Serving Mom's Friends
Chapter 2

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2 - My mom had me serve her friend's at her weekly card party. Then it got kinda crazy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex  

Lots of things changed after this; we both began being naked around the house and we were very physical with each other, kissing, touching, feeling, taking each other back to bed for more sex. It was like sex was all we both thought about. She sucked me off every morning when we woke up, we ate breakfast naked and played with each other, we showered together, we fucked just about everywhere in the house you could imagine.

Then a naked lunch, more sex, she was showing me lots of ways to do it, more than I'd ever imagined, then a naked supper, more sex and then some sleep with waking and kissing and feeling throughout the night.

For an always-horny sixteen-year-old boy it was heaven. And, I learned that my mother wanted sex just as much as I did, maybe even more.

Mom had a hot tub installed on the patio and we went out every night for a naked soak that always ended in sex. It was perfect.

My mom had been going to my Aunt Suzanne's every Saturday night to play cards with her sister and two other single women friends and, after the hot tub went in, she told me that she would be hosting the card games in the future because they all wanted to use the hot tub after. Then, she told me what else was on her mind.

"I'm hoping you'll do me a favor when my friends come for cards on Saturday?"

I waited, not knowing exactly where this was going as she added, "I'd like for you to serve our drinks and snacks, if you would?"

"Sure, Mom, I don't mind doing that."

Then she added, "I'd be especially grateful if you'd wear your Speedo, that little black one that I like so much. Maybe give the girls a little treat from my hunky son?"

"Oh, come on, Mom, I don't mind being naked for you, I even like it a lot, but my aunt and your friends? Come on."

"They're all lonely women and you'd just give them a reason to go home and have a really good session with their vibrator. You'd be doing them and me a favor. What's the harm? You really wouldn't be naked. Make them happy."

I suppose she was right, after all, I swam in that Speedo all the time and plenty of people had seen me in it. Then she said it.

"Come on, I'll suck you off if you do it."

So, on Saturday, after we ate supper, I went up and changed into my smallest swimsuit, one that was really quite small; I hadn't worn it in several years. And I went downstairs to see if my mother approved.

"Oh, Patrick, it is small and it makes you look like you're so big. The girls will love it. I hope you don't mind getting ogled and teased. You're sure to get both."

"As long as you like it, that's what's important to me," I told her and she kissed me, swiping her tongue around in my mouth as her hand rubbed the big bulge in my Speedo.

I went out to the kitchen to get everything ready; glasses, the wine, several kinds of snacks in bowls, as I heard the doorbell ring and the sound of Mom's friends coming in.

She wanted me to wait until she called me as she wanted to tell them that she'd arranged some sexy male entertainment for their evening.

Before I go on, I should tell you about these three women.

My aunt is my mom's younger sister, she's thirty-six, and quite pretty. She's a MILF by just about any standards and she also has a son, Simon, who is a year younger than me, fifteen.

Helen is a platinum blond and is probably the hottest of the four. She certainly tries to be sexy and, I've got to say, her flirting has given me a few hard-ons. She, too, has a son, Steve, a year older than I am.

Sandra dressed sometimes like a librarian, eyeglasses and all, but when she dolls-up, she's really quite pretty. In fact, I think she's the prettiest. She's a redhead and has a nice figure when she shows it. She's also a MILF having a son my age.

"You can bring the wine out now," I heard from the den. So, I got everything on the tray and walked carefully out of the kitchen and into the den.

"Patrick. Well, it's my nephew, Patrick. And, wow, I think he's pretty hot stuff, don't you, ladies?" my aunt crowed as I sat the tray down.

"My, you have changed since you were a little boy," Helen told me and Sandra added, "Yes, in such a nice way, too," as she giggled.

"He came home recently wearing a Speedo from swim practice and, well, I talked him into entertaining us this evening," my mom said as I was pouring their wine and handing out the glasses. Their eyes were focused down making me feel a bit self-conscious but even more horny.

"Oh, turn around, Patrick, let them see that nice backside of yours," my mother asked and I turned as she had asked.

"Oh, nice, oh, Patrick, you've really grown up, young man. You're turning on your auntie like crazy," my Aunt Suzanne said.

"Yes, nice bod, Patrick," added Sandra.

I went back out to bring the snacks and when I put them on the table, my aunt's hand stroked my butt which, of course, was pretty much bare.

"Oh, you're nice, Patrick. The girls will love this body of yours. So do we, sweetie," she said as I went back in the kitchen.

What I didn't know was that my aunt had another comment after I left the room. She said to my mom that she should take me to her bed, that I was a really hot young man and that I should be making her happy. My mom evidently didn't say much so my aunt added that she had just begun having sex with her son, Simon.

It was then that Helen told her friends that she'd been her son's lover for over a year and that they now slept together every night.

From what my mom told me later there was quite a discussion among them and Sandra had told them that Jason, her son, had been coming out of his room naked recently making sure she saw him and now she realized what it was all about. It seems they all encouraged her to let him have what he wanted and gave her lots of personal examples of what her life would be like with her son as her lover.

Of, course, I knew nothing of this and when I came back in, the conversation usually centered around me.

There was some money on the table, my mother and her friends played for money at these weekly card games, and Sandra picked up a five dollar bill and asked if she could put it in my Speedo like they did at strip clubs. What I didn't know at the time was that they all knew I was fucking my mom.

