"That's sweet of you to take me in like this, it's so much nicer than sitting around on an empty campus all weekend. I really appreciate it," she said, smiling a beautiful smile at me.

This friend of my daughter's was a beautiful girl. She stood about five-seven and was curvy with long, sleek black hair down over her shoulders. Green-eyed and wearing a button-down white shirt and cropped-bottom jeans, she looked the perfect All-American coed.

"Well, I'm glad you could come home with Jennifer. I'd planned on taking her out to dinner and you're certainly invited to come with us. Let me go up and get changed. It's no where fancy, just a small Italian place nearby that Jenn knows quite well, an old favorite."

I trotted upstairs and changed and came down and read through the mail, then the girls came down and we went out and had a nice supper.

Jennifer, of course, was all bubbly about her first impressions of college and went on and on about it with her friend adding in here and there. We had a fun time and we all came back and watched several episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" that I had recorded while she was away in school. We're both fans of the show and greatly enjoy watching them together.

Around eleven, I told them I was off to bed and Jenn and her friend, Frances, both stood up and each hugged me good night with her friend again giving me a lovely soft kiss on the lips.

I had been reading a book when there came a soft rap on my door and I answered, "Yes, Jenn, come in."

The door opened and it was her college friend Frances.

"Yes, Frances, is everything all right?"

"Oh, yes, fine, just perfect," she said as she closed the door and came over to my bed. "Jenn wanted me to come and see if I could make you happy tonight," she said as she pulled her negligee up off over her head and stood there beautifully naked.

"I ... well, I ... Jenn sent you here?"

"Yes, she's worried about you being lonely. And, I told her I'd do what I could. Can I get in with you? I'll stay here with you tonight."

"But, what will Jenn think?" I asked now more confused and so distracted by the beautiful naked apparition standing there.

"She knows I'm here, she sent me down to sleep with you. She showed me your picture last week and asked me if I wanted to come home with you and have sex with you for the weekend. Can I get in?" she asked smiling.

I usually sleep in the nude but figured that, under these particular circumstances, that I had nothing to hide and raised the covers up for her to join me.

She turned to me and we kissed as her hand went to my chest, then descended to take hold of my cock which, understandably, was rock-hard. Frances was a beautiful, sexy young woman.

"I guess I owe my daughter a real debt of gratitude for being so concerned over my welfare," I told her. "She couldn't have chosen a more wonderful woman for me, Frances, you're really beautiful."

"Mmm, you're nice yourself, David, this all came about when I mentioned that I preferred a more mature lover than what we generally had in college. Except for a few of the professors, of course. But, that's another story," she laughed as she kissed me again.

Her breasts were quite wonderful, firm and full, and she had put a leg up on top of mine with her knee over my stomach to position her pussy so she could rub the head of my cock along her labia.

"Mmm, that feels nice, is it good for you? Feel nice? Make you want more?" she cooed as I pushed my hips making my cock tip part her pussy open and go just inside.

I didn't have to do anything else, she just pushed me onto my back and pressed herself down widening herself to take me deep inside. Then she raised up and began scissoring straight up and down on me, her slippery, wet pussy feeling almost like it was sucking me on each stroke.

"Oh, Frances, I can't believe this is happening, you are so sexy, this is like a dream come true."

"It's not a dream, at least it sure feels real. I'm liking this, Paul, I hope you'll let me sleep with you while I'm here," she said leaning over and kissing me while her hips rose and fell.

"Frances, you can do anything you want with me while you're here," I kidded.

"Jennifer sure loves you, I hope you know that," she told me as my hands massaged her firm breasts.

"I sure do, even to fixing up her old man with one of her friends. I owe her."

"Oh, she'll just be happy if you're happy. That's what she said. So, are you happy?"

"Lots happier than I've been in a long, long time. This is like a dream, you are so beautiful and sexy."

"Mmm, I'm not a dream, this is all true and it sure feels like we're doing it. It feels wonderful."

She continued moving up and down on me, happily smiling down, dropping her head down once in a while to offer me her lips and mouth.

"Your daughter really loves you, David, she told me I could have you as much as I wanted just as long as you were happy. And I'm feeling pretty happy, myself."

"So am I, Frances, so am I."

I looked down between us watching my cock disappear, then reappear, all wet and glazed with her juices as she fucked me so sweetly.

"Mmm, cum, David, cum in me, I want your cum," she moaned as she rose and fell. "I'm close, oh, yes," she panted, then her body jerked several times as she cried out, "oh, uh, uh, uh, mmm, oh, yes, yes," and pushed down hard on me, twisting her hips back and forth. It was just enough.

"Uhh, mmm, uhh," I groaned as I pushed my hips up as she ground down on me urging me on.

"Cum, David, cum, oh, yes," she huffed as she slowly now pulled up and down. "That was wonderful, so good."

