Mom, I Think I'm Ready

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2013 by Wayne Gibbous

Romantic Sex Story: What would you say to your fourteen-year-old daughter when she tells you she wants to begin having sex?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   White Couple   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   .

Chapter 1

Being a single mom is never easy. Raising a boy can be especially challenging because of the obvious gender difference but raising a daughter can be difficult as well because of the gender similarity.

So, for Sheila Winfred and Vicky Bellows, both single moms who lived next door to one another, they often shared with one another the ins and outs of bringing up children by themselves.

Sheila was Greg's mom, now fifteen and beginning high school, and Vicky's daughter, Olivia, was in eighth grade fully awash in estrogen. The moms often got together to have coffee and talked about raising children in today's world but never, ever imagined what was just around the corner.

That happened on a Thursday afternoon when Olivia came home about five-fifteen from being at a friend's house. Vicky had just gotten home from work and had gone up to change when her daughter rapped softly on her open bedroom door.

"Hi, sweetie, how was your day?" she asked her daughter the usual question.

"Oh, okay, school was fine. But I need to talk with you about something. Something I want to do."

Well, those words aren't uncommon for a parent to hear, after all, it could be about taking piano or tennis lessons, getting their ears or other parts pierced, any manner of things.

So, Vicky slipped on a teeshirt and pulled on a pair of shorts, telling her, "Sure, what's up." Oh, then it came.

"Mom, I ... well, I think I'm old enough to start having sex."

Vicky did probably just what you would do – sit there rather stunned. Then she did what you might also do, she laughed.

"Oh, honey, are you just kidding me or are you serious about this?"

Olivia surely looked serious as she gave her mother a rather disgusted look as teen girls do so well.

"Mom ... I'm trying to be serious. I really mean it. Other girls are doing it. I'm ready and I want to start."

"Olivia, what has brought this on? Tell me," she asked.

"It's, well, there's a boy I want to, you know, have sex with."

There it was. Vicky didn't have a boy even touch her breasts until she was sixteen, nearly seventeen. Now her daughter wants full sex at fourteen.

"Is this a boy I know?"


"Have you had sex so far?" she asked, after all, lots of young girls do get pregnant.

"No, Mom, I'm not stupid. We're not going to do that until I'm protected. He said he could get us condoms but I told him I wanted you to know before we did it."

In a way she was relieved but she needed to know more.

"How old is this boy?" she asked hoping it wasn't a teacher or a coach, some adult she was involved with.

"He's fifteen. So, can we have sex?"

"Can you tell me what you two have done so far?"

"We kiss a lot and, well, you know, make out and stuff."

"Has he seen you naked? How far has this gone?"

"Mom, we're naked every afternoon. We do everything but him putting it in me."

"Hmm, okay, I think I understand," she said trying to be understanding.

"We do it all, kissing, playing with each other's ... you know, doing oral sex, I give him hand jobs, all that stuff, Mom. You know?" she said rather frustrated.

"Yes, I know, Olivia, I've been there myself."

"So, can we have sex? I really love him and want us to be together. You've said that sex is a wonderful thing for two people to share with each other, that it's beautiful."

She sat there, life had hardly prepared her to answer a child's question quite like this one.

"I would expect that you tell me who the boy is," she asked and her daughter quite quickly told her it was Greg, next door.

"Greg? Were you there today? With him?"

"Yes, Mom, I told you, we're doing stuff and we do it every afternoon after school."

"Oral sex, blow jobs, hand jobs, everything but?" she asked Olivia.

"Yes and we want to start having sex. At least I'm telling you, Mom, not like most of my friends who just do it behind their parent's back."

"That's true and I do appreciate it, Olivia," her mother said, then asked, "Does Greg's mother have any idea about you two? I had no clue that you even, um, hung around together."

"I don't think so, this just started a few months ago."

"What do you think about letting her know about the two of you," she asked her daughter wanting to at least give some kind of a heads-up to her friend about her son's involvement with Olivia.

"You mean me talk to her?"

Then Vicky told her, no, that wasn't what she meant, that it would be between mother and mother, she would talk to Greg's mom.

"Yeah, I guess so. Just don't make her pissed-off at Greg, okay?"

She told her she wouldn't then explained that she would talk with Greg's mother that very evening, if at all possible.

Raising a daughter had its surprising moments but this one, Vicky thought, was the wildest. Imagine a daughter coming to you and telling you she's ready to begin fucking. Telling you that it's time and you need to see that she's properly protected. Oh, my, what a world, she thought.

