Go Look, You Can See It!

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2013 by Wayne Gibbous

Coming of Age Sex Story: How sex started for me and my girlfriends.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Group Sex   White Couple   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

Do you remember how sex started for you? I do.

It was at Celia Baker's house on a Wednesday during the summer between sophomore and junior year in high school. There were four of us: myself, Celia, Karla Glover and Bridget Hopkins. We were all bff's and had slept over at her house the night before. It was just before lunch and we were all out by her pool, the day was sunny and warm, and her brother, Brett, came out and plopped into a chair by the pool to read a Playboy magazine.

Brett was two years older than us at eighteen and was the object of our crushes, being older and being as cute as he was. He was bare chested, wearing baggy cargo shorts. We all whispered to each other about what he was reading, giggling over on the other side of the pool.

Karla dove in the water and swam over to the other side, then hoisted herself up on the edge of the pool facing Celia's brother. Then she swam back to us and stood there in the water with a dumb grin on her face.

"What's with you, Karla?" Bridget asked and she came over to the edge where we were and said in a quiet voice, "Go look, you can see it."

I was the one that asked her, "See what?"

"His dick. From the water you can see right up the leg of his shorts and there it is. Go look," Karla said grinning from ear to ear. "Just don't all go at the same time," she added as Bridget began to swim to the other side of the pool where she stood for a few minutes then swam back over to us.

"It's there, omigod, it sure was his cock, you should see it, it's huge," she gasped trying to hold it down. At that I swam over and took a look for myself.

Brett was about ten feet away, sitting in a lawn chair, the magazine in his hands and his legs draped apart. It was up the left leg of his shorts where I saw it, there, resting alongside his thigh, no doubt that it was his dick. I had babysat boys and their equipment was always small and I had always figured that it would be in the same proportion to the rest of their body as they grew up. But this looked like a large snake in his pants and looking at it gave me a warm feeling between my legs. I heard the girls behind me laughing.

"What's so funny?" he asked looking at me, then looking down at his shorts. "Oh, now I see. So, you girl's having fun looking up my shorts? Here," he called out to us as he stood up and dragged his shorts to the concrete and stood there.

Brett was pretty muscular and trim and he was tanned all over, even his dick. And his dick, oh, my, we all stared. It was really large, long, and hung down some. In fact since I was in the pool at a lower level from him, it was pointed exactly at me. It was beautiful; the most beautiful thing I think I'd ever seen. My pussy was tingling and throbbing as I stood there in the water looking at his heavy, drooping cock.

"Okay, now, girls? You all happy now?" he asked and walked onto the diving board, took a few springs which made his dick flop wonderfully up and down, then dove into the water as we all looked at each other in disbelief, horny and aroused disbelief.

"Wow, he just took them off just like that," Karla said.

But then his sister, Celia added, "Yeah, well what you don't know is he's out here nearly every day like that getting his all-over tan. I've seen it lots of times. It's just a dick," she said as her brother surfaced and swam to the side and hoisted himself up.

Then, standing there, his smooth brown body all glistening with water droplets, he told us, "If anybody wants a close-up inspection of my equipment, now's your chance. Don't be bashful." He stood there as we all looked at each other and then I came up the ladder near him.

"Can I see? Look at it up close?"

"Hannah, you and your friends can look it over just as much as you want. Have fun, play with it if you want, it likes girls to play with it," he laughed making his dick wave about as we all stared.

I came closer, now just two feet away and Bridget and Karla began coming around the pool toward us.

"Is it really hard? It seems to be, like, hanging down some," I asked him nervously.

"Kinda hard, yeah, but not really stiff. That's why it looks that way. If you play with it, it'll stand straight out, nice and hard."

I looked up at him and he nodded, saying, "Go ahead, Hanna, it's just a dick. You'll be playing with them soon enough if you haven't already, might as well see what they feel like."

I looked back at my friends who were standing behind me, wide-eyed, as I put my hand out and let my fingertip touch the pretty, round end.

It jumped. His dick sprang up just like it had a string pulling up on it. I jumped back and asked him, "It jumped when I touched it, does it always do that?"

"Only when a really pretty girl touches it, someone really sexy and hot," he said, looking right at me, grinning.

Oh, sure, I knew he was just hitting on me and all but it sure felt good and then I wrapped my fingers around it and, oh, that felt even better. Hard and soft at the same time. And warm, alive. I knew my life would be different now somehow.

