Pictures of You
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It's not easy when your boyfriend and your brother have the same first name.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Slow  

Me: Hey lover I miss you.


Nick (bro): Um ... sis you text the wrong Nick again.

Me: Oops sorry bro.

Me: Nick? Honey, are you there?

Nick (bf): Hey baby. I thought you'd be sending me that picture I so much desire.

Me: No pictures!

Nick (bf): Come of baby, just one pic that's all I ask for.

Me: No way! How do I know you won't share it with the whole football team?

Nick (bf): Aww c'mon, I wouldn't do that to you.

Me: Yeah right.

Nick (bf): Is that the way you see me? :(

Me: No I'm kidding, but this is something to really consider. Give me some time.

Nick (bf): So you're thinking about it eh?

Me: (laughs) Maybe.

Nick (bf): Mmm! Can't wait to see your sexy body.

Me: You already have.

Nick (bf): Yeah but I like to have that image with me all of the time.

Me: You perv.

Nick (bf): Hehe, well what do you expect, I'm a guy.

I laughed and put my phone up in my purse. My boyfriend of six months, Nick, had been asking to send him a naughty picture of me. I was always hesitant about sending intimate pictures to anyone. My best friend Kate warned me never to do it. She had once sent a naughty picture to one of her boyfriends and the jerk put it on the internet for the whole world to see.

I met Kate for lunch in the student lounge. As always she ate her apple with peanut butter and I had my sandwich and Pringles chips.

"I think I'm going to send Nick the naked pics," I blurted out."

Kate stopped chewing on her apple and stared at me. "You're not serious are you?" She said with her mouth full.

I shrugged shyly. "I'm considering it that's all."

Kate finished chewing and swallowed. "Ok, Vanessa, how many times do I have to tell you that it's a bad idea? Did you not listen when I told you what happened to me?"

"I know. I know. It's just that..."

"What? Oh Nick is so cute? Oh Nick is so hot?" She said mocking me.

I playfully slapped her arm. "Shut up. I do not talk like that."

"Uh yeah you do. But if you want to go and ruin your life, by all means."

I giggled. I looked across the student lounge and spotted Nick. My Nick. Tall, dark blonde hair and big blue eyes, what girl wouldn't want him. Well ... actually a lot of girls in the college wanted him. I narrowed my eyes when I realized he was talking to Julie Naylor and Misty Thompson. Those two girls were on the cheerleading squad and trailed Nick like a bunch of dogs in heat.

Kate noticed where I was staring and shook her head. "I feel the green eyed monster is among us."

"I can't believe those two sluts! They are always hanging around my Nick."

Kate sighed. "Yeah well ... you are dating a football player so get used to it. You knew that half of the girls in this college were after Nick."

I looked over again towards Nick's direction. He looked like he was shamelessly flirting with Julie and Misty. I cringed.

"Well, I got to go now," I stood up and Kate looked at me.

"Uh oh. Don't tell me you're going to go start a cat fight, because if you are let me know so I can back you up."

I laughed. "Those girls are not worth my time. I'm just going to go interrupt them by going over to talk to my man."

Kate shook her head. "Oh boy."

I walked slowly towards my boyfriend. When Nick saw me coming towards him, he quickly stood up straight and smiled. I approached him and wrapped my arms around him. "Hey honey," I said loudly so that Julie and Misty heard me.

"Hey baby," he whispered in my ear.

"Julie. Misty you all know Vanessa," Nick said introducing me. I didn't like the fact that he didn't mention I was his girlfriend.

"Hi, I'm his girlfriend," I said proudly.

Julie and Misty both gave me dirty looks and fake smiled. "Nice to meet you," they said almost in unison.

"Hey want to go hang out for a while? I don't have a class for an hour," I said taking my boyfriends hand in mine.

Nick began to fidget. "Um I'd love to babe but-"

"He's got to go to practice. And so do we. Since we're heading out that way, you want to come along with us?" Julie Naylor said and shot me a dirty look.

I felt anger begin to rise.

"Uh ... yeah," Nick replied hesitantly. I couldn't believe him! He had some nerve!

Misty giggled and Julie tossed her long blonde hair back. "Ok, let's go."

Nick gave me a sorry apologetic look. "Uh sorry babe, I got to go. I'll call you later."

With that, he took off with the two bimbos leaving me all alone.

"He left huh? No cat fight?"

I heard Kate talking behind me. I turned to her. "Can you believe those two sluts? Why don't they just get naked and beg Nick to fuck them right here in the cafeteria!"

