Shy No More

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2013 by Wayne Gibbous

Coming of Age Sex Story: Two college girls changed this sixteen-year-old guy's life forever.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   White Couple   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

I guess you could call me shy but I'd also had a girl invite me out on a date when I was fifteen then when she answered the door, she told me that she was only joking. So, I really haven't been very sure of myself ever since. That 'non-date' was my last date; I've just never had the guts to try again.

Now that doesn't mean I wasn't horny. Oh, no, it seemed like I had a hard-on all the time. All I could think about was girls and sex and I was always jacking-off, it just never seemed to be enough.

It wasn't that I was ugly or anything; actually I was pretty tall and slender and had some muscles so I looked pretty toned. After my shower every morning, watching my cum swirl down the drain, I'd towel-off in front of my full-length mirror and flex my muscles, also taking a few strokes to get me hard again, and admire what I saw in the reflection. I was trim and slim and my dick stood straight out eagerly, also trim and slim, hoping that I would soon get the courage to seek out a girl to offer it to.

I would turn and twist and often masturbate again splattering the mirror with white, sticky streaks, evidence of my manliness.

I had begun to take things slowly, learning to edge myself without even knowing what it was, just knowing that the longer I took, the more explosive my cumming would be.

So how often would I take things into my own hands? It depended how much time I had. In the summer, when I was home all day, I would rarely even bother getting dressed, rubbing my dick all throughout the day, stopping three, four, five times to use some hand lotion and really get off good.

Then, in the evenings, I would usually find time after supper to bang one out then again in bed later.

Horny with no immediate prospects. That was me and, now at sixteen, it was looking like that was the way things were.

Summer had come so I was horny as ever and was going to be staying at my grandparents' lake cottage about eighty miles from our house. Knowing that they would be there and an aunt and uncle would also be visiting, I knew I would need to be creative to find times and places to jack-off when all those people would be around.

My aunt and uncle picked me up and we drove there and that afternoon I was already feeling horny (what else is new?), so I told everyone I was going to take a walk and I left and went down to the lake shore and began looking for a good place to get off.

There was a little spot I found, a clearing with a view of the water below, and I looked around and decided this was the spot. The sun was high and I knew the warmth would add to my enjoyment. Knowing how much I liked jacking-off in the nude, I decided to strip off and I sat on my clothes and leaned up against a tree, spit on my hand and started in the warm sun.

Oh, it felt good, really good. I wanted this to last, I wanted it to be a really good one, so I closed my eyes and concentrated on Alice Hicks, a perky blond from school who every guy drooled over.

I had just gotten Alice's bra off, in my own mind, anyway, when I heard something off to the left. I jerked my head around but didn't see anything so I began anew getting myself back in the mood.

Again, there was a soft sound and, this time, I jumped up, grabbing my shorts to hold in front of me as I looked around but still not seeing anyone so I got back down and resumed my self-pleasuring.

It was really feeling good, so good, when I again heard something. It was a laugh or a snicker. It had to be someone so, again, I jumped up, covering myself with my shorts and, there, about twenty, maybe thirty, feet away, were two girls standing about grinning in my direction.

"Oops, sorry, we didn't mean for you to stop. Go ahead and finish, it looked like you were enjoying it," the taller girl said. Both these girls were pretty, both in bikinis.

"I'll, um, I'll do it at home," I said and turned away from them and pulled my shorts up.

"Don't do that. You were really into it. We could tell it was really feeling good," the other one said. She had on a black bikini and had short blond hair.

They each began coming toward me, each carrying a towel, as the tall girl said again, "Why don't you finish. Cindi and I know what a penis looks like so it's not like it's anything new."

"Yeah. we've seen a few, don't worry. It's a great place to get off, go ahead, we'd like to watch you do it. I've never seen a boy jack-off before, it'll be fun. We want to see how you shoot."

"Oh, we're Marcy and Cindi, by the way," the one with the short hair said. "Would it help if we took our tops off?" she asked and even before I could say anything, she'd taken hers off.

She had beautiful boobs, nice and full, each tipped with wide, pink nipples and the other girl, Marcy, took her top off, too, showing me her small, brown nipples that she took in her fingers and rolled around.

"Well, does this help?" Marcy asked, "Are you going to finish? Otherwise we'll put these back on."

I dropped the shorts away from trying to hide my erection as I stood there in the bright sunlight, my cock raging hard.

"Can I feel how hard you are? What's your name? Would you tell us?" Marcy asked as she stepped closer, reaching out her arm.

"Yeah, I guess so. I'm Michael," I said as her fingertip touched the head of my dick which jumped.

"Ooh, it liked that," she said as she touched it again and it jumped again. "Maybe I better hold it still," she added as her fingers wrapped around me. "Mmm, it's really warm from the sun. Or is that from you being excited?"

I grinned, saying, "Maybe it's some of both."

"Do you like me feeling it?" My heart was pounding like crazy as I told her I did. "Will you finish so we could watch?" she asked and she let go as I spit on my hand and began jacking-off.

"You look nice, Michael. How old are you?" Cindi asked me and I told her I was sixteen. "Have you had sex yet?"

"Um, no," I said as I stroked back and forth.

"Have you ever seen a girl totally naked?" Marcy asked next and I slowly moved my head back and forth and she just smiled.

"Is it feeling good, yet?" Cindi asked and I told her that it always felt good right from the first stroke.

"Really? It takes me some warming up. Takes a minute or two. Have you ever watched a girl get off? Girls all masturbate, too, you know." Marcy told me.

"Yeah, I guess they do," I said.

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