Showing My Stuff

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2013 by Wayne Gibbous

Coming of Age Sex Story: When my girly body began to change, I had three brothers who began to take notice. Especially when I decided that was what I wanted.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   White Couple   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

When I was turned thirteen, my body began to change in all those ways that a girl's body changes. There were the obvious physical changes; I was having menstrual periods which we girls discussed in truly bloody detail. Sorry, that's a little gross but it was true.

And I was getting hips and a waist; no longer a stick-girl but one with a developing figure. And boobs. Well, not huge ones like some of the larger girls I knew, I was small, after all, just five-two. And hair, under my arms, even a little on my legs and, yes, my pussy.

I stood in front of my full-length mirror for hours, naked, looking at my body, knowing that I was becoming much more than cute. It was looking hot, sexy and hot.

But other changes were inside.

I was horny, all I seemed to think about was sex. My body was becoming beautiful but my mind was on boys and what they must look like. Their penises, dicks, cocks. And their balls, those mysterious balls they have.

And I was surrounded by boys. I have three brothers, one is my twin, Brock. The others are Michael, three years older than me, Simon, two years older.

Well, they are boys, males, and they seemed to be everywhere I turned. Not only that, I was now sure that they were trying to get glimpses of their sister, especially of my ripening body. After all, boys will be boys. That I knew.

Did the thought juice me up?

Oh, yeah. Every time I sensed one of them was trying to get a peek, it sent little tingly feelings through me, mostly focussed in my pussy.

Speaking of pussy, I was now shaving it every other day when I showered, most of my friends were and it kept that cute girly look that I always thought was so pretty between my legs when I was younger.

So my pussy was looking much the same, though it was plumper now and now giving me so much pleasure, it was my breasts that I just couldn't get over. They began to swell about the time I turned thirteen, kind of late compared with some of my friends and I tried all the things they told me to make them grow.

I rubbed them, I pinched my nipples, I used ice cubes on my nipples; Sara Jepson told me that one. Whether it worked or not I don't know but it sure made my nipples hard. I also used my fingers to get my vaginal juices to rub into my boobs. I'd heard that the hormones in your pussy juice would make them grow.

Well, they did grow, maybe not as much as I wanted, after all, every girl I knew wanted huge boobs even when, like me, they would look really top-heavy if they did. We wanted them anyway.

But, as we all know, it's more due to genetics than anything else and that's something you can't control. But they were becoming beautiful.

Each breast was a perfect circle on my chest, each one pointing a little off to the side and they became full and rounded. I loved to look at them and would rub my nipples over and over as I did.

My nipples were the lightest pink and, now at fourteen, were swollen-looking with the centers rising up so sexily. Oh, was I horny.

Time went on and, yes, they did grow into B-cup size by the time I was sixteen and I loved the way they looked. I was more curvy now, too and loved being a girl. I had gotten to know every tiny bit of my pussy, exactly where it felt good, both inside and out. And I was masturbating three, sometimes five times a day.

With a house full of brothers, I was now starting to let them get some peeks on purpose, it just set my pussy on fire when I did it deliberately.

I would always come out of the bathroom after a shower with a towel around my wet hair and one wrapped around my body but would always stop on the way to my room to pop into one of my brother's rooms to ask a question I'd made up for the occasion.

Sometimes they got to see something, sometimes not.

It was my oldest brother, Michael, now nineteen, who I teased the most, once even dropping the towel (not the one wound around my head, either) and taking my time picking it back up to simply hold in front of me as we talked. Then, I turned and left his room as, I'm sure he ogled my bare butt just as I wanted.

I went right to my room and masturbated through two orgasms. He probably did, too.

Each time I did show myself to one of my brothers, it emboldened me even more.

I had a small mole under my left breast so, one day when I was home alone with my twin, I went into his room wearing just a teeshirt and a pair of thong panties.

"Brock, I've got a question for you."

"Sure, Sis, what?" he asked, his eyes looking up and down. I raised my teeshirt up and asked him if he had a mole right where this one was, moving myself over to his bed so he could get a good look.

"I ... no, I don't think so. We're not identical so I we can be a lot more different than identical twins."

I took my time dropping my tee back down letting him get a good long look.

"Okay, well, thanks," I said and turned and left his room. But I did scope out his pants and, oh, yes, Cindy gave her twin brother a stiffie. I loved it.

We also had a pool in the back yard and I began taking off my top to tan my boobs. At first, none of my brothers would come out when I was topless but I knew they were looking out the upstairs windows, that I could tell.

Then after I'd been doing that a few weeks, I began getting up from my chaise lounge to go in and get a cold drink to take back out, still topless, just ignoring whoever might see me when I went in the kitchen. But I knew they were loving every minute of it and I would go back out, rub more suntan lotion on my boobs, making them glisten in the warm sun as I felt my pussy tingle from excitement at arousing them.