She fucked me for another few minutes, then pulled up and off to roll over next to me as we kissed.

"You can turn out the light, David, there'll be more in the morning, good night," she said softly as she gave me a final kiss and a squeeze to my cock.

It was wonderful to sleep with a woman again and waking up was even better.

As I opened my eyes, her face was right in front of mine. "You horny this morning? I am. I want to suck you hard then you can fuck me before breakfast."

"What if I had you for breakfast?" I asked.

"Then I might just want to stay in bed with you all day."

"Well, Jenn did come home to see me, I am still her father."

"She told me that I was to make her daddy happy and that's what she wanted. She did say I should be with you as much as we both wanted."

"I suppose I shouldn't go against my daughter's wishes, now, should I?" I told her as I pulled the sheet away and moved her legs apart to get down and give her oral as thanks for last night.

"Mmm, oh, this is why I love more mature men, oh, that's so good, David, so good. Too many younger guys don't really know how to make a woman feel good, how to really make her feel cherished. Mmm, make me cum."

It was looking like Jennifer got me the right young woman. She really didn't know that her father loves to do oral sex but she sure picked out the right one to bring home for daddy, I thought as I flicked my tongue up and down while I held her pussy open.

"Oh, geez, right there, oh, yes, right there, omigod, uuuh, uuuh, uh, uh, mmm, oh my pussy, my pussy, keep going, don't stop," she panted as I felt her body shake and tremble.

I did exactly what we both wanted and put her right through another orgasm, one that really must have rocked her world from the way she screamed. Then she grabbed me and kissed me over and over, thanking me and thanking me. We stayed in each other's arms for a little while longer then we got up and she slipped her nightie back on and I tied a robe around myself and we went hand in hand down to make some breakfast.

"Oh, look at you two," Jennifer said as she looked up from the newspaper when we entered the kitchen. "Oh, I think this worked out okay, just like I was hoping. Frances, you sure sounded happy a few minutes ago. Way to go, Dad."

"Jennifer, I owe you one, girl, your dad is awesome. You might not get to see much of him this weekend, I'm taking him up to shower after we get something to eat. We might see you for lunch, okay?"

Even before I could say anything, my daughter said, "As long as you're making my daddy happy, then I'm happy. You two have fun, let me fix you guys some eggs and toast," and she began getting our breakfast while Frances and I sat down. Her hand came over to my lap and slid under my robe as Jenn looked over and grinned as her friend's hand began to move under my robe. She turned back to the stove letting us have a bit of privacy which Frances made good use of.

She brought over our plates and put them down, grinning at us both and then left and went up to shower, telling us, "Why not take the morning to be together and we can get together around lunchtime."

As soon as Jenn left, Frances pulled my robe open and took my cock in hand to begin masturbating me as my hand went over and slid up under her negligee to rub in the wetness between her legs.

"Mmm, why don't we go back to bed and take care of this properly, then have a nice shower together?" she asked me and I told her that was a lovely idea.

Frances led me back upstairs and got up on my bed and had me do her doggie-fashion but she wanted it very, very slow. The first few minutes, she kept telling me to slow down until I was just barely easing forward and back each time. But what she was doing was lovely ... turning her ass around in circles as I slow-fucked her.

We tried many more positions that Labor Day weekend for Francis proved to be nearly insatiable as a sexual partner. But every time I was with Jennifer, she had her grin ready for me, knowing that her daddy was being very well provided-for by her college friend.

Chapter 2

I hated to see them leave but there was an upcoming break for Thanksgiving and she'd told me she'd be coming home and would be cooking us a nice meal with turkey and all the trimmings. All I had to do was the grocery shopping. Jennifer did cook some, it was probably the best thing her mother taught her and I was looking forward to seeing her again; it was lonely in the house by myself.

I had come home early on Wednesday to have time with Jenn and was sitting out in the kitchen when I heard her come in the front door.

"Dad, I'm home," she called out and I told her I was back in the kitchen and soon she walked in with another young woman, very pretty, very petite, with dark hair onto her shoulders and a skin tone that was lightly tanned.

"This is Leela, Dad, Leela Joshi and she's from Delhi so I thought it would be nice to have her come and have Thanksgiving with us."

I stood and shook her hand and then welcomed Jenn home with a tight embrace.

"I would like a nice daddy-hug as well," my daughter's new friend said so I gave her a hug and enjoyed her small solid body tightly pressed against mine.

"Dad, I'm gonna go take a shower, why don't you show Leela to the guest room, okay?" Jenn said and I followed Leela back to the foyer where she had dropped her travel bag which I picked up and took her up to the spare bedroom.

"Here you are, Leela, make yourself at home. Let me know if you want anything, okay?"

