Losing the Bet

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2013 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I lost a bet and I'm still paying it off seven years later. Lucky me.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Hispanic Female   Masturbation   .

Hannah and I have been married for nearly five years now and the time I want to tell you about happened when we were dating in college. I had taken a year off after high school so while we were the same age, I was in my second year and she was a junior.

I was in a dorm at the time and Hannah had her own apartment where I would usually spend the weekends. We always, and still do, sleep naked and I usually stayed that way through breakfast until after we'd showered together. That generally led us back to bed though if we were really horny, we would tightly couple in the small shower stall.

Hannah would often get up a little before I did to make the coffee and such, often slipping on a robe but, as I said, I would come out like I slept and have breakfast that way, naked. We always had sex Friday night but, being young and being a guy, I was always horny the next morning.

So what do naked horny guys do while they sip their coffee? Well, I can't answer for any but me but for a long time now, I would play with my cock while I had my breakfast. It seemed to amuse Hannah and it certainly amused me. I always thought that if it was out there in the open, it was there to play with.

Then, one Sunday afternoon when we were watching a football game on the box, one that we neither really cared which team won, at halftime, Hannah, with the score tied, picked a side and asked if I wanted to bet on the outcome. I think she was mostly bored with the game but I told her that as long as the bet involved sex I was in.

We actually never saw the end of the game, some friends came over and we turned it off so I basically forgot about the whole thing and life went on.

It was two weeks later, on a Saturday morning that the football bet came up again to my rather startled surprise.

As usual, I woke up to the smell of coffee wafting into Hannah's bedroom, swept my fingers through my hair and went out into the living room to be face-to-face with Hannah and four other young women sitting there looking at my cock.

"Oh, geez, sorry, I'll get dressed," I blurted out and hastily turned back to the bedroom.

Then I heard Hannah say, "No, you come back here, you lost the bet, my team won, Todd, St. Louis won, so come back here." I picked up a towel and wrapped it around myself and went back.

"You lose, Todd, now you have to pay your bet and it has to do with sex. So, just join us for coffee just like you would do every Saturday morning, come on, they want to watch you play with yourself like you usually do."

"You're kidding, right?" I asked as all five of them grinned at me.

"You said as long as it had to do with sex, you'd be okay with it. So, that's what I want," she said as she poured my coffee. Then, patting the spot next to her, she added, "Come sit right here where all the girls can see you. Come on, drop the towel, you lost the bet."

I stepped over to the sofa, put the towel down and sat on it as I picked up my coffee.

"Okay, meet my friends, this is Audrey, she's in your Economics class, this is Marilyn, Cassie and Lillian. I don't think you know them, right?"

"Um, no, I guess not. Good morning, ladies," I said now getting over my embarrassment somewhat.

"Well, Todd, do what you do when it's just you and me, come on, that's what they want to see."

You might wonder if this had gotten me kind of pissed-off but, truthfully, I thought what she'd done was pretty funny and I was not going to back out now that I was there with my coffee in one hand and my cock in another.

So, I spread my legs and began rubbing and fondling my dick while we all sat there, all ten of their eyes focussed on my cock while I tried to calmly sip my coffee. When I had first sat down, it hung down some, only about half-hard, but now I was making it feel better and also beginning to get into being watched; it was really kind of a turn-on.

I varied it some, taking rubs around the tip, fully gripping it for a few slow strokes, then a nice rub under the head where it feels so good.

"See, girls, this is what I get every Saturday and Sunday morning, Todd playing with his penis. Fun, huh?" Hannah said and Cassie, pert and red-headed, sitting next to Hannah, added, "Yeah, he seems to like playing with it. It's sure made it bigger," and the others laughed.

"Well, it gets that way when it's played with. Surely all of you know this by now," I said and there was more laughter.

"Oh, I have three brothers, I know all about it," Audrey said, "I was always catching one or the other of them. Often wondered if they didn't do it on purpose."

"Oh, I know my brother did it on purpose. I finally got him to admit it," Marilyn added. "Then he just did it whenever he wanted, like all the time. I kind of enjoyed it, really. This is bringing it all back. Thank you, Todd. I think I've kinda missed it."

Hannah handed me a bottle of lube, I had been mostly just playing with it so far, so I dribbled some on and began jacking in earnest.

"Hey, slow down, hon, no fair getting off before you finish your coffee, make it last," she said so I backed off just taking my time now. I really didn't mind, it felt damned good going slow like that with four young women and my girlfriend watching me masturbate. Truthfully, it was the first time I was ever going to masturbate to the end in front of anyone; usually, with Hannah, I just played with myself and then we went and showered and had sex.

But I knew one thing, for sure: I was no longer shy or embarrassed to be playing with my cock in front of my girlfriend's girlfriends. They were enjoying it and so was I.

I was now on my second cup so I began stroking in earnest again, telling my audience, "I'm almost finished with my coffee so I guess I can go ahead and finish this," nodding down to my cock.

"Oh, can you do something for me?" Audrey said and I asked her what.

"Ever since I saw it in a porn video, I've wanted a guy to cum on my tits. Would you? And would you mind, Hanna, if I got them out in front of your boyfriend?"

Hannah laughed, saying, "Oh, I'm sure Todd won't mind seeing your boobs, sure, why not?" and Audrey got up and knelt in front of me as she pulled off her top and reached around undoing her bra,

Audrey was short with short, curly blond hair and a very curvy figure and she was now revealing her sizable boobs, beautifully round and full, each tipped with a swollen pink nipple.

"I've heard that if I rub in your cum it'll make them grow. Every girl, no matter how big they are, always wants them bigger, so just cum whenever you're ready."

I sat there with my legs spread open, slowly stroking my slippery cock while I feasted my eyes on the beautiful breasts of one of my girlfriend's friends. And I was going to cum on her beautiful boobs while my girlfriend watched. You can imagine how hard my cock was.

"I've never seen a guy do it, this is so cool. I've done it for them but none of them has ever shown me how they did it. This is fun," Lillian said as I got closer and closer.

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