I would also come down in the morning in just a bra and panties or a long teeshirt and panties and stay that way through breakfast. Other mornings I might have on a thigh-length nightie and no panties and sit there eating my cereal with my feet up on the chair seat knowing that my pussy was on view but paying no attention to the fact, of course. So they thought.

I also slept naked, I just loved the cool, smooth feel of the sheets all along my naked body and each of my brothers would come in and give me a kiss and hug goodnight which was another opportunity for me to show a little skin, sometimes just a bit, sometimes a fair amount.

Now, all this was just for my three brothers, Mom and Dad never saw any of this, just Michael, Simon, and Brock. That's who I taunted with my girly body.

After a few weeks of me sunning topless out by our pool, my brothers began coming out when I was there. Sometimes to swim, sometimes to come over to talk with me as I soaked up the sun. What was obvious was the hard ons I was giving them, they usually had shorts or swim trunks on and it was impossible for them to hide their erections. And, that's what I wanted to see, that long-ridged bulge that I knew I had caused.

But every time one came out, I would act like nothing was different, just like I was fully clothed, making no big deal out of any of it. So, they did as well and they started coming around a lot more when I was outside. That's when I upped the ante.

It was a sunny Monday morning, I was out by the pool, topless, when I sat up, reached down, lifted my butt off the chaise lounge and took off the lower part of my bikini and spread suntan lotion over my now-exposed middle, opening my legs and wiping the slippery liquid over my pussy, rubbing it in as directed taking plenty of time.

Then I dropped back, closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth all over my naked body.

The first one out was Michael, the oldest, who wanted to know if I wanted anything from inside. I knew he just wanted to see me naked so I looked up at him, my hand shading my eyes from the sun, slightly shifted my left leg for him to better see my pussy and told him, "No, thanks, Michael, I'm good." He stood there for a minute even though I'd answered him, I'm sure getting a good eyeful, then left to go back inside.

As I sunned myself, I dropped my right hand down between my legs and took a few rubs along my damp pussy lips. I brought my hand back up and licked my fingers, tasting myself and widened my legs to feel the sun warmly caressing me as I opened myself.

No one came out, I was hoping one of them would and the thought of it was making me crazy-horny so I put my hand down again and began rubbing my pussy. It felt so good, I just kept going and, soon, put my middle two fingers up inside me, curving them in and out. If any of my brothers was watching, there was no way they could miss what I was doing. Just what I wanted. I didn't dare look back, I just kept masturbating until I had a shaking, groaning climax as I slumped back as the waves of ecstasy washed over me.

I stayed there, getting my breath back when I heard something behind me.

Chapter 2

I looked back and it was Michael and Brock, my twin, just standing back by the door. They waited a few seconds, then came out as I asked them, "Were you there the whole time?"

"Um, kind of, yeah," Michael admitted as they both stood there looking just a bit sheepish. I sure wasn't feeling sheepish myself, I was horny and emboldened so here's what I said, "Well, you guys got to watch me, maybe I should get to watch you do it."

There. Yes, maybe I'm a slut but it's what I wanted to see and they both looked at each other. I tossed them the suntan lotion telling them they could use that and they each smiled and MIchael began pulling down his shorts.

"Come closer, guys, I want a good seat." They moved nearer as I saw, for the first time, really, my oldest brother's cock, long, curved upward, swollen veins all along its length, ending in a soft pink head. Brock now stood next to him, also rigid, his cock nearly as big, a glint of wetness on the end. They each dribbled a line of the lotion and started stroking back and forth as they stood there. Oh, was this great.

"I can't believe we're doing this, Cindy. It was so hot watching you do it, seeing you get off, and now we're doing it, too. This is pretty cool," Michael said.

"Yeah, and this sure helps with the way I'm feeling right now. It's nice that my twin sister is helping me get off," Brock told me as his hand went back and forth as he stood over me.

"Are you guys going to shoot on me, is that why you're so close?"

"We won't if you don't want us to," Brock said and I told them that I can always dive in the pool after or, I added, "I can always make you each lick yours off," grinning up at them while they masturbated standing over me.

My twin was the first to answer, "I'll vote for that, Cindy, I'd love licking it off you," and our older brother agreed. So, they both jacked-off as I watched them, taking rubs on my pussy which, of course, they were watching intently.

It was my twin who began to moan first, "Mmm, uuh, oh, it's good, really close," and his hand pumped a few more times as spurts of white, sticky cum went arcing down onto me, on my belly and boobs as he moved his cock back and forth. "Oh, wow, that was awesome, just the best ever."

I dragged a fingertip through one of the globs sensing how thick and sticky it was when Michael's cock began shooting his cum out onto my stomach and pussy.

"Oh, sorry, Cindy, didn't mean to get it on your pussy. Be careful, it's full of baby-makers. That would be kinda hard to explain to Mom and Dad."

I laughed and told him it had to get way up inside to do anything.

"Are you doing something? Like with one of the boys at school?" my twin asked.

