I See It All the Time

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2013 by Wayne Gibbous

Coming of Age Sex Story: My little sister and her best friend caught me masturbating. Then they surprised me a second time.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Group Sex   White Couple   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

Being a seventeen-year-old guy, there's one thing you know about me for sure.

Yep, and I do it as much as I can which means, during school months, I do it once quickly in the shower in the morning, once as soon as I get home from school, a quick one after supper and a slow, lingering one in bed later. That's the best one, of course, but they're all good.

In the summer, well, I shower after breakfast and have time to turn the water off and soap-up real well and get a good one off. Then another before lunchtime, then one before my parents get home from work, one after supper and that nice one in bed later. Geez, that's five. Well, I'm horny, what can I say?

I've never been caught by mom or dad but mom did come close once when I was stretched out naked on my bed pumping my fist up and down when she knocked on my door telling me she had my clean laundry. I scrambled fast enough that I don't think she knew. But it was close.

But I have a sister, Becky, who, when this took place, was sixteen.

It was the summer, I was entering my first year of college the next fall and Becky would be a junior in high school.

I was up in my room and decided to get naked and get one off. It was about eleven-thirty that morning and I was already feeling randy since my morning shower. So, I was sitting at my desk watching porn on my laptop, my hand slowly stroking up and down, listening with headphones on, when other sounds faintly entered my consciousness.

I turned my head and there was Becky, her eyes wide, standing there with her friend, Iris.

My clothes were over on my bed, so I yanked off my headphones and covered my crotch with my hands.

"Becky, shit, what are you doing in here?" I barked at my sister as her friend stood next to her with a faint smile on her face.

"I wanted to ask you if you wanted a sandwich for lunch. Sorry, geez."

"No big deal, Ben," her friend said and they soon left and went downstairs.

Well, my cock had deflated by then so I got dressed and went outside for a bit. I knew I had to talk with my sister about it and her friend, too, to make sure they wouldn't tell our mom or dad, though I really thought our mom might take it better than my dad. She just seemed more relaxed about stuff like that.

So, I went back in and they were in the kitchen fixing lunch.

"Do you want that sandwich?" my sister asked.

"Yeah, I guess so, thanks," I told her, adding, "I'm ... I'm sorry about what you saw, you two."

It was my sister's friend, Iris, who answered first, "Not a big deal, Ben. I see my brothers do it all the time. I'm used to seeing it so it's no biggie to me. I like to watch them."

"Just don't tell mom and dad, okay?" I asked and they both promised they wouldn't.

So, the one time I got caught, it actually turned out okay. But that wasn't the end of it either.

The next morning, when I came down for breakfast, my sister was sitting at the table eating her cereal.

After our normal greetings, she said, "You know Iris said she watches her two brothers do what you were doing. She watches them all the time."

"Well, I sure wasn't expecting you two to walk in, that's for sure."

"She says it's lots of fun to watch her brothers do it; she loves to see them shoot."

"Well, I guess I'm glad she wasn't shocked, anyway."

"Iris said I should watch you do it, could I? I've never seen a boy do it."

"You're kidding, right?" I asked her skeptically.

"No, I'd take my clothes off, too, if you wanted."

I sat there as my cereal got soggy just wondering if she could really mean this.

"She says it's awesome to watch and I want to see it for myself. She watches them every day when they do it."

"And you want to see me do it?"

"I told you, yes, Iris said it's really cool. Both her brothers do it for her. She doesn't think it's such a big deal, they do it every day. More than once, too. Whenever one of them wants to do it, they tell her so she can watch. I want to, too."

"And you'd never tell mom or dad? Never?"

"Of course not, Ben. I told you I'd get naked, too. You think I'd tell them about that?"

True, that was true, I thought.

"When will you do it again?"

"I usually do it in the shower after breakfast."

"Maybe we can shower together. I've never showered with a boy before. I think that'd be cool. Can we?"

"You're sure you want to do this, Becky?" I asked.

"Try me, Ben. Iris says it's the coolest. I'm ready," she told me and I said to come upstairs and we'd use our parent's shower, it was larger.

We trooped up to our parent's bathroom and Becky simply pulled up her cotton nighty over her head and pulled down her panties to the floor. My sister is small and so were her boobs but don't think that meant they weren't pretty. They were totally beautiful with white, white skin and these nice large nipples that were all swollen-looking. And her pussy, well, there was just a little patch above it but not so much as to cover it over.

"Well, I'm ready, Ben, come on."

It shook me out of my staring at my sister's sexy, hot little body as I pulled off my teeshirt, then pulled off my shorts and stood there in my briefs all poked out.

"Come on, Ben," she said as she bent down and pulled them to the floor. "Turn the water on, come on, I wanna watch," so I went in and turned the water on letting it warm, then got under the water as Becky handed me the bar of soap. I got myself wet, then turned the water off and soaped my hands real good then began jacking off as she stood there watching.

