Serving Mom's Friends
Chapter 4

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 4 - My mom had me serve her friend's at her weekly card party. Then it got kinda crazy.

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Lunchtime finally came and, really, I was ready for a break. Sure, I was sixteen and always horny but I'd already had lots of sex with my Aunt Suzanne and Helen and would be pairing-up with Sandra next for the afternoon.

All eight of us, of course, were naked in the kitchen fixing lunch and playing with boobs, pussies and dicks the whole time. I did spend a little time with Mom asking her how it was for her so far and she told me that she never dreamed there could be so much sex in such a short period of time. And that she'd never been happier in her life. I told her that went for me, too, and she told me she had missed me in her bed and was looking forward to tonight.

I asked her what that was and she told me that they had planned to have a round-robin fuck of all the moms with us boys going from one to the other, each for five minutes each, then on to the next one, and for us to do it as long as we could.

"We get all your wonderful cocks over and over and over. Doesn't that sound good, fucking all of us, one after the other?"

"Oh, Mom, you are all so hot, it's just incredible."

"Just wait until tomorrow morning. We're having a round-robin suck of all of you, doing it one after the other the same way. The one who gets the most of your cum gets to take on all of you boys at once. I hope it's me. I've been practicing sucking you. You didn't know that, did you?"

"Well, I thought you were getting me off quicker. I hope you win, after all, I'll be one of the ones that gets to fuck you, that makes me happy," I told her and about then Sandra came up to me.

"Ready, Patrick?" she asked as her fingers wrapped around my dick. "You seem pretty hard, let's go up and see what we can do with this, shall we?"

I followed Sandra, Jason's mom, up the stairs to my room, admiring her pussy framed between her upper thighs so wonderfully, a glint of wetness betraying her arousal and there to help me enter her pussy which I eagerly desired. With all these women available sexually to the four of us boys, I never thought I could be as wound-up and horny as I was.

"I am really wanting you, Patrick. Your mother has told me how good you are and I want you to do me from behind, I just love it that way, it gets me off in a huge way and that's what I want. Come fuck me, you beautiful boy," she said as she got up on her hands and knees with her feet off the side of my bed.

I moved right up to her, put the head of my dick on her wet slit, dragged it up and back, then pushed right up inside her all the way.

"Mmm, oh, you feel good, really good. Just hold still. Let me fuck you," she said over her shoulder as she began rocking back and forth on my cock while I held myself steady just enjoying a sublime fuck by one of my mom's hot friends. Now I'd had them all: my Aunt Suzanne, Helen, and, now, Sandra. I knew the other boys were getting just as much sex as I was and that my life from now on would be filled with sex. It seemed that all our moms were just as horny as we were, maybe even more, it was incredible.

I just stood there being fucked, hands on my outthrust hips while she, impaled on me, slid back and forth, back and forth.

"Oh, I love this. Just standing here, getting such a fuck, oh, wow, I'll have my mom do this, it's so good, Sandra. You are the best."

"Feels really good to me, too, Patrick. You're so nice and hard. Am I making your cock all happy?"

"Yeah, oh, yeah, this is so good. You're about to get me off, just keep going, this is great," I groaned as she kept rocking back and forth on me. "Mmm, make me cum, oh, yeah."

She fucked me until I shot her full then she put her head down on the bed and asked me to fuck her hard and fast which I did until she had a screaming orgasm like my mom has sometimes when I've really hit all her right buttons.

I ate her out after that and she slowly sucked and licked my dick, taking all kinds of time, just doing it slowly, until I doubled-up with the strongest orgasm I'd ever had, even feeling dizzy as my body emptied into her mouth. It was unbelievable.

We took a short nap together, we were just fucked-out.

Then, we all got together again and had a spaghetti supper while there was much play and making-out in the kitchen, everyone was just loose and having fun.

My Aunt Suzanne came over to me and whispered in my ear that she had especially loved sucking my cock and that she would do it any time I ever wanted it, then she sat in a chair and took me in her mouth as the others enjoyed themselves in the room as well. I did see my mom sucking Sandra's son, Jason, but felt no jealousy as we all were getting all the sex we could anyway.

My aunt didn't suck me to completion, she wanted me to have my cum for the fun planned after supper.

That soon began as Mom gathered us all in our family room and had us boys pull the sofa away from the wall.

"Okay, let's get ready for the boys," Mom said and they all went to the back of the sofa and bent down resting their arms on the back of the couch, each spreading her legs as she had each son get behind his mother. "Each gets five minutes, then the boys shift to the left and take the next one of us. We keep it up until ten o'clock or whenever we all want to quit. Okay, let's start," she said and each of us boys moved closer and began pushing into each eagerly waiting pussy.

"Mmm, that's what I want," Sandra groaned as I heard several more deep breaths being taken in the room.

The five minutes seemed to speed by as we all fucked our hot moms from behind. My mom loved to have me do her this way and she always had me do it doggie-style at least several times a week. She had a book of sex positions that we went through trying each one, making notes, discussing favorites. This was one that we had done many times before. Then the time was up and we all pulled back, took a shift to the next mom on the left and inserted our cocks, mine, this time, entering my Aunt Suzanne.

"Mmm, my favorite nephew, I can tell without even looking," she said over her shoulder as I pushed my hips back and forth. "Mmm, good boy, make your auntie feel good."

Well, that I was sure trying to do and the other three of us were rocking back and forth as well. It was a wild sight to see, all four of us horny teenaged boys slowly fucking these hot MILFs; it was like the wildest porn movie ever made.

I no longer kept any count of the times I had an orgasm any more, there were just so many of them and this weekend I was even more drained of my cum just like the other three were. We all went through two five-minute sessions without a single cum. It was almost to the end of the third one, nearly a quarter-hour in, when Jason cummed in my Aunt Suzanne. They said he could pull out until the end of the five minutes but he wanted to keep going so when the time was up, he did Helen, Steve's mom, as we all shifted to the next mom.

I slid into Sandra and began going back and forth in her very wet, very slippery pussy as I rubbed my fingers up and down along her wet pussy lips.

"Mmm, I love you touching me back there, Patrick, that just feels so good. You're a very good lover, you can have me any time you want."

I made it through the next five minutes and was back putting my cock onto Mom again.

"Welcome back, Son, I've been wanting you again," she said softly over her shoulder as my hands went under her to cup her breasts while I fucked her so deliciously.

I was finally getting close and she was turning her hips around while I fucked her, something that the others also did at times and, finally, it was enough as I shoved hard into her as I emptied deep falling over her kissing her back as I just felt swept away by it all.

"I got Patrick's cum," she announced and right after, my aunt told the group that her son, Simon, gave her the second ejaculation of the round-robin.

Steve was the only one left as the rest of us were hardly moving. He was with his mother, Helen, and finally let out a deep moan right as my mother called the time. So, they had extracted all of our cum from each of us as they all turned and embraced us for a job well-done.

We all agreed that it was time for us all to get some rest. We were all simply fucked-out, this time, literally. I went to sleep in my mother's arms with thoughts of our mom's big suck party scheduled for the next morning. What a lovely thought to sleep with.

And that's just how I woke up the next morning, groggily becoming aware that I had the most lush and erotic feelings coming from my dick as I looked down to see Mom crouched over me, her mouth slowly moving up and down over me.

"Mmm. Mom, you are so good," I groaned as her eyes looked up at me. She lifted off me and began wiping her tongue around the head, then said, "That's just a taste of what's to come after breakfast. We're all really hot to suck you boys off. Come, let's go get things ready," and she took my hand and pulled me up and we went down to the kitchen.

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