College Daze

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2013 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Trying out a coed dorm room.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Orgy   Hispanic Male   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I went to a medium-sized college on the West Coast that had coed dorms available to third- and fourth-year students and I went and filled out an application, being first, curious, and, secondly, very horny. Well, you never know, right? The housing cost was the same, so I did it.

In filling out the request, there was a place to fill in if you wanted a roommate of your sex or the opposite sex. That's when I knew this was the right choice. I had already been amazed at the liberal attitude about casual sex in college and, especially at the one I was attending. But, a guy always likes more, right? You know what I filled in.

So the time came to move in and on the paperwork I received was the name, Kaitlin Meadows. Now all I had to do was hope that she was someone that I would like to be with.

I got my things moved in and reasonably arranged, knowing I was sharing living space and spent my first night alone in the room. The other spaces were interesting, each room had a toilet, sink and mirror but the common shower facilities were on each floor. Those consisted of private shower stalls so my hopes dropped a bit that first night when I went to shower.

I wasn't alone, there was one other guy and two girls, one in a bra and panties, which was nice to see, the other wearing a robe. Oh, well, maybe it wasn't going to be all that hot and sexy after all. So, I went in a stall, hung my boxers in the hook and showered watching my cum swirl down the drain before I finished and toweled off.

I was out the next morning and when I got back after lunch, I unlocked the door and there was a full room. My roommate must have moved in. She wasn't in the room but I did look her things over without being too intrusive. It was certainly a female, that was for sure, I knew from a quick look at the cosmetics and stuff on her dresser. There were a few pictures there that I found hopeful, mostly of several girls together with all of them being pretty. So, my hopes were on Kaitlin Meadows, I already knew her name, being one of those pretty young women.

Then, I heard a card slip in the lock and the latch pop open. In came a very attractive girl, no doubt my new roomie.

"Oh, hi, I'm Kaitlin, you must be Paul," she said extending her hand which I shook as I told her I was. We talked about this and that for about forty-five minutes, the normal things about our majors, where we were from, various interests, music we liked, just all the normal things.

Then, at a short lull in our conversation, she asks, "Should we just go ahead and get the nudity thing out of the way?" smiling at me.

"Um, you mean, um, maybe you better tell me what you mean?" I asked back.

"Well, it's bound to happen sooner or later, we're gonna see the other naked, I just thought maybe we should get that behind us. Then it's over and isn't embarrassing anymore."

Oh, did I do the right thing signing up for a coed dorm room. Then it occurred to me that she also quite willfully signed up to share a living space with a guy so she's hardly naive about things.

"Um, sure, I guess you're right, it'll happen sooner or later, get it over with, right?"

"Right," she said as she pulled her top off, slid off her flip-flops, reached back and undid her bra and tossed it on the bed.

"You can start, too, Paul," she said, knocking me out of my daze.

"Oh, sorry, yeah," I mumbled as I pulled off my teeshirt and pulled my shorts to the floor. I looked over at her and then decided to go ahead and dragged my briefs down even though, by now, being a healthy male, I was fully erect.

She grinned and pulled her panties down and put them on her bed with the rest of her clothes.

"Well, I guess we both look pretty healthy, huh?" she said.

I know what she looked like. Kaitlin was about five-four or so, slender with blond hair pulled back in a ponytail and her body was lovely, just flawless. Her breasts were each slanted off to the side, each one crowned with a small, dark red nipple pointing out, totally firm and solid-looking. Her waist was trim and her pussy, well, her pussy was perfect, shaved smooth, neatly bisected so delicately as she stood there.

"So, we're roommates, I suppose we should hug each other?" she said stretching out her arms which I moved into. It was the nicest hug of my life, without a doubt. Then she moved back, adding, "Now we don't have to be so careful how we dress around here, that makes it easier."

I told her I agreed and she asked me about the shower room and I told her where it was and that it had private showers but most people wore something, though often not much, when they went to and from.

"Well, I need to get the 'moving-in' grime off, care to join me, roomie? Might as well get to know each other better," she said went and got her shampoo and a bottle of liquid shower soap.