I saw her hand drop down to take a few rubs along where her legs came together while she watched me.

"It feels good, doing that?" she asked.

"Yeah, real good. The soap is really nice, makes it feel really good."

Then the words that made my heart flutter.

"Can I try doing it for you?"

I let go and she picked up the soap and rubbed it between her hands, put it back, then, oh, she took my dick and began sliding her hand back and forth.

"Am I doing it okay?"

"Oh, Sis, you're doing it just great, it really feels good."

"Will I make you cum like this?"

"Oh, yeah, it's really good," I groaned as she pulled back and forth gripping me just right.

"Iris loves what she does with her brothers; she said she's watched them lots and lots of times. She does it for them a lot, too. Says its the best thing ever. It is kind of fun to do this. It really makes me excited and your thing seems like it's even harder than when I started."

"I'm not surprised. It's really feeling good, lots better than it usually does when I do it."

She grinned up at me obviously proud of her manual dexterity as I told her I was really getting close.

"You can play with my boobs, Iris says it makes her brothers cum even quicker."

I cupped my hand over her pretty breast as she squeezed a little more firmly while her fist slipped back and forth, then spurt after spurt of my white, sticky cum spattered down below us as she laughed.

"Wow, look at it all. You really shoot a lot, wow." She was still moving her hand slowly, then looked up and asked, "Should I stop?"

"It still feels pretty good, I might even get off one more time," I told her and she just kept stroking until she made me cum again. Then, she took the soap and began lathering me up and down, all over, asking me to turn so she could get my back and she soaped me everywhere including up under me across my asshole and my balls and especially my cock.

Then she handed me the soap and stood there smiling. I went right ahead and started going over her, feeling, for the first time, that super-silky slipperiness of soapy breasts under my hands in the shower.

"This is fun, huh, Ben?" she cooed as she spread her feet while I rubbed the lather up under her, reached all the way up along her butt, soaping back and forth underneath her.

"Mmm, get me real clean under there, that feels awesome," she moaned as my hand curved under her. "Put a finger inside, Ben, get me off, this has made me so horny," she moaned as she lifted a leg up and put her foot on the tiled wall, opening herself wide.

She felt wonderful up inside her pussy, so warm and slippery and smooth. I was trying to imagine how my dick would feel in there instead of my finger and it was making me hard again.

"Look at your penis, Ben. You boys just stay horny don't you?"

"Maybe it's you, Sis?" I said and she leaned up and kissed me, right on the mouth, even opening her lips to use her tongue while I finger-fucked her standing together in our parent's shower.

As our kiss ended, I think we were both now knowing that something had changed between us, something big. I pulled her to me tightly, our wet skin warm against each other as I slid in a second finger.

"Omigod, Ben, is that two fingers?" she gasped and I told her it was. "I've never put a second one inside. Oh, wow, oh, rub right there, inside, right where ... oh, there, yes, oh, that's so good."

She was shaking, standing there on one foot, me holding her wet body so tight as I fingered her in and out.

"Oh, ooh, ooh, uuh, mmm, oh, Ben, oh," she cried out as she fell into my arms trembling as I held her limp body. "Oh, that was awesome. I can't believe how good that felt. I feel so weak now, just everything drained out of me," she said as her head rose and she kissed me over and over.

"Thank you, Ben, thank you. You did me so good. Iris really was right, huh? This is just the best."

"Yeah, we should shower like this every day, maybe?" I asked and she agreed. We rinsed off, then toweled each other dry.

"What if we just stay this way, Ben?"

"You mean, like, naked?" I asked not quite believing my luck.

"Sure, I will if you will."

So, we agreed and we went to my room and she asked me if I ever watched any porn on my laptop.

"Yeah, I learned how to get around the blockers from a friend of mine. So, yeah, wanna watch some together?" I asked. "What kind do you want to see?"

"I don't know, I've never watched any before."

"Well, what are you curious about? What would you want to see people doing? See how it's done?"

"Um, I guess blow jobs? See how they're done?" she said as my heart skipped a beat at just the thought. So I typed in one of my favorite porn websites and chose the blow jobs category.

"Wow, fifteen hundred of them?" my sister asked surprised.

"No, that's fifteen hundred pages of them."

"Omigod, year's worth of them. How do you decide?"

"Well, look when you put the cursor over each one, see, you get a mini-show of each one. Just look while I go over them and if you see one you want to watch, just tell me."

We were sitting there scanning porn videos as my dick stood up in my lap and after a few minutes, my sister looked over at me, smiled, turned back to the computer as her hand moved over to take my cock.

Chapter 2

Every movement of her hand sent thrills though my body as I tried to stay calm sorting through the videos.

