I Have a Question
Chapter 1

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My son is leaving stains on his bottom sheet so I ask my sister if her son ever did the same thing. That sure did change things.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Aunt   Nephew   Group Sex   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys  

My sister and I have a few things in common that have increasingly made our lives interesting, it seems. We both are single moms of boys. When this all began, Joyce, my older sister, was thirty-eight, and she had a sixteen-year old boy, Neil. I was thirty-six and my son, Kyle, was just fourteen.

I had often asked my sister about things that were going on with Kyle since she had probably already faced the same issues with her son and she was like having a readily-available source of advice on the intricacies of raising a son all on your own.

It's also convenient that we live near one another in a small city in the Midwest and often get together for coffee and such. It was over coffee on one late Sunday morning that this story begins.

I had been noticing stains on my son's sheets, no doubt semen, that were streaked up and down along the middle of the bottom sheet. I was washing them almost every day now. I knew about boy's having nocturnal emissions but wondered if she had ever experienced this with Neil.

So, I asked her.

She laughed a bit, then said, "Does he sleep in the nude?"

"Gee, I don't know. He might. I guess if it happens in his sleep that could be why the sheets are stained. Maybe he sleeps on his front."

"More likely, he's doing what Neil used to do," she said and I asked what that was.

She was silent for a minute, then told me, "Sounds like what Neil used to do. I found the same thing and sat him down and asked him if it was happening after he was asleep. Oh, he really got red. We've always been able to talk about things so I finally got him to tell me. Seems that he liked sleeping in the nude and he would get on his stomach and rub back and forth on the sheet until he got off."

"Oh. So it wasn't when he was asleep at all."

"Nope, he was rubbing himself off and I was doing all the laundry," she laughed. "So I showed him how to do it without making a mess."

"Don't tell me they have a book for that, too?"

Again, she laughed. "No, I went and got a dildo from my room and a bottle of unscented body lotion from my bathroom and brought it in and showed him how to jack-off on his back and clean it up with a few tissues. End of laundry problem."

"What we moms do, huh? Did he ask you about the dildo?"

"No, but I told him it was what women used sometimes, that and vibrators, and he asked me if he could see the things I used. I figured it was a teachable moment and took him in my room and gave him a tour of the toys in the back of my bedside table's top drawer. He was pretty impressed."

Now I laughed.

"Oh, that's good. Glad I asked, Sis."

"What was funny was him telling me he was going to try what I'd shown him and he went back to his room. I asked him later how it was and he gave me a high-sign."

"And now his wastebasket is full of soggy tissues, right?" I asked her, grinning.

She didn't answer and we went on to other things. I did decide to talk with Kyle later in the day.

It was before supper, he was in the kitchen while I got things ready.

"Kyle, can we talk for a few minutes about something? Nothing bad, just something we need to talk about?" He sat down and I sat across from him.

"I've been washing your sheets, well, your bottom sheets almost every day lately and I think I need to talk to you about that."

"Oh, sorry, Mom," he said as his face reddened.

"Nothing's wrong, Kyle, I just wanted to know if the stains happen when you're asleep or, um, when you're awake. Then we can talk about how to, um, do things better so the sheets don't get stained."

"Oh, Mom, do we have to talk about this?"

"I'm assuming that you're rubbing yourself on the mattress and ejaculating on the sheet. There's nothing wrong with getting yourself off, Kyle, I've told you that. But there are ways to keep form soiling the sheets every night. I can show you later."

"You mean you want to, like, um, watch me do it?"

I laughed and told him, "No, I'll just show you how guys usually do it so it's easy for them to clean it up. Let's just wait until later, I promise you I'll try not to embarrass you. So, enough of this for now," and we went on to getting supper ready.

He kept looking at me all through our meal as we ate in front of the television watching the news. I knew he would, no doubt, be both nervous and aroused, by what may come about after we'd eaten and I decided to just let him wonder.

As we were putting our things in the dishwasher, I told him to follow me up to my room. We went in and I opened my bedside drawer and pulled out my favorite dildo, one that was soft and pink and veined, about seven inches long.

"We'll use this, okay, Kyle, have you seen these before? Looked in here before?" I asked, nodding to my sex toys.

"Um, I guess I've kind of looked there," he said sheepishly.

"I'm not surprised, I suppose, I know how curious boys can be. I know you've looked at my underwear. Well, here, you need some lubricant and I've got you this bottle of hand lotion. It's fragrance-free so you won't smell like a flower shop after you've used it."

Then I showed him how to put lotion on his hand and demonstrated on my dildo how to masturbate. Then, how easy it was to use tissues to clean things up.

"See, it's really that easy. And let me know when you need more lotion, I'll get you some more."

"Wow, Mom, I really hated it when you brought this up but, well, I guess I can't blame you for not wanting to wash my sheets all the time. I guess I wasn't thinking about that, all that trouble. This'll make it easier. Thanks," he said as he bent toward me and kissed me ... on the lips, lingering there for several seconds.

Clearly my son was growing up. Even faster than I'd imagined.

