Celia and Luclinda

by The Flaming Dodo

Copyright© 2013 by The Flaming Dodo

Fantasy Sex Story: After becoming pregnant by one of her orc students, Celia leaves the school to live with her sadistic and seductive friend Luclinda. The lifelong friends end up sharing much more than a bed.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   FemaleDom   Interracial   Oral Sex   Squirting   Water Sports   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Teacher/Student   School   .

Celia usually floated gracefully from one end of the chalkboard to the other when teaching class. Recently however, her swollen ankles limited her movements to a more stationary position at either side and simply pointing. 'I wonder if they've noticed' she thought to herself, nervously.

Between classes, the tall thin brunette of 16 years would hobble back to her quarters. She undressed herself happily-- it was her favorite part of the day-- the only time she could wrap the bindings around her plump stomach. After almost four months since she started sleeping with one of her students, and getting her first dose of orcish sperm, Celia came to one irrefutable conclusion-- she loved being pregnant. The girl sat on her bed and caressed the outer perimeter of her bump, fingers dipping inwards slightly at the beginning of some stretchmarks.

The school chimed blared through her window, jarring Celia from her trance. She pouted, as she had to one again hide the body she was so proud of. As much as she loved providing knowledge, she found that she loved providing life even more. Boldly and rashly, she came to another decision, quickly dressed herself, and walked toward the headmaster's office, leaving the cloth that bound her stomach on her bedroom floor.

"I didn't know you left the schoolyard for ANY amount of time-- especially long enough to be courted." the headmaster commented cordially, sitting at her neat desk, as a clearly pregnant Celia waddled into her office, closing the door behind her. In her mid-fifties, the school's headmaster was a strong and sturdy woman, her blonde hair slightly frosted with a noble distinction.

"I didn't have to leave the schoolyard..." the girl replied, indignant, yet still disgusted with herself.

It didn't take the woman very long to realize what her former student was telling her ... all of the current teachers were women. The headmaster had seen and heard (and done) a lot in her years, but hearing that one of her favorite teachers allowed herself to be knocked up by one her students both shocked and disappointed her greatly. To Celia, her mentor appeared more upset and bewildered than she could ever recall.

"I don't suppose you'll want me finishing out the day" Celia started, in tears. "but I may, can I ask a rather brazen favor of you?"

The headmaster was still in a state of shocked when Celia went ahead.

"Can I see him before I leave?"

The older woman's eyes lit up. "You ARE brazen, aren't you?

The girl shrunk back "Yes ma'am, I'm sorry." Celia said before choking back several tears. She had never appeared so humble to her supervisor. The girl was completely and utterly humiliated by her own actions. The headmaster gathered her thoughts, pausing briefly before she continued.

"You are to collect your belongings and leave the school by the end of the day." she declared standing from her seat. "and do NOT tell anyone why you are leaving."

Celia wiped her face dry and smiled meekly. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Leaping to her feet, she met the old woman at the end of the long desk and placed her hand over her's. "Thank you so much, Headmaster. I know I've disappointed you. You've always been a mother to me and--"

"Hush, child. Don't say such things" Interrupted the elder as she allowed the disgraced girl to clutch her hand. "If I were your mother, some of the things I've always wanted to do to you would be illegal."

Shocked, but strangely relieved, Celia couldn't help but snicker at the woman's brazen comment. She studied at the headmaster's still calm and stoic face for a hint of joking. The admission of perversion lifted her own guilt. She wanted to repay the favor.

With eyes still locked on the woman's face, Celia let go of her mentor's hand and began to pull up her dress, not ceasing until her round, bare ass was exposed. It was then that the headmaster's cool demeanor began to break. She managed a hard swallow as the young girl recollected her hand, slowly guiding it toward her crotch. The older lady could feel her heart slamming into her ribcage as her hand began to disappear inside Celia's slick folds.

"mmmm..." Celia recoiled and propped herself onto the desk, lifting up her left leg to rest there as well. Her new lover rhythmically thrust-ed three fingers in-and-out of her in this position-- much to Celia's lustful delight. This was her favored position conducive to squirting.

"You probably want to take those clothes off, headmaster." Celia warned huskily between her labored panting.

"Please, call me Sarah." she replied, removing her hand, covered in frothy ejaculate, from the girl's body. Sarah maintained a regal composure as she calmly removed her clothing. The older woman had borne no children, and with the exception of natural wrinkling around her stomach and breast, she retained the body of a woman half her age. Returning to Celia's body, Sarah squatted down and planted her face where her hand had previously been.

"Oh my, God you've done this before." Celia threw her head back, rubbing her baby bump whilst the experienced tongue lashed and lapped up her musky bubbling lava. Sarah did not even hear the comment, as she had been quietly twiddling her own moist twat, quietly spending droplets of her cum onto the floor. Not far behind, Celia began to arch her back as she pawed at her clit. Her toes involuntarily gripped the desk corner as her body began to shake, and she without warning jetisoned a hot stream of liquid onto Sarah's heaving chest. Biting her lip in order not to scream out, her second squirt cleared Sarah's body altogether and landed next to the door. The third calmly trickled upon the table, while the fourth merely puddled under her own ass-- she collapsed on the table, mind racing and spent.

Sarah was the first to stagger to her feet. Standing over the motionless girl that wallowed in her own juices, she stroked Celia's pregnant belly. 'Its going to be such an inconvenience' she thought. 'But I might have to start making trips into town for this one, in spite of it'.

Within twenty minutes of leaving the Sarah's office, Celia was already filled with Parm's glistening cock in the confines of her quarters for the last time. Very different from their initial sex, the pregnancy caused great pain for Celia during intercourse. Sensitive to that, Parm fucked her very gently whilst she laid lazily on her side. Her middle jiggled lightly as she had her second orgasm of the day, sparked by the warm flooding of orc semen that began to fill her body.

"Please don't think of it as me leaving you, Parm." she started as the two sat on her bed and dressed themselves. "I just have to leave until I have our baby".

'Then take me with you, Miss Celia!"

She still winced every time he addressed her with that title. The reminder of her former position brought back her embarrassment. Unintentionally, she snapped at him a bit "Please, call me Celia. If you're old enough to knock me up, then you're old enough to call me by my name." She leaned over and kissed him. "Study hard, and I'll-- WE'LL see you very soon".

He appeared to be heartbroken and she slowly walked out the room, bags in hand. 'He hates me. I don't blame him. I'm sorry, Parm.' This was the part she hated.

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