"Oh, let's check that one out," she said. I looked and it said, 'Sister sucks off big brother.' Omigod, I thought as I pressed to make it play. It started up showing a guy in bed, under the covers but he was awake and it was obvious that he was jacking his cock under the covers. Then the camera turns and you saw the door open and a girl poked her head in and watched him as he went on. She went in and, of course, he looked startled and she pulled the covers off him and sat down.

Becky's hand was moving up and down on me as we watched the girl in the video bend over and take her brother's cock in her mouth as the camera got really close, showing her wetly sucking him.

Some videos just show the girl's head bobbing up and down but this one was much better with her using all kinds of ways, licking around the top, all up and down the length of his shaft, sucking just the head, it was really hot.

"Wow, she's really giving him a good time," Becky said. "Bet you'd like that, huh?"

"I'd sure never turn something like that down, that's for sure," I said and she turned, smiled and moved her head down to my lap as I felt the most wonderful feeling I've ever had. Her wet lips slid over the crown, then down as I felt her tongue rubbing around on me as she sucked softly. Nothing had ever felt that good in all my life.

"Oh, Becky, that feels so good, just incredible," I gasped as she slowly sucked me. I couldn't believe how sexy my sister had become; she was just wanting to do stuff I never dreamed she'd do. I watched the top of her head as she sucked me so softly and I knew that there was no way I could hold off, it was just so good.

"Mmm, oh, Becky, I'm gonna cum, you're gonna make me shoot my cum," I groaned and she just kept sucking and sucking until I gave up my cum, spurting it into her mouth where she must have swallowed it all.

She lifted up, looked at me, smiled and kissed me as I pulled her body to mine, letting my hands roam all over her smooth silken body.

My hands were on her boobs as I heard her say, "Would you suck them, Ben?" She stood up, leaning over me as I opened my mouth to take one of her light pink nipples in my mouth. It felt wonderful in my mouth, the center so hard and swollen with the outer rim so soft and supple.

"Mmm, I like that, feels really good," she whispered as she played with my cock. We had pretty much forgotten the porn video which, by now, had run to the end. Who cares, I thought, what Becky and I were doing was so much more exciting than any porn I'd ever seen. I moved my hand down to her pussy as she widened open for me to rub her plump, wet pussy lips.

As I sucked her boob, she leaned her mouth close to my ear and whispered, "Ben, have you ever given a girl oral sex? Eaten her out?"

I looked up to her and grunted, "Nuuh-uuuh," moving my head slightly from side to side.

"Would you like to?" she whispered even more softly. "Right now?"

She was smiling down as me as my lips pulled and pulled while her thumb wiped back and forth across the tip of my cock.

Her pussy, she was asking me if I wanted to eat her pussy. Oh, wow, I thought, would I ever.

I lifted up from her nipple, smiled and told her I'd love to. She got up from her chair and went over to my bed and flopped back, raising her feet up next to her, opening herself widely for me as I crouched down between her legs. Her pussy was plump and moist, ready for me.

I took a lick up inside her furrow, tasting her, then began swiping my tongue up and down, softly lapping at her labia as she quietly moaned.

"Oh, wow, that's so good. Even better than what my friends have told me," she said softly as I felt her shiver while I licked her. Her hands came down as I was lapping on her pussy and she eased herself open to let me in further.

"Oh, omigod, that makes it so better, just lick inside like that, Ben, just like that," she gasped. It was obvious that this was feeling really, really good to my little sister.

"Make me cum, yes, right there, oh, oh, oh, uuh, umm, mmm, oh, Ben, oh, that feels so good, don't stop yet, it's just so good. Oh, my pussy, oh, that was awesome, I've never cummed that good before. You're the best brother in the world," she moaned as I kept licking and tonguing her.

It was really easy to make my sister cum using my lips and tongue; I didn't know if every girl was like that but Becky sure was and I had her squirming again. She really loved oral sex, that was for sure.

"Mmm, that's so good, Ben, omigod, you're gonna make me cum again," she whimpered and her body began jerking and twisting and she had a second orgasm. This was amazing.

She lay there on my bed, limp but, obviously very happy as she pulled my head down to kiss me driving her tongue into my mouth and fucking me with it. We held each other's naked bodies for a long time while our hands learned more about each other as our morning approached noon.

"We've really had quite a time of it, Ben. I feel so different now, like we're both different, more ... um, I don't exactly know the word. Maybe closer or something. Being like this, not in our clothes, making out, doing, well, all the things we've done this morning, it's ... it's really just so different."

"I love that we've been doing, Becky, I hope you have, too?"

"Oh, Ben, it's been wonderful. I never thought about all this until we saw you and then Iris told me about how she does things with her brothers. Um, she does more, too, Ben."

Those last words hung in the air for a few moments but then I asked her what.

"She told me ... now, you have to promise that you'll always keep this a secret, okay?" I told her I would and she went on, "She told me both her brothers ... they ... she has sex with them, both of them."

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