There are some things that become obvious to a mother as she brings up her child and one of the main things is that she cannot guard and protect that child every second of their life. She knew that her daughter and the boy next-door were home alone nearly three hours each weekday and that meant that sex would happen whether she forbade it or not. And it had already started.

"I need to talk with Greg's mom, Olivia. She needs to know what's going on," Vicky told her daughter.

"You won't try to stop us will you?"

"No, I just need to see how Sheila feels about this first before you go any farther with it."

So, she called her friend next door and asked her over for a glass of wine after supper that evening.

It would not be the first time these two have talked about sex, it's a subject that has come up before. Greg, being a year older, was the first subject of conversation between these two about sex when Sheila told her friend that she'd seen her son masturbating.

It was about six months earlier and she told Vicky that she watched until he finished.

"He never knew I watched him but, girl, let me tell you, my boy is growing up. I couldn't believe the amount of cum. It was wild to watch."

"Just telling me about it is making me wet," Vicky admitted.

"Think what it did to me and I'm his mother. I went and got myself off right after and that night, in bed, twice more. And it's my own son."

That was the first of their talk about sex, their children's blossoming sexuality.

The next time was just last month when Vicky told Sheila about her daughter's fourteenth birthday.

"After the party with all her friends, I put a package on her bed and when she came down the next morning, she was grinning from ear-to-ear," she told her friend, Sheila.

"What was that all about?"

"Her first vibrator. One with a clit head. You should have heard her. She just babbled on and on about how wonderful it was. And guess what?"

Her friend raised her eyebrows as Vicky went on, "Seven, seven orgasms. She hardly slept, even showed me. She was all bright pink and proud of it. I went and got her a bottle of lube and she went right back upstairs."

"For more?"

"For more, twice more. And she thanked me over and over. I had to go out and buy a bunch of rechargeable batteries," she laughed. "Now we talk about orgasms, she's using it all the time now."

"Well, girl, both our kids are masturbating like crazy, you know what's next, right?" Sheila told her friend, little knowing that what was next was going to be sex between their two children.

So, how did Olivia and Greg get together?

It was simple, really. They knew each other, of course, and right after Olivia's birthday Greg asked her about the party at her house.

"Oh, it was my birthday, I'm fourteen now," she said, then grinned and added, "It was the first time I've ever gotten a grown-up gift."

Well, he had to know what that meant, right?

"Grown-up gift? Who from?"

"My mom, at least I didn't have to unwrap it in front of all my friends."

Now he certainly had to know so he asked, just as simple as that. And she answered him, simple as that, "It was a vibrator, you know, the kind women use."

"Like, um, to like get off with?"

"Yeah, and is it great. It's got several speeds and this little sidearm that ... well, do you know what a girl's clit is?" she asked the boy next door.

"Oh, it's like a little thing up inside that feels real good."

"Inside? You mean in a girl's vagina?"

So, they were talking about sex things for the first time ever and she told him, "No, it's not up inside, it's outside. You really don't know?"

"No," he answered, "I thought it was way up inside but I guess I'm wrong," he admitted and she laughed.

"You need to go through sex-ed again, Greg. You get an 'F.'"

"I don't remember them ever talking about a girl's clit and if they did they didn't say much about it."

Then, the words came out that changed everything.

"Would you like to see my present? I'll show you how it works."

He looked at her, she was smiling, waiting for his answer which was "Sure."

She turned on her heel and he followed her to her backdoor and they went up to her room. She went to her bedside table, opened it and brought out her birthday present and handed it to him. He looked at it, turning it over in his hand.

"See, this part goes in, it even looks like a penis and this little side thing you press against your clit. Oh, man, that gets you off quick."

"And it vibrates, right?"

"Oh, more than that, look it turns, too," and she worked the controls to make it buzz and turn. "Boys can't do that," she gloated over her wonderful new toy.

He laughed as he watched her sex toy do its thing.

"No, I wish I could but I can't do that. Mine doesn't turn like that."

"Wanna watch me use it?"

Chapter 2

It was the second time he said 'sure' to her, this cute middle-school girl from next door.

She quite calmly pulled her shorts down, then pulled her panties off and got up on her bed, legs parted as she got the vital little bottle of lube out of the drawer and applied a few drops then began buzzing up and down the delicate little slit between her legs.

He was hoping she didn't see his hand take a few swipes back and forth across the bulge in his pants but, Olivia was already knowing what she wanted, so, of course, she noticed.

"That feels good, huh?"

"Mmm, yeah, real good. You wanna try it?"

"You mean on my penis?"

"No, Greg, on me. You want to use it on me?"

