Passage to India
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lady Montague's brief marriage produced a trio of triplet girls possessed of beauty beyond description. They were named Faith, Hope, and Charity and were raised in the extensive harem of the Rajah of Kalipur. Their adventures form the basis of this multi chapter story that contains more than a fair share of erotica.

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Sir Robert Montague was strictly an "old school" fellow who never presumed to attempt anything of his own making. He was sorely taxed to remember a single thought that was not planted in his head by his overbearing mama or his severely strict papa.

Even his marriage to Gwendolyn Mayfair was prearranged by his dowager Aunt Eloise who was committed to proper and circumspect coupling of the upper classes and none of this romance nonsense or "feelings" that never paid off dividends. She had searched far and wide to find this adequately endowed virgin whose family was well connected in the all-important "Tea Business".

She insured that their conjugal bed was comfortable and arranged for professional mating specialists to assist in the deflowering process. The female member of the sexual duo worked diligently "fluffing up" the libido challenged Sir Robert and the male counterpart insured that Gwendolyn's ordinary but adequate pussy was sufficiently wet and ready for insertion of her groom's determined cock.

The delivery of Sir Robert intensely fertile seeds were propelled deep inside the shouting bride's vagina and forced up into her cervix by the agile fingers of the female impresario driving deep into Sir Robert's virgin pucker hole. The seeds found their target ready for penetration and wormed inside with little effort. In fact, the consummation of the marriage culminated in the wondrous conception of a triple play in one fertile egg. Nine months hence, 3 beautiful baby girls would bear the name Montague and be identical in appearance.

Unfortunately, the stress of the vigorous coupling combined with the shock of his anal adventure caused the well satisfied Sir Robert to incur some irreversible damage to his heart valves and he was unable to be roused the next morning.

The newlywed Gwendolyn was inconsolable and she repaired to her family estate in the Midlands. Her Grandfather in India pleaded with her to come to him and assist with the development of the Tea trade in the Far East. She saw no reason to stay and decided to go quickly before the period of confinement precluded her travel.

She boarded ship the following month and sailed for the next two and a half months to her destination. The ship's doctor took excellent care of her and personally tended to her needs. They became so close that the doctor soon took care of her sexual needs as well. Since the good doctor McCauley was a well-traveled man, he was well-acquainted with many sexual perversions and kinky fetishes of the Orient. By the time the voyage was almost concluded, the sexually repressed Gwendolyn was proficient in most depravities exposed to the Western World.

Just when everything seemed to be stabilizing for her, the ship fell victim to a band of Pirates operating in the area beyond the control of the British Imperial Navy. They took the ship without a single drop of blood being spilled. Since they were primarily interested in the barter of slaves, it was not certain if that was a good thing or bad.

Thus, the five month pregnant with triplets Gwendolyn was stripped, evaluated, and determined to be of higher value because of her maternal condition. She was treated with care and retained her dignity. Her only regret was the loss of the doctor's nightly visits to her bed to console her and boost her morale.

The slave market in Northern Africa was a bustling hub of activity, the males were lauded for their muscles and strong backs and the females were poked and prodded in those areas generally considered to be private in most societies. Gwendolyn was exempted from the process because of her condition and she took full advantage of it.

The Lady Montague was the subject of some spirited bidding, not for her physical attributes which was most often the case, but for the rounded belly she sported like a badge of honor. When the local physician announced he had discerned the presence of at least three separate heartbeats, the bidding rose rapidly. It was like getting four for the price of one.

Her new master was the powerful Rajah of Kalipur, a very old man with a penchant for Western females and virginal schoolgirls over the age of 16.

The trip to her new home was not too bad. They had excellent weather and the transport was comfortable and clean.

Gwendolyn delivered her babies a scant two months after her arrival in Kalipur.

The staff in the Rajah's "wives and concubines" quarters immediately arranged for three nursemaid nannies from the nearby village. They were the ones who suckled the three female babes with proud and haughty airs at tending the Rajah's favorites.

The tired and stressed-out British lady was happy to be over her ordeal but in truth, she never really recovered from the delivery process and slowly faded away like a candle down to its last iota of wick and wax. Her primary regret was the fact she would not be able to display the depraved skills that Doctor McCauley had carefully schooled her in during the long ocean voyage. She sank into relative obscurity and a grave of some creative design behind the harem happy that she had at least delivered three new additions to the Montague family line.

The three baby girls were pampered and spoiled beyond belief. Their mother had named them Faith, Hope and Charity. They were so identical that the servants kept them in different colored garments to tell them apart. That seemed to work well unless one of the girls decided to play a trick and switched her clothing with one of her siblings.

The years passed quickly and at 16 years of age, the triplets were always in some sort of trouble and had a reputation of playful wildness. Faith was the most stable of the three sisters. She tended to calm the other two down when they wanted to push excitement to the next level. Her left earlobe had several small scars where a puppy had chewed her thinking she was a bone and not a little girl. Hope was the most sensual of the three sisters and she had already started to masturbate much to the delight of the servants who loved to watch her writhing about on the bed or the floor at night. They speculated that she would be the first to join the Rajah's harem after proper training by the corps of concubine trainers. These young men and women watched and waited for her training to begin. Hope had no special mark to identify her but the very fact that she had no chewed ear or tiny mole on her left ass cheek like Charity was identification in and of itself.

