Celia Takes an Orcish Lover

by The Flaming Dodo

Copyright© 2013 by The Flaming Dodo

Fantasy Sex Story: A human teenage girl in charge of teaching at an orphanage seduces and becomes pregnant by one of her orc students.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Romantic   Reluctant   Fiction   Masturbation   Bestiality   Squirting   Pregnancy   Teacher/Student   School   .

Celia crept down the hallway-- the thunder scared even her. But she was a den mother and teacher to the residents of the orphanage in the frontier town of Burth, so she had a lot to be responsible for. Fighting between orcs and humans had produced orphans on both sides-- Celia herself had been placed here at age 10. Now at 16, she assisted the nuns and headmaster with the daily care of the kids. Part of this duty she was fulfilling when she entered one of the rooms where the boy orcs slept.

"Did the storm wake you, Parm?" she whispered, trying not to disturb anyone else in the room.

"No, I've been up all night, Miss Celia. I can't sleep."

She smiled. Parm was slightly older than the rest of the boys and only slightly younger than Celia herself, though immature for his age. He was still a young orc however, so his skin was still bright green and supple. "Then what's wrong?"

He paused, embarrassed, then confessed "My thing hurts", and pointed to his crotch. Celia stifled a snicker as to not hurt the feelings of her charge. She was sexually mature, having experimented with a few boys in town. Her tall and lanky stature intimidated most of her peers, and the young woman usually found it easy to laugh at those less experienced than her.

'I guess his father didn't have time to teach him about masturbation before he got blown away' She thought, sympathetically. Not sure of how to proceed, she decided to jump in haphazardly (her favorite way of dealing with challenges).

"Here. Let me see it." Parm pulled back his bed covers to reveal his 6 inch erection standing at attention. The green hue of Parm's penis seemed to glow in the moonlight filled section of the room. Celia hadn't recently fucked anyone (herself excluded, mind you), and started to feel that familiar burning and moistening between her legs as she gazed on. 'It's so gorgeous' she mused to herself. 'I should have him put that in me before it gets all coarse and rough and--'

She started to feel sick to her stomach. 'How could I think about one of the orphans like this? What's wrong with me?' The fight was quickly lost however, as the next words out of her mouth were "Just don't tell anyone I did this for you, okay Parm?" she huskily asked, stroking his penis with her long, skinny fingers.

"I won't, Miss Celia. It actually feels better already" he said, gratefully.

"If you think THIS feel good," Celia gave his dick a firm squeeze. "wait until you put this monster in your girlfriend."

"I don't have one" Parm confessed, disappointed. "Will you be my girlfriend?"

She smirked, tossing back her long curly chestnut hair, as to convince him she was giving it serious thought, then declined. "Maybe when you're a little older. Besides, you need to go to sleep." Celia suddenly sped up her hand movements and squeezed even harder. Parm began to pant deeply and arch his back slightly, signaling the pressure building in his balls. The scene became too much for Celia, and moved her free hand to inside of her robe, manically frigging her now soaked pussy. The teacher had lost control, and leaned over the bed to take Parm's entire manhood in her mouth when his cock erupted. The first jet of cum hit Celia's lips and chin, the next covering the front of her robe. Parm was already half asleep once Celia regained her composure. She tucked him back in bed and made a quick exit from the room, relishing in the event that had just taken place. She examined the sticky blob still covering her hand. 'Seems like such a waste.' she thought to herself, licking her hand clean.

Returning to her room after completing her rounds, Celia decided to finish the job she started on herself. Enjoying the privacy of her own room, she laid on top of her bed, opened her robe, and ran her sticky fingers down her flat stomach until she found her sex. She thought of how lovely it would be to wrap her tight pussy around Parm's rigid dick, until he gave her a healthy dose of orcish sperm. Within a minute, Celia had feverishly rubbed herself to an orgasm of her own, a gush of her own warm, human cum spilling out onto the bed, finally dribbling down to her asshole. Satisfied, she drifted off to sleep, letting the warm mess cool between her thighs.

Later that night, Celia had a steamy dream, involving she and Parm on their wedding night. Pulling up her flowing gown, she allowed Parm to easily slide his cock into her soaked sex. After a minute of pumping, Celia started to feel a burning sensation inside of her. His cock has begun to leak precum into her, further sending her over the edge. She had heard rumors about orcish semen being highly acidic to human anatomy, and inter-species mating was generally discouraged, but this mixture of pleasure and pain was too much for Celia to ignore-- she needed it all.

"Cum inside me, my love." she whispered. "And I'll make us the most beautiful half-orc baby in the world!"

Merely hearing herself make such a claim was enough to force another orgasm from her body. Her own trembling and shaking jerked her awake, to behold Parm's grimaced face looming over her, his erection thrusting in and out of her with ease.

She knew she should stop him, scold him, or even hit him. But he was on a the verge of filling her body with his forbidden cum, and she needed every last drop of it. Wrapping her tan legs around his back, Celia began to fuck him back.

"You heard me, baby" Celia said, guessing she'd been talking in her sleep. "Fill me up right now!"

Celia's commands were enough to send her young lover over the edge. For the second time tonight, Parm's potent seed bubbled and erupted from his dick, this time into the body of his willing partner. Celia moaned as the hot mess filled her womb. It was like 'sitting in a warm mud bath' she thought to herself later. For the time being, she could only scream, her face digging into Parm's chest, as her second climax of the evening overtook her.

Celia was pretty sure that she couldn't walk, but she was lucid enough to slide over and make room for Parm to lay next to her. She grabbed him around the waist, making sure he knew that she wanted his dick, hard or not, in her for as long as possible.

"I thought we agreed we wouldn't do this until you were older." she finally asked, still panting.

"We did. But that was a few hours ago, so I AM older."

She was too tired to argue logic with him. After all, she found his comeback humorous. 'Maybe he has potential'.

"Go back to your room." she replied, smiling. "You shouldn't have any trouble getting to sleep now."

Neither did she.

Celia woke the next morning as she normally did, about an hour before breakfast and prayer and, reluctantly, proceeded to bathe off the remainder of Parm's spunk. Dressing herself a bit slower than usual, the girl was still in a lusty haze. Wearing her plain, dark olive dress representative of her teacher status, Celia had to drag herself to the food hall, still not sure how to approach Parm.

'Surely, ' she thought 'I can't let this go on'. If the headmaster found out she had screwed one of her students, she'd be thrown out-- homeless on top of being an orphan. Fears of being destitute did not deter her heart from feeling disappointment at the thought of never having Parm's cock inside her again. She began to wonder how long she could honestly go without another serving of orcish cum bubbling inside of her-- she could feel her juices trickle down her thigh as she entered the hall.

The children were already in the middle of breakfast ... she was later than she thought. The eating area was laid out across 10 randomly placed square tables, populated with 35 or so young humans and orcs. The students mostly kept to their own 'kind'-- by choice, with the exception of a table or two of daring youngsters (Celia always admired them). Away from the early morning bustle, was Parm, sitting alone, reading next to by a window nearby.

"How are you feeling, Parm?" she tried to break the ice. "Can I join you?"

His eyes widened, and he choked on his words, eventually just nodding. Celia smiled calmly at him, attempting to set the young orc at ease. The teacher appeared to be in control, but there was ice water in her veins. The butterflies in her stomach were churning so quickly she wanted to just vomit on the table between them.

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