I turned and started to leave as she said, "Oh, stay a moment, David," as she went around me and closed the door. "Jenn told me that she was going to shower, then take a nap for a while and I was thinking that a nap might be quite nice myself."

"Oh, sure, Leela, I'll be quiet, just make yourself to home as I said, whatever you want just let me know," I told her and began to turn to the door as she put her arms around me and looked up.

"There is one thing ... I'd like for you to join me," she said as she stood up on her toes and kissed and tongued my mouth while her right hand moved between us to grip my hardening cock. "I always sleep in the nude, David, I hope you do it, it's so much more fun that way," she said softly then backed away and began taking her clothes off.

I stood there in amazement as this petite young Indian woman, hardly looking over sixteen, got out of her clothes to stand there before me. Her dark eyes looked up at me as I admired her beautiful, trim body; she must have hardly weighed a hundred pounds, yet she had a lovely figure. Her breasts were small and rounded, not really much more than handfuls, but perfectly formed, each tipped with a small dark brown nipple that was raised in the center. Below she had a small strip of black, trimmed hair over a sublimely plump slit.

Then she started unbuttoning my shirt, getting it off, then my belt open to drag down my pants to the floor. Next she knelt down and pulled my boxers off, all the while looking up at me, smiling.

"Oh, nice, I knew this would be nice," she said as she lifted my cock and softly kissed the crown, then licked circles around it sending my heart racing. Then she stood up, hardly coming to my shoulder, took my cock and led me to bed as she pulled the covers back and had me get in. Then she got up on the bed, stood up over me, looking down, smiling, as she crouched down to lift up my cock and squat on it pushing herself onto me until I was fully inside her tight little pussy.

"You have a wonderful daughter, you know, David. She talked the whole way here about how handsome you are and that she likes to bring you girls home to make her daddy happy. Are you happy? Is Leela making you happy? Jennifer will want to know," she said as her tiny body seemed to float over me gliding up and down on my cock.

"She is wonderful, I agree. You're the second of her friends she's brought home like this. And you, Leela, are spectacular, your body is perfection," I told her as my hands rubbed on her small, firm boobs. She seemed to always be smiling, happy with what we were doing.

"Mmm, I like to use my body to make men happy. Is my pussy making you happy?"

"Oh, Leela, you are so sexy and tight. It feels like your pussy is sucking me, that's how good it is," I moaned.

"Jennifer said that I was to make you happy while I was here and that I could keep you as much as I wanted, David, she was very clear about that. And I'm wanting you very much," she panted as she rose and fell over me.

"Well, it is a surprise, I really didn't know anyone was coming home with Jenn but I'm sure glad she brought you, Leela."

"Mmm, I am, too, this is lovely, I'm getting close to cumming, David, I just love fucking you. I don't really do much around campus, they guys are not my type mostly, I really like older, more settled men; like right now."

I was surely grateful for that, she was really spectacular and did know how to use that tight little body of hers.

She pushed hard down on me and held herself there as she began twisting her hips back and forth with my cock deeply and fully inside her.

"Mmm, oh, yes, oh, this will be an American Thanksgiving I will always remember. Oh, I am so close, yes," she groaned then I felt her body begin shuddering and shaking as she cried out over and over. With that she began fucking me fast up and down and I was soon cumming into her, emptying everything I had up into her.

She fell over me kissing me over and over.

"Oh, David, that was wonderful, oh, I love being with you. Hold me, I want to stay right here with you inside me."

She moved her hips just enough as she nuzzled my neck kissing along my shoulder as I held her on top of me. We stayed that way for a while, it was so sexy and peaceful, then she pulled up off me and we took a nap in each other's arms, waking about six-thirty.

Like the last time Jenn came home, I'd planned on taking her out to dinner the first night but now had two to join me and I went to my room to get ready as Jenn and Leela did likewise.

When I came downstairs, they were sitting at the kitchen table and Jenn looked at me and said, "I hear you two have hit it off quite nicely, Dad," a grin spreading across her face.

"Yes, quite nicely, I must say. You have wonderful friends, Jenn, simply wonderful."

"You are very easy to get to know," Leela said and we all went and got in my car heading for the restaurant. I took them to a small French bistro and after we had ordered, I felt Leela's hand come to rest on my thigh as we were all talking about school and such.

Just when the wine came and was being poured, her hand drifted over my cock and squeezed gently as I was taking a sip from the taste the server had poured in my glass. I looked over at my daughter and she smiled as if she might know what Leela was up to at the moment.

She didn't leave her hand there for long but, as we ate, I would feel it return for a friendly feel.

It was quite dark as we left the restaurant and on the way home, she leaned forward in the dark car's back seat and put her arm between the driver's seat and the door and rubbed over my cock while I got us home. This was one hot young woman.

She took her hand back before we pulled into the lighted garage and we all went back in the house with Jenn, I think, not knowing of Leela's play with my cock.

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