Charity was the smartest of the three Montague children. She was quick with numbers and even quicker to learn various languages spoken in and near the Rajah's realm. She was also the only one of the three who was not a virgin. Only she and the Rajah's grandson, Akmed knew this tidbit of information. Shortly after her 16th birthday, the 18 year old Akmed had mounted her by mistake thinking her to be one of the many concubines sent to his quarters to ease his passage into manhood. Poor Charity was so taken by surprise when her dress was lifted in the rear and she was impaled on the Rajah's grandson's cock that she could only gasp and try to keep her balance. The spirited spanking that accompanied her introduction into womanhood confused her enough that she was shocked into silence and was only able to speak after he had withdrawn and shook his last drops of creamy cum on her shaking hindquarters.

Akmed was quite concerned because he had broken the law of the Rajah's court.

Charity was much sympathetic to his plight and assured him her lips were sealed. He was so overwhelmed with gratitude that he bent down and sucked his offending cum from her no longer virgin pussy lips. Charity's orgasm was her reward for silence.

When it was decided it was time for their training, the three girls were taken to the room in the basement and cleansed externally and internally in preparation for the Rajah's pleasure. Since the Rajah by this time was already in his mid-80s, it was unlikely he would be bedding the three girls anytime soon. But it was procedure and needed to be followed just in case.

The three identical triplet girls shivered in the damp air of the basement but none of the beautiful trio shook with fear. They were only shaking in reaction to the cold bite in the early morning air. A pair of the trainers led them into a small oblong room with a long wooden bench along one wall. It was a very sturdy bench and was built into the wall in a solid way that insured it could not be either tipped or moved. Above the bench hanging from the low ceiling were pairs of ankle restraints. Each pair was separated about four feet apart so as to allow the wearer's legs to be separately sufficiently for easy access to the interior parts of the lower female anatomy. Each of the girls was addressed by the head eunuch individually with a ritual styled "permission" declaration that stated their agreement to the training process and affirming their desire to participate. Only Charity was a trifle hesitant because she had heard gossip about the severity of some of the methods. Since her two sisters seemed eager to conform to the mores of the submissive female society, she went along with the program not wanting to disrupt the flow of the moment.

There were six pairs of restraints also affixed to the wall behind the bench. The girls were sat down on the bench with empty spaces in between them as only three "seats" would be in use. Their wrists were placed gently into the wall restraints and their ankles raised up high to fill the ceiling restraints that held their legs up high exposing their lightly fuzzed peach tinted pussies and their darker brown eyes winking a signal of excitement and anticipation.

Well-lubricated plugs of some strange type of knobby root were shoved unceremoniously into each girl's pucker hole without comment. They must have had some type of medicinal purpose because they all calmed noticeably and appeared more receptive to their treatment. This exercise was some kind of "warming up" exercise to create a proper reaction of raised humping when stimulated with any device on their taut buttocks. It was obvious that Hope was the best at this and the trainers all commented on the height of her thrusts and the talented way she gyrated her hips to tease prospective male equipment in future sessions. Charity was introduced to light spanking, moderate caning, and even the application of a particularly vicious paddle with a hole cut out in the middle. It was the paddle that evoked her scream of protest and produced a flow of tears to the corners of her eyes. It had seemed so innocent when sitting on the table and she was astonished at its effectiveness. The exercises were really not too demanding and Charity realized her only discomfort was the inability to rub her reddened bottom.

At the conclusion of the exercise, the three girls were mouth fucked by male slave boys who enjoyed the opportunity to release their seeds into the newly selected trainee's mouths. Both Hope and Charity were mouth filled with little drama and the production of copious amounts of saliva and creamy cum. However, in Faith's case, her constricted throat made the act difficult and she repeatedly gagged and begged to be excused from further participation. This was not unexpected to the trainers who were well acquainted with such reactions from a number of the new trainees. They replaced the boy with another with a much smaller cock who was able to face-fuck Faith with much more success. She looked up with self-pride at the conclusion of the act with her mouth spilling out creamy boy seeds waiting for praise for her efforts. The head trainer patted her head and told her, "Good job, a definite 5+ for effort!"

When they were led back naked through the hallways to the common room, the other girls chattered and giggled behind their hands knowing exactly what they were experiencing and remembering their own episodes of training.

After a refreshing bathing session, the girls were scented and massaged by young masseuses and allowed to sleep in a private chamber wearing only the briefest of silken panties and absolutely nothing on top. A number of the high-ranking male members of the Rajah's entourage observed them from well-hidden spy-holes in the ceiling of the chamber. Even the Rajah's grandson watched longingly as Charity stretched her beautiful body out on the soft cushions. He instructed the slave girl at his feet to accelerate her mouth sucking activities when Charity turned over and her delicately curved buttocks rose gently into the air. He patted the unknown girl's head as he released his royal load between her berry reddened lips.

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