Come Look What I Found

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2013 by Wayne Gibbous

Coming of Age Sex Story: What I found on the internet changed my life…my brother's, too.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   White Couple   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

My best friend, Lucinda, taught me how to get around the controls my parents put on my laptop; it was something her brother had shown her how to do. It really wasn't hard to do and now I was watching porn in bed, the covers pulled up to my waist, my panties down around my ankles, my fingers up inside me getting me off over and over.

I was fifteen, hadn't had sex yet though I was on the pill; my mom told me she just didn't want to risk my making a mistake. Well, I needed a boyfriend for that to happen but, well, I took them anyway, you just never know.

I was masturbating four or five times a day. I know that sounds more like a boy would do but I was really into watching porn, especially teen porn.

Then, one afternoon, I was jilling under my laptop (it's nice and warm under there when I'm watching videos) when found my first brother/sister sex website. It had videos, true stories of sex between siblings, pictures, a forum, just all kinds of things. And there were links to other sites also about brothers and their sisters.

I watched them the rest of the afternoon, then again the next morning. It really turned me on. It's naughty and taboo, of course, that was certainly adding to the sexiness I found and felt. Then I decided.

I was going to show these websites to my older brother, Oscar.

It was about lunchtime and I went down to the kitchen where he was munching a sandwich.

"Hi, what's up, Sophia?"

"Um, not a lot," I told him and made my own lunch and we sat together just chatting about this or that.

After we put our stuff in the dishwasher, I told him, "Come look at what I found. On the internet," and he followed me up to my room and we sat at my desk.

"You look at sex, right? Porn?" I asked him. We had talked about boys and girls and sex from time to time so it wasn't the first time it had ever come up.

"Yeah, most guys I know do. Do you look at it, too?"

"Yeah, I really like it, especially some of the websites I've been on the last day or so."

"Are they good?"

"Well, here's one," I said as I pulled down my 'history' and got one on the screen.

"" he read aloud. "Brothers and sisters in love and in lust? Omigod, Sophia, what are you looking at that for?"

"Just read some of this," I told him and he began reading a few of the stories that had been posted. He sat there for several minutes, going from one to the other. I looked down and could easily see that he was excited by them as much as I had been.

"Shit, this is hot. You think these are true?"

I went to another one of the websites and showed him more. He read about four stories, then we watched a video.

"They're really doing it, that's so hot. I've never seen these before."

So we went to a third website and read another story, one about a brother and sister that was really hot, about how they were having sex all day long when they had the house to themselves.

Oscar had taken a few rubs across the bulge in his shorts as we read along, I knew he was getting really excited and horny.

"These are great and the videos are so hot," he said.

"Maybe we should write a story ourselves?" I asked, having an idea where my question might lead.

"But these aren't fiction, I don't think, they seem true."

"Well, that doesn't mean we couldn't write something for them?"

"You mean, do something, you and me? Then write about it?"

I just sat there as we looked at each other.

"That's what you mean, isn't it?"

"Does that turn you off?" I asked.

"I guess I never really thought much about anything with you, Sophia. Have you about me?"

"Not until I started reading these stories and looking at the videos they posted."

"Yeah, those are pretty hot. Really hot. Is this something you'd want to try?"

"I might, would you?"

Well, it was as simple as that, really. Two horny siblings, now greatly aroused after watching and reading highly erotic videos and stories about brothers and sisters much like us. It seemed that there was a lot of sex going on between sibs.

"I think I would, Soph, if you wanted to. I would never force you, you know that."

"I know. Well, it sounds like maybe we both want to try something," I said, then added, laughing, "I guess we could 'play doctor' like little kids do?"

He chuckled, saying, "We never did that, did we? Well, that is kind of kid-stuff, maybe we should try something a little more grown-up?"

"What if you showed me yourself?" I asked.

"Yeah, okay," he said as he stood up and pulled his teeshirt off. Then he undid his shorts and dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them. He stood there in his white briefs with the front all tented-out from his hard dick underneath. This was it. My own brother.

He took the waistband on each side and slowly pulled down, his briefs inching down until the tip end came out, all pink and round on the end. Then more, the long shaft then down and there were his balls underneath. He had hair around his crotch, I had heard that some boys were shaving there but some didn't. He was beautiful.

Yes, my brother was beautiful. His penis was so manly and strong-looking. It was standing up; I had expected it to point straight out but it angled up toward my face.

"Wow, it's a lot bigger now. I remember when we were younger, it was little, a lot smaller. You really look hot."

"You can touch it, play with it, see what it's like."

My hand went up and touched the end making it jump.

"Oh, wow, it's really alive, I mean, I know it's alive, it just jumped when I touched it," I gushed as my fingers wrapped around it and squeezed gently sensing its firmness and heft.

"It's soft, sometimes, right, then gets like this when you get excited?"

"Yeah, you can see this has me pretty excited. It feels good."

"You like it like this?" I asked as I pulled back and forth on it. "I could make you shoot like this, right?" I posed, my pussy throbbing like mad.