She pulled a short negligee out of her drawer as I slipped my briefs back on and we went down the hall to the showers. They were empty at the moment and I followed her in the stall and we stripped, she turned on the water and once it was right she put some of the soap on her hands and began soaping me all over, having me turn and widen my legs as she got me clean everywhere. Everywhere. She grinned at me as she soaped my cock with both hands getting it so clean.

"Now, me, if you will?" she said as she handed the bottle to me and I lathered my hands and began at her neck and slowly worked down. I'd showered with a few girls before so I knew what I was in for when I got to her breasts. I just love the soft slipperiness of a soapy boob in my hands, it's the sexist feeling on earth and her's were quite wonderful.

I moved down, lathering her as I went and she asked me if I'd see if she needed a shave, for me to see if she was smooth or stubbly. So, I rubbed her pussy, probably a little more firmly than needed and told her she was okay but would probably need a shave in the next day or so.

"Is that something you like to do, Paul?" she asked as she spread her legs for me to soap underneath her. I didn't answer right away, I was too distracted rubbing up under her along her smooth pussy lips all covered with slippery suds.

"Do you like to shave a girl there, Paul?" she asked again and I told her I did.

"Well, it is easier to have someone else do it if it's something you like to do," she said and I told her to count me in.

"I see you don't shave around your cock. Have you ever?"

"Not so far. But I guess I could try it. I know it's kind of the big thing these days. That fresh, young look."

"We could do each other if you want?"

I told her that sounded good and she began shampooing her hair and we were soon rinsed off and I turned the water off and we dried ourselves and slipped our things on and went back to the room.

Once back, we stayed as we were, she in her negligee, me on my boxers, my arousal an obvious condition that I didn't really try to hide.

So, we talked a while getting to know each other a little better and I asked her why she chose an opposite sex roommate.

"Oh, last year, I had this roomie who was hitting on me all the time and it's just not something that I'm particularly in to. And my sister went here a few years ago and she had a guy roomie her last two years and she said it was really nice. She even told me how they solved the bed problem."

"Bed problem?" I asked.

"Putting the two single beds together to make a double bed. She says it's much nicer that way."

"And how did she do this?"

"With a couple of C-clamps to lock the bed frames together from underneath. She even gave me the ones she used."

"Well, it sounds like they progressed a little farther that we have so far," I said trying to be relaxed about our conversation.

"If you're so inclined we could try it, if you want?"

Well, there was a question. And, being no fool, I had an answer.

"Sure would be easy enough to try. Maybe set it up that way for tonight?"

"Could even put them together now and try it out? That shower kind of turned me on and I can see you are, too?"

I stood up and it was obvious that I was highly aroused, after all, what guy wouldn't be?

"I think you're certainly interested, Paul. Let's put the beds together and get to know each other better," she said as she got up and pulled the nighty up over her head as I pushed the beds together.

"Here's how she said to do it," Kaitlin said as she pulled the mattresses away from the center of the two beds and showed me how to position the clamps underneath and tighten the bed frames together. It only took a minute or two and we had a workable double bed.

She got in and put a condom packet on my side of the bed. "We can both be tested at the clinic, then we won't have to bother with these but for now, we should use them," she said as I pulled off my briefs and joined her under the sheet. Our arms surrounded one another and we kissed and made out slowly, taking our time.

"This is nice, Paul. You're easy to be with."

"So are you. You really need to thank your sister for me," I said as I massaged her nice, firm breast. This was way better than I'd even imagined.

Her hand was down playing with my cock as she said, "Let's remember to shave later, okay? I'll bet you'll like the look. Guys always say it makes their cock look bigger."

"Well, guys would like that, for sure."

"So would we gals," she added as I felt her squeeze. "Do you want me to put the condom on you?"

I told her sure and rolled onto my back and she pulled the sheet away as I watched her lips slide down over my cock giving a few sucks, then rising off leaving me covered with her saliva. She opened the packet and rolled it down then had me move to the middle of our beds, straddled over me gripping my cock and slowly pushed her pussy open with my cock and began pressing down so we were tight together.