Kate raised a brow. "I think Nick would like that a little too much. C'mon, don't get so worked up. Let's go take a walk before your next class."

After my last class of the day which ended at one in the afternoon, I headed home. Kate came along with me. She liked to come over because my mom was a great cook and Kate was tired of eating Lean Cuisine meals. Kate had the luxury of being able to live on campus, to where I had to still live at home.

We got to my house a few minutes later. I was happy it was Thursday because I had no classes on Fridays and neither did Kate. We'd often go watch the football games and I'd go cheer Nick on.

When we got home, my seventeen year old brother Nick was home playing Call of Duty. I could hear all the gunshots from a mile away.

"Hey! Turn that down will you?" I snapped.

Nick saw us and grabbed the remote. He quickly threw a pillow from the couch over himself. My brother Nick stared at Kate and then at me. His green eyes remained on me though. His jet black hair was a mess and he wore boxer shorts and a t-shirt. He hadn't expected me to bring home a friend.

I had forgotten that he had year round school and was on one of his many breaks throughout the year.

"Sorry," he said as the volume was turned down.

"Hey Nicky, when are you going to turn 18 so that I may sexually destroy you?" Kate asked.

"Kate!" I frowned.

Nick turned red. I couldn't believe my friend! She could be a little too blunt sometimes.

"I kid! I kid!" Kate said defending herself.

"We're going to be up in my room," I said and walked past Nick, my brother. "Next time make sure you're wearing clothes," I said at the end.

Yes it was frustrating having a boyfriend named Nick and a brother named Nick. It wasn't so sexy calling out Nick's name during love making since it sometimes made me think I was moaning for my own brother. But my little brother looked nothing like my Nick thank goodness for that.

"Vanessa, you're so mean to your little brother!" Kate hissed as we walked upstairs to my room.

"Please don't tell him that you want to sexually destroy him anymore. He probably goes and jerks off."

Kate laughed. "Well he is a cutie pie."

I stopped for a moment and glared at my friend. "Stay away from him, you pedophile."

Kate gasped. "I am not a pedophile! I'm only 19 like you! So shut your face!"

"You're almost 20 in two months so YOU shut your face."

We got to my room and Kate quickly went to flop on my bed. "Ah it's so nice to be home."

"Yes, by all means, make yourself at home," I teased.

"So you think Nicky jerks off to me?" She asked.

I sighed. "I'm not going to answer that."

Kate giggled. She rolled over on the stomach and propped herself up on her elbows. I kicked off my shoes and put my long black hair in a ponytail.

"I think it's sexy if you know a guy jerks off to you. I mean it's like they're thinking of you and you get them so excited that they cum all over themselves. Mmm I think that's hot."

"Yes, please don't ever mention that to me again," I said.

Kate rolled her eyes at me. "Oh Vanessa, don't be so uptight. She sat up on the bed and grabbed her huge purse. "Here, drink up," she handed me a bottle of rum.

I frowned. "Drink right now in the middle of the afternoon?"

She shrugged. "Nothing wrong with that. Besides, it's not like you have plans tonight. I mean your Nick is too busy at practice and then gets home late at night."

"Yeah, but he will call me and I don't want to be drunk when he calls me."

Vanessa sighed. She began to open the bottle. "Got any Coke?"

I headed downstairs to get some Cokes and glasses. Nick was still downstairs playing games and chatting with some people online. He saw me and threw the couch pillow over his lap again. I cringed.

"Like I said, next time wear some clothes!" I said loudly.

"Whoa! Who was that? She sounded cute!" Some kid on the other side said.

My brother Nick turned red. "That's my sister."

"Oh your sister? Wow and you don't have any clothes? Tell me more! Dude, don't hold back!" The perverted little kid cheered on.

My jaw dropped. "Who are those perverts you are talking to?" I raised my voice.

Nick put his headset on mute and frowned. "They are my friends ok. They are online friends. Weren't you supposed to be up in your room with your friend?" He was pissed off.

"I am. I'm just getting us some Cokes for your information. Now put on some pants." I huffed and walked back upstairs. I felt a pair of eyes on me and turned to see my brother staring intently at my ass while I walked up the stairs. He quickly turned back to his game and put his headset on.

After maybe my third rum and Coke, I was feeling dizzy. I had forgotten about the fact that my boyfriend Nick was out there with some sleazy cheerleaders who looked like they wanted to rape him.