"Sure, let her have a little fun, Patrick," my mom said so I moved over to my aunt and she reached out with one hand, pulled the top elastic out and put the bill in along with her fingers brushing along my hard cock.

She smiled up at me and said, "Here's another five," and put it in as well, her fingers lingering inside my Speedo as they all watched.

"Can I contribute, too?" my aunt asked as she picked up a ten, pulling my suit open and running her hand down inside with the money.

They finished their game and then they moved out to the hot tub as I filled their glasses in the kitchen. I had just poured the third bottle of wine and took the tray of glasses out to see them all in the water, all four with their boobs floating in the water. At least that's what it looked like, the bubbling water was right at nipple level as I stood there gawking at them.

"We thought we'd entertain you a little, son. As thanks for a fun evening," she said as they all leaned back bringing their boobs up out of the water. I stood there watching, looking from one pair of boobs to the other, all of them pretty nice.

I just wanted so badly to go jack-off that I thanked them all and told them I was going to bed. I'm sure they all knew why. I went up and pulled twenty-seven dollars out of my trunks and laughed at the time I'd had with my mom and her friends.

About an hour later, Mom came up, still naked from her hot tub soak; I was in her bed, of course, and she got in with me.

"Did you masturbate after you came upstairs?"

"No, I wanted to but I thought I'd save it for you."

"What a sweet son I have," she said as she moved up over me while I held my dick steady as she slipped down on it.

"I've been so horny with you in that tiny little suit and everyone ogling you, all I wanted was this; now I want to fuck you silly."

"How do you think I felt, Mom, all those eyes on my package? And me knowing we would come to bed and be together when they all went home. This has made me so horny I'm gonna keep you up all night."

"Well, there some things I learned tonight from my friends that may surprise you, wanna hear?" she asked and, of course, I told her I did.

"Well, your aunt told me that Simon is her lover, they're having sex just like we are."

"No, really? Just like us?"

"Yes, and he sleeps with her just like we do. And there's more." I asked her what and she added, "Helen told us that her son, Steve has been her lover for over a year now. So, that's three of us in my little group. Not only that, Sandra's son has been walking around naked in front of her recently. We all told her to go for it. What do you think of that?" she asked as she scissored up and down on my ever-harder cock.

I couldn't believe that my aunt and cousin were fucking just like mom and I and her other friend was doing her son as well. But, then, I wondered just how much got said after I left the room.

"You didn't tell them about us, did you?"

She was silent for a minute, making me wonder, then she told me.

"They'd already told me, Patrick, so, yes, I told them. I felt proud that we were lovers and nobody was shocked. Three of us were already doing the same thing and Sandra's boy is acting like he wants sex with her. Nobody was shocked, they were all pleased, really, happy that we are so happy together," she panted as she rose and fell over me.

"It just feels weird that my aunt knows and your friends, too."

"They think it's wonderful that we've found so much love together. Your Aunt and Helen are doing just this to their sons and enjoying just as much as we are. You are enjoying this, right?"

"Oh, yes, I didn't mean I want to stop this, I love our being together like this, it's just going to take some getting used to that a few other people know about it, that's all."

"Oh, Patrick, it might just end up being something that you're happy has happened."

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, nothing, really, it's just that things sometimes turn out the way you don't expect. And sometimes it's really great. That's all."

Mom was really horny that night and after her first orgasm, she went right ahead into a second. Then she gave me a blow job and we went peacefully and happily asleep together.

The next Saturday, my mother's friends again met at our house as I dressed again in my smallest swim suit to entertain the ladies, this time getting some feels of my butt as I served their drinks. There was also some more stuffing of money down my trunks and after I served them, I went back up to my room and counted my take.

While I was gone, Sandra was telling my mom, my aunt and Helen that, on Tuesday, she had confronted her son, asked him point blank if his parading around naked was to get her turned on so they might have sex. He did admit it and she took him right to bed, according to what mom told me later.

So, now all four had their sons as lovers and it was all they talked about for the rest of the night.

I went down later and they were all in the hot tub now, asking me to replenish their drinks which I did. They seemed bolder now, taking feels of the front of my Speedo, even my aunt, slipping her hand down inside cupping my package for a nice feel. I was loving the attention, actually, after all I knew they all were aware about Mom and me.

"Why don't you slip those off, Patrick, let the girls see what you've been giving your mother?"

"Mom," I complained and then they all asked me to do it so I pulled them down to the floor.

"Let them all have a feel, son, they need a thrill tonight," Mom said and I began moving from one to the other as their hands played with me. Well, I was no longer shy or embarrassed, no, I was enjoying it way too much for that.

Then I stepped in front of my aunt and she took my dick and gently pulled me to her as I watched her lips slide over me to begin to suck.

"Oh, suck him off, Suzanne, make your nephew happy," my mother urged her sister as she sucked me so wondrously.

I stood there being marvelously sucked off by my aunt while my mom and her friends watched. I was so turned on that it only took a few minutes before I started cumming. Mom and I had sex right before her friends came over, she wanted to play her cards while he had a pussy full of my cum, she told me, but I still had some more for my aunt's mouth which she proudly showed the others.

They all gave me a little suck when they got out of the tub, this time letting me see them fully naked as they groped me as well.

All in all, it was one hell of a night and when mom came up, I was so horny, I fucked her three times before we both just collapsed for the rest of the night.

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