"Mmm, this is nice, Paul. It's been a few weeks for me and I'm kinda overdue," she said as she began slowly scissoring up and down on me as my hands enjoyed her boobs.

"This is much nicer than last year. How are you feeling about the college's dorm arrangement?"

"I'm loving it, Kaitlin. I'm sure glad they paired us up together."

"Mmm, I am, too," she said softly as she moved sinuously over me up and down. "You're nice to fuck, Paul. I hope you're a really horny guy."

"I'll sure try, I know women can just go and go but I'll try, I promise, I'll try."

She leaned over and softly kissed me. "That's sweet," she said as her hips rose and fell over me. "You're such a nice roommate, especially now that our beds are together."

Chapter 2

"Yes, be sure and thank your sister for me, this is really so better than trying to do this in a twin bed. I've tried and it's tricky."

"Her roomie was a mechanical engineer and she said he had lots of ideas but other than the dildo he made her, a perfect replica of himself at his best, she told me, she's kept most of his ideas to herself. She did let me use the replica a few times, though."

"That's great. So you kind of got to use him, too, in a way?"

"Yeah, and on top of that, he's now my brother-in-law. How's that for creepy?"

"I guess that depends," I laughed, "I've heard that some families are closer than others."

"Well, she's got it back with her so that solves that. And, well, this is pretty nice, don't you think?" as she moved over me while I rubbed her breasts.

"Yes, especially since we've just met. I'm liking these dorm arrangements pretty well."

"Yes, we seem well-suited for one another. This is nice," she panted as she rose and fell over me.

Then she began moaning at times and I knew I was getting near so I raised my hips up to savor the feelings she was giving me. Every time she pulled up, I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock's length.

"Mmm, close, close, mmm, OH, OH, UUH, umm," she groaned as she began moving faster and faster. "Mmm, yes, cum, cum, oh, cum in me, Paul, cum," she huffed and she got her wish, I pushed up into her as I felt myself empty so wonderfully while she kept going as the condom began slipping on my cum.

"Oh, for our first time together, Paul, that was good, really good," she panted as she sat on me catching her breath.

"It was, yes, it was. I think this is going to be a good year," I told her and she bent over and kissed me, running her tongue around inside my mouth.

We finally did get up, after all, we were beginning a new year in school and had things to do other than sex. But, we did sleep together every night and our sex was good, very good.

We also had ourselves STD-tested and soon fucked bareback and your test results card was something that you tended to carry with you wherever you went, just in case you had the opportunity for sex.

My roommate was not the only sex I had, either. There was the 'SSS' day once a week which stood for 'Sunday Shower Sex.' Here's how it worked.

At seven o'clock on Sunday evening, the women who wanted sex went down to the showers and each one went into a stall, closed the door, then threw a towel over the door to signal that the stall was occupied.

Then at ten after seven, any guy wanting sex would show up in the coed shower room and enter a stall with a towel on it. So, you never knew who you might be with.

The first time I did it was the first Sunday I was there; Kaitlin and I decided we both wanted a little variety, so we were both participating in the festivities and had decided that if, by chance, I got her, that I'd try another stall.

But that didn't happen.

I walked into the large room, entering with a number of other guys and looked up and down the rows of stalls on each side of the room. There were sixteen in all and each one had a towel over the door. Each guy headed toward a door and I chose one and went in.

There was a tall blond that I'd seen before in the hallway and she was standing there naked.

"I'm Paul Elliot," I said, "Room six-oh-five."

"Michelle Strachney, six-thirteen. I've seen you around."

"Yeah, me, too. I've got my card," I told her and held it out for her as she reached in a small bag hanging on the back of the door to show me hers. We were both good to go.

"Do you like to do it wet or dry? Like now or with the shower on?" she asked and I told her I didn't care and she backed up to the wall and lifted a leg up asking me to hold it while I moved up against her and began pushing up into her.

