Sire Squirrel's Big Day Out

by The Flaming Dodo

Copyright© 2013 by The Flaming Dodo

Fantasy Sex Story: When the squirrels come to the brink of extinction, the magical creature known as Sire Squirrel is sent to repopulate the world. He meets Jamie, a 26-year old furry and mistakes her for a giant squirrel. Things get weird from there.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Magic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Zoophilia   Furry   Rough   First   Bestiality   Pregnancy   BBW   .

Countless screens glowed in the dark hall, each with images from across the world. The scenarios were different, but all contained a similar fatal conclusion. In one image, a squirrel was killed and dragged away by a tomcat. Another was hit by a car. Still, another perished in a brush fire. The audience watched in somber silence until the group's chancellor, an old tiger dressed in full regalia, stood to bang his gavel.

"The Senate of Gaea will now recognize the Squirrel Ambassador." he announced calmly.

Another elder animal rose from his seat, walking upright to a podium center-stage. "As you can see, brothers," the old squirrel began. "my people's population has been decimated as of late. If action is not taken immediately, we will soon cease to exist. This would be detrimental to--"

"If I may be so bold, Senator." interrupted a younger fox-like gentleman sitting in the front row. "But none of our populations are doing particularly well. By our projections, your numbers will once again stabilize when the feline surplus population culls itself. Everyone knows they won't be able to sustain their ranks for no more than a decade or so."

"We need more squirrels now! NOT in twenty years!" boomed the older statesman, his last words echoing off the walls of the expansive room. Another bang of the gravel settled the growing commotion.

"I tend to agree with the Squirrel Ambassador. I am authorizing the use of Sire Squirrel to aid in the immediate re-population of his race." proclaimed the Chancellor. As he laid down his gavel, he picked up a tiny steel hammer, which we used to strike a small set of chimes that also rested on his podium. A melodic tune rang through the hall as a door opened from the across the room. A normal-looking squirrel scattered into the opening. Normal-looking perhaps, if not for the fact that it was about four times the common size of his brethren.

"Go forth, Sire Squirrel." his Senator told him. "Go forth and be fruitful."

A glowing green ball of electricity suddenly spark in the room's center, seemingly out of thin air. Sire Squirrel wasted no time, bravely jumping directly into the light, disappearing into a haze of ether. The mysterious green energy field also followed suite, leaving no trace of itself once the giant squirrel had vanished.

Meanwhile, 26-year old Jamie Miller had just returned home (or rather, her parent's home) after finishing her work shift at the local CD store. Slamming the door behind her, she made a beeline to the kitchen and placed a frozen pizza in the microwave. She needed to cook and eat this quickly before her parents arrived home ... Mother would be enraged if she discovered that her daughter was secretly breaking her diet. At nearly 200 pounds, the tall brunette was being pressured by her barbie thin mother to shed what the older woman referred to as 'husband repellent weight'. Whatever, she thought to herself. She was relatively happy with her body (whenever she didn't think too deeply about it anyway).

After quickly eating the small portions, Jamie retreated to the privacy of her own room-- there was something else she had to take care of before her parents arrived home. Locking her door, Jamie immediately began to strip down to her bra and panties. She raced to her closet and pulled out a garment hanging towards the absolute back. She removed the hanger and promptly donned what was a giant squirrel costume.

Jamie was a 'furry'. If she could say nothing else of her life, she could certainly say this. For as long as she could remember, the young woman always felt as if she were an animal trapped in a human's body. Between her sheltered upbringing, boring occupation, and living with overprotective, overbearing parents, becoming her 'squirrely self' a few hours a day was just enough to take the depressive edge off of her life.

. The young woman began to squeak and sigh, as if she had finally stepped out of some skin that was not her's. Spending the entire day dealing prepubescent and teenage humans and their childish trivialities had taken a toll of her. It was time for her primal side to take control for a while, until the time came when she was required to reenter the boring human society she was attached to. She stretched out on her bed, then curled into a ball and relaxed, bathing in the sunny window.

She would eventually drift into her favorite daydream ... that fateful day that she would find a bull squirrel of her very own. Her furry path was, at least at current, a lonely one. She had never had a boyfriend, and her one and only sexual encounter was no masturbatory fodder. About a year ago, Jamie had a mild interest in her co-worker Reggie. In an ill-fated date, the boy had invited her to his filthy apartment for late night video gaming. The inexperienced Reggie soon placed sloppy kisses on and around Jamie's lips, whilst feeling on her bare breasts. While she wasn't completely aroused by this heavy petting, the virgin still wanted to experience the finer points of intimacy. Thus, Jamie let Reggie take her pants off, and what followed as disappointing as the foreplay. Reggie attempted to push his erection, a modest three inches, into Jamie's chubby pussy. Not only was he unable to fully penetrate her deeply set vagina walls, but proved to be a 'quick fuck', and ended up cumming all over her fat labia and clit after only his third withdrawal. The memory left her frustrated and with the feeling of hopelessness.

It's not that she didn't like him. Jamie simply wished to be 'handled'. Reggie should have been able to pin her down on his bed, slipped his cock deep inside of her body, fucked her savagely until he shot his load in her-- was that so much to ask? This was the kind of primal encounter the girl fantasied about as she gently frigged her pussy, to be claimed by an alpha male as he squirted his DNA in her. Forever his-- to be owned and bred. A gush of her own sex juices jumped into her hand as she shuddered in climax. Maybe she would get the real thing one day. But for now, it was time for nap.

Sire Squirrel, now reduced to a conventional size, began his quest in a common oak tree. A female squirrel had just jumped from an adjacent roof onto a branch outside of a house window. She was as good a place as any to start. Even with the heightened sense of awareness that such rodents possess, the doe did not feel the presence of the phantom animal until it had penetrated her body, thrusting its slick, red member directly into her uterus. Sire Squirrel's assault was vigorous, savage, and quick. As he was ejaculating into his quarry, he was losing interest in her just as promptly.

Scanning his surroundings, he happened upon a furry, stripped, grey mass laying on a bed through the window of the house. Had the creature possessed such human traits such as ego, he would have kicked himself for not noticing her sooner. He pulled his massive knot from his mate as abruptly as which he had entered her, with so much force that she lost her grip on the branch and fell to the one below the spot where she had been so freshly fucked. Adding to the creature's bewilderment, her belly began to suddenly expand. Within minutes, the very pregnant squirrel's belly had grown to twice its original size.

Jamie had dozed off after her torrid self-love session. She had not a care in the world, especially after being at least temporarily satiated. She didn't even care to investigate the scratching and scampering she heard in the hallway outside of her room, thinking it must be a chipmunk or such on the roof as she drifted back into slumber. She enjoyed the ambiance, as it made her feel as if she were comfortably resting inside a tree where she belonged.

Sire Squirrel had to shrink himself to the size of a baby mouse in order to crawl under the door leading into the room where the giant squirrel slept. Now that the final barrier had been breached, the sire began to once again increase its body size, trying to estimate the optimal girth to 'handle' the new doe. Finally, he decided. About a third of the female's size should be adequate. There was already the sweet smell of sex in the air-- this one was clearly in heat. The assessment was now over. He leaped onto the bed and continued his mission...

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