So, that cured the stained sheet problem and over the next few weeks I was doing much less laundry, a true blessing in my opinion.

There was, however, another household task that had increased ... emptying his wastepaper basket next to his dresser. It seemed to fill to overflowing once a week with used tissues, dried and crispy near the bottom with wet and sticky ones on top. Yes, I did sniff them and, yes, I did find the aroma arousing.

I knew that his masturbating was a private matter, one that easily embarrasses boys but just couldn't help myself.

"You're certainly using a lot of tissues, Kyle. I'm certainly thankful that you're not relieving yourself on the sheets any more," I told him one morning over breakfast.

"Geez, Mom, do you have to talk about that?" he groused.

"There's nothing wrong with masturbating, Kyle, I've told you that. It's a perfectly normal thing, practically everyone does it. It's part of being human."

"You do it, too, right?"

Well, I've always believed that honestly is the best way to raise a child so I answered, "Yes, your mother masturbates too. I showed you one of the things I use."

"Do you do it a lot?"

"I don't know what you mean by a lot, I know from cleaning your room you must do it a lot. I probably don't do it as much as you do."

"How many times a day?"

"I usually do it just about every day, in bed, after I turn out the light," I told him. "Usually once unless I'm really wanting more."

"You do it in the dark?"

"Yes, usually, though sometimes I like the light on."

"I do too. I like to see how it happens right at the end."

"When you ejaculate? When you cum?"


"Well, I can understand that. Males do have a rather spectacular finish."

"Have you seen guys do it, Mom?"

"Well," I began, trying to think this out before I spoke, "I don't think I've ever watched anyone do it but ... well, I've done it sometimes to a guy with my hand and watched what happens."

"Wow, my own mom, that's pretty hot."

"Well, Kyle, I have dated guys and was married, too, you know."

"Yeah, I know, but, well, you're my mom, I'm just seeing you in a new way, that's all," he grinned.

"I hope you're not disappointed in your mother?"

"I think it's cool, Mom, you're a hot babe, a real MILF."

"MILF? Do you know what that means, Kyle? When you use the term?"

"Oh, yeah, I guess I do."

"You don't really mean that about me? That you'd like to ... well, you know?"

He sat there quietly for a minute, then said, softly, "Well, would you be mad if I said that, yeah, maybe I'd like to do that?"

I sat there realizing that my son was basically telling me he has thought of having sex with me.

"Well, honey, we all have our fantasies and I guess that's one that boys have ... about their mothers."

Then, softly, I heard, "But I would, Mom, I would if you'd let me."

I don't know about you, if you've ever had your son express the desire to have sex with you, but I really wasn't expecting it and I certainly wasn't expecting the effect those words had on me as I felt a warming underneath me.

I've had that feeling many times before and knew it was arousal, sexual arousal. I looked at Kyle, somewhat in a new way, actually, and asked him, "You really aren't serious, Kyle. I'm your mother, certainly you don't find me sexually attractive?"

"Would I be a bad son if I did? Is it all that horrible?"

"No, honey, you're not horrible. You're just growing up, that's all. I think this is why some mothers and sons sometimes do have sex. Usually women are at their sexual peak right when their sons are nearing their own."

"So we can do it?"

"No, I didn't say that, Kyle. You just need to take care of your own needs and I will, too."

"Could we do it now, like together, watching each other?"

"No, you need to go take care of that yourself, on your own," I told him and that was the end of it. At least for then.

So, I was now emptying his trash which was much easier than all the sheets I'd been washing when I dropped over to see my sister. As we were finishing our coffee, I brought it up.

"Oh, I did have a talk with Kyle about his stained sheets," I laughed. "Turns out he was doing what you said Neil had been doing, scooting himself face down getting himself off on the sheet. So, I got one of my dildos, one of the smaller ones, after all, I don't want to have him feel insufficient in the penile department," I joked, "and showed him how to jack-off and how to clean up. Sure saves me doing laundry."

"Good, glad that worked. I'll bet you're seeing lots of used tissues, huh?" my wise sister asked.

"Oh, lots and lots. And there's more."


"Yeah, he's told me a few things."

"Like what? About girls he knows in school?"

"No, more like me. That he would have sex with me if I let him."

"He did, huh?" she smiled.

"You don't seem shocked, Joyce. He also asked if we could masturbate together. That's something, huh?"

"So, are you?"

I looked at my sister not knowing quite what to say.

"I just kind of brushed him off. He looked pretty disappointed but, geez."

"Oh, there's probably worse things, Brenda."

"Oh, sure, murder, mayhem, all that."

"No, I mean he's at a very special age and, in a lot of ways, so are you. He's very sensitive and vulnerable right now and, well, you are his mother."

I looked at her looking at me, wondering if I was understanding what my sister was getting at.

"You're not saying..."

"I'm saying that the attraction that is developing is a pretty common one. Don't be surprised by it. And you may feel the same toward him. It happens."

"You're not saying that you and Neil ... is that where you're going?"

"For a year and a half now. Yes."

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