"Mmm, this is pretty wild, this Sunday shower thing, huh?" she asked me as I began moving in and out while she held onto me. It was pretty obvious from the sounds in the shower room that a lot more than showering was going on as we added our own grunts and groans.

"Yeah, but it's a great way to meet new people, " I said as we both laughed.

"True, but not one I might be telling my mom and dad about, however," she snickered.

We were kissing some though it wasn't the easiest position in the world. Like I said, she was tall and slender and her breasts were small but perfectly-formed with small pink nipples that were very erect and hard.

"Mmm, yes, just like that, perfect," she moaned as I kept pushing up into her over and over. "I'm in six-thirteen, any chance of you coming back to my room after our shower? My roomie's got a girl in one of the other stalls and I think they're staying together tonight in her room."

"I'd love that, Michelle, a lot," I told her as I felt her tighten around me. There was a seat in each of the stalls and she asked if we could move closer so we scooted a little at a time without even uncoupling until she could rest her foot on the seat while I pushed in and out of her. There was more noise now, lots of groaning, some obvious orgasmic sounds, there was fucking galore, it seemed. It was looking like SSS Day was on its way to becoming a true success.

I could actually get a better angle to go more deeply and began to take longer strokes which were feeling so much better.

"Mmm, yes, this is better," she moaned and held me tighter. "Oh, OH, OH, UUH, umm, omigod, this is so good," she groaned as I felt her pussy tighten and throb around me.

It was right then when I pushed hard into her and felt the wonderful release as my body suddenly tensed, then relaxed as beautiful feelings flowed over me as her lips pressed against mine.

We hugged for a minute or two then she turned on the water, we were hearing the showers now, and she began soaping me from head to toe, including my still-hard cock. Then I lathered her all over and we rinsed off and toweled each other dry, kissed and she led me back to her room, now naked and not caring who saw us.

The beds were separate and I didn't have any C-clamps with me so I asked her if she had some rope or cord and she looked at me really oddly.

"Are you in to bondage?"

I laughed, seeing how she misunderstood my question.

"No, I wanted to move the beds together and tie them together, not us."

"I ... I don't think so but I have a roll of duct tape. My dad won't let me go anywhere without it," she laughed.

I asked her to get it while I slid one bed across to the other then pulled the mattresses apart and taped the frames together in several spots.

We put the mattresses back together and got in and she turned to me and gave me a big kiss as she moved up over me.

"What an idea. My roomie and I've been wondering just how to put these beds together and you've done it. For such a good idea, here's your reward," she said as she lifted up, gripped my cock and pushed down taking me fully inside her lithe, slender body.

"Mmm, yes, great idea, Paul. This is so nice. We've been putting the mattresses on the floor but this is great," she said as she rose and fell on me. "Mmm, lots better."

My hands were on her small, firm breasts. They looked to be A-cup but I love breasts of all sizes, I'm not one of those guys who drool only over triple-D's. And, they fit her trim, tall body perfectly.

She crouched over me, rising and falling, taking my cock in and out. I looked down and there was a glistening sheen of her juices on my shaft.

"Are you getting along with your roommate? Is the sex good?" she asked and I told her it was very good and asked her about her situation.

"Oh, he's good. Nice enough cock but he gives oral for hours. I'm loving that," she panted. "Does she suck your cock?"

"She does and she's good, why?"

"Oh, just wondered, it's something I love to do. I'll give you a few free coupons before you leave."

"Free coupons?"

"Oh, it's something that started on this side of the dorm just a day or two ago. You can make up coupons to give people, like I might give you one for a free hand job or a free blow job. Maybe a roll in the hay, whatever. Or you might see a girl you like and give her a coupon for a tongue job, something like that."

"I like the idea, seems a nice way to meet new friends."

She laughed and said, "Well, I had a girl give me a coupon yesterday. So, it seems to be done by all kinds here at school."

"Are you going to take her up on it?" I asked.

"Already have. Gotta say, she knows what to do. I think you could have heard me down at your end of the building. Four orgasms, she just wouldn't stop. But, don't worry, I'm liking this, too."

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