Kate had only had two drinks. She always liked to take care of me in case I got crazy. She'd always done that ever since our senior year of high school when I got way to drunk and started flirting with any guy I saw. She knew right then and there that I couldn't hold my liquor as well as she could.

"You ok? I think no more drinks for you ma'am," Kate warned in a motherly way.

"Just one more drink please," I slurred.

Kate laughed. "No way. Look I'm going to call a cab to take me home ok? You just rest," Kate said and grabbed my hand leading me to my bed.

I fell on my bed and laughed hysterically. Kate laughed along with me. I wasn't completely drunk but I was feeling good. "Shhh! You're parents will be home in about an hour so hopefully you'll sober up by then! Now, rest my child. I shouldn't have given you so much to drink!"

I turned my head to the side and felt dizzy. "I'm s-sleepy," I stammered.

"Take a nap. I'll call you later ok?" Kate left and I stayed laughing. I couldn't stop laughing it seemed. With liquid courage in me, I quickly got up and staggered to my phone. I was feeling bold so I took off my top and laid back on my bed. I held my phone over me and turned on the camera mode. I put it so that I could see myself on the camera. I wanted to make sure my breasts were exposed. I smiled up in the sexiest smile I could come up with and snapped the picture. I giggled and then decided to take off my pants and panties and get all nude. I propped my phone up on a few pillows and put the camera on timer.

I left the camera mode so that I could see myself and see what I was doing before the picture snapped. I felt myself blush and spread my legs. With my hands I reached down and spread the folds of my pussy revealing everything. I smiled and click! Click! Click!

I got my phone and my heart pounded as I was about to send the pictures to my boyfriend. I sent a simple message attached "Thinking of you." And hit the send button. I couldn't believe I had finally done it! Maybe the pictures would take Nick's mind off of Julie and Misty. Maybe.

The next day, I woke up with a pounding headache. I had fallen asleep and my mom woke me up around dinner time. I told her I was sick and didn't want to eat. She let me go back to sleep and I didn't wake up until nine the next morning!

I groaned as I got up. I decided to take a shower and then call up Kate to see if she wanted to hang out. Then I remembered. The pictures. I grabbed my phone and check for text messages from Nick but nothing. I felt my heart break. There were two text messages from Kate.

Kate: Hey are you ok?

Kate: Hey call me when you wake up!

I rang Kate's phone.

"Hey! I was worried about you. You ok?" She asked sounding concerned.

"Yeah I'm ok. Just got a headache. Barely woke up a while ago."

She laughed.

"You got home ok? I'm sorry I got so messed up. I guess I was depressed about Nick."

"Yeah I got home ok. Nicky gave me a ride home actually."

I was shocked. "He did? With what car?"

"He got your dad's car that he only drives on the weekends and took me home. He's so sweet. I swear Vanessa, I'm going to attack him when he turns 18."

I found myself getting pissed. "Kate! Stop it already. He's a kid. He doesn't turn 18 for like another five months so quit acting like a pedophile."

Kate got quiet. "Gosh Vanessa, I'm kidding. Chill out."

I sighed. "No I'm sorry. I just ... I did something stupid yesterday. I sent Nick naked pictures of me when I was drunk and he hasn't sent me a reply. I feel so stupid now."

"Aww Vanessa! I told you that was a bad idea. Why did you do it?"

I felt like crying. "I don't know. I guess I was feeling so jealous that he left so quickly to go hang out with Julie and Misty. I felt maybe by sending him pictures he'd forget about those two bimbos."

Kate groaned. "Oh Vanessa. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have let you drink so much. You wouldn't have taken those pictures."

"It's not your fault. I just feel so dirty right now. It's like I'm sure he got the pictures by now."

"Well maybe he didn't. Check your phone. Sometimes when I send pictures it keeps saying sending but then I get error messages. So maybe that's what happened."

I smiled. "Yes! You're right. That probably happened. I was kind of drunk so maybe I didn't push the send button right or something. Let me hang up and I'll check. I'll call you later."

"Ok call me."

I hung up with Kate and checked my messages. I felt major disappointment when I saw that the messages went through. No error messages. I felt like crying again. I stared at my pictures that I sent and regretted sending them. I looked like a total slut and maybe one of Nick's buddies saw them and showed them to all the football team.

I was about to click my phone off when something caught my attention. My eyes widened and my heart began to pound loudly in my chest. I read it and then I blinked and read it again.