"Boys like it like this, right?" I asked as I moved my hand back and forth as we smiled at each other. I looked over at my friends and they were astonished watching me masturbate my first boy.

"Does it shoot if I keep doing this?" I asked so naively.

"Yeah, but what it really loves is for a girl, a pretty girl like you, Hannah, to suck on it until it cums. That's what really feels great."

I looked at him, then back over my shoulder at my friends, including his sister. I knew they had heard what he said and I also knew that I wanted to do it. I was thrilled holding and stroking his hard dick and I knew if I sucked it, I would love doing it. Just the thought of sliding my lips over the pretty, soft head and sucking on it made my pussy just go crazy as I stood there slowly playing with his cock.

So I squatted down in front of him, not caring that any of my friends were there, just wanting Brett's dick in my mouth, that's all I wanted.

I gripped it around the base and leaned my head in, slipping my wet lips over the soft, smooth crown, sucking on it so gently as my eyes looked up at him.

"Mmm, Hannah, oh, girl, you're gonna do fine with guys," he moaned as I slowly sucked him. I did see out the corner of my eyes that the three girls had come closer and were all watching, even Celia was slowly rubbing over the front of her bikini bottom.

Sucking on him was so hot, sliding my mouth down onto him, bringing it back up, sucking all the while. Then I began massaging his dick in my mouth using my tongue while I sucked. He seemed to like that they way he groaned when I did it.

"Mmm, Hannah, you are good, so good," he moaned as I sucked on. I put my hand up under and rested his balls on my palm feeling their weight as I sucked on him. I could sense the girls getting closer, watching me give Celia's brother a blow job. His hand came down and cupped my left breast and I reached back and loosened my top so he could have my bare boob. I really didn't care at that point what any of my friends thought. I was wanting this and that was all I could think about.

"You are really a beautiful girl, Hanna, your boobs are just perfect. You should go around topless all the time. I'd sure love it, that's for sure."

I was too busy sucking my first ever dick to reply but I really did like the idea of being topless around Celia's pool, maybe even naked, especially when her hot brother was around. I was so turned on by all this I was thinking in all kinds of new and very naughty ways.

"Mmm, oh, Hannah, you're gonna make me cum, oh, yeah, uhh, uuh, umm, mmm," he groaned and his dick began spurting throbs of his warm cum into my mouth. Some of my friends had told me how sexy that felt but this just lit my pussy on fire. I knew then that I would have boy's dicks in my mouth just as much as I could.

"Oh, wow, that was so good, just the best," he said as I stood up and he pulled me to him and kissed me, running his tongue around in my mouth as I felt his hand take my left breast. Oh, I was loving this.

He pulled his head back and told the others, "You girls should go topless like Hannah here. Look how pretty she is," and they all stood there a few seconds, then Bridget and Karla took their tops off as his sister, Celia, stayed like she was.

"What's the matter, Celia? You know they're pretty, let 'em out, come on," her brother teased and she reached back and took off her top. "See what your beautiful boobs do to me?" he asked as he took his dick and shook it back and forth. "Anybody else want to play with it? It likes pretty girls."

Chapter 2

I looked back at my friends and saw Karla come up and take his dick in her hand.

"Geez, it feels really cool, it's hard but soft, too. I like the end, it's silky-smooth."

"It likes kisses, Karla, and little sucks on the end," he told her and she crouched down and sweetly kissed the rounded tip, then slid it in her mouth to suck.

"Oh, you girls are so hot, you're making me so damn horny, who wants a nice fuck?"

I raised my hand, smiling at him as Karla glanced back to see that it was me that was offering to have sex with Brett. She lifted off him and stood up as he took her and kissed her like he had me.

"Where do you want it, Hannah, out here by the pool or up in my bedroom?"

"Maybe upstairs?" I told him.

"Mind if they all watch? Is it your first time?"

"Um, I guess they could and, yes, it is my first time. You'll take it slow, okay?"

"Oh, don't worry, I'll make sure it doesn't hurt. Are you on the pill or do I need to use a condom?" he asked as we all began trooping into the house and up the stairs to his room. I was really going to do it, really going to have my first sex. Not only that, all my friends would be watching me do it. Oddly, that thought turned me on, like, really big time. I told him I'd been on the pill for almost a year and that, yes, I was ready.

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