"No, still a virgin. Nobody seems interested," I said as they both stood over me, their cocks looming large. Then my twin brother spoke up.

"Um, I might be. Who knows, we might have already done it when we were still inside Mom," he laughed as we all joined in.

"Well, if we did, I sure don't remember it; are you guys going to clean up your mess? Look at me."

They each knelt down and began licking their cum off my naked body. Brock made sure he got my boobs clean, even licking over and over on my nipples.

"You've got them pretty clean, Brock," I said as Michael, the oldest, said, "Um, some got down in here, I'd better get it all out," as he grinned, his finger touching my pussy.

"That's just an excuse, isn't it, Michael? You just want to lick me there," I said brazenly for I was a very horny girl.

"Yeah, kind of, but I'd love to do it," he admitted as he watched me widen my legs. He smiled and his head dropped down as I began to feel his wet, silky tongue wipe up and down my pussy lips. Brock now lowered his head down to suck my left nipple into his mouth and I rested my hand against his cheek as he sucked on me while our older brother ate me out.

Michael's was the first tongue to ever touch me there and it shot through me like an electric jolt. I had never felt anything that good, that wonderful, in my life. Even when I found what rubbing that special little place near the top of my pussy could do, as thrilling as that was, this was better, especially as his eyes watched me while he licked and tongued me. He knew what he was doing to me.

"Omigod, Michael, that feels so good, you're making my pussy just go crazy, make me cum, please make me cum," I moaned as his fingers came up to spread my pussy open. When he started flipping his tongue around in my opening, I jumped, I just couldn't help it, then I dropped my head back as his lips and tongue took me higher and higher.

"Oh, Michael, I'm ... I'm cumming," I cried out as my body just seemed to come apart, shaking, jerking, panting, as I was overwhelmed with flowing rivers of deep pleasure crisscrossing over me and he kept going, he didn't stop.

He moved his hand up right over his mouth and began rubbing my clit with his thumb while his tongue circled the exposed hole up inside to give me a second orgasm.

I was just limp afterward, almost dizzy, as my oldest brother's face rose up, all wet from my pussy and came up and kissed me as I opened my mouth for his tongue, tasting of my juices. He kissed me over and over as my hand gripped his hard cock and his hand rubbed the wetness between my legs.

"I've got some condoms in my room, Cindy, should I go get one?"

"No," I said and he looked down, disappointed, as I added, "Mom put me on the pill so, let's go up to my room and do it there," I said as he helped me up.

There was my twin, now looking a little left out, as I said to him, "Come on Brock, you'll get your turn, too," as I took his hand and we all three, naked as we could be, went up to my room to have sex.

"Where's Simon?" I asked on our way up and they told me he was over at friends' houses. "Well, he's missing out on what we're going to do. He'll just have to wait, I guess."

"Oh, Sis, he'll want to do this, too, you know. Especially Simon, he's talked pretty openly about how he'd like to fuck his sister," Brock told me.

"He does, huh? He'll be surprised, I'll bet," I said as I flopped down sideways across my bed, spreading my legs open for my oldest brother. He got up between my legs, bent down, kissed my pussy, then asked me if I was ready.

I told him I was and he picked up my feet and lifted them up in the air, widening them, then, crouching on his feet between my legs, put the tip of his cock up right on my slit to begin pushing. He pressed for a few seconds, then, suddenly the rounded end of his dick popped inside me.

"Oh, wow, I feel it, you're inside and it didn't hurt at all," I gushed. Then he kept pushing and I could feel myself filling with him, the first cock I'd ever taken inside. He pushed until we were completely together, he was way up inside me as he smiled down at me.

"You okay, Cindy?"

"Yeah, wow, I sure feel full," I panted and then he began to move slowly back and forth. Oh, that changed everything. At first it was this feeling of being totally filled-up. But when Michael started going, oh, his cock was rubbing my whole vagina up inside me, something I could never do with my finger.

Brock was sitting next to me on my bed, his hand rubbing over my boob, playing with my nipple, while our oldest brother started fucking me. I took my twin's cock and held it in my hand, squeezing it, moving my hand back and forth as Michael's cock began to send shivers and quakes all over my body. I knew then that this was going to be wonderful and that I was going to be having sex with all three of my brothers, both singly and together. It felt that good as his cock rubbed back and forth.

"Mmm, oh, this is so good. Now I know what it's all about, oh, this is why everybody wants sex all the time," I panted.

He was taking these long strokes in and out of me as he held my feet up and back over me. He was actually pulling his cock all the way out each time he went back, then putting it back up to me and slowly, deliciously slowly, reinserting it back inside me until out bodies were pressed tight together.

"Oh, Sis, you're the best I've ever had. Man, are you tight, you feel so good inside."

"You sure feel good, too. I'm starting to wonder what I'm gonna do with all three of you around the house now that we've started doing this," I snickered as I moved my butt from side to side making it all feel even better. I was learning a few things now that I was having sex for the first time; I guess that's what everyone does.

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