His heart almost stopped, of course, but he did take the wand and began teasing its tip up and down along the small furrow.

"Mmm, that's nice. I like you doing it, Greg. Do you like doing it? It makes me feel really hot and sexy."

Fourteen. Yes, Olivia was just fourteen but girls today learn early and they often know just what they want and they set out to get it. Just like that.

"You really are hot and sexy, Olivia," this boy from next door told her as he slowly masturbated her with the sex toy her mom had given her.

"Put it up inside," she moaned as her legs spread open even more. He pressed it harder and it did go inside. He didn't know how far to put it in so he only put about an inch inside.

"All of it, put it all inside," she said softly as her hand went down to rest on his lap. He moved the wand deeper and she began to moan softly.

"My clit, here, look, see, press that part right here. Oh, yeah, turn the other on, make it turn."

He followed her suggestions and watched as her face reddened as she began to pant like she was running a race.

"Oh, that's it, oh, I'm gonna cum. Press it harder on my clit," she panted and he tilted it down as it hummed.

"OMIGOD, OOH, OOH, UUH, UUH," she shrieked, scaring him with the intensity of her orgasm but then she calmed down and told him how good he'd made her feel.

"Oh, Greg, that was awesome, you made me feel so, so good. It was the best orgasm I've ever felt. You did it so good," she gasped for he still had it inside her buzzing and turning.

"Should I stop it?"

"Mmm, no, I could go again, oh, yeah, just keep going," she huffed and soon she was cumming for the second time. He watched with amazement at the strength and beauty of the female orgasm, never to be quite the same boy again.

"That was so wild. You really get off, it's amazing to watch," he told her as her hand rubbed over him.

"I think you need to get off, too, after doing all this, huh?"

He looked at her, realizing that he hadn't dared to hope for such a thing, but, now, well, he told her he really needed to and she handed him the little bottle. "Here, that's better than baby oil. That's what boy's use, right?"

"I've never used baby oil, always hand lotion or like soap in the shower," he told her as they learned from one another that sexy afternoon up in Olivia's bedroom.

That was where she learned how boys masturbated and it's where she learned how to do it herself to a boy ... twice.

So, that began it all, just the way Olivia had wanted it. Within a week they were sharing oral sex giving each other orgasms every day after school, between four and six between the two of them. Yes, they became very comfortable with each other, their nakedness came easily and was so much fun that their weekends were miserable. Then Olivia knew that she just had to get things out in the open so they could be together.

So, that's how we got to that Thursday night when Vicky opened the door to let in Greg's mother.

"Glad you had time, Sheila, come on, let's have that glass of wine," she told her neighbor as they went back to the kitchen. The wine got poured and Vicky clinked her friend's glass, toasting, "To motherhood. No wonder we need the wine," and they both laughed.

But, then, Vicky began to tell her about their two kids.

"They are? Every afternoon? And she told you this? Greg didn't make her do stuff, I hope. He is older," Sheila asked.

"No, not at all, in fact I think it might have been more Olivia starting things than Greg."

"I always thought boys initiated sex," Sheila said and her friend set her straight rather quickly.

"Oh, hon, the girls today are way ahead of the boys. And lots more aggressive. No, they're both doing this quite willingly. But, they want to do more, they want to start having sex, intercourse. My daughter was pretty clear about that."

"Geez, Greg is fifteen and Olivia just turned fourteen, right?" her friend asked.

"True but we work all day and they get home about three, so they can really do what they want. I'd rather we know about it and that Olivia is properly protected. I know neither of us wants to be a grandmother yet, right? Shit we're not even forty," Vicky said as she poured them more wine.

"So, you think we should just let them?"

"Well, we'd have to set some ground rules. Like no one at school is to know what they're doing together. That they only do it at my house or at yours. That they treat each other well and no forcing of anything."

"Yeah, that's good. It might be nice if they took the right attitude and just let sex be a normal part of their lives," Sheila said and Vicky asked her what she meant.

"Oh, that sex is supposed to be enjoyed, supposed to be fun, part of life. It's a beautiful thing to share with each other. They don't have to get all serious and involved, just enjoy being young together and having sex be part of it."

"You're pretty progressive, Sheila. I guess that's a good way to look at it. Maybe we should try to start them out that way," Vicky agreed and they discussed it further, lots further, finishing the bottle of wine.

So, Vicky told Sheila that she had an appointment with the doctor the next afternoon and that she'd let her know what happened.

As it turned out, her physician recommended an injectable birth control shot that was effective immediately and on the way home Olivia asked if she could start having sex.

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