On the Roof

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: One afternoon, up on the roof of my apartment building, I thought I'd seek a little relief but didn't know I was being watched.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Hispanic Female   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

I lived in Phoenix for several years after college working in a job that I wasn't especially happy with; it wasn't really the field of interest I'd majored in and the workload was heavy and unrewarding.

I was single but not into the bar scene or a lot of drinking or drugs, stuff like that. So, sex was only what I provided myself. We all know what that's like, right?

My place was in an apartment building of sorts that was more run like a rooming house and I did keep my eyes open for any young woman who might live in the same complex but there were mostly married couples or women older than I was.

It was fall, still pretty warm during the days when it is clear, and I began coming home, changing and going up the access stairs to the roof to sit and read my mail and a book I usually had checked-out from the library.

This one particular day, I'd gone up with just a loose pair of old and rather tattered shorts and was sitting in a lawn chair I'd stashed up there reading when I came across a rather sexy chapter and felt my cock begin to harden and looked down to see the tip poking out the leg opening.

Well, if you're a guy, you know I took a few rubs and it lengthened further so I zipped down the fly and wrangled it out into the cooling afternoon breeze. I looked around, then dribbled a little saliva on my hand to begin relieving my mostly continual state of horniness.

There was something especially nice about the late afternoon breeze up on the roof and my masturbation was particularly pleasurable as I stroked back and forth, I did have to keep applying saliva due to the desert-dry air but it was feeling really good.

Then, I heard something off to the left side of me and I turned and there were two women, one older, one younger, both seemingly Latina, both staring at me, smiles across their faces.

I let go, of course, and covered myself as best I could with my hand while I tried without success to think of the Spanish word for sorry so I said it in English.

"Sorry, por favor, sorry."

They were now laughing and the older one said, "You finish please. This is nice place to do this."

"I've been working a lot lately and, well, I just wanted to, well, you saw, right?"

It was the younger one who replied, "We saw and you should finish. Make yourself happy."

Neither seemed upset, in fact, they both were smiling and certainly were not leaving as I held my hand over my cock.

"We like to see you finish so please be happy," the older one said as the younger one added, "Si, si, be happy for us."

I looked over at them standing there in the lowering sunlight and spit once more on my hand and began again. They each came closer and sat about ten feet away, smiling, watching me masturbate.

Well, I was happy and they seemed happy so I just went on until I knew I was really, really close. Then I dropped my head back giving a few more strokes as my cum went gushing up out of me, spurt after spurt. They were giggling and laughing as they watched, the younger one taking out a tissue from her pants and coming over to hand it to me.

"Gracias," I said smiling as I wiped my cum away.

"You're welcome. It was our pleasure. Do you do this up here every day?"

I laughed and told them, "No, just today."

"Would you come to our apartment tomorrow, do it for us?" she asked.

Now I haven't told you what these two women looked like. Obviously they were Hispanic descent and they were both fairly short. The older one I figured might be in her mid-forties, maybe even fifty. She had dark hair, of course, and a more tan complexion than the other, younger one. Her stature was solid and curvy and she had a nice face.

The younger one, I think, was about thirty or so, really quite pretty and, in shorts, had very nice legs.

"Tomorrow?" I asked, rather astonished.

"Apartment 508. I'm Isabel, this is my mother, Eva."

"Nice to meet you both. Um, your apartment, huh? What time?"

"This time, like six o'clock?" the mother answered and I nodded and they turned around and went down the stairway into the building.

I sat there for a few minutes, realizing I had never given them my name or apartment number but it did seem that I had a date with them both the next afternoon.

Well, that gave me something to look forward to as I worked at my tedious, boring job and when it came time to go home, I had a hard-on that just wouldn't quit. I'd never thought of myself as an exhibitionist, never even considered it, but, now, I was seeing that it really had me excited that I was going to bare my cock once again to this mother and daughter pair and masturbate while they watched. I was so excited.

I quickly checked my mail and changed into a teeshirt and a pair of shorts, one that was cut off enough that when fully erect, the head of my cock would peek out the bottom. Yes, I was certainly an exhibitionist.

I went up to their apartment and softly rapped on the door.

Isabel opened and let me in, saying, "Mom and I are all excited. We get to watch you again. Maybe we should make this every day," she said as I went in and there was Eva sitting on the sofa.

"Hello, oh, do you know what is coming out from your shorts?" she asked, wide-eyed, a broad grin on her face. Her daughter looked down and began laughing.

"Oh, a little preview," she tittered while I stood there.

"Well, should I just do it right here? My name is Lewis, by the way, Apartment 403."

They both nodded and Isabel handed me a small bottle of lube and I stripped down and dripped a little on my cock and began stroking.

"Can you get closer, Lewis? Maybe get it on Mom and me?"

Well, I wanted them to be happy, so I stepped up closer as I stroked back and forth. They were both grinning at me, certainly enjoying my performance though hardly more than I was.

"You look like you enjoy us watching you," Isabel said.

"It does make it more arousing," I said as I saw Eva's hand slip between her legs, not rubbing, just holding her hand there tightly squeezing her thighs together.

"This is better than hiring a male stripper and you're right here in the same building, right Mom?"

Eva nodded as I continued stroking back and forth getting nearer and nearer a release that I so needed and wanted.

"Mmm," I moaned making sure they knew I would be cumming soon.

"He looks like he's close," Isabel told her mom and right about then my cum began spurting up from the end of my cock, globs of it landing at their feet, even a few on their ankles and shins, as they laughed and giggled.

"Look, look, so much," Eva hooted.

"So hot, omigod, this is so hot," her daughter added and I dropped my hand away and stood there.

"There's a little more coming out," Isabel said as she reached out and swept away what had just oozed out. Then she put the finger in her mouth, smiling at me and sucked it away.

"We would like for you to stay and eat with us, Lewis," Eva asked. "Do you like Mexican food?"

I told them I loved Mexican food and they both asked me to stay.

I picked up my shirt from the chair when Isabel, laughing, said, "We were hoping you wouldn't dress for dinner and just stay like this," nodding at my bare middle.

"Yes, we like it to see you like this," her mother agreed.

So I accepted both their invitations: to stay for a nice Mexican supper and to remain naked.

Being naked in front of them was convincing me that I was, indeed, an exhibitionist, I was loving every second of it. When I caught either of them with their eyes lowered toward my cock, it sent a thrill through me making me want it more.

We all went in the small kitchen as they prepared green chile enchiladas, enchiladas verde, one of my favorites.

As they were putting the steaming plates of food on the table, Isabel said, "I think you've earned a little reward, Lewis, for your entertaining us in such wonderful fashion."

"Thanks, the food looks and smells wonderful," I told them both very appreciatively.

"Um, I meant you might deserve a little entertainment yourself," she added as she unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off her arms, putting it on the back of her chair. Her hands went back and I watched her bra loosen then slide from her arms as she draped it over the chair back, then sat down to eat.

I was speechless. Isabel was a pretty woman, no doubt about it, and her breasts were simply perfect. Full, firm, round, topped off with small dark nipples that were really erect, really popped-out. All I could think about was sucking them.

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