Nick (bro) it said on the sent to name.

I blinked one more time to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.

Nick (bro)

I gasped and put my hand up to my mouth. Did I send the pictures to my brother instead of my boyfriend? How stupid could I have been! Oh my god!

I began to panic! I had sent those pictures many hours ago. My brother had to have seen them! Oh shit! How the hell was I supposed to face him now! My face turned crimson red just thinking of how my brother felt when his phone went off and there flashed naked pictures of his big sister.

I nervously put my phone up and headed downstairs. The house was quiet. I knew Nick couldn't be asleep because he never slept in late. I went to the kitchen to get some water when I spotted Nick sitting at the table eating his cereal. He saw me and quickly looked away.

I looked down at the floor not knowing what to say.

"Hey," he finally said in a low voice.

I looked up and our identical green eyes met. "Hey," I replied nervously.


Our eyes were glued on each other. "Um ... did you get ... um did you receive some pictures of me?" I asked in a tiny voice.

Nick blushed big time. "Yeah."

"I'm so sorry bro. I meant to send them to my Nick but ... oh God I'm so embarrassed." I said put my hand over my face.

Nick looked away and then looked at me again. His face softened. "They were ... um they were nice," he said quietly.

I gulped. "Um please delete them ok? Look I'm sorry if I scarred you for life. No guy wants to have dirty pictures of his own sister. That's just sick."

Nick licked his lips and smiled shyly. "Well ... I'm not most guys."

I felt my eyes widened. Had he just said that? Did my little brother want to keep my naked pictures?

"Erase them!" I yelped.

Nick stood up. "No," she said and went to go put his dish up.

"Nick!" I cried out.

He turned and looked at me. "I want to keep them. You sent them to me so they're mine."

I felt anger rise. "You little pervert! You better erase them or I'll break your phone!"

Nick looked at me with intense eyes. "I can't erase them, sis. I think you look beautiful in them. Yes, I'm admitting that. I'm sorry."

I narrowed my eyes at him. I felt my face get hot. "You can't be serious!"

He didn't reply he just walked away leaving me flabbergasted.

I went up to my room to try to cool down. I called up Kate and as soon as she answered I yelled into the phone in a hushed voice. "You won't believe what I did. Oh my god! If you thought taking naked pictures of myself and sending them to my boyfriend was bad wait until you hear this!"

Kate listened. "Go on."

"I sent them to my brother! Yes! My little brother! He's the one that received my pictures! That's why my boyfriend hasn't texted me! Oh yeah how fucked up is that?"

Kate was silent.

"Kate?" I asked almost in tears.

"So ... you accidentally sent them to your brother instead of Nick?"

"Yes!" I shrieked.

"Wow! Vanessa that is super hot!"

I gasped. "What?"

"Imagine what Nicky is thinking of you right now. He's probably got the biggest crush on you."

I cringed. "Kate, you're not helping."

She giggled. "I'm serious! I mean I never told you but I do see him looking at you a lot. Yeah ... he looks at me but at you ... oh boy he checks you out all the time. Especially when you wear short blue jean skirts I can see that hungry look on his face."

I felt tears running down my face. "Kate!"

"What? Look, I'm only being honest Vanessa. Now with the pictures, oh well I think he's down right in love with you by now. He probably had always been in love with you but now ... oh boy watch out."

"Kate, I-I-"

"What? What's so bad about your brother crushing on you? He's a cutie pie and you know it. He'd probably treat you a lot better than that asshole boyfriend of yours."

"Kate, he's my brother. We are related. We are blood. Have you been watching too much Jerry Springer?"

Kate went on. "Why not give your brother a chance?"

I flinched. "A chance at what?"

"You know."

"No I don't know! Why don't you just spill it?" I raised my voice.

"A chance to love you."

"You're kidding right? I must be having a nightmare if my own best friend is encouraging me to engage in an adult relationship with my own brother."

"I'm just saying. I think it'd be cute."

"Ok, I'm hanging up now because you're not helping me." I angrily hung up the phone and tossed it on the bed. It rang and when I saw Kate calling I ignored her call.

Tears ran down my face uncontrollably. Partially because of the stupid thing I had done and because all I could think of now was what Kate just told me. "a chance to love you." I felt my body get a little warm with the thought of my own brother wanting me but then I pushed it all aside when the phone rang and I saw my boyfriend name flashing on the caller ID.

I took a deep breath before answering and faked a happy voice. "Hi honey! I missed you!"

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