"It might get a little sore without some lotion or spit," he told me so I drooled saliva on my palm and went back to masturbating my brother. It did help.

"Mmm, that's so good, feels so good," he moaned as he stood there while my hand went back and forth. I put my other hand up under him, just resting his testicles on my palm, sensing their warmth and weight in my hand.

I was looking at my hand jacking him off but I was also looking up at his face, his face soft with happiness, smiling at me.

"That girl we read about, Sylvia, that does this for her brother every day, her story was really hot, huh?" I asked my brother.

"Oh, it sure was. I wonder if they're doing anything else these days?" he said.

"I don't know. There may be a later story from her, we can look when we're through."

"Maybe you could write about this?" he asked as I stroked back and forth.

"We've got to finish first, though. Maybe we'll even have more to write about than this?" I told him wondering just where all this would end up.

"Some of these brothers and sisters were doing all kinds of things. I know this sure feels good. I'm gonna shoot pretty quick," he moaned and he did just a minute later as he groaned loudly and his white, sticky cum went spurting up out the end of his dick and on to the floor with some landing on my knee.

"Oh, wow, Sis, that was incredible, the best I've ever felt. You were perfect."

"You sure go off when you cum. Wow, it shoots a lot. Girls don't do that, you don't see anything happen, we just feel it," I told him.

"Do you think you could show me how girls do it?" he asked me as I felt my middle get all warm. He was asking to see my pussy, something I'd never done for any boy, much less my own brother.

"But I'd have to, you know, show you down there."

"You see me, Soph, what's the difference?"

"Well, it's ... I dunno it just seems different."

"If you're like I am it's only uncomfortable right at first. Then it feels more normal. I kind of like being like this. It feels nice and, well, what we're doing feels pretty nice, too. And maybe you could teach me how to do you? Then we could do each other like the two we watched in the video. They sure did have fun."

The video was hot. It was one of the longer ones we watched. We even bookmarked it we both liked it so much.

"Why don't we watch it again?" he asked and we sat there together watching this brother and sister, they looked about our ages and they spoke English so I think they were American.

"They're a lot like us," I said as the girl in the video began stroking her brother's dick while they both lay in bed naked. Then her brother's hand reached over to her and she spread her legs apart for his fingers to begin rubbing up and down along her pussy lips. It was so hot.

"You don't get soft, do you? I thought boys got soft after they shoot."

"Oh, not after just once, even twice. It will get softer after several times," he told me.

So, I asked, "Could you masturbate and shoot again, like right now?"

"Yeah, I mean, you can see me, I'm really hard. Here, feel," he said as he took my hand and put it on him. I squeezed gently and he was hard.

"Would you like it again?" I asked and he nodded so added more spit to my hand and jerked him off one more time as we watched until the video ended, then looked at a few more short ones.

"Was it less cum this time? Kinda looked that way?" I asked him and he did tell me that the first time is always with the most cum.

"Could I see you now?"

Chapter 2

I knew that would come sooner or later but I was turned-on after seeing my brother naked and jacking him off twice, holding his dick in my hand while he cummed. Oh, man, I was turned on.

I stood up and pulled my top off and then got my shorts off to stand there in my bra and panties.

"You look good, Sis, really good," he said and I reached back and unhooked my bra and swept it away.

"Oh, wow, so pretty, you are so pretty," he gasped. I decided to keep going and pushed my panties to the floor and kicked them away.

"Sophia you're so beautiful, just perfect."

"So watching stuff about brothers and sisters isn't so weird after all, huh?"

"I could look at you forever. I knew you were a pretty girl but, like this, you're beautiful," he said as he stepped to me and put his arms around me, pulling me tight and kissing me like he'd never kissed his sister ever before. Everywhere our skin touched was electric; it was thrilling to be naked in the arms of a naked boy, even my own brother. Maybe, especially my own brother.

His hands were all up and down my back and butt when I felt his tongue beginning to push in between my lips. He was frenching me as he pushed his dick at my middle.

"Geez, Oscar, I think we're getting into this brother/sister stuff, don't you?"

"Yeah, at first I thought it was a little weird but now, well, this is fantastic. I can't get over how beautiful you are. Any guy there is would want sex with you."

"Even my own brother?" I asked, smiling at him as I took his dick in my hand.

"Maybe especially your own brother. This is all so hot. I just want us to do everything we've read about, everything."

"Sex and everything?" I asked as I rubbed my thumb over the head of his dick which was now wet and slippery.

"Sex and everything. You're on the pill, right? You said that," my brother asked, obviously his mind was on doing it.

"Yes, I take it every morning, Mom makes sure I've taken it," I told him.

"Are you having sex with someone? Does she know about it?"

"No, silly, she put me on it last year just in case I made a mistake or something. She said she knows how young girls are, how they get. I'll bet she wouldn't imagine her two kids up here naked and watching brother/sister porn."

"Yeah, and us talking about having sex, she'd flip out."

"If we tried something else, what would you want to do," I asked my brother.

"We could try oral sex?"

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