Spring Break

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2013 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I live in Florida now and had a group of college girls rent the house next door for Spring Break. Here's how my week started.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Polygamy/Polyamory   Hispanic Female   Oral Sex   .

I moved to Fort Lauderdale last winter; it was a great deal for me. I kept working for the same company I was with but now in a much nicer and much warmer climate. I worked from home and bought a small bungalow of the type you see a lot of in Florida. One thing that set my house apart from the others close by was that the former owners put in an in-ground pool, something that I had on my 'must-have' list for a new place to live.

It was December when I bought it so I really hadn't gotten to know the neighbors, in fact the house on one side was furnished but empty at the moment. The other side was owned, according to the real estate agent, by a couple form Canada who came down for the colder months and I had met them a few times.

It was the third week of March, when on a Friday night, I heard people next door in the vacant house, not so loud as to be a nuisance, just enough sound that I knew the house was now occupied.

Then, the next morning, I went out to have a swim, there was a privacy fence around my backyard, and dove into the pool and swam around for a while enjoying the cool water.

I was just about to get out when a head popped up over the fence, a young female head covered with blond curls, to ask, "Would you mind if we used your pool? We'll clean it everyday and even clean your house for you?"

Well, she looked pretty so I asked where they were from and how many there were.

"Oh, there's five of us and we're from the University of Michigan and we're here for spring break. I'm Susan, what's your name?"

So, I told Susan that I was Ross and that they were welcome to use the pool and that I accepted their offer to clean my house, something that I got little pleasure from myself.

"Can we use it now?"

I told her they could and went an unlocked the gate into my backyard.

Almost immediately, five college girls came in, each wearing bikinis, each one deserving of any male's attention.

They stood there, all looking beautiful as the introduced themselves.

"This is Ross and he's letting us use his pool, girls. I'm Susan, he already knows that, this is Lisa, that's April, she's Megan and, last and really least, is Yolanda."

I told them it was nice to meet them and the smallest of the five, Yolanda, who was either Latina or well-tanned, asked right off, "Do you mind if we get all-over tans? We've only got a week and want to get as much sun as we can?"

Well, let me tell you what I was looking at when that question came out.

Susan, as I said had a head full of curly blond locks and was about five-two and very curvy wearing a small black bikini that barely covered her nipples and labia.

Lisa was also blond but her hair was long and straight, halfway down her back. She was the tallest one, five-ten, at least, but she was statuesque, that's the word for her. She had the largest breasts of the five and was in the tiniest thong suit I've ever seen.

April was a dark brunette, also with long straight hair gathered in back in a long pony tail. She was medium-height, maybe five-five to five-six, and was very slender though rather top-heavy in her yellow and white polka-dot string bikini.

Yolanda, with her darker skin looked so hot in a pure white bikini that made her smooth skin really shimmer in the morning sunlight.

They were all gorgeous and wanted to sun by my pool in the nude.

"Well, I suppose I should leave you girls, then, if you want an all-over tan," I said trying to be as gentlemanly as I could. After all, I was more than twice their age.

"We don't mind if you stay. After all it is your pool," Susan said as they all began taking their bikinis off and dropping them on the table next to the pool. In just an instant, I had five naked college girls standing in the morning sun as I stood there hardly believing my own good fortune.

Several of the girls dove into the water and surfaced near me, their breasts glistening with beads of water in the morning sun.

"Toss your suit to me, Ross, go ahead and join us, we're all skinny-dipping," Susan called out from the side of the pool so I pulled my trunks off and tossed them up to her as she added mine to their suits on the table.

"This is really nice of you, Ross. Is Mrs. Ross home?" Yolanda asked me as she floated on her back near me.

"Um, the only Mrs. Ross is now the ex-Mrs. Ross and she's at least a thousand miles away."

"So it's just you in that nice house, all by yourself?" she asked.

"Afraid so."

"You must get lonely. Maybe we should take turns with one of us staying with you to keep you company," Susan said as she waded up next to me as I felt her hand take my hard cock. "Mmm, you need some company, Ross, there's five of us girls and we want some fun while we're here but we also don't want to get into some of the crazy situations that can happen here during spring break. And we want to be with someone we think is safe to be with. So, maybe this is your lucky day. And maybe our's too?"

"Are you groping him, Yolanda?" Susan asked as she waded toward us.

"What are you, jealous that I have his nice, hard cock in my hand?"

I have to admit that today's college coeds were certainly seeming to be liberated sexually to a degree that I was finding quite amazing.

"I might be. I saw him first, you know. I was the one that made the deal so we could use his pool."

"Yeah, okay, take it," Yolanda said as I felt her let go as Susan's hand wrapped around my cock.

"Mmm, nice. Let's take this to the shallow end of the pool. I want to see what feels so nice," she said as she began pulling me through the water toward the house. Soon we were only knee deep as she added, "Oh, yes, now spring break officially starts for me, right now."

Susan let go of my cock, turned to the edge of the pool and leaned down, putting her head on her folded arms as she spread her legs.

"There it is, Ross, make my pussy a happy girl," and I moved up behind her as I heard the others.

"Oh, Susan scores."

"Look they're at it. They're fucking."

"Let's go watch."

I pushed the head of my cock between her plump pussy lips and shoved straight up into her as the others crowded around.

"Mmm, oh, I like you, Ross, this is nice. Fuck me nice and slow. This is how it's done, girls. Do it, Ross, do it," Susan said over her shoulder.

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